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Clinique: Makeup Bag Confessions

Yesterday i went to get my Clinique makeup bag confessions done at BU Parkson Clinique using the InTrend Magazine's cut out coupon page. It's free and just need make appointment. However this is the "MAY" issue and by now June issue is flooding the stores. I got to know about this when I was checking Clinique counters out and saw the big poster (very nice poster) and it says can get freebies upon consultation but need cut out from InTrend May issue magazine. That's weird because it does not even say that on the Poster at Clinique counters.

Anyway I went to get the InTrend Magazine from Popular Bookstore oldwing (Monday 18/5/09) and luckiliy got one last InTrend Magazine May issue left. I read and it says until 24th May only this coupon can be presented. Whoever can get hold of May issue, don't miss out on the mini make over (very simple one) that includes either a fan or fanatic style. Fan is more natural and fanatic is more colourful. Of course I choose Fanatic! coz the Fanatic set has a pink pouch which is my favourite color hehe!!!

Just a simple make up - face powder, eyeliner, eyeshadow & lipgloss
(it is really simple make up done in less than 5mins)

finally got my Clinique Makeup Confessions Fanatic kit!


  1. hihi.. got mine too..:)
    and just got to know the marvellous kinokuniya japanese magazines that comes with nice freebies. will check it out more!

    cool isnt it? sayang to use it too

  2. I already got it last Monday...
    and get the Makeup Fan..
    I am a huge Clinique follower!!!
    especially the skincare...

  3. Hmm I kinda noticed bout this promo while colleting sample from Cliniquelast Sunday. Too bad I missed it!

    Note to self: Buy InTrend next time


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