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  • Valiram & Guardian Warehouse Sales reported


    bought coach handbag chain for Xana

    I manage to go molest some jimmy choos today 4pm at Grand Millennium Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Though the warehouse sales is still pretty much thousands and above, discounts are mostly 50% with left over stocks that's not so attractive. Chocolates were the cheapest thing one could afford. It seems everyone left with a chocolate in their hand (probably something to remember the sales by). The chocolates weren't cheap either judging by their expiry dates and quality. The mint chocolates were already melting (u can check the packaging) and most chocolates had an expiry date of 1 or 2 months left.

    shanghai tang

    Everything was in thousands (well almost everything). There were perfumes (not so interesting), shoes, clothes, watches which an average girl in Malaysia cannot afford to buy. I only manage to buy a Coach key chain holder (or rather its for handphone/bag). One thing I HATED about Valiram's warehouse sale is the LACK OF SECURITY for your handbags. I know they said strictly no handbags, but all warehouse sales I've been to will tied up your handbags or have a bag deposit system thus no handbags inside. For Valiram, they don't care about your handsbags (how can they expect girls or woman to be bagless? handbags are what we have to put in our makeup, handphone, wallet etc! don't bring??) so people had to dump their bags outside the sales room at the hotel table. There's so many bags lying around there! I wonder if someone's bag got stolen? because there's absolutely no system to ensure our bags will be safe. I guess Valiram really meant no bags and don't give a dam what happen to our bags since they put up that clause. The gate person asked us to leave our bags on the hotel table. I asked him if it's safe? he just said so far nothing happen. Oh brother. If I was a mean person, I'll just take someone's Gucci handbag go home and claim "oh sorry thought its my handbag".

    I was also at another warehouse sales in the morning which is also the worst Guardian warehouse sales sales I've ever been to. I was also shocked that this was a really small sales. Just look at the picture, that's how small it is.

    Well mostly items are from below rm10 to below rm30, but it's really not worth it to go as the products featured this time around are really left over, old & dirty stocks from god knows when. Cosmetics such as color institutes, delicious and fasio are sold from below rm10 to above rm30.

    Next to this sales was the sports brand warehouse sales featuring a lot of clothes. Only one section caught my eye - the kilo sales. Apparently you can buy whatever clothes there and it'll be weight and sold to u lol!

    only lingerie brand featured here
    HANA which range from rm6 above

    I took a few more pictures then stopped. I don't feel like uploading them either as i find that this warehouse sales Guardian + Sports Brand & Clothings are really not interesting and most brands are rejected goods or not so popular brands. Disappointing day.


    1. Miu!! U went to valiram!! Thanks for the update. Aiyo so disappointing then the sale. Sighh thousand rm...i cant afford also.:(

      I thought of goin down to kl for a karaoke session in redbox plus. Well let's see if there is any further reduction. :P Mayb not! haha

    2. nothing much wan valiram, don't go better. I didn't listen to brenda she said dun go.

      Car Park also save $$ parking around there not cheap. Further reduction also still below rm1k, unless u wan buy perfumes & chocolates.

    3. i was there about 5ish too bad we missed each another by an hour. Its such a bad sale that i wont bother going there again as i dont like their security with bags lying around.

    4. oh no missed each other by just an hour :(

      i agree with u, the bag thing was stupid. If their target audience is rich folks, come on, they're treating their customers with no respect at all. What happens when a "bad" person walks off with your bag? nobody knows also!

      it's a pile of bags lying on hotel tables!


    5. Eh, i tot no cameras for valiram? Thought cant take any pics haha. They allow??

    6. wow.. best nyaaa! u always go to warehouse sales yea? is it interesting? i mean, the valiram one..

      i malas pergi to any warehouse sales...hehe.. ;p
      well..more like i cannot go actually..

      because i cannot stand the crowd.. and i could faint u know..i can get headache easily! sobs.. =(

      the last time i went, was the fj benjamin one.. for gap,la senza, guess,etc@park royal..
      i forgot when.. but it was quite a long time ago..hehe..

      anyway, do inform me when's the next warehouse sales yeah.. maybe i can inform my sisters.. n maybe they can buy someting for me! haha ;p

      i love ur blog!!!

    7. oh shaz yea i did read about u being easily dizzy/faint in ur blog! :( how come yah.. u look healthy n glowy in your pictures. Low blood pressure? I also nowadays a bit pening + headache a lot T_T. Btw i luv ur blog 2, very juicy stories :D

      squirelicious: oh.. my eyes is camera, kelip-kelip they duno mah.

    8. talking bout warehouse sale
      today last day-sunday- FOS stock clearance at IOI mall
      i guess not many people know about that!


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