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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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    my boyfriend was so stress, I flew him to Bali to relax

    Did I ever tell you guys how I met my boyfriend? (now fiance). We met through a mutual friend, my classmate to be exact, desperate to borrow someone's computer to finish our assignment she called him. I have always felt this "power" pulling me to Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, somehow I felt this would be where I would meet my soul mate until one day it happened. When he arrived at her house, came down from the car my heart went ba-da-bump. I fell in love at first sight. He was in short my dream guy, from the hair to his eyes to his smile. Also I love big teddy bear guys coz they're so huggable! *eee*

     a luxury villa with pool in Bali for his birthday

    And guess what? long story short we have been dating for over 13 years now and he proposed this year on Valentine's Day. Being in love for so many years, there's also the ups and downs in every relationship. Most importantly, after all that I still love him so much, so very much. Last year, I planned a romantic getaways for him so that he would relax for a change (work stress). Bringing him to Bali was the most expensive thing I have ever done for him, but it was worth it to see him so happy. That's how I keep the sparks alive in my relationship, but it don't always have to be extravagant. Small things like buying him dinner, making sure he's hydrated (as in drink water) and even doing facials for him to keep his face beautiful can be good way to celebrate love too. My fiance always asked for facials and water haha.

    Plusizekitten Enchanteur Giveaway!

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    Leave a comment with the following details:

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    Share how you celebrate love:  

    Contest starts today until 20th Dec. Enchanteur will be the judges and prizes will be delivered to winners by them as well. One entry per comment per reader only. Open only to readers with valid Malaysian mailing address.

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    1. Name: Nur Fazlina Wagiman
      Follower ID: mummy ammar
      E-mail: lyn_af@yahoo.com
      Share how you celebrate love: Hug my hubby from behind everytime he is grooming himself in front of the mirror and say "I love the one at the mirror so much"...:)

    2. Name: Jennifer Hew
      Follower ID: FurFer
      E-mail: jennifer.hew06@gmail.com
      Share how you celebrate love: Movie marathon with HIM and cook his favorite food (I think is Maggi Mee LOL) in the house. Lovely moments when he praises my cooking skills (which is not really good) and saying "Thank you bubi for the meal"

    3. Name: Sherlene Woong
      Follower ID: sherlene
      E-mail: sherlene91@hotmail.com
      Share how you celebrate love: As I'm in a Long Distance Relationship, we can hardly meet. The most is about 8 times per year, which is not even 1 month (30 days) in total. Therefore, we have a promise. We greet each other in the morning and before we sleep throughout the 4 years. No matter how busy we are, we'll never break this promise. Besides, he'll give me a call when he's on his way home every evening. We sing, we laugh, we share everything that happened around us in those calls. As we can't meet each other frequently as what normal couples do, this is the only way to maintain our love. Whenever he's here, we'll treasure the 2-3 days that we have till the max as sometimes, we don't even know when will be our next meeting, probably one month, two months, three months or even longer! I shed tears every time when I was sending him to the airport. Hence, keeping contact is a very important aspect in maintaining this relationship. Whenever I miss him, I'll look at our photos or read back those sweet messages that he sent me and all the memories flashed back, which made me feel better. No matter how far we are apart, our love will still remain. Distance is not a matter as long as our hearts are close to each other!

    4. Name: Nur Aslina Bt Mohd Ramli
      Follower ID: mdmkillemall
      E-mail: mdmkillemall@gmail.com
      Share how you celebrate love: Love between us not necessarily spoken by word. its not only saying 'i love you' when you needed to. with up and down in a relationship, having the courage to forgive when mistake being done even though it breaks you into pieces is what love is all about. the willingness to give and take. to accept for who they are from that first moment. to remember the happy moments and to cherish the loved one for as long as we shall live.

    5. Name: Tan Shin Yen
      Follower ID: yenmakeup
      Share how you celebrate love:Thanks my hubby working hard everyday for our family, everyday breakfast & dinner 'love soup' is how I celebrate my love to him^^ Love u dear^^

    6. Name: Lim Wei Ping
      Follower ID: Aizuto-Chan
      E-mail: devilflames08@hotmail.com
      Share how you celebrate love: whenever we go out (dating, group trip etc), i will try to take as much of our picture and this year anniversary, i combine all out pictures together and put in an album, and as a surprice i gave him that :) thats the only the first album and many more to come~ that is how i celebrate my love to him by showing our moments for these 4 years time :)

    7. Name: Angeline Ng
      Follower ID: Angel Ng
      E-mail: angeline84ng@gmail.com
      Share how you celebrate love: Something simple goes a long way. Hubby will never leave for work without a kiss goodbye and he will never go to sleep without a kiss good night. Something I appreciate and thankful for every single day. LOVE can be very SIMPLE as long as we allow it to be :) To love and be loved is my life biggest achievement.

    8. Hi Tammy,

      Name: Sarah
      Follower ID: mysarah159
      E-mail: my_sarah90@hotmail.com
      Share how you celebrate love: I personally is not so romantic, but I know someone that is, He is my special someone, aka my boyfie. He is so romantic, every friday he buys me flower, every week same flower different color, which is my favourite daisy. And every month, he buys me something, something special, small gifts and all, and he called it the "Romantic Budget". hahah Thanks to him, i got tumblr all over the world from starbucks, soft toys, dresses and many more cute and weird things that keep me smile. But the reason that he is the most romantic person I ever know, is not because of the gift but because every once in the while, in the wee hours when I am half asleep, he texts me and say "baby, I love you and I miss you so much." That is my favourite time of the day. :)

    9. Name: Yong Chea Yee Diahann
      Follower ID:cheayee
      Share how you celebrate love:
      I don't have bf, so I can't imagine what I would do, cause each guy is different. But on my recent birthday, my friends shared their love with me by taking me out on an outing to Malacca where we took pictures at the A Famosa, walked around Jonker Street. Though I was tired, they still accomodated my tiredness. I was happy cause they cared to share and celebrate their love and concern for me on my special day. And that to me, is more important than any romantic love which may end up in separation if not nurtured. Whether any of the guys(there were two males and my bff) end up being my romantic love, only time will tell. ^^

    10. Name: Katy Yong
      Follower ID: Feel. Free
      E-mail: xcross2208@hotmail.com
      Share how you celebrate love: He is that kind of person of not romantic (at all) but he will try to do everything for me, silently. I am the one who complain a lot and he is always the one who listen to me, and after all my brainless complaints, he will give me a big tight hug, slowly telling me what to do the next. I wish I have more time with him, and listen to him as well. I wanna stay close with him, my turn to hug him, hug him tightly like my teddy bear too!

    11. Name: Ch'ng Ping Ping
      Follower ID: Ping Ping
      E-mail: pinkyblue88@gmail.com
      Share how you celebrate love: I want to share how he shows that he loves me. He cooks for me whenever I am too lazy to cook, he'll drive me around cause my driving and direction sucks, he'll quietly make honey lemon or Vitamin C for us when he is sick cause he doesn't want me to fall sick too. He washes our clothes when I'm too caught up with work and he CLEANS AND FOLD CLOTHES IN MY CUPBOARD. I can be really messy and he just quietly fold my clothes one day and I got to my cupboard to see ALL my clothes folded nicely and placed nicely. I think it's the small small things that he does that makes me feel so loved. He is always there, even when I got lost in Penang and he is all the way in Melaka, he'll direct me on the phone and get me safely to where I need to be. Mad love him for his super powerful sense of direction. He makes me a better person and he makes himself a better person for me..

    12. Name: Nicole Tan
      Follower ID: Nicole
      E-mail: miley71(at)hotmail(dot)com
      Share how you celebrate love: Give him a hug everyday before he goes to work and whisper to his ears saying 'I love you very much'. And make him coffee or tea evrey morning ;)

    13. Name:Nian Tse
      Follower ID: Onetrefulz
      Share how you celebrate love:Listen to him when he need us etc... Be sincere, and trust each other will be the rule of thumb to cherish and make the relationshop stronger each day. Tell each other miss and love each other.

    14. Name: Melody Poo Ming Shi
      Follower ID: Melody Poo
      Email: melodypms@hotmail.com
      Share how you celebrate love: having a meal with him in any place no matter is mamak stall or restaurant, although it was just a simple food which can be eaten everywhere and not so tasty, but I had the most delicious food in the world because I had it with him. Although spending a life time with him is not a simple thing, at least we tried and gone through every single part of life.

    15. Name: Jacinta Chong
      Follower ID: Jacinta Chong
      E-mail: jacyntacsy@yahoo.com.my
      Share how you celebrate love:
      I looked for 'Loved-Shaped Mould' to make love-shaped sandwiches for my hubby Rambo Lim.My friend Knesia said," I never knew you can be so romantic as you always have that strong character in you.Kinda surprising". Haha...I always do my very best to surprise him.We're happily married for 18 years, coming 19 years in 2013 and our love is still stronger than ever as we promised to love one another till death do us part!

    16. Name: Joanna Choong
      Follower ID: Josarine
      E-mail: joanna.cwm@gmail.com
      Share how you celebrate love:I celebrate love by waking up to my lover, staring and him asleep... n giving him a gentle kiss on the cheek. He's a light sleeper so he'll eventually wake up by my kiss. I will then move closer to him and we'll hug each other and stay in that position for a while then slowly fall back asleep.

    17. Name: Kristen
      Follower ID: Yeoh Kristen
      E-mail: yeohkristen@gmail.com

      I am not one who is good with mushy words especially in expressing my love but i do believe that actions are more important. Making a warm breakfast and ensuring a warm meal is ready when he gets home are my priority as they say that the stomach is the way to ones heart. Besides that i also try to be as good a listener as i am his friend supporting him and being an honest as i can even it are not words he wants to hear.

    18. Name: Erin Kong
      Follower ID: erin kong
      E-mail: erin_kong2004@hotmail.com
      Share how you celebrate love:Love is pure,accepting weakness and strength as well as being through all, be it bad difficult time or happiness. He is with me when i was looking horrible with allergy all over my face and body. He even lie to his company to take leave and drove me all over three hours to find a specialist doctor cause he couldn't bear to see me in pain. He attend to my small needs like bringing me a cup of water and make sure i took medication on time. He sure doesn't look like Brad Pitt nor David Beckham but i know his love for me is pure and true.

    19. Name: Ninaz Syafinaz
      Follower ID:ninazsyafinaz
      Share how you celebrate love: Some people say always remember important date of your partner and for both of you.I guess it true somehow. But for me, not only remember the important date.. appreciate your love one at any time. I will say I love him very much every time I want to say it. Im scare if I didn't say it now that I will no have chance to say it at all. I dont wait for the important date to buy him a present or do some thing nice . If it suddenly I felt that I need to buy him something , I will just buy the thing, wrap it nicely, write him a wish in a small card and end it with my red lips print as initial and I will secretly put the prize in his car, or inside his jacket , or even courier down to his office for little surprise. Like last year during our 6th anniversary I ordered an Ice cream cake and request to write my wishes to him on the cake. I then ask him to pick up the cake at the bakery shop a day before our anniversary date but I just told him that I buying my baking supply and I want him to check up the items weather they give me a correct stuff or not. When he went to the bakery shop and do what as I told him to , it come to his surprise when he read my message on the top of the cake. He instantly give me a call and told me how he really appreciate on what Im doing. We spend a whole day together afterward talking about how we first met while eating the cake! Im still smiling thinking of it. This is how Im doing to celebrate our love together.

    20. Name:Shereen Sow
      Follower ID:shereen1224
      Share how you celebrate love: Very simple. Morning call and night call.Every monthsary must post DIY card to each other. :)

    21. Name: Emily Kok
      Follower ID: emily kok
      E-mail: hosannahighest10@gmail.com
      Share how you celebrate love: My husband and I planted a time capsule in the garden with our promises to each other rolled up on a piece of paper and slipped into a glass bottle. Hopefully our kids will find them one day and use them to have a sustainable love life.

    22. Name: Robin Brian
      Follower ID: Robin
      E-mail: worldoffire88@hotmail.com
      Share how you celebrate love: I have a small plastic plant in my room with love messages sent by my girlfriend on small pieces of paper tied with red strings on to the plant as a symbol of love.

    23. Name:Chong Siew Chin
      Follower ID: cscgarden
      E-mail: siewchin2000@yahoo.com
      Share how you celebrate love: stare in his eyes and say thank you, as I seldom say thank you to him. Add on with I love you. I think he will sense it definitely.

    24. name sherry
      follower Id sherrygo
      email sherrygo@hotmail.com
      share how you celebrate love: it has been years we haven't go for movie just two of us but recently I try my luck in movie contest n yes I won two passes where he n I can be alone enjoy movie n dinner together. married for many years but still going for movies so fun just two of us...feel like we are dating time again

    25. Name: Lee Yun Kiew
      Follower ID: lyksell
      E-mail: lyksell@yahoo.com.my

      Share how you celebrate love:
      we always take a day off together during weekday and go for '2 person dating', run away from our 2 kids .... who will be in school during weekdays ;;;;;

    26. Name: Alicia
      Follower ID: Alicia Yeoh
      Email: hayleymaris@gmail.com

      Share how you celebrate love:
      My partner is hopeless in being romantic. And if he plans anything “romantic” (in his dictionary) it usually ends up giving me a heart-attack. However, when you are in love you come to accept your partner in whatever form they may come in. So, if he is not the romantic one I try to compensate by being the romantic one. During our dating anniversary this year, I bought him a box of cute little decorated cupcakes with the wordings, “I Love U”. When he opened the box, I saw his face shone with happiness and that itself made me so very happy. And that very night, he took me out to dinner at a quaint place with just the two of us. When both parties make an effort, no matter how small, it will help keep the sparks alive in a relationship.

    27. This comment has been removed by the author.

    28. Name: Aby Teo
      Follower ID: Aby Teo
      E-mail: ssmall.fishh@gmail.com
      Share how you celebrate love:

      Love is always around. My boyfriend always have surprises for me. be it little one or great one. I really appreciate him and being so thankful that he is my man. I felt really lucky to have him =) and so do him. I love him and my love towards him show in our daily routine. Those care, tolerate, pampered, love, sweetness that we have are beyond description...Everyday is our Love Celebration Day! =)

    29. Name:Mohd Roshaidi Hamad a.k.a CariDeey Hamad.
      Follower ID:tidiey77
      Share how you celebrate love :
      ( i ) Surprise her every week.
      ( ii ) Do something out of the box.Example : Join or attend cooking class for two.
      ( iii ) Put a small note in her handbag to express how much I love her.

    30. Name: Jocy Tan
      Follower ID: Jocy Tan
      E-mail: jocytan1314@gmail.com

      Share how you celebrate love:
      I always send my hubby a romantic text message on his cell. My man loves Snickers (candy bar) so I will put it in his bag secretly for a little surprise! When there is a special occasion coming up, I will leave my handmade "romantic" cards or "love letter" in his car, wardrobe or drawer. Maybe I'll even make him nervous if he totally forget our anniversary! We also have our code word for something that only the two of us know the meaning for and sometimes we will say it openly in public. That's our own inside jokes and it brings us closer together! ^_^

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      gosh I'm mumbling =_= here! domo arigato!!!


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