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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Girls What Can You Buy at Tesco Extra? Tell Me & Win!


    today's topic is *drum rolls*

    Last Saturday I went to the newly revamped Tesco, ops now called Tesco Extra for the extra choices, extra services and extra facilities in Mutiara Damansara. It's just next to Curve, from Borders you can cut through to Tesco Extra. I was getting agitated for not being able to shop for a while and thought to myself why not I reward myself today? How about I try to buy some cosmetic products for under RM100? That’ll surely cure me. Man it wasn't easy with so many choices and varieties of brands and cosmetic products in Tesco! I took like 2 hours deciding which goodies I will buy! My post is filled with spy pictures of the new Tesco Extra so continue reading!

    Enchanteur's Celebrate Love, Forever Contest


    my boyfriend was so stress, I flew him to Bali to relax

    Did I ever tell you guys how I met my boyfriend? (now fiance). We met through a mutual friend, my classmate to be exact, desperate to borrow someone's computer to finish our assignment she called him. I have always felt this "power" pulling me to Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, somehow I felt this would be where I would meet my soul mate until one day it happened. When he arrived at her house, came down from the car my heart went ba-da-bump. I fell in love at first sight. He was in short my dream guy, from the hair to his eyes to his smile. Also I love big teddy bear guys coz they're so huggable! *eee*

    Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine: Top Picks from the Chef!


    welcome to Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine, Eastin Hotel

    This is my first time dining at Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine restaurant at Eastin Hotel. Rarely you'll see me blog about food, especially Japanese. First I'm no food blogger, but hey I still need to eat right? I won't asked you to trust my taste buds but I'll ask you to trust my pictures! Today's course? Ala-carte dishes from Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine, the signature Chef picks from the menu. Thanks to Eastin Hotel for the warm welcome and wonderful evening with my friends, we had a great time chatting and savoring the delightful dishes that was presented to us that night.

    I raised funds for a KFC Party & More for The Good Samaritan Home


    organizing a kfc party for orphanage home

    I'm writing this post because I would like to share my good deed for the Blackmores 80 Deeds Campaign that's going on now until 4th Dec 2012. It dawned on me that I never blogged about the charity campaign I organized and manage some time ago. I still remember that day until now because everything that happened was magically done. I think God's power was at hand for everything that happened and the people he sent to me. How did it start? All from Facebook.

    Free The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Set with The Malaysian Women's Weekly Dec Issue!

    say Christmas gifts from TMWW & TBS? only at Times Bookstore
    my favorite shower gels from TBS! the earth lovers
    (the lemon grass and watermelon are the best!)

    Blackmores 80th Anniversary Celebration & The Launch of 80 Deeds Campaign!


    Happy 80th Birthday Blackmores!

    Early this month, I got invited to the Blackmores 80th Anniversary Celebration at the SHELTER Home for Children in Petaling Jaya. Now I seldom would sacrifice my Sundays to go cover events because I would like to spend my Sundays with my family or by myself doing house chores or going shopping. Now that sounds lovely and selfish at the same time because there are underprivileged people out there who might benefit from what we can give them, whether it be our time, donations in kind or just to be appreciated or remembered.

    My Hugo Boss Nuit Pour Femme Night by Hugo Boss


    this is my night with Hugo Boss

    Did I tell you about the time that I was whisked away to the city in a limousine ride to the launch of Hugo Boss's new fragrance NUIT Pour Femme? well now is the time as I set my mood into writing this lovely post about the night I turned into a classy sexy cat and dine in an Italian restaurant at Westin Hotel. All thanks to Hugo Boss for the perfectly put together night, my fiance was so happy with his girl being all dolled up for a romantic evening together.

    Time to Muxic with JLO Dance Again World Tour (LIVE IN MALAYSIA)


    guess who's coming to rock Malaysia this Christmas?

    OMG J.Lo is coming to Malaysia for her Dance Again World Tour thanks to Xpax's Time to Muxic! When is she coming? the day after I come back from my Bangkok trip! I hope I don't miss this out. J.Lo's smoking hot and she still do! I'm not sure how much are the tickets but I know where we can win some! 

    2 December 2012, 8.00pm
    Stadium Merdeka - KL  

    Here's how you can get the free tickets and show off to your friends haha!!! There's a few ways from Xpax and The Cube.

    Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Giveaway Results


    *drums rolls* presenting the lucky winning numbers!
    comment no.6, 26 & 40 who are u!

    Sophia Wong, Emily Tang and Eriol Loh! you're the winning numbers my birdy cat pulled out! I'll pm you to get your address girls! thanks for joining my Nature Republic Giveaway and to my other readers, don't be sad! blame the birdy cat!!!

    Free Nature Republic Membership & Welcome Gift at Nature Republic Parkson (NEW!)

    Good Morning Readers! It's Monday again

    Merry Christmas Readers! It seems every Monday is a giveaway so I hope your Mondays will put a smile on your face when you click on my blog to read whats' new and what's up in my life. This Monday is especially super duper wonderful because thanks to of all you who continue to read and support my blog, Nature Republic has decided to giveaway free Nature Republic Memberships and a Welcome Gift to all my readers who show my blog at Nature Republic's newly launched premium counter at Parkson, One Utama. Yes they just launched their latest and first departmental store counter in Malaysia! Check out photos of the place, best sellers and premium products that's only available in Kuala Lumpur & Plaza Merdeka Mall, Kuching.

    My Favorite Esprit Look Week 4 Winner!


    it's been a fun month but who's the final winner?

    I'm so sad that the My Favorite Esprit Look Contest is finally over. It's been a month of receiving photos from my readers showing me their mix and match styles and looks from the Esprit Autumn/Winter Collection 2012. The judges has seen all the looks too and it was even harder trying to decide who will be the final week 4 winner. They were looking for a special photo that would make the final look and guess who won?

    My Scholl Autumn Winter 2012 Shopping Experience


    do you love...

    your soles?

    Anyone knows what's Plantar Fasciitis? About 3 years ago my right feet hurt so much that I started limping for a month. When I went to the doctor, he told me I had Plantar Fasciitis. Walking became painful, I would not come out at all. Shoppers at Isetan, KLCC saw a limping girl shopping during Christmas Sale, dragging her feet from one stall to another. It took me more than a month to heal (what an episode).

    My Favourite Esprit Look Week 3 Winner


     congratulations to Mai Sarah!

    It's been a challenging week for the judges to decide who the week 3 winner is. It's almost becoming like ANTM show already! The judges has finally come back with a decision and they have agreed that the winner is Mai Sarah who rocked the winter look! Congratulations Mai Sarah. Once the week 4 winner is announced tomorrow, Esprit will be sending your prize vouchers to you to have some winter shopping :)

    My Samsung Smart Camera is a Make Up Artist!

     how do you like the 11 looks I have?

    This week I was toying around with the all time coolest feature of all in my Samsung Smart Camera MV900F - the Beauty Palette. YEAH what's the Beauty Palette?! seriously like it's the best thing ever! You know why? because now I get to camwhore and have different looks! looks that requires make up and I'll just need to flip my camera 180 degrees, snap a pic and start choosing a look that'll suit me! so much fun haha!!!

    L'Oreal Paris Perfect Clean Foaming Gel Wash Giveaway


    this morning I clean & scrub using...

    Thanks to OnlyBeauty & Loreal Paris, I received the Perfect Clean Foaming Gel Wash in Refreshing for normal/combination skin to review. The shape of the product is uniquely different, it kinda looks like a body shower gel bottle but then I soon realize it was for face wash after reading the print. The unique design is due to the Scrublet that's housed nicely in the middle of the bottle. The Scrublet is a face scrubber to be used with the foaming gel wash.

    Unlock the Secret Rituals of Precious Oils with Mythic Oil


    unlock the secret ritual of precious oil

    Now I love products with a story on top of a beautiful packaging. When L’OrĂ©al Professionnel sent me a package of products, I happily open them up to discover not one but 4 types of Mythic Oil. Let's not get into details just yet because the products mesmerized me at first sight. There seems to be a sense of magical, mythical aura surrounding the bottles of the Mythic Oil. The packaging and the designs for each bottle fascinates me. Luxury of the far easts is finally in the palm of my hands.. in the form of precious hair oils.

    Tell Worthy Book Your Favorite Female Brand Products/Services!


    Join Worthy Book to Win Instax Camera!
    (and other prizes to giveaway)

    it's easy to join just click here

    Worthy Book is having a giveaway on their facebook to win 50 over prizes! and the best is the instax camera for the best photo! It's easy to join, when you're at your favorite beauty place, just snap a pic of your most like item or service and submit to Worthy Book Facebook! For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/worthybook.

    Judging Criteria

    For Nominator
    Best Photo Prize – Based on aesthetic & originality qualities of photo.
    Best Reason Prizes – Based on details and practicality of reason given.
    Most “Like” Prizes – Based on entries with the most votes.

    For Voter
    Lucky winners will be selected from pool of voters on random basis.
    Each person can vote for more than one entry.

    Announcement of Winners
     Date: 1 December 2012 (Saturday), before 5pm
     Place: Worthy Book’s Facebook page – www.facebook.com/worthybook
     Winners will be contacted by email for prize collection arrangements.

    MagicColour Lens Christmas Promotion Specially For PSK!


    each pair only RM25 + free casing + free shipping*

    Good news to all my readers! My favorite contact lens MagicColour (all time favorite dolly eye, big eye contact lenses with amazing choice of colors, patterns and look!) is giving us a promotion! Seriously I love them so much *screams*. They use cutting edge Korean Diamond Cutting technology, with a diameter of 16mm and moisture content  up to 55% making it comfortable to wear, easy to put in and take out!.

    e-mail sales@magiccolour-lens.com
    with code magickittencolour

    In all my event photographs, interviews and makeovers I use MagicColour contact lenses, especially love Grey and dark brown from the Blushy and Sparkling range. I have not tried Ballerina, Dazzling or Diamond yet. They have so many collections at their website http://magiccolour-lens.com (please see for yourself! I think their website is the cutest site for contact lenses in Malaysia!). 

    Sparkling Collection

    Ballerina Collection

    Blushy Collection

    Diamond Collection

    the cute & useful casings for storing your contact lenses
    ** FREE **

    It's free shipping to West M'sia readers and for East M'sia you only need to pay RM5 for shipping (I think that's a steal). You can choose from any collection, with power or not. I say just get all 6 pairs or share it with your friends. I just got my 6 pairs and can't wait to try Ballerina out. If you have any questions just throw it here!

    Talika Lipocils & Black and My Lipocils 28 Days Journey


    can one get longer lashes in 28 days?
    (believe me when I say my lashes were shorter than this!)

    It's finally time to reveal the results of my Talika Lipocils Expert 28 days journey! If you haven't heard about the famed Lipocils, then let me tell how I discover it. Two years back I heard a friend who recommended me to try this product when I asked how I could grow my lashes without having to put on mascara or false eyelashes to make it longer or noticeable? My friend told me about Lipocils and several other brands in the market (which there is not many mind you, and they can cost up to RM300). Then there was Lipocils and one can see results after 28days of using it. I didn't quite believe that it would work until recently when I was asked to review it.

    Talika The Most Seductive Eyes Contest


    the most seductive eyes contest

    Check it out girls! this is your chance to win prizes worth RM300 each from Talika. It's quite easy and fun to do with your girlfriend(s). Those with big doll eyes I'm sure you're going to get some winks! China doll eyes is also quite sexy, thought I think my eyes are fairly dull looking sob sob, which is why I'm using Talika Lipocils at the moment to perk it up! 

    Dress your eyes in a flash and show your most Seductive side of your eyes!
    1.      Pair up with a girlfriend
    2.      Snap a photo together showing your most seductive side of your eyes
    3.      Post up your photo on Talika Malaysia's Facebook page: www.facebook.com/TalikaMY
    4.      Invite your friends to 'Like' your photo

    The winner will be selected with the most number of 'Like' and one lucky random winner who 'like' will be chosen to win mystery prize. I hope this will also be an additional activities to your readers and the winner can get to win RM300 worth of Talika prizes each.

    Samsung MV900F: Take Self-Portrait using Gesture Shot!


    this week's topic on my pink Samsung Smart Camera

    You know I have been exploring my pink smart camera from Samsung that I won? Well there's so many features that I like to use and this week I thought I'd share the one where I take camwhoring to the next level. Imagine this, you have a nice outfit on and you would like to take Outfit of the Day (OOTD) but there's no one to help you snap a picture and it's so tedious to set up a tripod and have a remote control by your side. What's the easiest way you can capture your great shot without any help but yours? just by using some 2-3 hand movements!

    Visit Esprit & Send Me Your Favorite Esprit Look! (Final Week)


    Congratulations to Week 2 Winner, Jean Yong for entering her sexy and chic autumn/winter look! This is the final week of My Favorite Esprit Contest, this means you have until Nov 11th (Sunday) midnight to submit your photo entries to me! Week 3 winner will be announce at the same time. May the best Esprit look win!

    Nature Republic Cheras Leisure Mall Grand Launch & A Giveaway!

    congratulations on your opening Nature Republic!
    Nature Republic's 13th outlet @ Cheras Leisure Mall

    I would like to congratulate Nature Republic on the latest launch of their concept store in Malaysia! Bringing to us Malaysians more varieties and interesting Korean cosmetic and skincare from head to toes to try. I was sooooo happy and was in my own fantasy world "molesting" the products they have in store on 30th October (media launch).

    Le Ann Maxima Fashion Fanfare Party

    It's a Fashion Party!

    Calling all LAM Fans! (LAM stands for Le Ann Maxima) They have just announce a MONDAY SURPRISE on their facebook page. A Le Ann Maxima Fanfare Party with fashion show, freebies, promotions, prizes and models grazing their store next Friday 16/11 at Le Ann Maxima, Jaya One Boutique! Pss..there's where I got my beautiful long dresses from!
    During that day, LAM Members & Fans will be rewarded with:-
    1) Lots of freebies 

    2) Fall/Holiday Fashion Showcase
    3) Makeup Demonstration from Amber Chia Academy's Makeup GURU - Jil Yong
    4) Foods
    5) Retail Therapy
    6) Q&A session for more FREEBIES !

    RSVP before the 12th of Nov & get a FREE Goodie Bag with more freebies inside ! pls call 03 7957 3811 to RSVP. Thank you all our LAM Members & Fans for the tremendous support of our brand all these years, its time for us to show some appreciation and gather around for a fun and exciting day !

    from LAM Facebook Fan Page.


    get sued for becoming beautiful?

    I just want to share this news to everyone here, I don't know if it's real or not but it seems real since even a Daily Mail UK reported this. Apparently a man sued his wife for RM120,000K and won for being "originally" ugly. He said the wife mislead him into marrying her using her looks. When their baby daughter was born, he accused her of cheating on him as the daughter did not look like them at all. Read the website for more information.

    Laduree Mini Face Color Rose from Japan


    can you believe these are mini face blushers?
    (we're not even talking about the big one yet)

    I've been gushing over Laduree's blusher for some time now ever since I saw their beautiful face blusher pot with rose petals online. Since a friend was in Japan, I manage to "convert" her into a Laduree fan! Who can resist falling in love with these rose petal inspired blushers that makes every girl feel like a delicate princess? I know I can't that's why you're seeing some Laduree cosmetics on my blog.

    Nandos Buy 2 Free 1 Promotion! Let it Rain!


    Order 2 sets 1/4 chicken with 2 sidelines and get the 3rd FREE!
    just print or show this voucher on your mobile upon ordering

    Let it rain. We've got mild, hot and extra hot! says Nandos Malaysia on Facebook! I love their latest promotion because I can buy 2 sets of 1/4 chicken with 2 sidelines and get the 3rd set free! BUT one voucher per redemption per visit only and it's from 18 Oct - 18 Nov. That means 16 more days to go? (and counting down).

    Thank you Autumn! Love them Jeans!

    yesterday pos laju visited me

    Yesterday I receive a package from Mr.Pos Laju and it was kinda heavy! I opened it and there it was, two Levi's Jeans (plus size) from my reader Autumn! so nice of her to give me an early Christmas present. I love the colors and the boot cut. I always wear boot cut coz it makes my thunder thighs and legs appear "slimmer". I'm wearing the jeans today and thought why not I take a picture to show how much I love them! Thanks Autumn for the special gift *hugs*.

    this pic is dedicate to Autumn! thanks so much babe
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