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Clarins Privilege Member's Day Special

Received my Clarins Privilege Member's Day Special invitation from my mailbox. Looks like next week is the member's day 6-15 November, 09. I wish there could be more special activities for members like sampling, free gift redemption or lucky draws. So sad to see that they're having the 5+2 facial treatment promo free 7 luminous eyes worth rm560 which I have actually bought 2 months ago 5+1 only sob sob sad. The body package seemed tempting purchase 5+2 body package free 7 rising sun gentle exfoliation express treatment (scrub) worth rm574. Also with the non-stop Isetan/Parkson Clarins Sales, I don't think I can purchase anymore products during this member day to get the tier gifts.

You may ask me what's so special about Members Day? well you get double points and speacial gift with purchase gifts. Sometimes there's special treatment packages with more treats than normally. Also available is 0% interest installment plans with transaction above rm2k* (YES!) There will be Christmas Gift Sets too sob sob. I can only see 3 sets in this invitation.

*terms and conditions apply.


  1. are these offers for institute members only ?

    ie not available to counter members?

  2. yeap it's for the Privilege Members only (Institute), but I don't think the christmas sets or gwp is limited to members.. last year i saw normal ppl also buying.

  3. Ooo.. I feel like signing up for the facial package... Miu... but I read in your previous post, there is no extraction done for Clarins facial... how do they get rid of all the stubborn blackheads then??? Im currently signed up with Leonard Drake (Dermalogica) but I thought of switching hmm...

  4. effie:

    no extractions punya Clarins :(

    they believe if u use their products, there won't be a need for extraction.

    After the workshop, u can go for a 50% first time trial facial and see if u like their style?

    currently i am tied to Institute Clarin's facial package, not the counter facial.

    if u like the facial, then the clarins member day good for u to go sign up. Can 0% installment and buy 5 free 2 (n get 7 luminous eyes somore)

  5. I am bloody tied to my Bella Luna Body/Facial treatment.. cheap for 20+8 (used 4 already)..RM2160.

    yea.. also want to transfer it (to go somewhere nearer to my home)..


  6. speakng of which, i am sure that.. there will be non members who may ask u to buy for them... shopper role.. u'll still get the points anyways.. ^^

  7. cy: true also but.. hmmm... dun have time to organize a buying session due to my credit being all used up now for Loreal sales.

  8. 5+2?

    Wahh not bad....

    i am trying to decide if to buy 1+1 at clarins boutique sunway (RM198), or the very expensive facial at Sothys for RM280 (first trial) with digi-esthique massage (plus 2 starter kit products); + top-up RM256 (2 x trial facials).. expensive.. expensive taste..


  9. hmm.. u gotta try first b4 buying.. if not u regret buying clarins/sothys

  10. sorry that was me.


    the 1+1 is definitely worth it..

    SOthys one... is also expensive.... dough is dried up at the moment.

    LOL. I want to go on holidays le...

  11. yeah i suspected as much it was u.. lol..

    go for 1+1 that's good!


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