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  • My Scholl Autumn Winter 2012 Shopping Experience


    do you love...

    your soles?

    Anyone knows what's Plantar Fasciitis? About 3 years ago my right feet hurt so much that I started limping for a month. When I went to the doctor, he told me I had Plantar Fasciitis. Walking became painful, I would not come out at all. Shoppers at Isetan, KLCC saw a limping girl shopping during Christmas Sale, dragging her feet from one stall to another. It took me more than a month to heal (what an episode).

    Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot. This tissue is called the plantar fascia. It connects the heel bone to the toes and creates the arch of the foot. Plantar fasciitis occurs when the thick band of tissue on the bottom of the foot is overstretched or overused.

    You are more likely to get plantar fasciitis if you have:
    • Foot arch problems (both flat feet and high arches)
    • Long-distance running, especially running downhill or on uneven surfaces
    • Sudden weight gain or obesity
    • Tight Achilles tendon (the tendon connecting the calf muscles to the heel)
    • Shoes with poor arch support or soft soles

    Since then I have been careful, changing my footwear to comfortable flats, slippers, sandals and only occasionally wearing high heels or boots if the occasions calls for it.  One of my favorite brands to go for is Scholl. I bought my first pair for work during their sale at Sogo. It became my favorite so I kept buying the same pair (insane). I was thrilled when Scholl invited me to shop and review their Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection at the Scholl, Paradigm Mall.

    presenting the Scholl's Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection

    Biomechanics Range

    Presenting one of Scholl's best selling technology, the Biomechanics range. The slippers provide the greatest comfort on the Biomechanics foot bed. This foot bed is clinically designed to help realign the posture of the feet, thus relieving the wearers of some of the most common foot problems. With floral inspired designs in attractive colors of gold, silver and pewter for the ladies while the men will be donned in rugged slipper designs in down-to-earth colors of brown and black.
    Christina Range

    Power walkers out there will love the Christina walking shoes range in practical colors of dark brown, khaki, black and beige. It's sensible, comfortable and provides all the essential support that we need throughout the long hours. Your feet will be happy and healthy all day long :)

    Dania Range

    The Dania ranges are sandals with three distinct designs to suit every woman's preference. They provide adequate insert arch support and comfort that will last you till the end of each day. Color choices are earthy colors - brown & dark orange and basic colors - black, beige & red. Easy to match your clothes too :)

    Destinee Range, classy comforts

    Love love love the Destinee range! I mean look at it, you can add extra inches and still be stylish with ultra-sleek wedges on. Uniquely designed to be open-toed, you can sling back or slip on! Love the sleek shine, totally will go well with an elegant dress this Christmas.

    Doris Range

    Easy come easy go, the Doris range are slippers and slip-ons that will leave you walking with ease. This range comes in three distinct designs and feminine floral imprints on Scholl's comfortable foot beds. Color choices are burnt orange, bronze, cream, black and white. 

    Festive Ladies Range

    Oh If I have gorgeous legs to show off, I'll get the one in the middle! The Festive Ladies range colors are suitable for working ladies out there - black, beige or a combination of both. Comes in three distinct designs and is uniquely designed to provide comfort throughout the day for the ladies.

    Men Festive Range

    Oh my heart just melted when I see these handsome shoes from the Men Festive range staring at me. It looks like a sleek, suave and elegant man in a suit (dreams). I thought this would make the perfect pair of work shoes for my fiancé. Only problem was I didn't know his size and he's flat footed. The price RM258, I think I will get this for my man!

    Darron range

    We saw the Festive Men range but what about something for the boys at home? Scholl presents the Darron range for men with active lifestyles. You can imagine some catch and run with these shoes for you man. Designed with the ideal combination of style, personality and comfort in mind, these sporty lace-up shoes come in masculine colors of blue, khaki and dark brown. The shoes also come in a high-cut design, perfect for the man on the go.

    with so many choices, I'm having trouble shopping

    how about these earthy colored heels?

    show off my feminine side?

    this is the BioPrint technology by Scholl

    I'm so loving the floral designs, especially...

    the fuchsia flower slipper!

    Festive Ladies was not available yet
    (so I decided on selecting slippers instead)

    I'm interested in the Biomechanics techonology

    Scholl explains the footwear technologies

    Scholl has been in the industry for over 100 years in more than 70 countries, founded by Dr. William Mathias Scholl (now u know how Scholl got its name). There's a long history about how he created his first remarkable invention, the Foot-Eazer that change the foot health care industry. People recognized Scholl as the comfort footwear with different technologies to suit our foot needs. Understanding the Scholl's unique foot bed feature, you will be able to select one suitable to wear.

    It is clinically designed to reduce heel, ankle and lower back pain. It has a tri-planar motion control system control and helps to realign the posture of your feet and body and to prevent excess pronation that takes place. It helps provide natural pain relief from common foot ailment.

    It conforms to the natural contours of your feet for optimum comfort. Supporting the arch & heel, it absorbs the shock generated by every step and provides different levels of pressure and support to each part of the foot.

    Its specially engineered curved sole constantly exercises your muscles and tones up your legs, whether you’re walking or standing around. It naturally promotes better posture and improves blood circulation, while its double-density suspension pyramids absorb and reduce the stress going through your feet, for total well being.

    >> MASSAGE
    It massages the soles of your feet and smoothes away tension in your feet. It helps improve blood circulation.

    It has a unique footbed that adapts the contours of the foot and springs back into shape to offer the same level of support for the next wearing. It relieves aching feet.

    It exercises and tones your toe muscles and provides grip while walking. It helps to lift weakened metatarsal arches to protect and relieve tenderness at the ball of the foot.

    Offering optimum comfort for flat feet, weak or fallen longitudinal arches, it also provides relief from foot strain, tired arching feet. Its soft footbed cushions your feet.

    Providing maximum comfort when you are walking or standing, it reduces fatigue and revives tired legs with the impact absorbing gel that cushions and protects.

    not bad right? wonder which one I should buy

    let's not forget the men's range that has Arch Support

    this Scholl ad is so cute!

    love your feet, take home these accessories

    you'd be surprise that Scholl is for everyone
    Handsome Qua Chee, Elegant Fatin, Street-style Tammy & Innocent Lisa

    With so many varieties of footwear cater for every concern or need. I couldn't decide on the perfect pair. What I know is if you bring a family here, Scholl has everything for a young girl to a working adult and for a senior who needs that much ankle and knee support. Studying my feet history, I decided to go for... 

    which range did I buy & why?

    daily walking shoes from Biomechanics range

    elegant style Emma with BioPrint technology

    reasons why I choose Biomechanics

    Wearing high heels - Scholl Biomechanics

    total waking comfort with BioPrint

    I bought the one in the middle
    and Emma with BioPrint technology

    Finally after hours of controlling myself from buying whatever that pleases my eyes, I decided that my feet needed the Biomechanics slipper to reduce and relieve heel and ankle pain. It would be a good investment for my feet-ture (feet + future) plus it also helps to realign my posture. It wasn't from the Autumn/Winter Collection but it was still selling in store since it's one of the best-selling technologies at Scholl. My Autumn/Winter choice was no other than Emma in red and gold buckles. Emma has the BioPrint technology where with prolong use, the foot bed will conform to the shape of my feet so that my daily walks will be comfortable and stylish at the same time :)

    understanding what your feet needs for a better tomorrow

    It also gives me the support I needed for my arch and heel to avoid having that horrible pain experience again. Every step I take, the foot bed absorbs the shock generated. Having being a heavy person, this helps a lot to give me the support and pressure my feet needs. I have been walking in them for 2 weeks now, even under the rain! (so far no odor yet thank goodness). I could see the shape of the foot bed, which is interesting to me. It's my first time wearing footwear with a technology like this. It's comfortable to wear and I don't need to be embarrassed for not wearing high-heels because the red and gold combination, makes it so elegant for semi-casual look :) 

    at Banyan Tree Spa, Solaris Dutamas

    Of course wearing comfortable footwear is not just the only thing you can do for your feet. I regularly go for foot reflexology and foot massage to give them a well deserved pampering after a tiring day of walking up and down, here and about. Foot massages help increase blood circulation and ease the tension as well. After a good rub, I'll slip on my red Scholl and head back home to call it a day.


    1. your pink toenails damn ngam the red slipper <3 XD

      1. hahah yeahhh, had a pedicure done just for the shoot!!!

    2. me love emma! the red so sexy!! the wedge range is nice too!!

      1. yeah!!! i think the flower one will be cute on u too!

    3. o.... tx for the explanation on this brand. My mum love this brand so much, ok.. not her alone.... both my sis as well but i'm not fan of this as i never had a pair and was thinking why on earth a sandal cost 100++ but after your well explained tech and the benefit it deserve all the attention and the cost is reasonable... **note to myself: time for new sandal!!!!**

      1. glad I helped clear up some doubts in your mind Suzanna :) check out the videos, they have biomechanics engineer, design the shoe technology :)

    4. Scholl now come out with so many nice designs, they used to be very "old-fashioned" :P

      1. yeah they've very different line of designs now compared to the past :D

    5. I super duper triple love their shoes.. Me and Jolene got the same shoes. And Suz and Jolene got the same design with each other. Suzanna, you got a pair of Scholl shoes la.. The one you took from my house... Mom's only sandal is from Scholl. Everything else is rejected almost instantly... LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

      1. glad to know that you guys love scholl as much as I do :)) haha.. everything else rejected already? somore your mom's only sandal!!! KEJAMNYA THIS SUZANNA!!!

    6. Now can online purchase Scholl shoes.



    7. I've got had some small fits regarding heel discomfort (aka plantar fasciitis) in the past, nevertheless commonly nothing to sneeze with. I like that.
      Thank you with regard to discussing.

      plantar fasciitis shoes

    8. “Keep up the running and the post….” I really need to start reading what I write:P

    9. If you have plantar fasciitis, then you need to wear the right kind of shoes. You will need to know these criteria for picking shoes.I find this website for Plantar Fasciitis Walking Shoes you can visit this site.

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