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When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • iPhone 4GS White is Out!


      the white iPhone 4gs yay!
    Men have iPhone 4gs and showing it off to our faces, well well now there's an iPhone for ladies to show off! Maxis came out with a Mother's Day plan for the iPhone 4gs white but I didn't get that in time coz Gardens Maxis is sold out on iPhone 4gs white (that's what gardens maxis told me) but when I was strolling down Pavilion last night, I dropby Epicure (is that the name of the Mac shop in Pavilion top floor?) and there's iPhone 4gs white! you can buy it with a plan or without. If you buy without a plan it costs about RM2.6k++ but if you buy it with a 24 months ivalue plan, the phone becomes significantly cheaper. I have been wanting to get the iPhone 4gs ever since I saw my bf's amazing 5mp images taken with this phone. It's a bit sad that my iPhone 3gs has 2mp only (sob) so yeah I sold my 3gs and bought 4gs in WHITE!

    paid RM1910 for my apple haul (don't count the reindeer)

    oh joy I can't believe I have it in White now!

    Here's the deal. I took the ivalue plan 2 (RM155 monthly) for 24 months (2years) so my iPhone 4gs 32GB costs RM1,290 only (16GB cost RM990). Can pay by credit card (this apple shop charges 1.5% interest for credit card! I can't believe it!) and I have to pay RM620 in advance for taking the ivalue2 plan (will be prorate off in monthly bill). Total, I have to pay on the spot RM1910.00 and wait 1 hour to get everything fix up. They cut my simcard smaller (4gs uses smaller sim card) and test my iPhone out. The first box opened, there's actually some kind of dirt on the side of the iphone rim! and it feels like someone has drop it hence the dirt and rough edges. I was not happy about this and they changed it to a second box which is much better. MAKE SURE TO CHECK EVERYTHING on the iPhone before u walk out.

    I picked the perfect casing!

    Of course buying an iPhone u really need to get a casing. It protects the "fragile" phone from scratches and if you accidentally drop it, pray to God the casing helped abit. IPhone 4gs is made of GLASS! *shakes* I'm pretty impressed with my casing choosing skill haha! This moovworks casing is a transparent matte soft cover that has a rubbery feel. It was priced at RM48 (and I got 10% discount as a Epicure member). It fits snugly in and looks great. My bf was impressed too!
    see it's pretty neat, still can see that it's iPhone white
    (if u buy a casing that covers the "white" no point buying white iPhone)

     reindeer thumb drive reminds me of Christmas

    Coming back to the reindeer, you know how I am about cute stuffs. I needed a thumb drive for work so I though this reindeer would make a cute work thumb drive! priced at RM59 for a Deer Driver 4gb (I know I know pretty expensive for just a 4GB thumb drive right? but I can't resist the reindeer!). The thumb drive can be found on the cashier counters and they have many different shapes not just reindeer. They have panda, doggy bone, cat, ninja, dolphin, crocodile etc!
    look look how it's plug in!

    Gosh this month I totally blew my salary with all this shopping! T_T *cries*


    1. i blew my salary on my iphone4 too...but it's worth it ^^

    2. agree with u WQ! it's so worth it.. am loving mine so much

    3. Im so going to get 1 next month ^^


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