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Nokia C3 Socialista - How Social Are You?

beep beep someone's on facebook!

The new QWERTY Nokia C3 is the talk of the town or at least at mamak. I was overhearing a group of youth talking about "socialista" and I wonder what are they talking about. The a phone name socialista? that sounds way cool in my dictionary. Especially since now is the era of being socially active online through social media programs like facebook & twitter. During my time, I was lucky to be able to pay under RM600 for a phone that could sms & make calls. Everything else had to be on a computer either at the college lab or cyber cafe. Now one could just pay the same for a cool handphone that connects you socially with just a click away from the homescreen.  That's Nokia C3 Socialista to you and I was lucky enough to try one to see what the "socialista" looked like.

comes in 3 slate grey, golden white & hot pink

socialista in my hands

The moment I got to see it, I wished it was PINK! I saw at the Nokia website the Socialista comes in three colors which I am guessing only in Malaysia as other Nokia websites has more than 3 colors to choose from. Thank god we have hot pink, which was the hot seller at the Nokia C3 launch. Close to its sister Nokia E71 but much more affordable, the Nokia C3 features a 2.4 inch QVGA display, 3.5mm headphone jack, QWERTY keyboard and 2 megapixel camera. It's not heavy (114g) and the body is slim & sleek. More information about the Nokia C3 Socialista specifications is available here if you're interested to see what it has. 

wlan & wifi to connect you socially

the menu and applications

playing with the image morph & clipart

happy halloween! *click upload to facebook*

Not bad for RM520.00, the QWERTY keypad is handy for the chatting sessions unlike my touch screen I phone. Can even facebook, twit, check emails and browse online. I enjoyed morphing my photo into monstrous looking thing (laughing away) and putting clipart graphics to send to my friends to wish them a Happy Halloween. Check out the short video advertisement on Nokia C3 here, kinda upbeat & funky.

Nokia C3 Plan with Celcom

Check out Celcom's Value Package Plan for the Nokia C3 Socialista here. So for such a cheap value, don't miss out on this package brought to you exclusively from Celcom. Note: while stocks last, 12 months contract and RM300 will be collected from customers with length of stay less than a year. More terms and conditions available at the site.


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