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get sued for becoming beautiful?

I just want to share this news to everyone here, I don't know if it's real or not but it seems real since even a Daily Mail UK reported this. Apparently a man sued his wife for RM120,000K and won for being "originally" ugly. He said the wife mislead him into marrying her using her looks. When their baby daughter was born, he accused her of cheating on him as the daughter did not look like them at all. Read the website for more information.

For me, I feel that the man's action was either because of Love or Lust. He fell in love with her looks instead of herself as a person or was greatly hurt by her hidden secret which as a partner you should at least disclose. I just hope he would love his children as they are still his offsprings no matter how they look like.

I think the eyes is the most dramatic change of all

Northern Chinese resident Jian Feng divorced and sued his wife for $120,000 and won! The story goes that Mr. Feng was deeply in love with his beautiful wife until they had a baby girl. Feng was horrified at how ugly the baby was and demanded to know who his wife had cheated on him with because the baby resembled neither of the parents. It was only then that his wife confessed that she had received intense plastic surgery to look radically different. Feng divorced and sued his wife under the terms that she had gotten him to marry her under false pretenses! Not only did the woman pay $100,000 for the surgery to make her pretty, she had to pay $120,000 to a guy who apparently only loved her for the looks she paid for.

source: from email fwded to me.


  1. I get so emotional after reading this! Oh so not fair! Grrr..

  2. I have nothing to said after reading this >"< the world nowadays...

  3. Honestly, the pic of the lady that had plastic surgery on top can easily be done using current tech of make up and lenses. The ignorant husband are seriously so cruel. This is obviously a case of falling in love with the outlook than her inner self.


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