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  • the other Boleyn girl


    If you like period medieval movies, don't miss "the other Boleyn girl" at cinemas near you soon (Malaysia). Set in the age of King Henry VIII's reign (of sex, adultery, decapitation and break from Vatican Church and birth of Church of England) this is a fairly short movie of what seems to be a series of power, betrayal and love in the lives of the Boleyn family.

    Natalie Portman a.k,a evil seductive Anne Boleyn
    Eric Bana as the "lonely" King Henry
    Scarlett Johansson as Mary Boleyn the mistress who had his son.

    If you're a Historian, you might not like this movie at all as they have cut short of Anne's time by making it seem she just got married, had a daughter, wanted to XXX her brother, and had her head chopped crying like she did in Vendetta (ok this scene is really good). It's a movie and it's a 1 hour 15minutes one at it. Don't expect a long Tudor series, because it's gona take you into the lives of this two rival sisters - Anne & Mary and then how their power hungry family broke down in the end. Expect steamy love making scenes between Mary & King Henry (oh la la) and learn a thing or two from Anne on how to make a man divorce his wife by legally chopping her head off (poor Catherine). Hey I thought King Henry was really big guy? seen some drawings of him in history books, but in here he's so handsome (Eric Bana haha).

    I don't understand it, this man wants a son so much, he's willing to forgo his wife, get mistresses, re-marry because of one simple answer "no heir for England". Ok then why did he just call it a miss when Mary gave birth to his one (is it only as well?) son? in the movie, he simply look at them and went off because of a certain "agreement" with bad bad sister Anne (out to get rid of any competition even if its her sister). Her pitiful sister is on her own with a newly born baby sigh but time and time again the King will summon her for advice (wtft ak tau malu @ no shame). I think he just wants to get laid - period. Anne finally married him & unfortunately gave birth to a baby girl Elizabeth (she took over England after).

    Scarlett Johansson kissing Natalie Portman 15/02/08

    Seems like giving birth to a baby girl is the end of humanity. So stressful? how do pregnant women sleep those days? I'll be worrying sick if my baby is a boy or girl. Hey anyway nice movie, decent enough, lotsa talking, steamy scenes and who's complaining of having Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson in a movie like this?

    4 Stars & I wish our history books were as saucy as this.


    1. Jamie likes Natalie Portman and yes she is attractive but she is actually quite an accomplished actress and a few of her parts in the movie it took me a while to figure out it was her!
      Besides that I love period movies any movie set in a time period and done well is just right to me its like a walk through history! and unbathed English people!

    2. i first notice natalie portman in Star wars episode 1, then from there on I watched her in Vendetta, Mr. something toy shop movie, and more star wars.

      She seems to be a very serious actress and in this movie she's dam good. I think jamie will like this movie.

      LOL i almost fall down my chair when u said "unbathed english people". I heard during those days, they also take their concubines tick (blood sucking bug) and put it on their body or keep..or something.. gesture of love?


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