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injury to lower back (photo updated 28/11/10)

Things are going on a slower pace than normal for me this week, after a week of having migraine I thought things would get better for me until this "restaurant" at Sunway Giza which has a slick staircase made me slip, fall on my back and slide down a few stairs. I used my left foot to jam my fall so it's sprained now. Today beautician who did a head massage for me to lessen my migraine notice I had difficulty sitting properly and even told my friend it looks like my back hurt a lot. I will be writing a complain letter addressing what happened to the "restaurant". I am also appalled that the manager in charge (or supervisor?) didn't care much about their customer's safety or condition after they fall (a man who fell down hours after me, n the manager rush to see n the ignored the man & us after we told him the stairs is dangerous). Yes two person fell at the same area at this restaurant, I am one of them.  I didn't take MC to get off work as my office needed me around to rush urgent work. Feeling very emo-ish now, beware I might say wrong thing n bite people head off due to the pain I am going through.

I know I have to post things to BBfrenz, email back Ain on her orders, post the prizes out on monday and several other orders too (Anggun, Hasanah, etc). Please forgive me, I shall do this as soon as I can. Please also remind me if i am not replying your emails as I have been sleeping early due to medication for the past week. Also please remind me to check your payment if u had paid n I didn't reply back.


  1. oh my, looks bad. Get enough rest and take care. The bruises is so scary. ='( must be super painful =(

  2. its ok darl..u get well soon.brg2 i tu bila2 pun boleh..yg penting u sehat dulu.take care!

  3. take care miu. hows your back now? did doctor tell anything? harap2 bukan serious injury or internal... kalau tak ada internal injury atau patah, maybe boleh pergi urut

  4. Take care, hope you get better soon.

  5. This is unacceptable. You should go back to the restaurant to file a complain and if they do not 'compensate' you e.g. settle your medical bills then bring it to another level. It's unfair for you to suffer like this no thanks to the management who fail to observe the safety measures for their customers.

    And you still sound so positive from the experience. Miu is truly a good person. Therefore you definitely do not deserve this.


  6. tammy, ur back seems getting worst. U need to go hospital for proper check up!

  7. aiyoooo, looks terrifying. hope you are better now. have to make noise to the management until they improve it or else maybe others will kena oso. you take extra care, yeah.

  8. Tammy, it looks really bad. Have you seen the doc? I think you should write the complain letter to the restaurant.


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