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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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    Oct Issue of Newtide gives out Good Skin Labs samples
    (also a workshop but it's in Chinese)
    available at mynews shop rm7

    The Oct Issue of Spring (Jap) gives out free (rm40++)
    Jill Stuart Cosmetic Pouch with a heart chain on it
    available at Kinokuniya KLCC

    Last week I blogged about the MPH @ Amita Promotion Free Inuovi Lipgloss withe very purchase of Amita Mag but was hesitant to pay rm18 just to get a lip gloss from a brand that I don't use. I finally convinced that I should try Inuovi Lipgloss out and a bunch of us went to MPH to check it out and surprisingly there's still colors to choose! (but limited sob sob). However once I swatch the lip gloss, my bf complained that it has too strong chemical smell. I'm not using it anymore sigh.
    MPH @ Amica (Singapore) Mag RM18
    free Inuovi Megalips Velvet Shine (lip gloss)
    can choose colors but while stocks last
    (MPH 1utama left nude colors)

    I got Shanghai Nights, Latin Lover & Chinatown Glam

    Is the Jill Stuart makeup pouch cute? what colors of the Inuovi lip gloss did u get? Do u think you'll buy magazines just to get the freebies? (LOL I do). Is the Inuovi lip gloss smell too chemical/heavy?


    1. hey dear, the jill stuart make up pouch chun!!

    2. Doroshi: yah it's nice, not bad.. it's my first Jill Stuart item..

    3. Yeah I just realize that. Just buy magazines for their freebies. Not even finished read those mags.hehehe. That Inuovi lip gloss looks nice. I luvvvv lip gloss :)

    4. cun cun...dam heavy la to carry o ur magazines..>.<
      btw...i bot d Jill Stuart A/W book...free cosmetic pouch n mirror...HOHOHO

    5. cuna: lol me too.. and i wish our local magazines are as cool with gifts like the japanese/overseas mag.

      cai: heheh thanks, last time i carry ur mag also dam heavy k k!!!

    6. I lurv the Jill Stuart freebies! Always so pretty.. I got both the JS Mook & Spring cosmetic pouches.. If only the JS cosmetics would make its way here.. *sigh*

    7. awww all the gwp are so tempting !lol

    8. i hope the lippies still there when i get to mph next week! xoxo elle

    9. so nice :) aiya.. why la.. KLCC.

    10. pouch is so cute! love some more.. :)

    11. I must go to Kinokuniya more often!!!!

    12. the lipgloss colours all look nice leh.

      sad no pinky color

    13. I forgot say sometimes I see mag for freebies but the seller taken it out I mean thouse shops..

    14. hehe..thanx to miu sayang i went to buy amica mag n got the inuovi lipgloss..mine is in nordic winter or sumting..
      pigita:mine is pinkish!
      yeah..sumtime if the freebie is worth it i'll get the mag for the sake of the freebie..LOL..like last time miu told me abt the crabtreen evelyn handwash freebie..n this amica freebie..it's worth it!(ok..now see ds pattern..miu is alredi a big influence here but i luv 2b influenced by miu!!surely she knew how to hunt for gud bargain!!thanx so much dear!:D)

    15. Fatin: Jill Stuart is so pretty n bling bling! it's a pity they're not in Msia sigh... sob sob tumpang sedih

      Vanilla: yea, Japanese Mags always have such cool gifts. Singapore Mags not bad too.. i heard they've been giving out Burjois cosmetics for Chic magazine or something. It was snagged up so fast...

      Elle: hope so!!!

      Sherry: Japanese Mags mah.. unless got other Kinokuniya shop. The pouch not bad, very simple only. Pic look much better.

      Joey: hahhaha!! then $$ fly more coz there's a lot of pouches/keychains/totes given out for purchase of jap magazine! i have to control!

      Pigita: but smells.. so i dun think u will like it. There's Pinky color but buaya wing bought already.

      Sherry: yea i wonder about that too.. or is there a option not to ship the gifts along with mag, thus cheaper? hmm

      Cath J: cannot so often! will pokai!

    16. Anonymous: u angelzoe ke?! woi babe leave ur names lah.. choose the name/url option :D when leavin comments.

      MPH banyak bagi free gift la nowadays! i love MPH 1utama!!!

    17. Ya..I love KLCC kinokuniya..
      Especially the japanese magazine department! Those Jap Mag always come with nice free gift!!!

    18. hey miu, MPH subang has not much choice of mag.

    19. Jean: yes i agree with u! there's also Jill Stuart Pouch n mirror mag somewhere! (which i wasn't keen on).

      Sherry: :( yer... i thought they're quite big wan this MPH at SP..

    20. Hi, i saw that JS pouch last mth.. but i bought CanCam magz.. love this magz & they also free JS grocery bag.


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