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Collection LookBook Fashion & Make Up Contest

the Collection LookBook Contest

Following my recent post on the Collection Campus Roadshows where anyone including the staffs and students of each campuses as well as their friends and public can get free makeovers and join in the fun activities (except for UiTM campus which is only for staffs & students). My update today is about Collection's LookBook Fashion & Make Up Contest where fashionistas and make up queens can submit their LOTD (Look of the Day), OOTD (Outfit of the Day) and FOTD (Face of the Day) to help Nelydia Senrose, Collection's brand ambassadress on what fashion mix & match to wear with 4 spanking new makeup looks set for each contest week. 

Now if you don't know what Collection is, let me tell you it is the most trendy, fun and colorful make up brand from the UK with 25 years of expertise that is now available in Malaysia. It's an affordable quality make up brand that's all about working the colors and creating looks that's uniquely you.

the weekly theme guide for my readers hehe

If you love cosmetics and dressing up, why not have fun experimenting all the range of looks that will make your friends go OH, WOW and VAVAVOM on your instagram and facebook. There's no rules, it's your own interpretation of each weekly theme set!. The contest started on 24th Sept, 2014, here's a guide on what themes are coming up, this week is Week 2: Gorgeously Sweet.
  1. Candy Crush, 24 September – 1 October 2014
  2. Gorgeously Sweet, 1 October – 8 October 2014
  3. TO BE ANNOUNCED! (think glam!), 8 October – 15 October 2014
  4. TO BE ANNOUNCED! (something rocking!), 15 – 22 October 2014

check out Week 1 & Week 2 submissions on FB

What is Gorgeously Sweet? This pretty style is suitable for Sunday Tea Parties as well as a Sweet 16 Birthday Bash. It's a look that's all about pretty pastels to bring out that girlish charm! Use this COLLECTION range to help you get the Gorgeously Sweet, everyday look. 

How To Join?
Submit your entry at COLLECTION’s LookBook Facebook app or your own Instagram:

A: Submission via COLLECTION’s LookBook Facebook:
  • LIKE Collection Cosmetics MY Facebook page
  • Snap a photo of your outfit based on the weekly makeup theme; it will be great if you can wear the makeup look as well!
  • Submit your phot via the Collection LookBook app
B: Submission via your own Instagram
  • Snap a photo of your outfit based on the weekly makeup theme; it will be great if you can wear the makeup look as well!
  • Upload your photo to Instagram and hashtag it to CollectionLookBook and the theme of the week as follows: 
    Candy Crush: #candycrushcollection 
    Gorgeously Sweet: #gorgeouslysweetcollection
  • ONE weekly winner will be selected and announced by mid of the following week at Collection Malaysia Facebook

makeover party, photoshoot with Nelydia, Xiaomi M3 smartphone,
RM800 worth of makeup products & F Block Boutique wardrobe

What Can I Win?:
  • 4 weekly winners will each take home a total of RM800 worth of COLLECTION Cosmetics makeup and F Block Boutique Stores fashion products
  • ONE Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone worth RM800
  • Photo shoot with COLLECTION’s brand ambassador, Nelydia Senrose to be featured in the COLLECTION Lookbook
  • Top-to-Toe Makeover Party with COLLECTION’s brand ambassador, Nelydia Senrose
Tips to win: Start submitting today, increase your odds of winning by joining every week to win these great prizes.


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