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When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Clarins Power To Try Workshop


    Power To Try Workshop 31/10/09 for my blog readers!

    Being a huge fan of Clarins and an advocate of all things girly and wonderful, I'm bringing sexy back (ok I mean this workshop by Clarins) to those who had missed out the Clarins Power To Try Workshop held exclusively for Plusizekitten followers/readers on 22/8/09. If you don't know what this workshop is about please check out my post here for a sneak peek at what's in store at this workshop for you. Big Thanks to Clarins for organizing this workshop for us again!

    previous workshop participants

    Hey Miu what tokin u? 'Apa Benda workshop ni?' For your info: This is a specially designed workshop for you to understand your skin as well as how to pamper your skin with love and care. The Trainer will also work on quick & easy steps for make up touch up which they called the "Clarins Magic"! It will be a 3 hour workshop compare to the previous Power To Try Workshop.

    must TRY the HydraQuench Cream Masque!

    SO ok I'm going to shut up now! this is the workshop details! Kindly blog about this workshop to spread the good news! Life is not always take & take from Plusizekitten, I make sure my readers & followers gets some fun too =^-^=

    by monorail

    the map of amoda @ bukit bintang
    (it's just opposite Berjaya Times Square and next to Lowyat)

    Date: 22nd August, 2009 (Sat)
    Venue: CLARINS Training Centre,
    Level 6, AMODA, 22 Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

    Clarins Power To Try Workshop
    Venue: Clarins training Centre, Amoda Building, KL.
    (opposite Berjaya Times Square, behind Lowyat)
    Date: 31st Oct, 09 (Saturday)Sessions:
    Morning: 10.30am - 1.30pm 15 paxAfterNoon: 2.00pm - 5.00pm 15 paxWorkshop Fee: FOC & only by invitation to Plusizekitten followersF & B : not included
    Doorgifts: Yes + Complimentary makeover/Eyebrow Trimming + 50% discount on 1st Time Trial Facial Treament (only at KLCC Isetan Clarins).Learning: Skincare + Easy Make Up Touch Up "Clarin's Magic".

    This workshop is strictly for new participants only but don't be sad, those who participated in the previous workshop pls cheer up as Clarins will organized a follow-up workshop for you! either on makeup/bodycare/skincare. Stay tune on that!

    FYI the girls from Puspanita, Mosti's Clarins Workshop has snagged up the starter kits which was for sale on the spot after the workshop so bring cash alright if you are looking forward to buy these kits :) Starter kits range from RM45-rm88 and limited in stock. I will give you a sneak peek at some of the starter kits:

    The Power To Try Starter Kits RM68
    Trully Matte (oily/acne skin) & Hydra Quench (moisture)

    Clarin's Starter Kits for RM88 each
    Whitening Kit, Trully Matte Kit, HydraQuench kit
    and Make Up Kit rm45

    Instant Light Starter Kits for rm68.00

    *Only for workshop participants. Limited in quantity. While stock last. First come first serve.


    1. I would really want to participate!
      My email is celinemook86@gmail.com

      Thanks dear :)))

    2. hie miu. i would like to attend the workshop. my email is veenae_16@yahoo.com..tq

    3. Hi Miu,
      My Name is Kitty Saw, I like to join the Clarins Power To Try Workshop. Please add me to your list. My e-mail address is:

      Thanks for your invitation :)

    4. Hi Miu,
      My Name is Kitty Saw, I like to join the Clarins Power To Try Workshop. Please add me to your list. My e-mail address is:

      Thanks for your invitation :)

    5. Can go i again? Pleaseeee pweettyyyy pleaseeee :p (P/S: Eh, i really thought i already gave u the link. Sorry for the inconvenience Miu!)

    6. Oops! My email is ripcurl3355@yahoo.com

    7. miu2 chan, me want, me want, hhheee =P 2 seats can??? wink2 love u, muahs2

    8. Hi Miu, I would like to attend the workshop. My email is anneliese_chen@yahoo.com

    9. email: wendypua@gmail.com
      blog link: http://devil2teng.blogspot.com/

      I Wan To join Because Of I wan To try out Clarin Product and Have fun With U all :)

    10. Hi Tammy, my friends and I would like to attend the afternoon session workshop. Would be glad if you could add our names to your list if it is still available.

      1. Jovi (jovichoong@yahoo.com)
      2. Michelle (micchg@tm.net.my)
      3. Lindy (lindyseow@yahoo.com)-attended previously and would like to attend again hopefully able to try try nude makeup inspiration range. TQVM for organising.

    11. Hello! Am so glad that you're organising another workshop again! would really LOVE to go. Missing it once is bad enough, so I'm not gona miss it again :D Plus wana take picture with u this time hehe...I blogged bout it dy ;)
      my email is nbshan_87@hotmail.com

    12. I would like to join this because I never try Clarins products ad would like to know more about it!!

      I would like to join the afternoon session.

      Between, is this workshop open to male too??=p
      Thank you!!


    13. Oh oh oh!!! This is what I've been waiting for reallllllllllllllll long!!!! >_< hate myself coz I didn't make it for the previous workshop... lucky me!!!!

      ok ok... reasons... everybody is saying Clarins workshop is so damn damn damn great and their products sound so miracle... I just wanted to go and see what brings up all the good feedback... :D

      my details of coz...


    14. I wanna go again!! It was amazing the last time.. But can't make it that day.. Depressed already.. :(

    15. Gosh ! Thank you for organising it again :D i missed out the last time and was so sad and now that you manage to organise it again i definitely want to go. morning session please miu... muacks muacks

    16. hi miu
      am so tempted to join...have not been to any workshops really...exam coming up in NOv...sob sob...

    17. I want to go too as well... saturdays are horribly busy for me. always get into trouble for wanting to do so many things on a saturday..

      Are sunday afternoons ever possible?
      kekeke.... ^^

    18. hi Miu - am interested with the afternoon session.


    19. hi there miu....its fantastic tht clarins is having the workshop again....really wish i can go for it again....anyway, if there is still empty sit, pls slot me in.....dun mind going there again and if can, pls save me 2 seats cos my fren would love to join as well...

    20. Hi Hi I would like to join tis workshop, but have to work on saturdays. Wish that in future they will have workshops on sundays!! So i wont miss them. :)

    21. u all must joint this workshop.. really worth it.. thanks to miu yg rajin nak organize ni semua.. kalau tak, tak merasa la... :P

      i yg dah pernah pi :)
      Hani/Honey B

    22. waoh~
      seems great...
      unfortunately...its full ady~ haiz... i late ady ==

    23. Sunday Sunday afternoon please.

      *Pretty Please* ^^

    24. Hi
      I am Pauline Tan and my email is paulinecltan(at)gmail(dot)com

      I know it's too late already. but can you pls notify me via email if you have another session next time, I want to join the workshop.


    25. Hi Tammy,

      Its a great news to me & my sister. However, the morning & noon session is fully booked by now.

      May there be any seats placement again? We really hope to get a chance to join the 'Clarins Power To Try Workshop'.

      Hope to hear from you. TQ.

      Best regards - juli

    26. Hope Clarins will conduct another workshop to fit those that didnt get into the list!!! I am exciting about the Clarins Magic workshop, and what more its 3 hour, definitely we will gain more knowledge and understand their product this time. And hope those selected to attend the workshop are all first timer and will appreciate such an opportunity.

      p/s: i wan to get their trial set too!

    27. yea. Know your blog through Pauline Tan (Lavender).
      Pls notify me updates on your blog / workshop. My email is wahlilian@yahoo.co.uk

    28. Hi Miu Miu,

      I'm a young mum with a son which is now 1.5 years old.I find out my skin is dry and pale after my son was born. Please register me in to help me to improve my skin condition.Thanks

    29. sorry i forgot to give you my email address. Here it goes


    30. Hi Tammy,

      I really want to join Clarins workshop again, I want try out other products plus I already told my friends about the workshop and they are really interested to attend the workshop. Unfortunately both the sessions already filled up. I hope you and Clarins can organize another workshop so that I can introduce my friends to Clarins, have fun during the workshop and be a fan of Clarins like me :)
      I want to join the workshop again, please......


    31. waoh....it's great to heard that mayb the Clarins workshop will have more seats/another date. ^^
      good good news lar~^^
      so happy ^^

      i nvr try clarins stuff, and i really like to join workshop, learning new things mah~ ^^

      my e-mail add: zoe_yhan@hotmail.com

      p/s: actually i did told my fren abt this workshop, she interested too^^ it's really great if thr gt 1 more seesion^^

      thanks so much~~^^

    32. Clarins got Make Up touch up for the workshop??Clarin's Magic??Whoaaa it's so tempting. 3 hours some more. Later if got another session can i still join or not? :P Coz until now dunno how to put on my make up properly :( if can go i wish i can bring my fren too coz she also got excited after hearing bout my experience during the previous Clarins Power to Try workshop. Hope u and Clarins can organize another session soon :)

    33. so sad that i found your blog so late...@@
      anyway, really appreciate you share all the great thing with us!thanks..^^

      If there is another workshop coming up, pls included my name! thanks a lot..^^
      email:- cindy_xinyi@yahoo.com

    34. Miu~!

      This time I dun care!!!
      I will force myself to come~!
      I want to join the workshop bcoz I wan to know about Clarins~!

      I might want to bring one of my friend to join~!
      Will confirm with u about her asap~!


    35. Sorry Christine, I only have limited seats and most are booked already by previous blog followers who wanted to go but couldn't.

      I can only slot you in :(

    36. do thr any place for me? i been leave comment here but i din get ur e-mail...

    37. Hi Miu,

      I just found out your blog and it's really intresting!

      I would like to participate in the clarin's workshop because I dont really know how to take care of my face (shame on me >.<). hope that i'm lucky to get myself a chance to know more abt clarins product. =D


    38. I haven't sent out emails yet girls.. and it will be based on first come first serve.

      When you get my email, I will need a confirmation of details from you before a seat is reserved. If any of you can't be sure you can make it on 31/10/09, kindly do not register & allow others to have a chance to go yap.

      I want 110% confirmation that you can go and be there on 31/10/09. Pls refrain from bringing guest/friend/etc as seats are limited and are specially for my blog followers only.

    39. Miu...
      But i can see some slots are open....
      Anyway... I will ask her to put comment...
      Coz if u put me in afternoon...
      I would like sum1 come wit me...

    40. oh it's opened bcoz yesterday i extended 5 seats per session. I have yet to email all those who had left their names to be on the waiting list. There's no more places as at now, coz there's more than 10 ppl on waiting list before you.

    41. Hi Miu me and my friends
      ( sze ling and nee hiong ) also want to in session morning join too my email is :


      Tks & Rdgs

    42. Hahaha... Then doesnt matter la~!
      Thanks miu~!

    43. Hi Tammy,

      oh i missed the chance again. If there is any opening for the clarins workshop, pls do add me in as I never join any workshop before. I wish to have a chance to know more about clarins's product. Thank you.

      email add: yeen_fun@yahoo.com

    44. I've sent email invites to those who had left comments here, however it's already fully booked unless those whom i sent out email invites

      1. can't make it on 31/10/09
      2. is not my blog follower
      3. cancel
      4. don't reply in 3 days, i will give to the next person on waiting list.

      Christine: can email me your name, ic, contact of u & your friend, along with follower ID? also u and her if she's blogger, need to blog about this workshop to spread the good news :)

    45. to all those who didn't get my email:

      I'm sorry spaces are booked and this workshop is for newbies to learn & know about Clarins.

      the oldies will get to go to a follow up workshop on a later date either on makeup/bodycare/skincare again. Will be blog when i have confirm details & email u girls.

    46. Also not to worry about not getting a seat in this workshop as Clarins will/might give another date on a later time for more newbies to attend the Power To Try workshop!

      important note:
      strictly by invitation from me only. As seats are limited and a lot of followers/readers want to go, i appreciate that once I register you in, you'll come for the workshop on 31/10/09.

      if any of you cancel/can't make it in the event of any serious reasons, pls let me knwo in advance so I can let in those on waiting list to come! this does not mean u can register and foya foya..later cancel with me (shows vampire face). I will blacklist followers who MIA/Don't Turn Up/Cancel last minute without notifying me.

      I'm quite serious on giving everyone a chance to go, so pls don't make my efforts go to waste ^-,..,-^ (vampire face).

      Thanks for your understand and pls revert back to my emails. And apologies to all those who can't go or didn't get my email invites.

      anything pls email me tammylci@gmail.com

    47. Hi Tammy,

      I know it's abit too late, well if possible to slot me in provided if there's still seats available.

      email is : xscalsVe@gmail.com

      aileen @ xscal

    48. i will come on that day. Thanks for the opportunity you given to me to attend the workshop (many request)

    49. Hi

      Love to attend your skincare workshops. Do include me yar. My email add is l_siok_lin@yahoo.com

    50. Hai Miu!~

      is the seat still available?i know it might be to late to ask u..sob sob sob~ reaallly want to join u~ i did email u earlier..this is my email..shidasahidi@gmail.com..

      Thanking u~

    51. dear shida, linda, xcal , and girls

      i'll double check the waiting list and announce if there's open seats or not. Currently i sent out emails to those on waiting list and have yet to get reply.

    52. hye miu, this is my first time reading your amazing blog that describes the whole thing about make up ang shopping. I am interested to join the clarins workshop, is there any available seats that could fits me into that workshop?

      Anyway my email is ctnurdiyana@gmail.com

      p.s: I already add you up as my favourites.hehehhe. tq2

    53. Hi Diyana,

      thanks for your compliments :)

      unfortunately there's no more seats for the clarins workshop unless someone pulls out. I will update again a week b4 the workshop to see if anyone cancels.

      But don't worry! Clarins will do another workshop again in a later date probably after nov *not sure*. Those who missed out can sign up for that one :D

    54. Hye miu,

      Don't worry, I will wait for your announcement the next workshop (if any).

      hehhe. tqvm

    55. hi miu, me too also interested to join but since u said no more seat. But do inform me if any seat available. my contact email is ally_liinn@yahoo.com



    56. oooohhh i missed out too many good workshops tat you co-organised...definitely must join the Nov one if there is :):)

    57. Hi Miu,

      I hope i'm not late. I'm very interested to join this workshop and i have miss the last one. If you do have a place, please include me and my email is slmt176@hotmail.com

      Thanks very much.


    58. Hye miu,

      This weekend, I have to go to my niece's concert at her kindergarten. so dah janji. Maybe next time I will join the workshop by your invitation. Thanks for your precious invitation.
      (Melepasss) hehhee

    59. Hi Miu , is the morning session still available ? can I go ?

      my email :



      pls let me know if there is any places left pls ^^

    60. Ya Miu , i saw there is two empty place on the morning session rite ?
      If it's really available , can my friend go with me too ?

      Christine Thian

    61. hi miu,
      1 2 get some advise from u, i got an oily skin. So which starter kit should i go for? (The Power To Try of Truly Matte Kit Rm68 or Clarin's Starter Kits of Truly Matte Kit RM88). i 1 2 book for the starter kit.



    62. Yjia: i have to wait confirmation back from the girl on waitin list first yap! :)

      ally: then truly matte suitable for you, i suggest u get rm88 punya :D if u $$ u can get both! u email me which wan u wan yap

    63. Thanks miu. i already email you la.


    64. Frustttttttt
      i can't gooooooooo
      ada hal la MIU...
      i pandang ajek list tu...
      until full....;-(

    65. hi miu..
      i intend to buy a hydration set. but, which one is the most value for money? would it hav a better offer set during christmas or at the counter?

    66. hey juli the starter kits are a great buy coz u can try the range at a reasonable price first. The actual products are rm100-rm200 at counter. Christmas sets so far i only saw 3 sets, din see hydration one yet.

    67. ok... thanks for ur suggestion. pls reserve for me a hydration set at rm88. i'm so 'tamak', coz i just bought the rm288 set from isetan sales & havent started to use it. hahaha...

    68. sorry juli clarins say rm88 no more already..

      left the rm68 set

    69. Miu I sent back the confirmation letter to u ady ~~~

      Am I being confirmed ? am i being confirmed ? hahaha.....

    70. Got Me 1set of Hydra Quench (moisture) RM68

    71. sorry ya Miu ~
      I think I can't make it too ....
      I was so sad !
      Jz now i was very excited and go to train station to buy my train ticket way down to KL this week .
      (as i'm staying at kampar,perak.)

      But then the officer said all the ticket on friday and saturday way down to kl is all sold out ~~~~ just left the 1st class ticket which is very expensive one ><

      i am so sad and so sorry now miu ~
      apologize for making ur inconvenient.

      hope that next time there'll be another workshop again lak >< sob sob....

    72. The starter packs look great...

      it turns out i have dehydrated/sensitive (to touch) skin..

      seems that (in my imagination that i used to have) oily skin is past.. growing older really hits me (not to mention that i didn't take care of my skin properly)..

      so i guess. Hydraquench-- and normal to dry skin- would be.. suitable for me now. LOL.

    73. too bad...:( I am late. No choice, need to wait for next workshop .

    74. Ann Nee:sorry dearie.. maybe the next one?

      CheakyGal: u sound like you're darn old which i think you're not! judging from the pics from your blog! btw I have dehydrated/sensitive skin too due to 80% of my life being in a air-cond place muahah... hydraquench should be suitable..

      Yjia: it's ok babe :)

      Wendy: ok set, but it's not guarantee booking.

      Juli: i will reserved but it's already out of stock. I put it down, hope clarins prepare the rm88 set more..

      Qistina: T___T dun la.. sob sob next workshop maybe u can go! dun sad k k k sayang balik!!!

      ally: thanks ally :D see u on sat

      diyana: ok babe, maybe next time :D

      shirley: hey i email u but u din reply, so sorry now the workshop full already.

      lisa: hope i can organize more!

    75. I attended the 22/8 workshop.. It was really good.. If I could go again, I'd give the warehouse sale on saturday a miss.. For sure.. ;)

    76. yeah..back from the workshop. enjoyed and learned. i bought a Trully Matte Kit(rm88) and a Instant light booster kit (rm68). The makeup kit very nice. Like it very much. thanks miu for giving me the chances to attend this workshop.

    77. Yippie, great learning session at the workshop today. The instang light booster kit was good but apparently no more stock, too bad lor! Thanks for the arrangement, tammy...

    78. Hai Miu,

      I know i been very late to submit my comment. Sorry as my face allergy effected much of my sight by now.

      I really enjoy the workshop with my sister which you slot in on last minute basis. TQVM.

      I will get the picture which i snap shop during d workshop for your reference as my sister took back all my memory card n pendrive :(

      I think i fall in love with the Clarins Lotus Oil for face as that was the first thing i ask when i come near the Clarins counter.

      For me this oil not only make my pore minimize yet evernight i use it as a massage oil for face make my skin firm, tone and even. It don't make my skin oily at night. hehe...!

      Thanks again Miu for giving me a change to TRY on Clarins.

      And SORRY for the link delay. very2 sorry.


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