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Want that V face? try the sample from Clarins!

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(The Star Newspaper 12/8/10 StarTwo Woman T8)

Today's Star Newspaper featured an article on the latest product from Clarins. Well it's not the latest but it's a new and improved star product called the Shaping Facial Lift which I have bought before and used. The results is amazing, u can actually see the differences before and after using. Your face gets firmer and "slimmer" if you do the auto-lifting method (the Clarin's lifting method) for a few minutes. I'm kinda surprised that they have revamped this product! would it work even better? the tagline "Discover the perfect V-shaped contour today!". Seriously, I would like to try this sample to see if I get V shaped face!

To get the 2ml sample, just cut out the coupon on the article at Star Two section, T8 (woman topics). It's exclusive for the first 100 The Star readers who present this cutout at any Clarins Counters nationwide. While stocks last.


  1. i want i want but my concern is when i get a slimmer face with this product then i'll have to figure out how to match that face with the rest of the body ! kakkakakka


  2. Alamak - I just managed to get the Genifique sample, and I must've walked past a Clarins counter :P

    Oh well.


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