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Personal Shopper for Hire!

I receive a lot of emails, sms & comments asking me to help buy perfumes/items from Metrojaya Warehouse Sales, even when I was there buying the perfumes, people kept sms-ing and calling me.

Seeing tomorrow is their last day & my readers still want perfumes, I am going to take 1/2 day leave just to go to this sale. Mind u, I'm not doing free service here. It cost me money to take leave, effort, time and taxi just to go to sales place n grab items. However I am only charging rm10 as my travelling free for each item that u request me to buy for u. I am doing this to limit the quantity of items people are asking me to buy. I can't lug 100 items back with each person requesting up to 10 items to buy. To be fair, I only have 2 hands - 1 to carry basket, another to grab item. I do this because I love my readers and not because u pay me rm10. To be honest rm10 just to help u get items is not worth it at all. U can go yourself.

Those who have my number pls sms me what u want, how many ml. If the item is still available, I'll help u get it. If the item is gone, too bad yeap. I won't be sms-ing u what's left, how much bla bla because all this sms will total to money spent for just informing people. Not like people appreciate what I do right? Also I will only help people I trust and dealt before because I know they won't FFK/Cancel/Dissapear/MIA suddenly. There are actually RISKS involved!

Those who don't have my number is probably strangers! and u know buying for strangers is risky coz they might not pay u, cancel last minute etc. Anyway, if u have been my blog reader u can email me to ask me help u buy. OH mind u, I know who are my blog readers ok!

OH and don't forget I prefer u collect it by COD at TTDI during workin days till 6pm or 1u/curve at my convenience after work. Outstation is difficult as I don't want the item to be damaged during posting and get blame for it n refund money. However If u don't mind that and the postal charges, I'll help u post it :)

terms & conditions
- shopper not liable for damage item in the sealed box (i only buy for u! i duno what's inside!)
- shopper not liable for ugly/crumple/bent/defective packaging (i will however choose the best lookin packaging, but warehouse sales dun expect it to be shiny without scratches or dents)
- shopper not liable for perfume not smelling GOOD/etc. Take it with the warehouse sales people.
- shopper not liable for item being discoloured/defective/etc of sealed items
- u gotta cod with me if not u know what to do
- postage bear your own! i charge rm10 for postage! (packaging & pos laju)
- i am not liable and responsible for damage good caused by pos laju!
- i don't do express service! (i will of course post your item within 5 working days) I don't stay next door to post office ya.


  1. lol, what time you going? can meet for lunch =P

  2. babe, i need your favor to buy Burberry London for woman.
    yes..u hear it right.
    huhu...they just brought in the stuffs towards the end of 2nd day.*sigh*
    please2..pretty please u extra RM10 and i'll COD with u at 1U

    ps: i email u contact number

  3. Oh miu, you are being too kind to them... if they still don't appreciate your effort, I don't know what to say...

  4. Wow~ one word for you "Keng". Yeah don't buy for strangers. I guess a bit risky for you~ ;)However, i still very proud of you! I know is not a easy job...

  5. kind of so proud to have a blog's fren like u..

    p/s:sorry if my english not so good..because i really 'teruk' when using english word...

  6. you are so sweet and cute!

  7. opppss too bad i just saw your blog saying that u r helping ppl to purchase stuffs in metrojaya warehouse sales. haha~~

    and i just checked my phone, i did keep your phone number. hohoho~~ dono whether you remember me or not. =p

    gonna constantly check out your blog often to get news of warehouse sales dy. ^^


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