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  • Shu Uemura Aya Takano Christmas Party


    guess which bff team won the costume contest?

    Just had to blog about this, I am so so so dam happy that we won the Shu Uemura's Best Dressed Contest held today at Shu Uemura KLCC in conjunction with their Christmas, Aya Takano collection. Actually it was a collaboration of friendship that made us the winning team tonight, thanks to Buaya Wing & Nicole Levina Siew (a new friend I met from facebook!). When you see Shu Uemura's latest poster of this Christmas collection, there's two girls on it, one of them whispering something to another. What do you see? just cute girls or do you think it's BFF magic? for me, I felt it was BFF Magic Christmas this year and hell with that, we won the prize of RM500 buy anything you want from the store (except xmas collection! why oh why?! find it really unfair as the other winners from each boutique e.g One Utama, Pavilion could choose from the xmas collection!). 

    bringing u to behind the scenes...

    of a make up artist & a fairy to be

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nicole, a budding make up artist who encouraged me to enter this contest (but I back out as the model as my gut says Wing should be the one). She did the make up for Buaya Wing in the washroom of Isetan KLCC. There's quite a nice area with mirrors and white light for make up, but too hot imho! I had to take the "fairy wings" to fan them while they're at work. Also painted Buaya Wing's nails with Nicole's etude house pink shimmering nail polish (not bad) and decorated the nails with pink crystals. Dust gold dusts all over Wing before she steps out and walks in Isetan KLCC with everyone looking.

    shu uemura klcc

    the fairy reaches her destination safely

    yeap that's us BFF TEAM won RM500 Shu Uemura Voucher!
    (best f**king friends)

    group photo! Jean, Nicole, Wing & Camie

    what?! there's another fairy but punk rock one!

    fatin looks awesome too tonight!

    close up on our lil miss fairy

    The costume is actually Tinker Bell's costume under Fairy Tales by Century Fiesta (costume rental shop at Desa Hartamas). I rushed there yesterday before they close at 7pm, got the outfit that could fit me coz they don't have plus size costumes (cringe) which is beautiful or bling bling enough. The deposit + rental cost RM150 and I have till Saturday to return them. Comes with a star wand, wings, and a iron tiara (which I replaced with Kitty's pink fluffy tiara that she bought for my birthday party). Wing's make up is using purple smokey @ dolly look? I gotta get Nicole to tell me what look she created. Nicole also used crystals on wing's face. The mini eyelash Wing is using is from my "lash collection, called Star Blitz rm55. Using an eyelash glue suitable for sensitive eyes, Nicole puts them on for her beautifully! making the whole make up look so... whimsy sweet.

    my prize (from my 1/2 share) *lurve*

    sneak peek at my xmas haul (to be blog)

    I'm still trying to sort out the photos I have, realize having such a big ass camera around isn't that convenient after all especially when you want to snap photos of yourself with friends. The winning RM500 prize, Nicole wanted one thing from Shu Uemura which was on her wish list! the famous hard brow pencil. After she left for Harry Potter with her husband Brian (sweet guy who waited for her for hours at klcc!) me & Buaya Wing didn't know what to redeem with the balance of the prize winning. We had almost everything we could ever buy from Shu Uemura so it was a tough call. After 2 hours of deciding, I suggested to her to get the limited edition swarovski crystals eyelash curler (collaboration with Taisu, black book artist) in our birthstones January & June and the one thing we could never make ourself buy, the really expensive tweezer RM135! yes now we tweeze our brows using RM135 metal. Sigh it would be great if Nicole had gotten the swarovski eyelash curler as well, then all three of us can pose with it like a trophy. 


    1. keke.. censored~
      well done!! Wing really brave la!!

    2. i knew wing could do it! she memang very sporting one. The outfit cannot fit me..so wing have to do it! bravo n we won!

    3. Congrats Miu and Wing
      Looking good Wing? Can you grant me few wishes???


    4. U all look awesome!Tammy you look very kawaii and great!

    5. Nice nice nice...soli...narcissism has hits me too!!!

    6. Yorrrr sadnya where is my photo with u all T_T
      btw congratz again haha!!!!

    7. soo pink!!! great costume!! lovely makeup!!

    8. Eiii,I think I saw a familiar lil pink dog?!:P

    9. Wing n fatin looks sweet tonite! :)

    10. Nicole: sorry :( my camera not much photos from yesterday.. waiting photos from others to put up.

    11. Jean: my bf ask why u din join the contest!

    12. Jclues: omg.. din know u're lurking in here? commented so fast! i wan a few wishes from wing too.....!!!

    13. Evana: thankiu darling! *muah muah* only person who say i cute!! others all cissss

    14. Haz: yes babe... ^_^ your pink doggy is a hit with the crowd for camwhoring! it's so cute... I am still keeping it in the basket.. (rumah dia)

    15. Fatin: so much fun wish i took more photos but a bit emo with yellow lights at the moment!

    16. Doroshi: u look sweet to lahh! lost weight right u!

    17. Omg fucking expensive tweezers wei! Is it coated with Platinum or something D8

    18. Come miu!!! I want to see your haul!!

      -Glam Pink-

    19. you all look so comel!!!

      wish i was there.. tapi cannot...... had to move house.

      nanti will send invite to you guys for my housewarming

      much love, you guys looked SO good!

    20. Internalchaos: yes.. the f**** expensive tweezers hahah not platinum or gold... normal nia...

    21. Pink Princess: XD hang on hang on! finding a good day..to snap photo.. yesterday too dim the light in bedroom T_T sux for photo

    22. Kitty: hehehe..nvm babe.. house more important.. or u would spend money here at the party! temptation hard to resist

    23. congratulations! you both looked great. the costume was a real winner! so cute!


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