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  • Estee Lauder's Walk For Pink


    If Pictures Could Speak, This Is What It Says
    walk for pink by plusizekitten

    Menara KL will be pink for the whole month of Oct
    who can tell me why?

    sorry will fix the angle soon!

    It was a hectic day for on Sunday, the day of the Estee Lauder's Walk For World Pink event whereby every major country will pick their signature building/place to be light up in pink, in conjunction with the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. First I enjoyed my morning with the likes of popular bloggers at the Nippon Paint Makeover workshop, as soon as I finish my masterpiece, I rushed out where Buaya Wing was waiting in her car and we F1 to Sunway Pyramid's Shu Uemura's Make Up Workshop which ended at 5pm and from there we F1 back to Menara KL taking a unprecedented route which was a good decision as we arrived downhill Menara KL in time to be rejected by the shuttle van. The next best thing was to hill climb the place to Menara KL (and I was already exhausted! gosh I need more exercise). We reach just in time to witness the start of the walk. Of course, we decided to go for the pink ribbon face painting first before starting our walk as Breast Cancer Awareness Warriors!

    My right foot was hurting for a month already but I still pushed myself to go for the 3.8km walk. After all it's just a walk right? We were late & we finished last, with the escorts of police officers, guards and even ambulance! I say these folks really do take good care of the walkers as it was already dark by the time we reach back to Menara KL (enough time to camwhore & witness the transformation of Menara KL to PINK!).

    Will I do it again next year? if its for a good cause aye aye!


    1. doing an award now, so you must come take later :) hehe.. its Over the Top Award!

    2. i must make a trip at nite to see the tower in pink!!

      It looks so lovely from d photos.

    3. KL Tower will be a month in pink in order to support the PINK awareness campain for Breast Cancer Awareness.

    4. Miu: Nice pic!

      Please come and collect the award from me for Over the Top Award!

      Blog: candygalspreciousbox.blogspot.com

    5. What a sweet post.. sweet like candy.. so many pink things and u girls are in pretty pink also... love the post Miu...

    6. miu, Nice to Meet U On that Night, :)

    7. aww how nice. poor foot! hate when i have to walk (or run) with a bad foot.

      your face logo looks cute!

      add me!! onegai shimasu!

    8. yeah..d police even offered me: moi..wanna naik motor?
      hahahaha....proud of u tat u stil continue to wok even with pain foot!

    9. wing,

      u mean d big police patrol bike ke??

      if me, i sure wanna try man, n switch on d blue lights n siren.

    10. Sherry: Ah awards! thanks :) there's just too many already.

      Pigita: so who r u goin to date there lol..

      Sinar: YES U R RIGHT!

      Candy: Thanks :) din take much pics during night as it's so dark! & thanks for the award too :)

      effie: yea it is really pink everywhere! i thought i'll just show pics this time instead of grandmother stories.

      Wendy: nice to meet u too! unfortunately our pic together a bit :( over exposed due to bad lighting at night sigh..

      Cath J: Thanks!

      abby: It was a relaxing walk though, but as the sun sets, we rushed back.. (police man following us to take care of us!! so fast fast walk loh if not i would take my time with my feet)

      i wish i had big ribbon logo like wing's..

      hey u din go?

      caixiuxiu: u lagi stamina... walk.. and the policeman suka u..

      Pigita: =_= gosh u r so wild! i can't get that pic of my mind now!

    11. Me go? No time man. Real busy right now. Sigh...can faint. My stamina is non-existent anyway

    12. Ur pics all show off pink cheek with logo.. So pretty..

      Jealous laa.. Never get my cheek painted.. :( Too busy eating Nestle Fitness.. Lol!

    13. abby: my stamina.. more like stam-in-a can lol..

      fatin: i wish i had a bigger ribbon though! my fat so big.. should have bigger ribbon sob sob... anyway i had fun with u too!


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