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  • Althea Wanderlust Beauty Box Review


    Althea's Wanderlust Beauty Box

     This has got to be my all-time favorite Althea Box! The Wanderlust Beauty Box calls out to the traveler in me seeking for adventures beyond the city. Just grab and go, everything is made to compliment one another from being smudge-proof to waterproof, it's one box you can't leave behind when you start wandering. Sold at an attractive price of RM114 (approx USD30) on www.althea.kr, I just couldn't resist buying this one. Luckily I did because it was sold out in a flash!

    The box came with just 5 items but the most sought-after item would be the Peripera Fashion People's Carrier either in New York (Yellow) or Seoul (Pink). It does not matter which one you pick as the color only affects the luggage and sticker type. Normally sold at RM120 at Sasa Malaysia outlets, you can find this in the beauty box for a fraction of the price. Inside the Peripera Fashion People's Carrier, contains 5 travel sized makeup products (it's pre-determined colors found in both NY or Seoul carriers). Please scroll to the bottom to see what are they!

    The other 4 items would be a gel eyeliner, a mascara fixer, a dual eyeshadow pen, and a liquid blusher. They're all waterproof, smudge-proof and requires heavy duty cleansing oil to remove (well in my opinion because soap, normal makeup cleanser, water couldn't even remove them).

    Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer
    Perpera Fashion People Carrier (New York)

    COC Momo Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

    Heynature Dual Eye Shadow
    Aqutop Water Color Blusher

    I'm going to share the swatches I did with the 4 products here. In my testing, I was pleasantly surprised that they're all smudge and waterproof, including the Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer. This is not to be confused with a mascara as it's actually a lengthening applicator filled with tiny black fiber hairs with a transparent liquid. I read that you're supposed to use it after applying your usual mascara so it helps to lengthen your lashes. I guess that is why it's named Dr.Mascara Fixer. It's waterproof, rub-proof and hard to remove just by normal cleanser or soap. 

    all the makeup products match well
    to create a natural, pink, youthful look

    tiny black hairs helps to lengthen your natural lashes

    dual eyeshadow with a smudger

    While everything else is already pre-determined in the box, the Heynature Dual Eyeshadow shade option would be randomly given. You'll either receive the Champagne Coral or Daily Cinnamon. The Daily Cinnamon is a brown to cream eyeshadow for a more earthy, natural look. The cool thing about this is that you get to create the Korean gradient e/s look with just a swipe of color on your eyes. The colors are vivid and pretty! Even if you're not going for the gradient look, you can use the lighter (white) part to create the popular Korean charming baby eye fat look (youthful eye look) "Aegyo-Sal" by carefully using the end to draw a line underneath your eyes starting from the corner of your eye to the end. You can google to find out how to do that.

    It comes with a smudger on the other end of the pen so you can blend away to create two or more makeup look after you tire of this one. I was lucky to receive the Champagne Coral as it gave a very pretty, girly color after I blend them. Matches well with the Aqutop Water Color blusher below!

    a natural girly flush or va-va-vom spot me on the beach!

    Oops, I put too much as a tiny dot is enough to give a flush. Just like any tint blushers out there, you use this sparingly and quickly to avoid it drying before you finish! In the picture, I use quite a good amount to show the color "Soft Pink". It was way too much liquid, the instruction says to use three small dots on your cheek and pat the skin to evenly spread it. It dries to a natural, bright, flush! Loving this one.

    I read on Althea that this is a three-in-one product! You can use it for the lips, eyes, and cheeks. It's also blendable, say if you combine it with a moisturizer to create a pink undertone tinted moisturizer. Of course, experiment with the amount of product you need to use, else your face would turn into a peach fruit.

    the Peripera Fashion People Carrier
    comes with a sticker to DIY your luggage!

    5 makeup products inside the luggage

    maybe it's all you need to travel like a babe

    the swatches - 3 lippies + 1 concealer (highlighter) + 1 multi-shadow (shader/eyeshadow)

    watch this IG video to see how she uses it!

    I am saving my kit for when I travel, it's just too cute to use! The luggage can actually be rolled as it comes with mini wheels. You can pull the handle and bring it around (if you have Barbie Dolls, this would be a 24" luggage size for them). You can't choose shades as it comes that way but the good thing is that each item is a multi-use beauty item. For instance, the concealer can double as a highlighter while the multi-shade can be used as an eyeshadow or shader.

    The only thing I didn't like is that the amount of product inside all 5 products are too little. They're not even full, to begin with. That's a bit sad, I don't think you can use this for long. On the bright side, there are 5 products and I can make each one of them work.

    P.S: The luggage can be emptied and used as a keepsake or home decor.

    Overall, I love this box and I wish I could've bought more! Keep up the good work Althea, I want to see more fabulous boxes like this for your fans. I really wish you could come up with more travel curated boxes because we Asians love to travel! Especially to beautiful beaches.

    I heard Althea is going to stop curating Althea Boxes as something big is about to be unveiled on their site. If you see any beauty box still available, I suggest you grab 'em fast and check-out like lightning.

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