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    the much awaited Liese Bubble Hair Dye!
    now at selected Aeon Wellness Stores, Guardian,
    Watsons and SaSa!
    the contents inside the box

    just a few steps to gorgeous colored hair!

    the awesome Hello Kitty Mascara RM29.90,Watsons
    (I bought more expensive last month wuwuwu)

    I got the earthy tone!!! wanan brush up my e/s skill

    latest truematch foundation powder, i got it too!

    another L'oreal item I got :D the lastest
    duo pump face whitening skincare

    AIKS what's this Barrier Repair? so cheap!
    I test on my hand so superb texture!
    fast absorption and non sticky

    Yes that's what happened during lunch, just sight-seeing in local pharmacies which is getting more and more interesting do u agree?! we're really opening doors to new products now! I am so happy! Watsons is really exciting now to visit. Look at the Barrier Repair products has Hyaluronic Acid like Hada Labo! and it's affordable. I tried the serum on my hand, it's non-sticky, fast absorption and light. Really nice, but argh have to be later lah, I got so many things now. Then I was checking out Liese Bubble Hair Dye colors, admiring which colors I should try next. I have Mocha Orange and Chestnut Brown at home, which I am going to try on 6 girls soon when the timing is right. Also pop over to Sasa before I went back to office and saw the latest Juju Aquamoist serum that costs nearly rm100. Can't wait to try some of the products I got.


    1. Tammy, u successfully took some pictures in the stores. Hehe. ^^

    2. hahaha!!! guards wanna chase me liao!

    3. The hair dyes look so cute compared to the ones here >_<

      And OMG! Get me that HK mascara!!!!!! =P

      I've never tried Hada Labo but I've heard lots of good stuff on it =)


    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. hi gal ~ i really interested with the "Liese Bubble Hair Dye colors " !~~~ how was the result ?? because previously my friend said for 1st few days the color is uneven then a week later it will become better.. is it ? i wish not to have such transition period .. btw , my hair is so long ~ until my hip , how many box do u think i should buy ???

      btw is the HK mascara waterproof ? since i got MJ ,i became it's die hard fans. yet maybelline volume express was my favorite b4 MJ ... but too bad of it's waterproof capacity ..

    6. Miuu..
      I already saw the buble hari colour...
      last night i went to few watsons @The curve, cineleisure.. many colours finished...
      Haiyaaa.. I'm on search of these starting today!! hehe....

    7. Ooh hello kitty mascara... COOL!

    8. ~Lisa: hada labo good for moisturising, have u register for the sample yet?! click here http://www.plusizekitten.com/2010/06/free-hada-labo-sample-try-it.html

      the Hello Kitty mascara is awesome! i love it!! i got 2 (1 for backup)! it curls and volumes, plus waterproof!

    9. WaiYee: for the first few days the color is not as intense, after a couple of washes the color becomes significant. The way you dye would result in a even and more significant color, so you gotta cover and coat your hair nicely yap. If you want to see color on the first try already, that usually can be seen after using bleach. For normal diy hair dye, the results vary from hair to hair. Need to give time for the color to show after a few washes too. My extremely tarzan long hair below boob area, only use 1/2 a box! believe or not? i have to tambah lagi and also threw the balance away. Since it's foam technology, the coverage is better than using liquid and coating strand by strand. U gotta try it :) 1 box is enough! don't get too dark colors, coz for virgin hair or dark hair the color might not turn out like on the box.

      My review of first time using this bubble hair dye can be found here: http://www.plusizekitten.com/2010/05/liese-hair-dye-foam.html

    10. RoxyStarzy: yeah! >_<!! especially marshmallow brown!!! but dun worry watsons, sasa, guardian and aeon wellness supermarket at 1u got a lot colors n boxes! if one shop dun have, can go to next outlet yay..for 1utama so big.. kekee.....

      what color u lookin for?

    11. Miss Krimson: YEAH it's not only Cute! it's also good! :D

    12. Wai Yee: since you're a MVE fan before, this mascara u should try! i never try b4 MVE until hello kitty pop out. I totally fall in love with the mascara comb type. The waterproof works! coz i cry n wash face also.. lol... nothing happen.

    13. miu, yesterday i went to Watson look for "Liese Bubble Hair Dye colors ". Too bad~ Most of Sarawak's Watson dun don't have "Liese Bubble Hair Dye colors ". wuuuwuuu~

    14. ahPat: i can help u buy from KL pos to u.. haha


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