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  • Kiehl's Isetan KLCC Midnight Recovery Sightings!


    the Kiehl's Pajama party at Isetan KLCC!

    I made my way to KLCC as soon as I could, right after work and by LRT of coz! Alas it was too late, I arrived about 8pm just in time to savor the last few sightings of the Isetan KLCC Kiehl's Pajama Party and a friend or two there. It's good to see u again Adrienne & Rane! I snap photos of a blue bedtime story at Kiehl's Isetan KLCC. Apparently it's launched here first! so if you're itching to know more, head over there this weekend coz... you'll find something other than samples greeting you!

    Renew Skin Overnight with Midnight Recovery

    yummy fun candy gloss awaits us at the party!

    the children were staring down the Kiehl's guy
    until they get a candy gloss and smile happily yay!

    omg?! what's this! a real bed in Isetan KLCC?!

    so I put this on & I hop onto to the bed right?

    yeap this the Midnight Recovery Concentrate!

    the lavender oils making me ZzZz I need the bed!

    Since I came late, I tried to devour whatever info I could get from the Kiehl's KCR! so it's actually a skin recovery product you use before you go to bed (AHA!) two drops on your palm and pat pat on your cheeks and face area (avoiding eye area if possible). The wake up with smoother, softer & radiant skin the next day! It's great for those with dry skin! coz it's made with pure essential oils and SQUALENE! however I am not too sure if Oily Skin would feel comfortable with this product hmm! pls ask the KCRs! It came out in Hello Magazine under Dream Cream section. The Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate is 30ml for RM200.
    • Squalene - restores skin's natural moisture
    • Evening Primrose Oil - helps maintain healthy skin radiance & is effective on skin barrier repair.
    • Lavender Oil - helps sooth & stimulate skin's repair process for brighter skin tone.
    • 99.8% natural
    • Paraben Free
    • Mineral Oil Free
    • Fragrance Free
    Also an interesting change sighted outside of Isetan Ground Floor Entrance. KLCC patrons who pass by Isetan KLCC are looking either shocked, intrigue, happy, bewildered or just surprise at something for the next 3 days! People just can't get enough of him and are happily snapping away for pictures! don't miss your Kodak moment with Kiehl's I say! this weekend pronto!

    look at the "angmoh" boy & girl! so cute

    yes they're lookin at a real guy who's living in here
    (seems like it! there's a bed there hahaha)

    he's been shocking his victims today! he's also nice
    coz he tells u where to get samples too!
    (funny and expressive guy this is!!!)

    I couldn't help it, I need to camwhore here!
    (Say GOODNIGHT! *Photo flash*)

    Hello Gorgeous come see me soon at Isetan KLCC
    (and ask me whether I am living in here hehe)

    The Kiehl's Midnight Recovery is now available at Kiehl's Isetan KLCC. It will be at other Kiehl's outlet in July! Please ask Kiehl's for more information! or the KCRs at Isetan KLCC.


    1. rm 200 for 30ml? that is like rm 6.60 per ml? 1 ml is like one drop of liquid??

      i am SO SO SO locking my credit cards away....

    2. essential oil with squalene, expensive loh

    3. tis is even more exp than Haba squalane

    4. is haba made of essential oils too? just curious coz essential oils in market quite pricey.

    5. ooo...i've been eyeing this on the US website. sounds so nice!

    6. i don't think its very suitable for oily skin.. *sigh* afraid i might breakout.. =(

    7. yeah oily skin can?

      xoxo elle

    8. Haba if am not mistaken, is no essential oil, but the squalane is comes from shark oil, but that day i heard Kiehl's squalane is not derived frm olive.

    9. i got the midnight recovery oil liao.. i think oily skin hmm... not a good idea putting more oil on face :(

    10. Kiehl's always use fun way to promote their product..^^

    11. the angmoh couples, the boy happen to be my friend...lol....both of them are Doctors..

    12. serious?! O_O omg.. small world!!!


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