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  • IDI launching at 1utama New Wing


    It's a skincare brand from Italy & currently they're having a roadshow promotion and launching at 1 Utama New wing. They have been around for 151 years! so in celebration of this, the 1st 151 lucky participants to call up 03-7725 5011 to book a spot to take part in the15min free skin therapy will get a goodie bag worth rm151! (soothing cream worth rm151!).

    the goodie bag worth rm151
    (50ml soothing cream, Guardian Shower Gel & Cotton Buds)

    I've gone for my 15mins consultation and was categorized as normal/combination skin. Alice the SA that attended to me recommended me to try the 3.0[three] for Dry Skin as my skin is peeling and dry atm. The products used are for cleanse, correct, care and treat. A mini facial given to me using their cleansing milk, skin conditioning product (they don't use toner but this works as good), moisturizer, sunblock and I can't remember what else. However it states that the cleansing milk sooths irritation or something, but upon use my cheeks began to a slight burning sensation and the areas around my mouth (clearly a sign that I am very dehydrated and need to drink more water sigh). After consultation, they have a promotion offer of buying the cleanse, correct and care products for only RM151 (normal nearly rm400). I have decided to go back to try their normal/sensitive range as I'm not comfortable using the dry ranges products.

    A good opportunity to check out your skin type and try their products. Let me know how you feel about the product, your "mini facial" and whether you'll buy this product?

    update 10/10/09: IDI is full of lies/cons/misleading/pushy sales. I have been hearing this since they started their launch in 1 utama new wing. I can relate to my readers, they're quite upset over the 151 promotion. Why? I experience this myself on the 1st day whereby I was approached by the sales staff who proceeded to ask me to buy their RM255 package because it's worth it. I read the flyer she gave me and asked her about the goodie bag and demo? "goodie bag out of stock already" - wow imagine that on their 1st day their goodie bag was already "out of stock" and here this part-timer (I'm assuming) is getting me to plonk rm255 down for a skincare brand that I'm not familiar with or ever tried. There's no samples at all too. Appaled by her sales talk, I told her I've never heard of your brand nor tried it, sorry I will think about it, bye bye.

    The next morning, I actually went to their website to check out what IDI is all about, the first page greets me with a promotion of "first 151 lucky participants of our 15 minutes promise will receive a goodies bag worth rm151 each. Call to book now! Ms. Irene Mah. 77255011". I called and Ms Reena answered. I asked a few basic questions to verify if their promotion is valid? since the roadshow girl told me their goodie bag "out of stock". Ms. Reena confirm that there is still goodie bag for the first 151 who book, so I booked for a lunch demo & got my goodie bag already (refer to the picture above).

    However to those who had called up, be prepared to be "conned" out of your mind. Prettybeautiful Blogger who went for her appointment yesterday did not get a goodie bag at all despite BOOKING a place. Zezo who also went sms-ed me that she did not get goodie bag bcoz it was "out of stock" (again?). I don't know how many people are wasting their 15mins of time at IDI and getting upset that IDI is not honouring their promotion and changing their promotion story from A->B->C depending on their fancy.

    The promotion states "first 151 lucky participants..... call to book.." what does that mean? Don't it mean that whoever who called to book should be getting a goodie bag as one of the first 151 participants? If they had "out of stock" for this promotion, wouldn't it be ethical to inform callers that "I'm sorry this promotion is OVER"? Imagine what would people u have upseted say, when others ask them "so how's your IDI appointment?".


    1. wooo thanks for informing. Booked my place on Saturday morning :D

    2. Rm151 only? Cuz i went just now she told me is RM 255 la...

    3. Ice: cool :) let me know how it works out!

      Sherry: i got it

      Candygal: for those reserved can buy at RM151 promo price O__O but there's no doubt the sales people there are clueless about their own promotion as me & wing experience all kinda "misleading" information..

      the same goes to Shu Uemura 1utama, i will NEVER, i repeat NEVER step foot in there again. Also another misleading information and don't know own promotions thats going on around emails!

    4. Cool. I have just booked for a late noon session tomorrow. Looking forward, thank you Miu =]

      Lilian Wah

    5. Hey Miu, i just came back from 1U. I booked my session at 9pm but i got CHEATED. I went there n tried the 15min session but then the girl went 2 take my goodie bag n she said i can only get it if i buy the promotion. *MARAH-MARAH* Then i asked her r u sure n she said yes ONLY if U BUY THE PROMOTION U RECEIVE THE GOODIE BAG. I'm thinking to complain to Miss Irene as their info is misleading.... So menyampah... Take us customers for granted...

    6. got here from sherry's blog.
      that is really unscrupulous business! i rmb my last trip to KL i was at guardian and saw this cabin travel bag gwp from a shampoo purchase (i luv it coz its a stripey bag tee hee~) so before purchase, i asked if its in stock (i even cut out the newspaper ad that says a definite gwp) the SAs all have no idea about this and claim the ad is false! what lies!
      xoxo elle

    7. even sasa was cheated, rushed to 1u yesterday.. the girl keep pushing her to buy buy buy, and tell her goodie bag no more...but told her if she buy this n this, then okay i try talking to my supervisor to give u goodie bag worth rm151 ????

      and my appointment today, i wonder should i even go now ??????

    8. i got an appointment today at 430pm, after reading i dun tink i wana waste my time there lo...

    9. got girls who booked during day time get goodie bags n most those who booked after working hours get no goodie bag..

      this IDI really a big mess..

      walk in customers get goodie bag or those who called for a booking?

      don't hesitate to give them a piece of your mind for such misleading/messy promotion.

    10. I call and the girl already told me about goodie bag no more and session of booking all book until sunday.

      from phone I ask again if the goodie bag for keep saying no more. I thought its book for those already call for booking??

    11. wah luckily i didnt book.
      wanted to already but was kinda scared about being pushed to buy.

    12. Should I go too? I have make an appointment tommorrow morning. At that time I called, I ask whether should I make a booking? Then the ladies told me in order to get a goodies bag then I have to book first. So, should I???

    13. Miu,

      your last sentence "Imagine what would people u have upseted say, when others ask them "so how's your IDI appointment?" -

      shouldn't it be "so how's your IDI-ot appointment?" given the disappointing experiences of the would-be customers??


    14. Sherry: sigh.. i duno what's goin on with them.. very kelam kabut.

      Lynn: for my appointment, i wasn't pushed to buy anything and i got my goodie bag though (probably due to being there during lunch time on the 2nd day of launching).

      juli: did u book yet? i think better reconfirm with hotline b4 going. They told me everyone who book can get goodie bag, but some readers didn't get it despite booking & some got pushed to buy.

      Pigita: hahaha... the product is notable but i guess the sales assistant is making it not very appealing.

    15. Hi I saw you on that day =) pink shirt and pink shoes..^^ cute..

    16. Rene: hey O_O u were there? i didn't see many ppl there..though... a lot of uncles....

      oh... it's pink month mah for breast cancer awareness :)

    17. huahuaa I was there for my company's roadshow, near to IDI stage =) hehe..

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