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  • My Last Stila Haul


    This may be my last Stila haul. Thank you Stila for being such a fun brand to play with. Although I am not very good at make up, Stila helps me easily even though all I can do is a simple make up. I love Stila lipgloss, the flavours, the juicy names oh it's orgasmic. The cute palettes are fun little pocket magic books to me. I wouldn't want to ruin it by using it! oh such a bad habbit sob sob. The convertibles are magic tools that even blur n lazy girls like me can use it in a flash! I love u convertible eye color, the shimmery pigments that first drop out like snowfall (my 1st time using it). I love u brushes, I never got to own one because u were so expensive! Now you decorate my room with your shining black radiant glory. Feels like a prince just brushing my face with a feather *dreams*

    Yes Stila Thank you for all the wonderful memories and chance to own u now! I am so happy and sad at the same time with your departure! -cries- I wish I can bring back the big posters and the carboard life size Stila Girl at your counter. The mirrors look niced too -cries-. This is my last Stila haul (because Stila says their warehouse is almost wipe clean now). I already bought some of the things I wanted except probably the make up brush set! (cries) the collectibles (cries) a big black make up stila box (crrriieeess) a new and unwritten Stila diary book (cries cries cries).

    last restock at KLCC i got all the shades of high shine lipsticks
    well all leftover shades :(
    rm25 each

    skincares that's manu in 2007! yes yes
    (thanks to Serene who helped me get the scrub manu 2007)
    *except the eye make up remover pad is 2005
    all rm20 each

    got my mom some kohl eye liner in tiger's eye rm35
    (dark brown)

    last 3 kitten lip gloss rm45
    oh my i love u all kitties!!!!

    a really cool bronzer for rm20
    (it's manu in 2005 but looks so special!)

    finally I relented & bought eye brow pencils
    for my mom & me
    (maybe I should buy more refills they're rm20 only)
    applicator rm25
    refills coffee/chestnut rm20

    very cheap n nice e/s trio at rm30!!!
    (cheapest e/s trio i have seen in this sale)

    e/s bronzers in bronze/sun shimmer rm50 each

    I never seen this before it looks weird
    it says "liquid makeup" and it's for rm20 I think
    (liquid make up? in a casing? realli cool)

    OK T_T Stila please don't suprise me with anymore "nice things". My pocket can't take it anymore and ARGHH i am still wishing for the make up brush set T_T sob sob!!!


    1. nice haul!!!
      e/s trio not RM50 meh?
      eyeremover pad still can use?2005,scared dry ady worr...
      i also never seen the pivotal skin...
      klcc still have major-major lash mascara or not?

    2. nice haul!!!
      e/s trio not RM50 meh?
      eyeremover pad still can use?2005,scared dry ady worr...
      i also never seen the pivotal skin...
      klcc still have major-major lash mascara and RM20 bronzer or not?

    3. haha thanks! it's not much this time around coz lotsa things gone already. Like convertible? no more, very hard to get now.. even for slow colors. Major Major Lash no more.. but got major lash but in brown. no black mascara anywhere. Not even the convertible mascara gone.

      The pivotal skin i never see it b4 too! but i didn't buy it lah.. just take pic for memory. Can't even open it bcoz there's a security seal on it. I have no idea how the inside look like.

      Still can use, surprisingly not dry. Still got juice.. haha. I keep bcoz box so nice.. hahahahaha

    4. nice haul!!!
      e/s trio not RM50 meh?
      eyeremover pad still can use?2005,scared dry ady worr...
      i also never seen the pivotal skin...
      klcc still have major-major lash mascara and RM20 bronzer or not?

    5. (T.T) I was thinking of getting the convertible mascara at KLCC tomolo after my exam....If u wanna let go ur convertible mascara...msg me pls...(T.T)

      Thanks!!! Love ur blog and very very envy with ur Stila Haul...hahahaha...

    6. wah......later skali GONE sure very nostalgic.....i suddenly buy so much stila also bcus of miu >_< other wise wont so kan ciong chiong go and buy........now prob is how to make the make up life more longer after buy so much ......>_< scared got smell or dry out fast =.="" ,,,,,,,,but wana use also sayang aduh.......duno how come let's sob together ....
      tutu J

    7. Hi miu, do u still have lipstick in sarah that u willing to let go? or do u know any counter they still have the stock? TQ! like ur blog very much =D

    8. wow....great last stila haul u've got there!!!!^^ so cool!!!!love the e/s....hehehhehe....
      yeah, it's so sad tht we all goin to miss stila already....=(

    9. Hi miu, do u still have lipstick in Sarah that u willing to let go? or do u know which counter still have the stock? TQ!

    10. e/s trio some are rm50, but then this one that i bought is rm20 as it's a 2006 or 2005 holiday collection.

      glam Clumsy Queen: Convertible Mascara very hard to get now, not sure if they r still selling it. Last Thurs & Sat, restock at KLCC i asked for it dun have. Fri i went to BU ask aslo but dun have.

      Tutu J: T_T dun blame me.. blame stila sob sob. Heyy dun worry after this we all can experiment with our stila make up even though we duno how to really make up like drama queens u know?! i am so waiting to use the e/s.. n make disco lights out of my eyes! XD haha.. but then again.. so sakit hati.. only got 1 each palette for memory..after use.. it's gone... value drop sob sob

      moon: yes they still selling, last sat i bought from klcc. I hope still got! i have one extra from last time ppl CANCEL.

      Emily: T_T but u got mascara now.. did u get it yet from post?

      annynmous: KLCC Stila still has! :)

    11. Miu, if u want to sell ur Stila brushes, do let me know...I only got 2 Stila brushes from the Metrojaya warehouse sale. I want the double ended brush so much...

    12. Hey Miu. I envy you lah. If i'm not heavily pregnant, I'll go & grab them myself :)

      Do you have any idea whether Stila Pavillion has stock or not? I'm just next to Pavillion..

      anything to let go?


    13. ayu: sob sob sorry babe.. i only got 1 double ended brush left T_T for myself.

      Suzi: Pav got stock but the fabulous stuffs might be no more. The standard cosmetics still got.

      I will put whatever i have to let go in my garage post :D maybe next week or so...

    14. Yeker last haul, Miu? ;P Def no more after this? Whoa soooo lucky 2 got the tri e/s for only rm20!

    15. alright Miu. Will check it out later...We'll be meeting up tomorrow @ KLCC right? I'm okay after 6pm.

    16. hey miu....yes, gotten it just now!!!!thank u thank u so much!!!^^ hehehehe....really appreciate it!!=)

      wah, see u guys blog about ur stila haul so nice wei.....it makes me feel like setting up a blog and show u my stila haul too!!!^^ but then my stila haul not like u guys punya so nice wan....XD hehehehehe....

      i'm totally broke....@_@ huhu....

      but will bring all these to aust...XD hehehe...

      yeah, miu, totally agree with u.....wishing on the stila make up brushes set...bleak....=X

    17. aiyo eh, really tempted each time see ur stila haul. le sigh.

      its May oredi, are they (stila) still around? i mean like last time say until end of April...

      ur tempting me so much. each time read ur blog i will ogle at ur stila haulz. till my eye turns green :P


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