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  • Problems at Hartamas Regency 2 Kuala Lumpur?


    I just can't fathom how many problems my family is having even before moving into the newly "luxurious" Hartamas Regency 2, K.L condominium (by PJD!). All I can say is luxury my foot. All the furnishing, interior, workmanship are all really LOW/CHEAP QUALITY. My tiles , walls, ceiling are cracking, my bath tub is chipped in 3 places and counting. My whole unit stinks of "shit" smell because of how they did the sewerage system? WORST IS my guest bathroom plaster ceiling wall is turning green and harvesting molds and fungus. Apparently a big leak happened somewhere above there (no idea I can't see it) and a huge water mark surfaced and made that place a breeding ground for some flora. Well we complained about that and the problem occurred again and now we're just waiting to see if aliens break out from that bathroom (best of all there is a whole dam long list of problems which I haven't even listed out yet!)

    SO IF you recently move in to this unit and are facing problems! whatever kind! do give me a buzz. We residents ought to show this "luxurious" condo how luxurious it really is.


    1. wah, so glamour lah, Hartamas. so envy and proud. half a million kah?

      my suggestion to you is to go knocking on doors to collect complain. you have to take the lead if you want something done.

      or you can prepare a flyer and put into people's mailbox, then host like a potluck party and discuss.

      that's what we all did in our place. i even set up a blog site for it www.glenmariecove.blogspot.com

      after that, we have party like every month or so, since we got to know each other, the neighbours are friendlier.

    2. wow uncle a blogspot? good idea!

      actually i was thinking of doing it ala gangsta way..put flyers everywhere DEFECTS? PROBLEMS? EMAIL ME! DISCUSS!

      but scared lah.. later pjd gangsta even better..

      how was the outcome? did u guys have problems like mine? atm there's like 10-20% of people only I think that moved in. We're like the first few unit occupied since April, 08 and defects until PROBLEMATIC.

    3. darn it somebody already took the name to do business!


      but u can see what it's all about

      all the icing on the rotten cake

    4. regencyhartamas available what.

      it is no harm to collect feedback and sharing lists of problems. we did that in our own neighbourhood.

      my neighbourhood only about 40% occupied and the warranty period is over already.

    5. wow, my unit not that bad thank god... but got la i complained and they (almost) cleared the list after 8 months. the small ones aiya i close one eyelah, otherwise no need to stay forever. did you take the furniture package? we got some issues with that now mainly...

    6. serious which unit r u stayin?

      the furniture package? is it the "built in(s)"? wardrobe, kitchen, toilet, etc?

      we have problems with that too, what's the issue u have?

    7. I am not a residence at Hartamas Regency 2 but i moved into Hartamas Regency 1 two years ago. When i got my bare unit, it was pretty ok although the workmanship is not really 1st class. However, i find that the PJD staff are very helpful and kind. It was my 1st house and my contractor already did like 40% of my unit when i realised that my wall is not so smooth at all. It was really a tough job for my painter to beautify my wall. My painter asked me to request PJD developer to smoothen the wall and do up all the repairs which they did them happily for me. The mgmt already know tat my contractor is working on my unit, but they are still willing to repair whatever that is necessary or whatever things that i have requested.
      I have been staying here for more than 2 yrs and i can tell u that although this is not the best, the most high-tech condo in town, but, it was the ppl touch which makes me stay here. Even until today, whenever there is problem in my unit (warranty period already expired in 2008), i will just ask the management office and they are always there, willing to help!! That is the spirit PJD employees have!!! Always service with a smile...I am always happy and grateful that i choose this condo to be my HOME!

      I hope u will have a beautiful home and a happy life staying in Hartamas Regency 2!

      1. Hi i am considering to get a unit here at HR 1. Anyone can provide the contact details of the management office? how much per sqft now at hartamas regency 1? any incident happen here before? kindly advise

    8. wow u r lucky to get such prompt and good help from ur side. My management always got something to say when we point out problems/defects in our condo. Up till today my defects not finish do up.. and my walls are not smooth as well but.. i dun dare to ask them smoothen it (will my side do? not sure aslo). The BBQ pit letup somore on 27th Dec 08 after they say the BBQ pit is authority approved plan when My family bising there's no rain/sun shelter on it.

      now it letup.. i wan ask them.. Which authority approve?

      for K2, there is a lot of "poor workmanship" and "cheap materials" used to build this place up..causing cracks, defects, leakage, and even BBQ LETUP!


    9. its important that u submit the defect list officially to the right person / company (which shld be stated in the s&p) and to be acknowledged by them

      the s&p wld have spelt out the terms and conditions on the timing of repairing any defects. in any circumstances, refer to the s&p and follow it closely.

      otherwise, yr request cld be denied or not done in accordance with the s&p.

      worst still wld be, yr submission is after the warranty period. write / do everything in black & white, no verbal agreements at all

    10. oh.. it's hard to deal with them.. they won't sign or do anything in writing. At most they call n come n check, check.. n do more checks then send someone to repair.. which causes more problems and more defects.

      After months.. finally at least get some really bad ones fix, but with unsatisfactory results. Decided to overlook smaller defects and get pass the bad workmanship.

      Did u know that the BBQ pit exploded when my unit use it for the first time? within 10mins of burning the charcoal, the pit exploded, tiles flying. Nobody was hurt thank goodness. We wrote a complain letter to the management n no reply.. tadaaah...

      This is not a good place to invest in or to stay. Within the 1st year already looking like 5 year old building with crack walls in common area, cracked roads at car park, lightings rosak at common area.. BBQ PIT exploded..duno what else is goin to happen.

    11. We have a unit at Regency 2 for us to stay at while visiting Malaysia on business trips.

      When I first moved in there were a bunch of small problems: a dripping air-conditioner, a shower that was hot only, a dripping tap in the laundry, but all these were fixed promptly.

      What wasn't fixed is that when the laundry tap leaked the water didn't run to the drain - the floor slopes the wrong way, so it came through the ceiling below!

      As you say, quality isn't great, bathroom finish looks rushed, cupboards and doors don't close properly and the air-conditioners are noisy.

      The most annoying thing, for me, is that the internet service here is unreliable. When it was off last Saturday they guy didn't come to fix it until Monday afternoon.

      Anyhow, good to hear there's some other people here, seems very quiet most of the time. It must be hard selling or letting these units in the current economic climate.

    12. Hi I would just like to comment on the old posts mentioned here. I am an owner and resident in Hartamas Regency2 condo. I was the first person to move in after handing the units and I am also member of the Joint Management Body (JMB). I agree that there were many defects in the condo when the developer handed over the units but almost most of them have been rectified with the help of the developer. I agree that PJD are not an A class resodential developer but for the price we paid we got a good deal. Presently we the JMB are managing the condo ourselves and all the management office employees are under our supervision.
      The standards at HR2 have definetly improved since the hand over and we are trying to improve them even better. please feel free to visit our website for more information www.hartamasregency2.com

      1. Hi
        My name is Amir and we are going to move in by 1st of May, first when I read other comments they made me disappointed but when I read yours and other positive ones I feel we are moving into a nice place. Thank you
        I have a question, as you are a member of JMB, do you think if there could be fiber optic internet at HR2 in near future?
        Thank you

      2. It has been a year.may i know how s it going? might be buying soon a unit there...

    13. I am a unit Owner in Regency 2. I am having Internet Signal Problem. I hope we can have those Latest Technology Fiber Optic Internet Connection. Do consider those Service Provider such as Maxis, TM and others. The more we have options the better it is.

    14. I am an owner of Hartamas Regency 2, we bought the unit for an investment before it was bulit. In November 2011 I stayed there for a week and have to say I totally enjoyed it. The residence are decent people, the management and security are very helpful and polite, cleaners cleaning all public area daily and the pool area is so pleasant. I spent hours browsing internet and swimming there. My neighbors have friends over for the BBQ and the area is cleaned the next morning. As far as the interior, the unit was handed over to us with minimum basic, I have to put in a kitchen and equip the place the way I like it, but all in all, I think Hartamas Regency 2 is a good buy compare to many other places I have seen in Malaysia - places claim to be more deluxe and cost much more, the quality is much less.

    15. I agree with you. The finishing is cheap & quality is just so low for what you have paid. I am experiencing a lot of problems too in terms of the windows, laundry pipe & sewage. Its appalling & shameful. The management here is utter rubbish & the gym is a rusty nightmare.


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