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  • 1st Yummy Dinner in Bangkok


    When we finally woke up it was already 8pm. We were late for dinner but not to worry! because Mezannine Irish Bar & Restaurant is just right outside our apartment. Don't forget, it's Songphol's 2nd bar which serves a variety of food and alcoholic beverages. Don't be alarm, they served authentic Thai food too! (and it's so delicious & spicy!!!!)

    lotsa facilities here

    the place is beautifully decorated

    Songphol & his wife had dinner already but he insisted we stayed for dinner and order a couple of drinks on the house! He's kinda shock that we don't drink alcohol (aliens) so I ordered a long island tea to calm him down haha. I can't believe they went all the way out to make us feel at home in Bangkok. I really can't thank him enough for what he has done for us. Even dinner was specially ordered by him (and he requested that we be given best service throughout our stay & dine for free).

    this cost 130bath = rm13!
    (drinks are cheap here!)

    our specially ordered dishes!

    this is 70bath = rm7

    yummy tom yam kung!
    (spicy & sour seafood soup)
    100 bath = rm10

    this is James
    the manager for Mezzanine & Baan Bar
    (he's so good! he took care of us during our stay)

    omg i love this fish!
    100 bath = rm10!
    (seafood is extremely cheap in Bangkok!)

    green curry chicken
    100 bath = rm10

    James brought us some fruits for desserts :D

    Songphol ordered 4 special dishes for us, highly recommended by him for our first Thai dinner meal. It's considered cheap to us as back in Malaysia, if you dine at a restaurant serving authentic Thai food, it won't be just rm10 a dish. Just the price of the fish would've killed you. I was so full and grateful for such hospitality by Songphol & James. We felt embarrassed to come again but they insisted that we dine there, even for breakfast. It might come as a shock to you, that throughout our stay in Bangkok, we had 80% of our meals taken care of already. Why? I'll tell you tomorrow :)

    Stay tune for Day 2 - City, Temple & "Smelly" River Cruise


    1. Looks Like you and Brick Got Feed really well and it is funny how some times people believe everyone needs to have a drink of alcohol, in some places even the kids have a small glass during a meal. And it seems strange to them if one doesn't drink alcohol. I have meet many people like that who almost feel offended if you don't have a drink with them!
      sounds like you had fun so far..Jamie can't wait for more

    2. looks like jamie is still good ol jamie!!

      i hope u get better n do rest more..

      :( i can't picture how u fell n look like now! T_T sad..

    3. Hello Miu,

      Accidentally visit your lovely blog while googling some info about M'sia.

      I'm from Thailand and sure enjoy reading your story......will ckeck back for more stories of the trip to BKK ^__^

    4. Hi jade!

      wow thanks i love bkk :D and food there! i'll update this week on my 2nd day soon!!


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