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Smashing Sales This Week!

GREAT NEWS - More discounts and SALE at Laneige Beauty Fair!!

Laneige Jusco Mid Valley is having a Beauty Fair on the 28th - 31st October 2009! Save up to 70% just like the previous beauty fair! :)

Date: 28th (Wed) till 31st (Sat) October 2009
Location: GF, Facial Room, Jusco Mid Valley
Time: 10am-8pm

check out my reviews here:

the great Loreal Luxury Sales Deal! one day only
31/10/09 @ 10am-7pm
Parkroyal Kuala Lumpur, Plaza Ballroom
Lower Lobby Jalan Sultan Ismail 50250 KL

terms & conditions:
no bags allowed that includes all kind bags from pouches to handbags to backpacks
cash & visa/master card
good purchases are limited to max 5 piece per item per customer
goods sold are not exchangeable or refundable


  1. so tired just bring my sis go buy stuff for dad.

    wah... sure alot ppl during sales.

  2. But then good sold are only limited to 5 pieces per customer for the Loreal Luxury Sales Deal.. sigh...

  3. lastime sales have giorgio armani base&foundation?

  4. cannot remember.. ekeke..

    sorry i go to too many sales.. :(

  5. Miu, Do you find a lot of liquid foundation, skin colour corrector liquid or loose powder there for Shu Uemura? Just want to know is that worth for me to go from penang to rush there... :D

  6. penang to rush to kl to buy this stuffs?

    no worth it.. considering the risk of brands normally dun sell their star products at warehouse sales. Your traveling money, time, effort can be use to buy actual bottle liao.

    also u need to know liquid stuffs ah at sales is not good idea too. Don't know how they store it or manufactured date 2006? 2007? how cheap also duno :(

    better u hire a personal shopper to shop for you if u wan few items.

    otherwise, if ur expectation is low, u can come have fun at this warehouse sales. Warehouse very unpredictable..

  7. OMG!! I so wanna go to the laneige one again! but tmr I got lunch appointment and interview..>.<

  8. Thanks, Miu. If like that, i better go and buy from Parkson loh. I thought can buy lots of good stuff and save me more than the bus travel fee :)

    - The Penang Gal

  9. mui, wat time u'll be there ?

  10. the laneige sale not worth it unless u wan buy brushes which is sellin for rm30 each. No brush set.

    Bubbles: u mean loreal? i be there 9am coz i have VIP Pass this year! muahaha..

  11. wah miu, now u so famous la. got VIP pass aredi. got extra ah? i worried i alone line up in such early morning. i remember u were really early last time.

  12. hahhaa... aiyah.. all the years i Q up.. early morning.. now get to go vip... so happy lah me T___T

    i was the first one to Q up last year T_______T

  13. i went to the laniege sales today at 10am... they are not selling the The Secret Of The Snow Crystal Collection anymore..... must have been sold out during the last sales which i wasnt able to attend~~

    There are brushes, single e/s, foundation, lipstick, lipgloss, skincare, n limited blushers though~

    bought quite alot.. lol


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