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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • A Perfect Stay at Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur


    my dream wedding at Le Meridien

    I ran across KL Sentral huffing and puffing as I am truly madly deeply going to be late to check into my lovely Le Royal Club Suite at Le Meridien Hotel, the one hotel that has truly captivated my heart ever since I stumble unto them while cruising around KL Sentral. I still remember the romantic elegance of the floor that housed the free form swimming pool, with dimmed lights, comfy sofas and a fruit juice in my hands. I said to myself "I'm am so going to get married here". Well that's something that will happened only in my dreams, unless someone wants to make it my dream come true!

    Le Meridien, my dream hotel

    the lobby

    "Hello Miss, how can I help you?" the receptionist greeted me upon my arrival at the check in table. I almost forgotten to check in while dreaming away for a minute. Yes got my keys now, first things first. I want to see my ROOM!!! Takes the elevator, remaining calm. Reaches room, open doors...


    OH NO! did I just scream? I can't help it, after all I am a girly girl who just loves to pamper herself with luxury treats once a while! who don't right? gosh smell the room, feel the linen! oh the bed is so... *jumps onto the bed and starts dreaming*. WAIT need to tell my girlfriends where I am now and to tell them come see my room! (show off maximum time). Ring RING Ring..
    Buaya Wing:  "Hello, yes?"
    Buaya Wing: "Urm... *silence for a while* u are collecting jackpot prize?"
    Buaya Wing: "$%%^^&&* U $%^^&&( U U U %%^&&() 
    *the following conversation has been classified as PG13 rated and will not be shown anymore*
    Me: Meet u at the swimming pool tonight for some fruit juice okie!
    Buaya Wing: %^&^&**( DEAL SEE U THERE I BE COMING BY LRT! 

    Since I have some time to kill before my bff gets here and it's lunch time now, I shall enjoy some yummy pasta  at Favola! The Italian restaurant that's has rustic Italian setting reminiscent of the renaissance era to make me feel even more like a princess today?!

    Favola means fable in Italian

    After lunch, I wanted to laze around the hotel, checking the facilities and restaurants that's available. I walked through the pool area and sat there gazing and admiring the scenery, feeling so contented and happy. I brought a book along "Sex and the City" and started reading. 

    enjoying the scenery at late noon

    oh joy... this is the life of a girl

    I looked up and it's almost dark! evening has come and I walked to my room back (which I had been missing!) and unpacked my luggage. I brought along all my body & bath products so I can turn my stay into a a spa session. Yes I brought my tea light candles too, this is going to be fabulous. I lighted them up and turn on the bath. Bubbles foaming up and I add in a few drops of aromatherapy oils for a soothing and relaxing soak. The city never looked this romantic, boy is my bff Buaya Wing going to be so jealous of me when she gets here! We'll gaze at the stars later beside the pool until late sharing and talking about everything (maybe planning my dream wedding without any budget cost to worry about) and wake up late just in time to check out! YEAH!!! 

    Buaya Wing whispering to me "When can we come again?"

    Disover Le Meridien Hotels by clicking this link and to book a room and get started like me click here. You'd come back again and don't forget to bring that scented candles and aromatherapy oils for a luxurious bath time too! The night is young and so am I.

    *Bubbles Pop and the room is filled with scented candles of Lavender* 

    If u like my post please vote for me to win a one night stay to go girly crazy fun here by clicking the like button and comment "That is a perfect night!".

    How to Change Your Detv To English

    translation "I don't speak Mandarin"

    Been suffering as a banana person for a long time. Banana means Yellow outside (Chinese) White inside (English speaking). I do understand chinese (cantonese and mandarin) but I was not brought up to read chinese in words! so when I got my DETV, I tried very hard to "guess" what the channels are, trial and error and asking friends who can read chinese to tell me what those 5 words are in the home menu. 

    yes this 5 words here, what it means?

    Though the only word I could read is DVD from this menu. I still can watch DETV like normal (just click and explore). It wasn't until a month later that I finally study the remote control that comes with the DETV. Looks like any normal remote control. I started becoming more bold in clicking the buttons on it until I found...

    DETV remote control

    but wait what's this button? LANG?

    until I saw this button name LANG. The first word that came into my mind is LANGUAGE? don't tell me there's a language selection? no it's not subtitle language.. it should be something else? let me try pressing it and hope I don't screw up my DETV! *press LANG button* OMG! GUESS WHAT HAPPEN NEXT?

    my DETV is now in ENGLISH! (words)

    gosh I can now explore DETV without guessing!

    so I quickly went to Arirang (Korean Channel)
    (my favorite channel)

    POPS IN SEOUL has cute guys on it today!!!

    ah my emotions feel like this music video now

    I can't believe after 1 month of watching DETV I finally found this button to turn it from Chinese to English Language (words only ok? the people don't suddenly speak english haha). Really very happy, I was so worried about which channels I am going into and whether I be pressing the wrong buttons but now I finally could surf the channels in DETV freely and understand what I am doing! I hope my guide helps those who got DETV and wishes to read it in English! (just like me banana type).

    Apron Bay, A Blogger & 3 Readers


    we have arrived at Brazil girls!

    Imagine if you were invited to get a Brazilian Wax at the new hip & stylish wax saloon, ApronBay at Jalan Telawi 4, Bangsar. What would your first reaction be? what would you be thinking? will pain or shyness stop you from experiencing something that some ladies swear it changed their life?  Well I have you know that doing a Brazilian Wax is in my "to-do-list" before I hit 3 ZERO. Take it from Samantha from Sex & The City, she believes in waxing and boy do they do her good in more ways than one!

    Apronbay is a beauty boutique with an Air Travel 
    concept specialising in brow design and waxing

    pedicure anyone?

    they do manicure too

    beautiful ambiance & deco

    Now I know you all think blogger's get all the fun and excitement of enjoying all things thrown to them, well hey sometimes it's just not about us anymore. Sometimes it's about others like our readers who not only just read, but gets to be handpicked to experience something beyond just words. This is my goal in blogging, it's a beautiful journey meant to be shared in more ways than one. Meet the 3 lucky readers who joined my ApronBay Contest to go on a beauty destination with me,  rio de janeiro way! (it means all off! serious). Savor their before Brazilian Wax expression below:

    reader no. 1 Janoah, Kuala Lumpur
    (a bit scared but nevertheless ready)

    reader no.2 Nicole Siew, Petaling Jaya
    (expecting pain, just look at her!)

    reader no.3 Nicole, Petaling Jaya
    (smiling away, ever ready)

    Now did you see the amazing photos of the place? scroll up again if you didn't! The ambiance and decor of ApronBay is really cool. The guest hall is spacious with fluffy pillows, one can do manicure & pedicure there. There's a big flight map on the walls too while the treatment rooms are made to be like plane boarding doors! there's even the platform welcoming you onboard. The beauty therapist are in flight uniforms and when they stand next to the boarding doors waiting for you, you'd definitely remember the movie "The Sixth Element". 

    step right in ladies

    New York (Contemporary City)

    Shanghai (Oriental Suite)

    Seaside (Seaside Loft)

    The Old World Brow Room (L)
    Country Garden opening soon (R)

    There's a total of 3 Waxing Rooms and 2 Brow Rooms (one of them will debut soon). The cool part about having your treatment done here is that you get to choose the room that you want. The girls were deciding on which rooms to choose and of course if I were to choose a theme room, I probably go for the Oriental room which is very Asian. They should add Amazon Forrest theme, with the lush greenery and nature, it would be "au natural" to those free spirited women out there. Of course, if you can't decide a room, ApronBay will surprise you instead.

    many thanks to Ashley for this!

    I will be doing a 3 mini part series on the 3 readers, all first time Brazilian Babies on their experiences with a short interview of how they feel before and after. Beginning with Janoah a law student from Kuala Lumpur, to Nicole Siew a budding make up artist and Nicole's Miror a sweet but adventurous girl as I found out! Many thanks to ApronBay's team of friendly and warm people Ashley, Hui Lin & Poh Lin for letting the girls participate in such a wonderful session together with me.

    where is ApronBay?

    Apronbay is a beauty boutique with an Air Travel concept specialising in brow design and waxing. The name, Apronbay, is coined from an aviation term describing a reserved area on an airport runway to embark or disembark passengers, refuel and to be spruced up for the next journey. And like its namesake, our shop Apronbay is a beauty stop where one can expect to receive the best in service and pampering beauty treatments…all in first class! So plan a trip with us to your favourite beauty destination!

    6-1, 1st Floor, Jalan Telawi 4, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    +6-03-2287 8081
    Opening hours:
    11:00 am – 9:00 pm (Tues – Sat)
    11:00 am – 8:00 pm (Sun)
    11:00 am – 7:00 pm (Public Holidays)
    Closed on Mondays

    kitten tergendala


    injury to lower back (photo updated 28/11/10)

    Things are going on a slower pace than normal for me this week, after a week of having migraine I thought things would get better for me until this "restaurant" at Sunway Giza which has a slick staircase made me slip, fall on my back and slide down a few stairs. I used my left foot to jam my fall so it's sprained now. Today beautician who did a head massage for me to lessen my migraine notice I had difficulty sitting properly and even told my friend it looks like my back hurt a lot. I will be writing a complain letter addressing what happened to the "restaurant". I am also appalled that the manager in charge (or supervisor?) didn't care much about their customer's safety or condition after they fall (a man who fell down hours after me, n the manager rush to see n the ignored the man & us after we told him the stairs is dangerous). Yes two person fell at the same area at this restaurant, I am one of them.  I didn't take MC to get off work as my office needed me around to rush urgent work. Feeling very emo-ish now, beware I might say wrong thing n bite people head off due to the pain I am going through.

    I know I have to post things to BBfrenz, email back Ain on her orders, post the prizes out on monday and several other orders too (Anggun, Hasanah, etc). Please forgive me, I shall do this as soon as I can. Please also remind me if i am not replying your emails as I have been sleeping early due to medication for the past week. Also please remind me to check your payment if u had paid n I didn't reply back.

    Clean & Clear Giveaway Winners!


    Grand Prize Winner
    Follower ID:shereen1224
    E-Mail: shereen_sow@hotmail.com
    Answer: To unveil the new oil-absorbing formula to its comprehensive line of skincare products, Clean & Clear also introduce their Clean & Clear Top Best Friend Models Malaysia first and third prize winners

    Mini Prize Cutie Pack
    -CONGRATS BoBoLooi88!-

    Follower ID: bobolooi88
    E-Mail: bobolooi88@hotmail.com
    Answer:The event is to present the new oil-absorbing formula to its comprehensive line of skincare products, and also introduce the Clean & Clear Top Best Friend Models Malaysia first and third prize winners - event hosts Safiah & Ainna and Jesslynn & Lien Siaw.

    no winners for this category so a random draw!

    Will email u girls or Facebook! Congratulations again! To read about the Clean & Clear Giveaway refer to my previous blog post here. Clean & Clear has a new formula :) find out what it is!

    Benefit Holiday Shipping Cut Off Date

    Dateline for Asia is 3rd Dec, 2010

    Being a curious monkey earlier this year, I tried my hand in my 1st Benefit international shopping spree with just another friend. Being avid Benebabes, we wanted to get our hands on the latest products then (Stay Don't Stray) and the buh-bye offers. It was a gread deal! I had some ops and ohs for this transaction and learn a thing or two on how to buy from Benefit Cosmetics online (international). The prices are inexpensive compare to buying in Malaysia, which was one of the factors in our decision making to buy from Benefit Cosmetics (USA). Here I am back, needing a new corrector/face cream and That Gal has always been in my wish list. I'm going to start shopping again and do a spree with friends. Benefit Cosmetics online offers free shipping for international buyers! and they have some Christmas Cheer going around too in the website. Check out their deals and holiday shipping promotions and don't forget, the cut off date for your Christmas Benefit Haul is on 3rd December, 2010! (bear in mind the time zone difference n get it done earlier).

    usd49 (usd75 value) / RM156

    cresent row limited edition set usd36 / RM115

    her name was glowa usd36 / rm115
    badgal set usd29 / rm92
    beauty be bop usd60 / rm192
    all you need is gloss usd26 / rm83

    Canoodling: Tag & Win Bowl Of Noodles!


    so simple you gotta have it :)

    A friend of mine let in on a contest just in time for lunch, however I don't think I can eat this in time for lunch as I have to tag the photo of my choice (featuring noodles yum yum, I like the Tom Yum one), tell them your favorite noodle in the comment box and they'll randomly pick a winner every day! For more information on this contest or to start tagging click here! 

    Everyone Connect Turns 1!


    TM Everyone Connects Turns One!

    TM iTalk Whoa would like to wish TM Everyone Connects a Happy One Year Anniversary! Yes Everyone Connect is now a year older and a year more fun! Everyone Connects is about getting people to communicate, collaborate because when everyone are connected, anything is possible! Just recently TM Everyone Connect celebrated their one year anniversary at Curve (21/11/10) with games, performances, activities and prizes! Sneak Peek below *woot woot*.

    starting them young

    getting them to connect

    lovely EC assistant helping out with the fanship process

    we want the balloons!!! (prizes inside!)

    everyone redeeming their prizes

    Blowing the Birthday Cake!

    come join Everyone Connects!

    To find out more about TM Everyone Connects join their facebook here! they have nearly 70k fans now! so don't miss this out! You can also get started by surfing their website at www.EveryoneConnects.net! Here's to a Happy Birthday to Everyone Connects! *puts on party hats and watch the balloons*.

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