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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Plusizekitten Loves RMK


    RMK Autumn Mystique 2009 is here!

    Girls, do you know why Plusizekitten Loves RMK Base Make Up? this is your chance to find out! from now until Oct 18th, 2009 Plusizekitten blog readers and followers will get to experience a complimentary mini makeover & take home personalized RMK samples! Yes girls, all you need to do is print out this poster and take it to RMK Isetan, KLCC to redeem your samples and make an appointment for your mini makeover with Ms.Lilian (MakeUp artist) at 03-21647392, RMK Isetan KLCC.

    Specially for Plusizekitten's Blog Readers & Followers!
    click on the image & print out for redemption


    Spread the word and spread the cheer! permission granted!

    Plusizekitten Blog


    1. wan to go there but I am not ;(

    2. Haii~

      i've called them..n they said we can go there and enjoy this..i want to go there by this noon..=) cant wait to try the sample..

    3. Ah greeat :D

      try their skincare samples or liquid foundation sample! :)

    4. RMK's Lillian is great at make-up and absolutely fabulous dealing with eyebrows.

      Wish i could go :-( but highly recommend to anyone who has the time to do so.

    5. Coming from Pigita, this is a big honor for Lilian (coz Pigita very fussy and particular about make up/skincare)

    6. Wowww free makeover??Can I go Miu?Need to make appointment with Lilian first?

    7. Cuna: yes cuna u can go! just print ini poster out n go book with Lilian on phone.

    8. miu...
      is this available in isetan the gardens? i will be there this sunday ooo...


    9. Juli: No oh.. promotion for Isetan KLCC only :(

    10. So far rmk isetan klcc is the best make up service & eye brow trimming from Lilian. Others counters I haven't try yet.

      T___T u go submit the poster n take sample by 18th, but booked ur mini makeover after that lah.

    11. ooo... makeover ending when?? why KLCC only.sigh....

      also wondering why you like MV's Kiehl's. I think that one is my least fave.

    12. Miu, you really kind n great..always think about us!^^

      Frankly, I didnt try RMK product b4..abit expensive for me! But now I have chance..huraii!*_~
      So much thanks, I call Lilian now!:p

    13. Oh wow!!! This is great! I want! Just print and book appointment thru phone rite? No purchase needed eh?

    14. arghh i so wanna go..but who gonna take care my baby?? arghhhhhh

    15. abby: ending this 18th Oct darling but maybe u should redeem first and ask if u can book on a later date.

      reena: yes babe print out n go! :) no purchase needed.

      Lisa: T___T wuuhh u.. bring ur baby along!

    16. i've asked SA, she said the makeover ending by this 18 october only...=(


    17. which SA?

      I'll let Lilian know u wan to do on a later date :) just submit poster first yah!

    18. OMG!! this is great!!
      I will definitely print it out and proceed to the counter soon!
      maybe tomorrow??XD

    19. Jean: go go! :) Lilian's make up is the bomb!

    20. the SA is a guy..=( he said its ending by 18 oct only...=(

    21. my app is on fri.. :) can't wait to try their products..

      can i get samples for both skincare n foundation..? so greedy.. lol!

    22. con man lah....dear ladies, I will advise you gals don't go to the counter straight! Last nite I was very pissed off and disappointed as I wasted my precious time (going get stuck in the freaking JAM about an hour, coming bk PJ in the JAM as well), $$$$( petrol & parking fee), energy! In the end, the person said that I cannot redeem and have to book the appointment for make over later just would be able to get the redemption. I was ready to do it last nite straightaway but the person gave me excuses saying that some ladies with the reason do make over for dinner or party ..etc they just do not really let me claim on the spot. I was like...WTF...closing date till 18th but only 2days weekend..the rest are working weekdays. For OL, we have to work, somemore where got so many special dinners or party. Even we have it might not fall during 14-18th. I wana do the make over, it;s not that I don;t want but weekend i;m not sure they stil have free slot for me or not so I went during the weekdays. They took my contact and claimed that they will call me back...but till now I still do not receive any call at all. Very disspointed! I might afraid later I have to end up to call them then they tell me it's fully booked for the weekend slots >.>" ...

    23. Fatin: if you're interested to try out, why not!

    24. Dear Disappointed,

      Did u make an appointment before heading there to redeem your mini makeover? As stated on my blog post u need to make an appointment with the make up artist and on the poster the mini makeover is subjected to the availability of the make up artist.

      As a rule of thumb, always call to make an appointment first for a make up session. It is quite the norm for almost all make up counters unless the make up artist is free when you pop up suddenly and there's no customers to serve.

      The promotion is a mini makeover and not a full makeover to let you try RMK Make up. If you're interested to have a full makeover for dinners or events, you may inquire from the make up artist Lilian if this promotion is applicable.

    25. Hi Miu,

      You know this afternoon I just make a call as I keep waiting I have no idea they will call me or not. As what I expected, nobody bother to call me even last nite they REQUESTED me to give them contact to give me return call. Then I called to look for Lilian but she is off duty today. So I talked to that person sound like a guy then I told him that I wana make an appointment. Then that SA keep saying no need to make any appointment, jt walk-in directly will do. Then I told him this was what I did last nite but i went bk with empty-handed. He kept saying no worry that I could jt go over anytime by 18th which I totally lost the my trust on them as different SA gave me different answers. I didn't expect a full make over at all. Previously what I mentioned dos were the reasons/excuse given by the SA last nite I dropped by thr. I just want test their product as a new customer that's all. I do not expect how good mini make over they can do for me after all these ding dong. In fact I still have my perfect make over redemption with Shu Uemura valid for a year which I could go for if I really need it.Just to share my experience here!

    26. Hi Miu,

      I've done my makeover with Lilian last Sat. And tell u what. i really really like it. This is my 1st makeover ever and i'm so excited. Yea2 u can laugh at me. so outdated one. But makeover done by lilian was super marvellous. Meor also can't stop taking pics of me after that. Hahahaha. I like i like. Thank you so muchhh for giving me chance to try out RMK products. Thank you thank you. I'm so happy right now. lalalala. Psssttt u noe what? I even take my bath after 12am just because so sayang to remove my make up. wahaha. crazy me. btw, i'll put the pics in my blog later. don't forget to drop by okay. luv u. muaxxx


    27. hi miu, my fren and i also went for the makeover but very disappointed. I went on last friday 6pm(isetan klcc) and during booking the counter sales girl said should be lilian will do the makeover for us. however, when we reached there lilian doing for another woman, so counter sales girl did the makeover for us. actually we also dun mind but that girl really not friendly at all and quite rude and rough during the make over (*maybe can jz mention her surname is wong). Therefore, my fren n i really not happy and not enjoying the session. :(

    28. woah! never hear about a part timer name Wong before. I highly recommend Lilian for make up services :(

      Already make booking the time right?

      I will let Lilian know about your complaint! do u want to do another makeover by her? it's better everyone do makeover with Lilian, not anyone else.

    29. miu, thanks for reply.
      i know u do recommended lilian but i late for booking so not much time available.
      Since that day only 2 person available in the counter and lilian also not free then we also dun want to give them trouble and i never think that gal will service us like that.
      i been using rmk products for 2 years and most of the RMK sales girl is good service.

      Usually i will visit Isetan KLCC n Parkson pavilion counter and all the sales person there also nice.

      The *wong sales gal i never meet her before.

      Anyway, just to let you know the situation during the makeover service and i will book for lilian next time if any promotion again.

    30. ally can email me your details n contact? i wan get Lilian to call u back to apologized.

      This promotion extended to end of this month due to too many ppl bookin in short time.

    31. Miu, already email ur my details but since i already tried the makeover and prefer to give the chances to other who not able to book last week.


    32. thanks ally i will get Lilian to contact u :D

      don't worry the promo has been extended till end of this month due to overwhelming responses

    33. Dear Disappointed:

      Did Lilian called u? i told her your complain. Hope she calls you? If anything, the best person to speak to is Lilian as she's person in charge of this promotion at her counter.

    34. anyone interested in a trial size RMK cream foundation shade 203 or 103 with the skin tuner can email me at polkahotty@yahoo.com =)


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