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Foreign Maids are not Slaves.

There is something disturbing me for the past few years as I watched foreign maids do what they do in Malaysia. While there are employers who treated them humanely, there are others who abuse, take advantage and treated them like slaves. Where are their rights? don't they have basic employment & human rights like us? Deep down, aren't they trying to survive like everyone else?

We know abuses happened, punishments go astray. How about noticing that maids are also being used to work in restaurants, cafe, shops, and being "loan" to family members, friends and even for third parties? No one shares an ear or gives a damn about them or how they feel. Aren't they being employed to look after your house? note I said house not houses. They cook, clean and look after children too. Why do some employers, even us - think that they needed to do more than that? A moment of relaxation after doing the daily cleaning would result in "MY maid is so FREE goyang kaki at home". Come on, they're not your slaves to be work for 24/7. Just because they don't fight back, protest or tried to say no (and even at times don't even know if that's their job scope) don't mean you can in simple BULLY them.

While many of these commonly known problems are being highlighted what about the hidden issues of maids being forced to go to religious places? eating non-halal food? washings dogs and so forth. These are just some of the possible things that might be happening and no one is giving a damn about these maids. Why?

Where are their rights. Do they know their rights? read The Malaysian Bar's article and be a good Samaritan. They are humans, if u see anyone being abused, treated unfairly, poorly or taken advantage of - are you going to ignore this or do something? what would you do if u were a maid? how would you feel if your child or a family member is a maid and being treated in the same inhuman way? would u like to be treated the way you're treating your maid? think about it.

Youtube's Maid in Malaysia.

Don't tell me your maid gave u hell, so you're giving her hell back. Don't even try to tell me they deserved it. If you have treated your maid humanely you will have no problem reading my post. If you had in any way felt "insulted" by my post, my question is. Do I know you? Do I know your maid? Is she being abused?


  1. Jamie loved the UTube Video leave it to the people in charge and it is no ones fault but the maids. We had a case here in Canada where this couple killed several teens and if you see them they were the perfect not only looking but well spoken couple who had never done anything wrong in there lives except for the torcher sex abuse and murder of several teens! so when that one lady was saying the girl did it herself that was priceless! unfortunately that happens everywhere and some times it sounds like the USA and the Mexicans who have been treated like slaves! unfortunately their are bad people everywhere and they do not always look like the typical idea of a bad person!

  2. aiyo depend lor what kinda of maid u getting, some really bodo one lor or some act lazy one...maybe happen u see one is really sad case one lor.....dont judge too soon, i also exp maids cases alot . the curi stuff maid headache betul

  3. that's another story but my point is there are maids being taken advantage, abuse etc. Whether they stole, rape your husband etc take, then report them to the authorities/agent.

  4. Jamie wonders if this anonymous is thinking that Malaysia should change their labor laws to deal with this so that not just maids but everyone working in Malaysia if they don't work satisfactorily that instead of a verbal reprimand if the person has no good reason for not working up to standards that if a construction worker or a lawyer or a taxi driver or any of the people working in Malaysia you can beat on burn them sodomize them! yes I could see how the overall productivity of the whole country would work so much better! Love that suggestion by anonymous!

  5. no lah bcus i personally have bad maid exp....aiyo i tell u duno wat to do...waste maid agnecy to get maid burn 5k ( no refund) then monthly salary 450....and she really do shit work lor...u ask her wipe window ok i no eye see clean or not as long as i see wipe then SUAN LIAO....after wipe window finish she sit bodo , duno what else to do or find something else do mah....if only my WISH can insert memory chip to her brain for housework monthly salary i also expect she work at least 8 hours aka office hour mah....rite or not...and contract is 2 years...wah u have to bear this for 2 years....who no tension >_<"" sometime i also feel wana knock her head" hello wake up MY QUEEN stop blur blur pls "
    sorry miu no offend,,,u just to kind and unfortunate u see the bad part of ppl treat the maid.....

  6. miu,i had bad one too! caught her washing clothes without detergent, plates with soap stained, iron my shirt till burned, drinks our milks and added water, etc. These are some that she have done during these 5 mths. I hv to bear all these for another 1 1/2 years!! Even quarrel with hubby...still hubby at her side with Slogan 'maid are like that " and paying her 590/mth for all the troubles she had done !!


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