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  • Benefit Cosmetic's Warehouse Sales


    my Benefit Haul

    I am back from Benefit Cosmetics Warehouse Sale at their office! Was there in the morning :) there were already a group of people in the room. It was crowded since their office room is kinda small. There's not much line though outside in the morning but surely the lunch crowd will be dropping by soon. I got a whiff of what they're selling and the prices in my head. Since last year the prices has increase :( but don't worry tour favourite creaseless eyeshadows (and other eyeshaodws) are maintaining their sale price! So is the lip glosses and lipsticks. Rest of the items :( I can say it's averagely 50% off. The sad news is it's rm100 for face powders! (use to be for just rm50-60 sale price).

    Face powders available are hoola n Dallas for rm100. Posietint n benetint for rm100 ( they are gone! No more stock. Only a couple few are being sold n benetint is without box. Posietint is a bit defective packaging (the label is err torn? But still usable). Most items Manu in 2008. Some old stuffs from 2007. Yes brushes are goin for averagely rm40 a piece. Parking? U can park in millenium building. I took a cab though. Eyeshadows has variety! Eg gossip, stiletto, hinny bunny, recess etc. No skinny jeans. Lipsticks choice good. With lady's choice being sold as well. It's a color that any skin tone can use. Concealers, eyeliner and skincare available.Some kind of a gorgeous only deep available n goin for a mega cheap price of rm28! B spot the only fragrance sold each for rm70 buy two for rm120.

    Product n pricelist spy:
    (pls give me credit if ure goin to copy paste!)

    Lust dusters each rm30 , 2 for 50
    Creaseless eyeshadow 3 for 90. One for rm35.
    Silky powder n velvet shadow 3 for rm90. 1 for rm35
    Lemon aid 50
    Boing 50
    Powder flage 60
    Bluff dust 65
    it stick 65
    California kissin 45
    Lip gloss 35 3 for 90
    Posie benefit 100
    Badgal eyeliner 45
    Bronzin brush fantail foundy concealer brush 40
    Fluff Dusters es 35
    Hard angle brush 30
    Essential 5 brush set rm160
    Sharpener rm3
    Betty brush set 160 (4 brush)
    Some kind of gorgeous deep 28
    Non fiction liquid rm30
    B spot 70 2 for 120
    Playstick 30
    Get even 30
    Miss popularity 40
    Talk to the tan 30
    Box of powder 100
    Bathina 100
    Shower cap 50
    Jiffy tan 65
    Do it daily 80
    Depuffer 85
    Cupids bow 60
    Rush hour 45
    Badgal plum 45
    Lyl eye 50
    Babe cake cream liner 50
    High brow 30
    Speed brow 45
    Brow zing 70
    Eyebrow pencil 50

    lipsticks each rm35, 3 for rm90
    (i got ladies choice)

    Brow Zings RM70 (retail rm139)

    creaseless eyeshadows 3 for RM90
    (gossip, recess & stiletto)

    some kind of gorgeous deep rm28


    1. hmm.. disappointing isn't it?
      I can get new item straight from US with a little higher price than this warehouse sales price lerr...>.<

    2. Miu.. do u think there will be any brushes available.. I want the brushes.. huhu

    3. Jean: yeah kinda..

    4. oo miu i din kno u were goin o else would have asked help if you could help me purchase the lemon aid..hehe..its alright but ur hauls look great :)

    5. MY: there's brushes still when I left, I am not sure if it'll last that long before being grabbed. You can opt to buy the essentials brush kit at rm160 (not many ppl buyin this one just now). It has 5 brushes in it, worth the grab. Foundation brush, hard angle brush, fantail brush, fluff brush and one more concealer brush i think? and a sharpener.

    6. Oh my..miu, do u have an extra some kind of gorgeous to let go??

    7. Vina: with my shopping fee babe?

    8. Just got back!!! Manage to buy the foundation & bronzer brush & also a lipgloss (only 2 colours) for a friend... I am liking it.. Thank you Miu for the info..

    9. MY: no problem MY. A lot stuffs there now? foundation u bought the rm28 Some Kind of Gorgeous?

    10. Of coz mus pay u for going through the hassle for me :)

    11. oh.. so considerate of u!!! *beams* email me :D

    12. miu are u letting go any of ur hauls? :) If u had any badgal eyeliner?

    13. Ooo I didn't see the sharpener or I would have gotten it d :D I went in at about 11.30am today, had a couple of minutes to copy some prices before BOOM office crowd came in T.T

      Am going back tmrw though hehe :D Today I forgot to bring my purse T.T

      Too bad the SKoG only in Deep :( Hopefully the Non Fiction still got though, coz the SA said Volume 3 and 5 will be there, and that Volume 3 will suite me :D

      (Any idea whether that's true ah Miu? I'm NC25..)

    14. wahh bestnya,wish i could go laa.nice shopping tammy.

    15. nope.. typo there... I only bought brushes.. concealer & bronzing..

    16. Miu...do want to sell the Some Kind Of Gorgeous?I think it is too dark for u... =P
      I don't have the time to go there ler...huhuhu..

    17. sorry saphire, i dun have baggal eyeliner.. i didn't buy coz it's not the waterproof one.

    18. Ameh: boleh boleh.. tambah shopping fee yah.. email me lah babe

    19. Mrs.K: T__T i wish i dun need rush rush... sebab i stopby 30mins only n off to work.

    20. electronicfly: no idea sorry T_T for late reply.. i din see any...non-fiction today.. though

    21. Eeee you went again today? I did to! hahaha Ya, a lot of stuff OOS d today :( I wanted to get the Bo-ing or Lemon Aid, but both also no more :(

    22. hi infinity, this sales is over already. But if u wan brow zings, i have one to let go same price bought at this sale.

    23. Hi Miu, i'm a new follower of Benefit products and your blog :) Do keep me posted for the next upcoming warehouse sale!

    24. Hi DragonFlyer! thanks for following me :) I will! hopefully benefit keeps me posted on their sales too! or i have to stalk their building haha

    25. Hey Miu I'm extremely interested with the brush set! Plz plz update me if you come across any ya. I have a set of Stila brushes and it's just great!! :)

    26. hey dragonfly, check out my garage sale blog (link is in my blog), u can get brushes without the pouch for less :)

    27. hey tammy. i can tell you're big fan of benefit. any chance you know about their warehouse sale/workshop/product promo (ie BellaBamba blusher) in malaysia this year ?

      Really hope you can reply to this :3

    28. Hi Duck 2 Swan!

      I could guide u to their facebook, it's where they updated their latest activities nowadays. Last year they had workshops when they feature new products. You pay for the workshop fee and the fee is kinda redeemable for products you want to buy. Thrown in is goodie bags (miniatures/vouchers) and gwp specials for workshop participatns. So far I didn't see anything coming for BellaBamba blusher, but you could drop them a comment on their wall and ask them :D

      their facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BenefitCosmeticsMalaysia?ref=ts

      Their warehouse sales usually by mid year would be out. I can't confirm dates, waiting for the import tax to lower down cosmetic prices after March.

    29. OMG yes! i went workshop end of last year and totally worth it cs all those small things in the goodie bag are quite expensive as well! it was the launch of girl meets pearl, maybe tht will be why. hey really appreciate your info on the link. :)


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