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Etude Sales Haul as Birthday Gift

Etude goodies for a nail freak friend

Last Friday, before meeting up with Nix, Jerry, Elle, Wing, Fatin & Stellar at TGIF's for our "surprise birthday attack" for Nix Loh, I stopby Etude sale store on 1st floor of the bridge area in One Utama. They were having sales up to 80% off. They're still there now. I saw them couple of days ago but am not sure until when the stall would remain there. You can head to their shop in New Wing nearby Cold Storage.

Etude Konad Nail Set Rm29.90 (np RM59.90?)
can choose 3 mini nail polish colors
one konad plate & stamp set

bought the last Jill Stuart lookalike eye gel liner RM9.90

bought glitters maybe can add to face/nail RM9.90

final touch, put them all into a Etude Pink Pouch (RM10)

Not bad for a birthday present right? sometimes sales is such a good thing for those who wants give a nice pressie but low on cash. The items I bought are about 50% off. I'm sharing them with a couple of pals as a gift to someone in KK. Of course not so cheapskate lah, we're gona add another gift to this parcel. Haiyoh!!!


  1. Awww, how sweet of you to get these adorable items as a gift to someone. She must feel very special =]

  2. T.T I want RM10 eyeliner!!! T.T Sigh, now so busy with assignment/finals, no time to go shopping :(

  3. hehe.. I think I noe it's for who!!

  4. when will etude house sales be over?
    itch itch wanna go looksie hehehe

    you are such an amazing fren! hugss
    it was an honor to drop by and mingle with you fellow huumble crazy bloggers last friday!

    thank Q for buzzing me

  5. He who can find the secret, Is worthy of great things :) Good Luck!!!

  6. I bought the konad set at 1U too. Can it be stamp? Mine can't. So disappointed. How about the one you bought?

  7. O_o!! ah can't stamp? mine are for gifts so i din test it out.. but they demo to me with the sample kits.. can stamp. I think u bring back to etude house n get yours exchange? if can't stamp means defective right...

  8. I searched Konad website and that stamp kit is different. When I investigate further, I found out that there are fake konad items in the market. I don't have the receipt of purchase:(

  9. ah :( no receipt is really hard to get exchanges..

    probably the stamp is not konad but the plate is konad? everything else is etude?

  10. My birthday will be this coming April 7. Aside from birthday cards I hope I can have a good gift from my parents. I really want to have that Ipad 2 in my hands!


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