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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • AirRider 1 Utama Review


    curious about indoor skydiving?

    AirRider is an Australian leisure branded indoor skydiving centre in 1 Utama E which simulates the sensation of freefalling from a plane but without wearing a parachute and having to do it for real. It's the 1st indoor skydiving experience inside a mall in not only Malaysia but also in all of Asia Pacific!  I guess you're all wondering how this is made possible...Well you enter a vertical wind tunnel, (exact same ones used by military and professional skydivers during training) which is a large glass tunnel that extends upwards with powerful electric fans at the top. When these are operating, air is drawn up through the tunnel measuring 12 ft diameter 10 m high, creating a cushion of air that you can fly on. The amount of airflow is precisely controlled to ensure that it matches the experience level of the air rider. The base of the chamber is a trampoline floor of aircraft-quality stainless steel with wind speeds up to 250 km/h.

    welcome to AirRider 1 Utama

    the wind tunnel with wind speeds up to 250km/h

    What is the sport of Indoor Skydiving? 
    Indoor Skydiving was originally developed to allow experienced skydivers to train, whatever the weather. These days however, it has soared in popularity around the world and become an adventure sport in its own right.

    Is it Safe?
    Yes safety is top priority they have certified and highly-trained instructors who are with you at all times during your flight to give you guidance and reassurance. I felt safe throughout my flights although I was a little nervous as well as excited when it was my turn to enter the vertical wind tunnel.

    How old do you have to be and who can fly? 
    For ages 3-93! So just about everyone can fly no upper age limit as long as you're in good health and physical condition. If you've had a previous shoulder dislocation, back, neck or heart problems it's advisable to contact staff before booking to discuss your suitability. Weight limit is 105kg. Children under 18 years of age need to have a parent or guardian's signature on their waiver.

    How long is a Flight?
    Each flight within the wind tunnel lasts for 50 secs, which is actually more free fall time than a skydive from 14,000 ft! The standard flight package includes 2 flights and you can also choose to add additional flights to your packages. The whole experience normally takes approximately 1.5 hrs, depending on your group size and how many flights you are taking.

    How much?
    1st time flyer - from Rm89 for 2 flights (Rm45 per flight) The more flights you buy the cheaper price per flight so there's a discount for buying flights in bulk. 

    You can also choose group/party packages which start from Rm399 for 10 flights (shared by up to 5 people) 

    Return Flyer package starts from Rm79 for 2 flights a little cheaper so kind of like a loyalty reward

    click to view how it feels!

    check-in, training, suit up here

    My AirRider Experience

    fly time & go again

    During the opening event I had the privilege of being 1 of the 1st members of the public to try AirRider's Indoor Skydiving. First of all, we were introduced to our instructor who took us into a room to watch a training video in order to prepare us for the basics of beginner skydiving.  After about 10-15 mins we got suited up and after signing our waivers, we were lead into the waiting area to be seated ready to enter the vertical wind tunnel. Soon it was my turn and as soon as you enter you can feel an immense amount of air pressure I imagine like being in a gale force wind! There are railings to hold onto so when you're ready the instructor helps you in holds you and positions you correctly before he lets go of you and away you go floating in the air flying like a bird! Such a surreal exciting and exhilarating experience I never wanted it to end! You can't compare the experience to anything else unless I guess you have already skydived from a plane before. Definitely worth it although the only downside is that the flight experience is a little short it's over just as you're getting into it. If only it could last a little bit longer but I guess you can go as many times as you like if you can afford it.

    AirRider is situated on level 2 Promenade of 1 Utama with a free viewing gallery and seating arena.

    AirRider Malaysia
    2nd floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre,
    Lot SS601, 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
    Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya,
    Selangor, Malaysia.

    Operating Hours: 10am - 10pm (daily)

    web: https://airrider.my
    fb: fb.com/AirRiderKL
    tel: +603 77285588

    written by Baby G, photographed by Tammy

    1 Utama Launches 1 Utama E

    1 Utama launches 1 Utama E

    I knew something was happening when I see my favorite mall 1 Utama doing massive construction over the old promenade. Something big was coming and I thought it was more retail outlets. Boy was I wrong because this new extension called 1 Utama E brought in two world-class sports to be introduced to the non-stop expansion of the great 1 Utama Shopping Centre! The AirRider and the FlowRider!

    Baby G has personally tried the AirRider and FlowRider and will be releasing his introduction to the two activities soon separately. He'll be sharing his personal experience as well thanks to 1 Utama for inviting us to the opening launch where he got to try both of them! He loves all these indoor and outdoor activities u know :) 

    AirRider & FlowRider opens in 1 Utama E (E Wing)

    1 Utama E official Sports Tourism Destination by Tourism Malaysia

    old 1 Utama map (look at blue section)

    New 1 Utama map (blue section is now 1 Utama E)

    The new expansion called 1 Utama E adds another 600,000sqft to the massive 6 million sqft of gross built-up area 1 Utama resides in. The total development costs a whopping RM150million onwards! 1 Utama's Director Tan Sri Dato' Teo Chiang Kok gave his speech on opening day, sharing his hopes and dreams of making 1 Utama the one-stop centre for everything and everyone, including world-class athletes coming to partake in events, regional and international championships right in 1 Utama E. Athletes, spectators and enthusiasts in watersports and skydiving from all over the world will also be coming! No wonder he has the support of the tourism ministry. This domino effect would put us right on the map for tourism and sports development in Malaysia and not forget the job opportunities it'll create.

    Now if you're wondering what does 1 Utama E stands for, it's E for Excite, Entertain, and Exhilarate! A multisport and entertainment centre in Malaysia that's set to attract both local and foreign visitors not only as a world-class sports tourism destination but also as an entertainment lifestyle esplanade.

    1995 - 1 Utama opened its doors in August
    2003 - the birth of New Wing
    2011 - Old wing becomes the "new old wing" (renovated)
    2012  - recognized as the 4th largest mall in the world by Forbes & CNN Travel in
    2018 -  Jan 1 Utama E (phase 1) Air Rider & Flow Rider

    Coming up:
    Mid-2019 - 1 Utama E (phase 2)

    1 Utama E has two phases!
    Phase 1 officially launched on 24 January 2018,  consisting of outdoor surf centre FlowRider on the lower ground floor and indoor skydiving facility AirRider on the 2nd floor.

    Phase 2 set to open next year with the following:

    LG Floor:
    - Alfresco F&B Street
    *Trendy restaurants, cafes, chic bars, and bistros.

    LG & G Floor:
    - Specialty Lifestyle & Curated Retail
    - Collective Living Space

    1st & 2nd Floor
    - Family Entertainment Centre
    *A third sports tourism facility will be revealed in the future.

    According to 1 Utama, when everything is ready, 1 Utama E will add both a designer landscape and avant-garde retail space to 1 Utama, where shoppers can chill and indulge in a varied mix of sports, global cuisine, fashion brands, art and culture, entertainment and nightlife. 

    FlowRider LG Floor
    Simulated wave generator featuring sheet wave technology (designed in Southern California, United States) for the sport of flowboarding, bodyboarding and surfing - 1st in a shopping mall in Malaysia.

    AirRider 2nd Floor
    Indoor skydiving wind tunnel for simulated skydiving (specialist equipment and technology imported from the Czech Republic and Australia) - 1st skydiving wind tunnel in a shopping mall in Asia Pacific!

    SOON: Gate B connects directly to 1 Utama E

    1 Utama has truly become one of the best malls in Malaysia throughout the years. With its ever-expanding plans to become a one-stop centre to shop, play and dine, it's not just a mall anymore. To get to 1 Utama via public transportation would be via MRT to Bandar Utama stop. From there, you can walk over to the mall and hopefully soon, the direct access to 1 Utama E via Gate B will be opened soon. For those driving, an additional 3 levels of basement carpark will be added in 1 Utama E. That's approx 500 bays but I doubt that would make the carpark situation better. Maybe 1 Utama needs to think about a sky car park soon.

    For more information visit www.1utama.com.my or 1 Utama Facebook for updates and promotions.

    Here's a list of exciting activities you can enjoy at 1 Utama. Click on the respective names to find out more information on how to book, prices, packages and operating hours.

    AirRider Skydiving facility with viewing deck NEW!
    FlowRider – Outdoor surf centre with water play area NEW! 
    Camp5 - Asia's largest indoor rock climbing gym
    Sealantis - a PADI 5 star diving centre
    Padang - rooftop futsal
    It's A Hit Batting Cages - S.E.A 1st and only automated baseball and softball centre.
    U-Bowl - Bowling centre
    Celebrity Fitness – Lifestyle gym

    Althea Wanderlust Beauty Box Review


    Althea's Wanderlust Beauty Box

     This has got to be my all-time favorite Althea Box! The Wanderlust Beauty Box calls out to the traveler in me seeking for adventures beyond the city. Just grab and go, everything is made to compliment one another from being smudge-proof to waterproof, it's one box you can't leave behind when you start wandering. Sold at an attractive price of RM114 (approx USD30) on www.althea.kr, I just couldn't resist buying this one. Luckily I did because it was sold out in a flash!

    The box came with just 5 items but the most sought-after item would be the Peripera Fashion People's Carrier either in New York (Yellow) or Seoul (Pink). It does not matter which one you pick as the color only affects the luggage and sticker type. Normally sold at RM120 at Sasa Malaysia outlets, you can find this in the beauty box for a fraction of the price. Inside the Peripera Fashion People's Carrier, contains 5 travel sized makeup products (it's pre-determined colors found in both NY or Seoul carriers). Please scroll to the bottom to see what are they!

    The other 4 items would be a gel eyeliner, a mascara fixer, a dual eyeshadow pen, and a liquid blusher. They're all waterproof, smudge-proof and requires heavy duty cleansing oil to remove (well in my opinion because soap, normal makeup cleanser, water couldn't even remove them).

    Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer
    Perpera Fashion People Carrier (New York)

    COC Momo Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

    Heynature Dual Eye Shadow
    Aqutop Water Color Blusher

    I'm going to share the swatches I did with the 4 products here. In my testing, I was pleasantly surprised that they're all smudge and waterproof, including the Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer. This is not to be confused with a mascara as it's actually a lengthening applicator filled with tiny black fiber hairs with a transparent liquid. I read that you're supposed to use it after applying your usual mascara so it helps to lengthen your lashes. I guess that is why it's named Dr.Mascara Fixer. It's waterproof, rub-proof and hard to remove just by normal cleanser or soap. 

    all the makeup products match well
    to create a natural, pink, youthful look

    tiny black hairs helps to lengthen your natural lashes

    dual eyeshadow with a smudger

    While everything else is already pre-determined in the box, the Heynature Dual Eyeshadow shade option would be randomly given. You'll either receive the Champagne Coral or Daily Cinnamon. The Daily Cinnamon is a brown to cream eyeshadow for a more earthy, natural look. The cool thing about this is that you get to create the Korean gradient e/s look with just a swipe of color on your eyes. The colors are vivid and pretty! Even if you're not going for the gradient look, you can use the lighter (white) part to create the popular Korean charming baby eye fat look (youthful eye look) "Aegyo-Sal" by carefully using the end to draw a line underneath your eyes starting from the corner of your eye to the end. You can google to find out how to do that.

    It comes with a smudger on the other end of the pen so you can blend away to create two or more makeup look after you tire of this one. I was lucky to receive the Champagne Coral as it gave a very pretty, girly color after I blend them. Matches well with the Aqutop Water Color blusher below!

    a natural girly flush or va-va-vom spot me on the beach!

    Oops, I put too much as a tiny dot is enough to give a flush. Just like any tint blushers out there, you use this sparingly and quickly to avoid it drying before you finish! In the picture, I use quite a good amount to show the color "Soft Pink". It was way too much liquid, the instruction says to use three small dots on your cheek and pat the skin to evenly spread it. It dries to a natural, bright, flush! Loving this one.

    I read on Althea that this is a three-in-one product! You can use it for the lips, eyes, and cheeks. It's also blendable, say if you combine it with a moisturizer to create a pink undertone tinted moisturizer. Of course, experiment with the amount of product you need to use, else your face would turn into a peach fruit.

    the Peripera Fashion People Carrier
    comes with a sticker to DIY your luggage!

    5 makeup products inside the luggage

    maybe it's all you need to travel like a babe

    the swatches - 3 lippies + 1 concealer (highlighter) + 1 multi-shadow (shader/eyeshadow)

    watch this IG video to see how she uses it!

    I am saving my kit for when I travel, it's just too cute to use! The luggage can actually be rolled as it comes with mini wheels. You can pull the handle and bring it around (if you have Barbie Dolls, this would be a 24" luggage size for them). You can't choose shades as it comes that way but the good thing is that each item is a multi-use beauty item. For instance, the concealer can double as a highlighter while the multi-shade can be used as an eyeshadow or shader.

    The only thing I didn't like is that the amount of product inside all 5 products are too little. They're not even full, to begin with. That's a bit sad, I don't think you can use this for long. On the bright side, there are 5 products and I can make each one of them work.

    P.S: The luggage can be emptied and used as a keepsake or home decor.

    Overall, I love this box and I wish I could've bought more! Keep up the good work Althea, I want to see more fabulous boxes like this for your fans. I really wish you could come up with more travel curated boxes because we Asians love to travel! Especially to beautiful beaches.

    I heard Althea is going to stop curating Althea Boxes as something big is about to be unveiled on their site. If you see any beauty box still available, I suggest you grab 'em fast and check-out like lightning.

    Get Over It

    if getting over is that easy, World War II would've been forgotten

    I still wake up, terrified of what happened to me in the past. Of the unfairness, of the betrayal, stripped off my innocence in believing in a person whom I thought was forever. I wonder if many of you experience the same too, sweat, fear, and this chunk of blackness in your stomach. Yes, this is the story of how sometimes, I wake up thanking God that I have survived such a trauma.

    Even writing about it, makes me fear "his friends" whom I know, did not understand what I went through. Males, what would they know until they throw away their sheltered ego? The words "Get Over It" uttered so simply, so easy, like the world could move on from World War II. If it was only that easy.

    I still remember it was just right after I was asked to move out from a home that I've built with him. Nowhere to go. So much on my shoulders. The love, the support, and a dream all shattered in just one sms "GET THE F*** OUT OF MY HOUSE". No one knows, the pain I carry.

    And yet, "Still Not Over It?!" came from one of his friends, merely weeks after I left.

    Till today, this word still haunts me. It stopped me from talking about what happened. Why should it? What power does it hold? Has the person been through what I have to even quote it?

    Men who say "Get Over It" are cowards
    whose balls are sheltered by their mummies.

    It is not that I can forget 13 years in a flash. They say the formula for moving on is to divide the number of years in a relationship in half. I think it really depends? For instance, when I didn't know the real reason for the sudden change of heart, I just couldn't believe, even logically what has happened. But the minute I found the scandalous chats between him and his newfound China love interest, I got "over it".

    I recognize the same ways he used to court me, to this girl and to the next. The same personality test, the same "You make me feel relax", the same modus operandi and then, some more. The same perversion he put me through.

    Trust turns to dust.
    Love turned to disgust.

    You know, when a woman has given up on you, it really means it's over. They couldn't care less if you died. Sure, they could forgive you for the first few rounds, but when they start seeing you for who you are, there would not be a turning point back.

    Which comes to my ending, I got over it but the trauma is something I can't control. It sometimes haunts you in your dreams, and you relive that moment again. The moment of betrayal.

    But you know what? Betrayal is a powerful antidote to a women's long slumber.

    How Did You Get Over It?

    An evening with Scuderia Toro Rosso & Acronis


    Scuderia Toro Rosso & Acronis Event @ JW Marriott Hotel, Putrajaya 

    A few days before the Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix, I was invited along to an evening with Acronis and Scuderia Toro Rosso team as part of the Acronis Racing week event. Acronis is a global leader in hybrid cloud data protection for businesses of any size and individual users, meeting the needs of the modern IT infrastructure and also offering complete protection for all data through backup, storage, file sync and share solutions.

    Team Scuderia Toro Rosso L-R Franz Tost (Team Manager)
    Carlos Sainz (Driver) Pierre Gasly (Driver) 

    Scuderia Toro Rosso Trackside Engineer 

    Scuderia Toro Rosso is an Italian Formula 1 team, processing and generating large amounts of data every day fully relying on the uninterruptible performance of the IT and manufacturing infrastructure. Data security and availability is critical to the company's performance and competitive advantage on and off the track. As Motorsport data is highly sensitive and must be secured, Scuderia Toro Rosso team's performance and success depends on data safety and integrity. As part of its partnership with Acronis, the team deployed Acronis Access Advanced as the solution for secure file access and sharing.

    At the JW Marriott hotel in Putrajaya, KL the latest Acronis Access Advanced 8.0 which is an enterprise file sync and share solution helping companies ensure security and flexibility when sharing data with remote devices, was presented to the media.

    "With Acronis Access Advanced, we're in full control of our data. We can track the information path and even remote wipe a laptop, tablet or mobile device if it is lost or stolen to prevent a competitor from accessing the data. Our plan is to share sensitive data that way," says Raffaele Boschetti, Scuderia Toro Rosso Head of IT.

    Drivers drawing Sepang Circuit from memory 

    The evening entertainment came in the form of an appearance and interview by Scuderia Toro Rosso principal Franz Tost and the team's 2 drivers Carlos Sainz and their new driver Pierre Gasly making his F1 debut at Sepang circuit. A speed painting session was organised by Acronis, where the 2 drivers were tested on their memory of the Sepang circuit by painting it in the time it takes to do a lap of the circuit - 1 min 34 secs! Both drivers did a pretty good job though just quite not as good as Haze Long a speed painter who comprised her own surprise masterpiece featuring portraits of both drivers in about 5 mins. She later presented the painting to Scuderia Toro Rosso Team Manager, Franz Tost.

    Local Malaysian Speed Painter Haze Long at work 

    The surprise painting is revealed 

    Both drivers look pretty pleased with how they look 

    Haze Long presents her portrait of both drivers and Toro Rosso F1 racing car 

    Selfie with both drivers 

    There's no denying that we like speed, and that's why the collaboration between Scuderia Toro Rosso and Acronis is an exciting one. It's the marriage of two-speed devils - the first is one of the fastest F1 racing teams in the world; the second, the fastest backup software on the planet.

    Prize Draw giving away Scuderia Toro Rosso Acronis F1 racing team memorabilia 

    I won a Toro Rosso Acronis Lanyard 

    About Acronis
    Acronis sets the standard for hybrid cloud IT data protection through its backup, ransomware Active Protection, disaster recovery, and secure file sync and share solutions. Powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine and set apart by its image technology, Acronis delivers easy, fast, complete, and affordable data protection of all files, applications and operating systems across any environment—virtual, physical, cloud, mobile and applications. Founded in 2003, Acronis protects the data of more than 5 million consumers and 500,000 businesses in over 150 countries and 20 languages. With more than 100 patents, Acronis products are consistently named best product of the year and cover a range of features, including migration, cloning, and replication. Today, Acronis solutions are available worldwide through a global network of service providers, distributors, and cloud resellers. Learn more at acronis.com/en-us.

    this experience is written by Gareth Tucker who wanted to meet the two F1 racers

    Win A Radiance Hair Gift Set worth RM350!


    Aperio Valentine's Giveaway

    Can't believe I'm doing another giveaway and this time it's for 11Street who graciously gave me an early Valentine's Day gift to giveaway! Looks like they're promoting their new merchant, a brand called Aperio Natural which I have never heard before until now. The branding and packaging made me feel that this was somewhat an Asian brand, from Taiwan or Japan maybe but upon further reading, it's actually an organic beauty line from a small town called Saratoga in Sunny California founded in 2008. The founder inspired by the Californian lifestyle set off to develop his own line of products using all-natural ingredients. You'll be happy to know that there's no artificial preservatives, colors, mineral oils, alcohol or SLS used in their products. Cruelty-free too!

    P.S: Californians love the natural environment, outdoor lifestyle, and more interestingly using natural ingredients and growing their own vegetation in their backyards to use as skin care!

    one for you, one for me!

    4 products (including 5pcs of mask!)

    yes, of course, I used them lol

    Now I like discovering new brands in the market so I said yes to doing this giveaway. You can do more research on them and their ingredient list to ascertain how true they are to their brand but for now, I'm going to share what I received and what one lucky winner will be winning :)

    1. Cherry Blossom Radiance Shampoo (500ml)
    2. Cherry Blossom Hair Defense Leave-In Conditioner (200ml)
    3. Cherry Blossom Hand Cream (60ml)
    4. Brightening V-SHAPER Mask (30ml x 5pcs)

    Aperio Natural Valentine's Day Giveaway

    Cherry Blossom Radiance Shampoo 500ml @ RM100
    This shampoo has a light Cherry Blossom scent (does not last). For my long hair I used 3 - 5 pumps and it quickly foams up. This left my scalp and hair clean and volumized but in the process, it left my hair tangle, dry and stripped clean. Not the fault of the shampoo because my hair has been bleached. I felt this shampoo would be better for those without damaged hair.

    Aesculus Hippocastanum Extract, Yeast Extract, Algae Extract, Botanical Extracts, Vitamin B5.

    Cherry Blossom Hair Defense Leave-In Conditioner 200ml @ RM88
    Apparently their best selling product. I see this being promoted on their Facebook page and it was what made me want to do this giveaway. Seriously, who doesn't want hair that's silky, smooth, airy and falls back into place after a blowout? After receiving the gift, I quickly shampoo, towel-dry my hair and pump the product to smoothen my hair. I blow-dry my hair and massage it again one last time using the product. I used quite a lot of product to get the desired effect (my hair is thick and long, dry and damage so it needs more "food" haha).

    My hair was all over the place (tangle, dry) after the shampoo but this product pump the life back in! It detangled, made my hair soft, silky, smooth and airy. NO KIDDING. Plus it didn't weight my hair down. I am impressed with this product *thumbs up*. BUT depending on how badly damaged or colored your hair is, I feel the effect would not be 100% achieved. For me, it's 80%.

    Hydrolyzed Silk Protein, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Olive Oil, Vitamin B5

    What does hydrolyzed mean? It means that a chemical compound is split into smaller units. So if you see the word  “hydrolyzed” in front of any of the protein names, it just means that protein has been broken down into smaller units.

    Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein: Water soluble protein derived from wheat, it penetrates the cortex of each strand. It strengthens and moisturizes hair, increases it’s ability to receive and maintain moisture.

    Hydrolyzed Silk Protein: Derived from one of the strongest natural fibers in the world. Forms a cystalline protective barrier on strands. Improves hair’s elasticity, resiliency, increases shine (silk is known for it’s ability to hold 10,000 times it’s weight in water.).

    source: all about hair proteins

    The Cherry Blossom Hand Cream is a natural moisturizer which hydrates and helps softens your hands. Lightly scented cherry blossoms, with rich shea butter to moisturize dry skin. Absorbs quickly, leaving hands feeling soft, smooth and nourished.

    Shea Butter, Bees Wax, Avocado Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Aloe Extract, Honeysuckle Extract, Neroli, Sun Flower Oil, Algae, Honey Extract.

    Brightening V-SHAPER Mask @ RM140 for 10pcs
    The Brightening V-shaper Mask gently tightens your skin texture leaving your face feeling hydrated and moisturized. This mask is specially formulated to refine the skin by decreasing visible effects of aging like wrinkles and facial lines. This extremely moisturizing sheet mask will give your skin an extra hydrating boost.

    Sodium Hyaluronate, Morus Alba Root Extract, Argireline®, Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarp Extract

    this video had me at #fliphair

    THE GIVEAWAY! Now the fun part. Leave a comment on this post with your name, e-mail and answer this question where are Aperio Naturals from? This will be a lucky draw alright. One lucky reader will win this Aperio Radiance Hair Gift Set worth RM350 to flip hair this Valentine's Day!

    Terms & Conditions:
    1. Open to readers residing in Malaysia only.
    2. Giveaway starts today and ends 11th Feb 2018.
    3. One lucky draw winner will be contacted via e-mail.

    Birthday Giveaway Winners


    Congratulations 10 Awesome Winners!

    My birthday month has been a blast and to share, I was really surprised and shocked by the secret service spies who planned to get me the Dyson hairdryer (my dream hairdryer!) and record me being caught unexpectedly live on camera (what the hell, these people really are bloggers). I truly, deeply, love the birthday gift, thank you for being a part of this surprise! (already thank all the names on FB hehe). I also received wonderful gifts from my closes friends who got me things from my wishlist! It's fabulous but now I feel more stress to buy their birthday gift this year =_= (dig own hole with the wishlist). Of course, I don't always know who's birthday, who's planning give what so please ask me if there's a surprise attack to others okay? I also want to be a part of it if possible.

    OH yes not forgetting those who joined my birthday giveaway. Thank you for joining! But I only can give 10 prizes T_T and I choose the comments that touched my heart and comments with suggestions that I feel, I should move towards that path because there's just too many of you already blogging about beauty lar. This auntie will blog more on how to stay young, how to home decor, more stories about Baby G lar okay? And complain like an auntie too. Yes, the age of auntie is here.


    "I'm so sorry if this offended you but I really love how you have the courage to walk away from your previous toxic relationship. Therefore, I hope you can share more about tips for finding the right person or advice about this issue. Also, I hope you can do some life hacks and those amazing science experiment with Baby G. I bet both of you will have fun doing it together - Phoebe
    "You are one of my favourite beauty blogger! However i'm a silent reader though lol. Your reviews are honest and i would like to see more beauty product reviews from your blog. Also, if you could share some tips on how to be a beauty blogger, i will be the happiest person to read lol 😂 - Mellya
    "Hi Tammy! Happy birthday and thanks for having the giveaway on your birthday. Where we are the one who are supposed to give you present xD I would like to see more beauty reviews and maybe some hacks in your blog. You're such an inspiration and I especially love your apartment makeover. It is amazing! Hope to more this kind of posts so that I know what to get and what to not get - Cheryl
    "Iwould love to see you blog about life, how you manage to move on, inspires readers who may be in the same situation but dunno how to deal with it. You have that kinda magnet! To me you are one pow wow inspirational lady! Keep it up Tammy?! -Nur Aslina
    "Iwould love to see more on skincare products, your life adventures and of course, you and Baby G. I've been with you at FB since before your heartbreak, and I saw the process on how you've moved on, build your amazing career with Althea and found your happiness again = Baby G. I don't know why, but I just feel eager to know what's next from you - Diana
    "I would love to see you blog more about yourself, family, work and how maintain relationship with your loved one. I love how you spread the good vibes and positiveness to others woman especially in the journey of finding the right person in life - Amelia
    "I would love to see more about reviews on makeup and more skincare routines! Even like what products you use for anti-aging, pih etc! And even your favorite websites to shop! Always love passionate you are about beauty and blogging, and of course always working hard on making this community great with organizing the buttefly project :) - Amanda
    "More on self-development! perhaps how did you go through to set up the amazing business today? and flatlay tips! product shootings those are definitely your forte! - Geraldine
    "would love to see more reviews/ guest posts by Baby G, he has a real knack for it.. Perhaps he could consider starting his own blog too? :D Also, I always like the lifestyle posts by you, especially about shopping hauls cos as you know, I'm a shopaholic and beauty-holic too so these are really right up my alley. Would love this Peripera set, I've been eyeing it for so long! - Carinn
    "Home decor tips and everything about styling a house! Not many bloggers blog about it and I think you have a good taste on that! Share some tips with us ok? Hehe! - Sin Yee

    I emailed all the winners already and will pack nice the prizes to courier to them. Please check your emails and respond by like fast if not I keep the present and use myself.
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