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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Girls What Can You Buy at Tesco Extra? Tell Me & Win!


    today's topic is *drum rolls*

    Last Saturday I went to the newly revamped Tesco, ops now called Tesco Extra for the extra choices, extra services and extra facilities in Mutiara Damansara. It's just next to Curve, from Borders you can cut through to Tesco Extra. I was getting agitated for not being able to shop for a while and thought to myself why not I reward myself today? How about I try to buy some cosmetic products for under RM100? That’ll surely cure me. Man it wasn't easy with so many choices and varieties of brands and cosmetic products in Tesco! I took like 2 hours deciding which goodies I will buy! My post is filled with spy pictures of the new Tesco Extra so continue reading!

    welcome to Tesco Extra!

    feels like I at overseas supermarket

    first thing I spotted is the apparel section

     my mind filled with beach holidays suddenly

    2 for RM18?! I was thinking to get them

    saw these printed tops! went to try them

    not bad on me! look thinner hehe!

     heart this so much! heart with angel wings!

     for the quirky fun owls

    peacock bling for Deepavali?

    Took a while before I get to the cosmetic section because the "bajus" at apparel section caught my attention! Next time I'm going to a beach getaway in Port Dickson or Pangkor, I can shop here. Colors and styles are casual and hip. Love the beach shorts 2 for RM18! . I couldn't resist not trying one of the tops "Love is in the Air" captioned across it. What would be perfect to complete my look would be to get this awesome costume jewelry to match! My top three picks would be the heart with angel wings, owl and peacock necklace. The price ranges from RM13.90 onwards.

    finally I reach the cosmetic section!

    men & women products can be found here
    (skincare, cosmetic, grooming, hair, bath)

    so my shopping hunt begins zeng zeng
    (don't let the guard catch me please!)

    I didn't know Tesco carried so many brands and choices of cosmetic and skincare. There are all my favorites here from bath to toiletries, cosmetics, skincare, grooming section and hair care. I found several awesome bath sponges and loofahs with long handles (Tesco brand) from only RM1.20 super cheap. I think when I'm making bridal shower gift baskets, I'll come back to get these items to add in. While I was browsing through the products, I found that Tesco Extra has the latest products on shelves! Products that I see in the magazine issues for November mostly can be found here. Check out the spy pics I took of the favorite brands I like!

    Hada Labo products!!!

    been itching to try their new cleansing oil

     Montagne Jeunesse face masks

    skincare brands - Aqualabel, Olay, Garnier, Loreal, Safi
     cosmetic brands - Loreal, Revlon, Maybelline, Silky Girl
    and lots more brands like Clean & Clear

    Neutrogena one of the first early brands I used
    (like when I was 11 years old already shopping!)

    Sunplay SPF 80 PA+++ UV Body Mist
    my favorite easy spray body sun block

    oh I want to try these Sunplay sun blocks too!

    for sunburns, you can use aloe vera to sooth your skin

     Lip Smackers yay! in colorful & yummy flavors
    (Frank collection available as well)

    Biore one of the brands I trust :D
    (I always use the pore pack)

    should I restock this? hmmm
     lots & lots of lip balm choices!

    Biore Water Like Sensation? Jelly texture
     this is new, never see before (should I buy?)

     fruity jelly lip glosses? RM9.90 tempting

    do they carry dessert rose color blusher?
    (need a blusher, I think I'll get one)
    Maybelline mascaras!!! famous mascara ahem

    I couldn't decide what sort of theme I should buy, yes please don't laugh! I always need a theme shopping to match what I want to buy. Like if I'm going on a beach getaway I'll surely grab those beach shorts, comfortable loose tops and sun blocks! If I wanted to buy masks, there's Aqua Label, Loreal,  Montagne Jeunesse, Hada Labo masks. Gosh what about lip balms? did u see my pics on the lip balms? I could get like 10 different lip balms for RM100 and review them.

    Dear Diary, today I feel like it's Coconut Day, why not I put on the Lip Smackers Paul Frank coconut flavor? Bet it taste great with nasi lemak (JOKING DUN TRY).

    Also I thought maybe I should get products for to do a fuss free makeover review on my blog. What magic products should be good for under RM100 for a complete makeover for a natural and flawless looking face? No drama or whatsoever needed for a rainy or casual day out. It'll be easy to remove at night too. This makes for a great getaway make up so I'll need sun block.

    finally after 2 hours

    SO here's my Fuss Free Face products you should get for under RM100 from Tesco Extra. To start one will always have the sun block at hand. I choose the Biore UV Aqua Water Jelly SPF 30 because okay I dig new things and this baby says it has water like sensation (awesome I love watery products). The texture is water jelly! (arghh sounds even more fantastic now). Sun protection is a must nowadays so a min. of SPF30 is good for indoor or outdoor for a few hours. Not for under blazing sun playing sports or building sandcastles on the beach. Must get the SPF50 - 80 for that.

    what's in my Tesco Extra basket now?

    Then comes the amazing all in one face cream to cover, brighten and even out your skin tone. Fuss free right? You don't need expert skills to use the Silky Girl B.B Cream. There are two shades available at Tesco Extra so I choose the natural one for a natural skin tone finish.

    To add a pop of life to your face canvas, I'll go for the Maybelline Angelfit Blusher in dessert rose for a natural healthy glow. It comes with a blusher so it's real convenient to use. Why not lipstick or eye shadows? well I think fuss-free day out make up should be easy and natural. Instead of lipstick I choose two lip balms because I'd like to moisture my lips during make up rest days. The irresistible Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm in assorted flavors was my choice. I haven't tried this anywhere yet. My second lip balm was watermelon flavored from Lip Smackers. Quite surprised to find that Tesco Extra also sells Lip Smackers. They were once only available overseas.

    yay mission accomplish!

    What do you think of my buy and choices of products for under RM100? Maybe you can have your own adventure like me at Tesco Extra to shop for beauty products or fashion apparels for under RM100. No make that a challenge! FOR UNDER RM50!

    Tell me what's your shopping theme for under RM50 and you might just win RM50 Tesco Extra vouchers to go out on the shopping mission!

    Giveaway starts 29th Nov - 15th Dec, 2012. Just leave a comment with the following details - name, follower id, e-mail and what you would buy for under RM50? Only for Malaysian residents!


    1. Alexio, alexioyeoh@gmail.com, For RM50 i would buy those beach shorts 2 @ RM18, the sunblock & towel ! that would definitely be around RM50 and go to the beach and relax ! haha =D

    2. Bought 2 whole bags of junk food and biscuit with Jusco Voucher, total RM49.20
      I guess should be able to buy more stuff with Tesco voucher ^^


    3. Name : Joanne
      Follower ID : ~Mew~
      Email : celestial01@gmail.com

      If i'd win RM50 , I'll shop these few items according to this priority list as follows:-

      1)Healthy fruits such as apples, papaya and oh maybe lemons :)
      2)Vegetables for my mom to cook for dinner :D
      3)Balance i'll go hunt for titbits for my family to eat after dinner

      Meow ^_^

    4. Name : Kristen
      Follower ID : yeohkristen
      Email : yeohkristen@gmail.com

      For Rm50, i would get baking ingredients ie. eggs, butter, chocolate, mixed fruits etc to bake and give away for Christmas nicely wrapped in ribbons and wrappers from Tesco too.

      The season of giving and Tesco would definitely allow my ringgit to stretch further.

    5. name: wenpei
      follower id: piggy697
      email: piggy697@ymail.com

      I will buy for household use.
      I will use RM16 for dutch lady milk, 4 for RM16, this is so worth, the most cheap milk I buy is RM4.8 but here, only RM4 for one, omg >"<
      Then, I will spend RM 9 for chipsmore and oreo biscuit, and RM11.95 for Jacob's, cause Kraft Malaysia is contributing RM0.10 for every RM10 I spend, so I guess I help to contribute RM0.20, better than none >"<
      Last I will buy LUX body shampoo which cause RM12 for 2, well, this thing not cheaper compare to other but my house is running out of body shampoo XD
      So I guess total all I will spend RM48.95, yeah, it's under RM50 ^^

      reference: http://www.tesco.com.my/html/promotions.aspx?CatID=33

    6. name Sherry
      follower ID sherry
      email sherrygo@hotmail.com
      I would buy household use namely, potatoes, a tray 30 eggs, poultry, and biscuits for my boys balance if any would be cheap toy for boys.

    7. Name: Laura
      GFC: LauraLeia
      Email: Laura1990my [at] hotmail.com

      For RM50, I would get a bunch of makeup/skincare items that I love, including the Biore Cleansing Oil, Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm (so cute!), Tesco wet wipes (multi-purpose and good to pop into bag!), and maybe sunblock. :D

      The new Tesco Extra looks like a great place to shop with family! I was really attracted by their new apparel section too, so many nice clothes with affordable price! :D

    8. I can buy baby pampers....milk....shampoo and snack......for rm50 i can buy a lot at tesco......

    9. Name : Ch'ng Ping Ping
      Follower ID : Ping Ping
      Email : pinkyblue88@gmail.com

      My boyfriend and I love going to Tesco. It used to be our secret dating place cause we like to do grocery shopping. Ya I very aunty one. With RM50, I can buy tank tops (can go as low as RM8 for one), lemons (big, juicy, cheap and healthy), tropical fruits (to make sorbet), cream cheese, oreo, butter (to make oreo cheesecake). Walao can do so many things. I LIKE!!!

      Usually, I spend more on vegetables and other cooking supplies. =P

    10. Firstly wanna check
      Giveaway starts 29th Nov - 15th Nov, 2012. <-- you mean 15th December? XD;;

      Name : Jaslyn Choo
      Follower ID : ChibiNeko
      Email : genjo_sanzo88@yahoo.com

      CF is around the corner and every year I'll have to stock up on emergency supplies! With the RM50 Tesco voucher, I'd use it to get my Cosplay Essential Kit ready for the event day XD;;
      1. Gatsby hairspray
      2. Biore cleansing wipes (my savior to wipe all my makeup off!)
      3. Fruit Jelly lip gloss (this is your fault Tammy for posting such delicious pictures!) as I've been looking for a peach lip gloss for one of my cosplay projects
      4. Lip Balm (essential for any cosplay event and I see Tesco has lots of cute varieties!)
      5. Chipsters Spicy Flavor (LOL to keep me up as I slave through the night to work on my cosplay projects XD;;)

    11. Name : Mun
      Follower ID : munmansor
      Email : munmansor@gmail.com

      RM50 is a weekly grocery budget for my family in Tesco. That will cover 30 pcs of eggs, vegetables, pasta, pasta sauce and fruits.


    12. Name : Chin
      Follower ID : chinsooneng
      Email : stevechin890425@yahoo.com

      Firstly : Rice : Siambest : Rm25.99
      : Daia : Rm10.99
      : Glo Dish wash :Rm3.49
      : Mi Seedap 2 packs : Rm 9.50

      That is my expense for Rm50.00...


    13. Name: Kelly Chin
      Follower ID: kelly.2988 / Miss Sunshine Kelly
      Email: kelly2988@gmail.com

      I will buy 1 carton of Ibumee Always Penang HarMee because its always Ho Liao & Ho Chiak & Ho cheaper at Tesco Extra.

    14. Name : Kifli Mally
      Follower ID : Kiflimally
      Email : kiflimally@gmail.com

      what you would buy for under RM50?
      My parables Rm50 equal to 50cent, the amount is look big enough we we can bought many things in bundle. But when we come to spend our value at Tesco Extra it gives us more space to put into our trolly ^_^ I would buy something that will make my fridge full, I will bought something like frozen instant food :) easy and it lasting for a week.

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    18. Name : Ayna Jalal
      Follower ID : Mizz Ayna
      Email : v4nill4_3y3z@yahoo.com

      RM50 might not be a lot at any other places, but at Tesco Extras it definitely won't be the case!!! I have a major weakness with bath products, and of course I will go straight away to beauty section and stock up my basket with all the fantastic bargain I can find, with Tesco price, I can even bought tons of products for my family as well, who don't love a good bargain? I know I do ^_~

    19. Name: Intan Nadia
      Follower ID: intaNadia
      e-mail: nadiash.0220@gmail.com

      RM50? It will be enough to fill my coffee addiction. I just discovered a coffee "heaven" at Tesco. Lots of coffee choices such as instant coffee, 3 in 1 coffee and ground coffee. The ground coffee under Tesco brand have so many varieties such as French Roast, Java Sumatra Ground Coffee, Colombian Roast and many more and the prices as low as RM9.90 per pack. Maybe I can add brown sugar into my list and also Tesco brand Fresh Milk. Not forgetting some shortbread cookies to be enjoyed with a cup of coffee.

    20. Name: Nur Aslina
      Follower ID: mdmkillemall
      e-mail: mdmkillemall@gmail.com

      For under rm50? i would definitely go for body shampoo lifebuoy (rm16.99), Toys for my kids budget RM10/each for 3. There u have it, my 'what would i buy with RM50! Chiyers!!

    21. Name: erin kong
      Follower ID: erin kong
      e-mail: erinkong2012@gmail.com

      For RM50 i would shop for weekend family day. I would buy ice-cream, fruits, sugar, flour, butter and jam. Then we can make butter cake together and have it for our tea. ^^

    22. Name : Allysha Tong
      Follower ID : Allysha
      Email : allyshatong@yahoo.com

      I'm already in jovial Christmas-y mood and have done my research on possible value Christmas purchases at Tesco. Here's my simple yet value-laden RM50 shopping list :

      (1.)Christmas pressie for 6 year old niece
      :RM 15.90 Barbie Doll (entry level) (normal price RM24.90)

      (2.)Christmas pressie for 4 year old nephew
      : RM 19.90 Match-It Education Assorted Learning Puzzle (normal price RM 26.90)

      Have checked the condition of my previous Christmas Tree and Ornaments, everything is still in mint condition and can be recycled except for the LED lights, so I will get from Tesco

      (3.) 100L LED Light & 10L LED Star Tree Top for my Christmas Tree
      : RM 12.90 per unit

      Lastly, for years I have been mailing Christmas Cards without fail to my favorite Aunt in Scotland, so this year will be no exception!~

      (4.) Christmas Card
      : RM 1.90 per card

      So RM(15.90 + 19.90 + 12.90 + 1.90)
      = RM 50.60 (yaay! just RM 0.60 extra and that's it!)

    23. Name : Ninaz Syafinaz
      Follower ID : ninazsyafinaz
      Email : inaz_93@yahoo.com
      My shopping theme for under RM50 will be - A Cake to Celebrate!!
      This coming Sunday will be our 7th anniversary. Which I decided to bake a cake by myself! I have done my research thru the internet ..hoping from one food blog to another to find the best and yummy cake and finally I decided to bake a Devil Food Cake for my bf. I really hope our homemade candle light dinner for this year will have a perfect dessert , bake by myself and specially for him. So here is my check list :)
      -All purpose flour = RM2.30
      - Egg 10'=RM3.80
      - Castor sugar = RM 2.30
      - Tatura Cream Cheese = RM7.29
      - Tudor Cocoa Powder = RM7.20
      - Hershey cooking chocolate = RM7.80
      - Strawberry = RM6.70
      - SCS butter = RM8.50
      - Number candle = RM2.20

      Total= RM48.09!

      This enough to bake a big size cake.Instead of just buying a cake from the bakery..What is the most sweetest thing to put some effort and bake it by yourself eh..?

    24. Name : Chan Sook Yuen
      Follower ID : chansookyuen
      Email : suannechan@yahoo.com

      Tesco Extra fulfil our every needs from eating, drinking, clothing, household goods,sanitary, laundry and so on.The following are something I would like to restore recently:-
      Chicken 1kg RM6.49
      Milo 1kg RM15.99
      Shokubutsu RM4.99
      Storage Box RM11.90
      Plain Bath Towel RM9.90

      Total RM49.27

      RM50 is more than enough to buy the basic necessity!

    25. Name: Alicia
      Follower ID: Alicia Yeoh
      Email: hayleymaris@gmail.com

      There are so many things I can get from Tesco which ranges from cooking utensils to clothings. However, the instant noodles in my house needs replenishing as someone in my house can consume up to 4 packets at one time >_<" So, here is my short groceries list:-

      1) Maggi 2-Minute Noodles Chicken Curry 12x5x77-79gm - RM 44.28 (promo price)
      2) A&W Sarsaparilla 1.5litre - RM 3.19 (promo price)

      Total - RM 47.47

    26. do all the tesco stores have clothes?

      if not which store was this one

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