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  • Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine: Top Picks from the Chef!


    welcome to Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine, Eastin Hotel

    This is my first time dining at Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine restaurant at Eastin Hotel. Rarely you'll see me blog about food, especially Japanese. First I'm no food blogger, but hey I still need to eat right? I won't asked you to trust my taste buds but I'll ask you to trust my pictures! Today's course? Ala-carte dishes from Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine, the signature Chef picks from the menu. Thanks to Eastin Hotel for the warm welcome and wonderful evening with my friends, we had a great time chatting and savoring the delightful dishes that was presented to us that night.

    seated overlooking the beautiful Japanese garden window

    luxurious Japanese restaurant with cute kimono towel

    Sashimi & Maki Sushi
    from RM95++ for sashimi & RM40++ for Eyuzu Maki

    I am so excited, this is my first time eating SASHIMI! yes believe it. I don't take raw meat of any kind and have been exempted from sashimi and raw salmon during gatherings. Having been here and watching everyone going OOOOOHHH and WAAHHHH eating the sashimi, I just had to try. Yes try... and boy do I love the tuna and sulf clam!!! omg... I just missed them now T_T the tuna and sea bass meat just melts in my mouth and the clam tasted like cooked springy fresh clam meat! It tasted even better with a hint of wasabi, also my first time eating with wasabi. The salmon was soft, it wasn't smelly like I thought it would be! the seafood here is fresh I tell you. 

     Eyuzu Maki Sushi-Soft Shell Crab (signature)
     Assorted Raw Fish from Magoro/Tuna, Salmon, Sea Bass & Sulf Clamp

    Cawan Mushi RM13++ per cup

    This has got to be the best Cawan Mushi that I have ever tasted in my whole Japanese Food life history haha!!! Omg... soft, silky, light steamed egg custard. There's always treasures on the bottom once you picked the top off. Love this cawan mushi!!! must try if you get the chance.

    SHAKE KABUTO JIRU RM 26++ per Bowl

    I didn't fit well with the Shake Kabuto Jiru which means Salmon Head Miso Soup. It was tad strong for me. This is probably because I don' really eat Salmon, and now it's even more potent as a soup. Perhaps for those who love Salmon would like to try this dish out.

    Price starts from RM46++ per serving for Ebi Tempure (Prawns), 
    RM30++ per serving for Kisu Tempura (Silver Whiting) 
    and RM20++ per serving for Yasai Tempura (Assorted Vegetables)

    Here comes the tempura! my favorite part of dining in a Japanese restaurant is to have tempura in my menu! the tempura you see here has deep fried lightly battered prawn, silver whiting and vegetables. Surprisingly it was as crispy as I thought it would be. Perhaps I ate it too late since I went to the take pictures of the next dish ...
    Price starts from RM55++ for Unagi Kabayaki per serving
    RM30++ for Saba Shioyaki per serving

    I have never tastes Unagi so succulent soft before. At Eyuzu, they boiled the unagi first before grilling it with sweet soya sauce. The unagi is also served without bones! which makes my dining experience wonderfully effortless as I hate bones in my unagi. The Saba Shioyaki is a grilled mackerel with salt seasoning. It didn't taste salty though. My boyfriend would have love this Saba dish.


    The air was filled with grilled tuna and beef making everyone hungry. I love mushrooms so the grilled beef roll wrapped around enoki mushroom was juicy and flavorful. This was my favorite dish, call me the grill girl :D hahah!!! Next the white tuna was grilled with garlic butter sauce, tasted alright. I must say the tuna is fresh, just like the rest of the seafood dishes served today. The garlic wasn't too strong, if not vampires can die.

    Mix Mushroom in Garlic-Butter Sauce RM 40++

     Teppanyaki Grilled Beef Roll with Enoki Mushroom RM 48++

    and White Tuna RM 55++

     OKONOMIYAKI, from RM20++ per portion per serving

    do you know how it's made? toppings are cooked first
    then you prepare the pan cake base

    then you add the rest of the seasoning & toppings

    Do you know how Okonomiyaki is made? I got to see a live demo on it by the Japanese chefs :) check out my pictures! Okonomiyaki is a Japanese pan cake made with chicken and seafood. With my first bite into the soft and chunky freshly cooked seafood, the Okonimiyaki sauce literally took flight with the slightly crusty but overall soft base. I'm not a big fan of pan cakes of any sort, so I can't comment if this was wonderful. My best friend enjoyed it though, saying it was good.

    DAAZATO, from RM12++ per serving

    The last dish is desserts and boy everyone loved desserts don't they. However I'm really picky with my desserts especially when it involves green tea! I drink green tea, don't get me wrong but ice-cream green tea isn't my cup of tea. That all changes when I tried this Daazato, green tea ice-cream topped with red bean paste. It tasted creamy, almost like vanilla which I loved! It's refreshing at the same time because the green tea flavor, is subtly in it.

    Eyuzu Japanese Cusine
    Level 2, Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya
    03-7628 7368

    Daily Operation Hours:
    Lunch : 12.00 noon – 2.30pm
    Dinner : 6.30pm – 10.30pm

    Saturdays & Sundays :
    Shumatsu Buffet Dinner from 6.30pm -10.00pm


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    2. Great post !! enjoying while reading this post and also looking forward with thanks for sharing.
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