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  • Bakerella's Ultimate Cake Pop & Mould Set ToysRus


    any Bakerella fan(s) here?

    The road to recovery is when you can walk hours at the mall without feeling faint anymore. That's what I come up with after having being sick for more than 2 weeks with what the doctor says as viral fever. Fever that came with chills, hot and cold sweats, mood swings with migraines and bodyache which then broke into rashes like measles. My body was exhausted from fighting viruses and I nearly fainted in One Utama. Nearly, I could have but I pushed myself to rest in the female bathroom and asked my fiance to come get me quick. Sounds horrible right?

    Not so horrible anymore because I was on the road to recovering and could stayed more than an hour without feeling faint in the mall! YAY *celebrates by throwing jelly beans in the air*. I missed window shopping so much that I walked in ToysRus to just look at beauty making toys. Then I saw something awesome...

    cake pops by Bakerella!!!

    ultimate cake pop set RM169.90

    with cute, basic, easy to do cake pops tools

    I love Bakerella for all her cute and inspiring baking creations and photographs! so I was excited to see the Ultimate Cake Pops Set (USD19.90) at ToysRus One Utama and the Cake Pops Molds Set (USD7.90). I googled this on the spot and found out the retail prices in USD however when I compare the prices in Malaysia, my joy turned to dissapointment. How can they sell these adorable Bakerella kits at such exorbitant prices? Who in the right mind will purchase a basic press and create kit for RM169.90 (approx. USD56) for their child from ToysRus?! a fan might buy it but for a plaything for kids? I think the parents are better off buying Barbie Dolls. Even the simple 3 cake pop mould set is selling at RM59.90 (approx. USD19.90). They think this must be like all scrapbook craft products that's exorbitantly priced in Malaysia.

    Bakerella cake pops molds set RM59.90

    still too cute to resist, will you purchase?

    I don't know how long will I resist not buying Bakerella's cake pop kits here and the mould set. At the moment, I'm just super angry at how we consumers are paying high price for a play thing. I rather buy Phillips juicer set which is a real thing that a home needs for RM120, cheaper than this toy. Now I'm angry that I wasn't born a millionaire *pif*.

    Image source: www.bakerella.com

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    1. very tempting but nope..I'll source for cheaper options cause I'm cheapskate like that!!! =P Wish I have bigger house or at least my own kitchen (since I'm sharing with another 5 housemates now). Too many wants, too little place to store them.

      1. if u find a cheaper source pls come back & tell me! I want to get this set but...arghh paying more than double the price of what they're selling is not what I have in mind :(

    2. I LOVE BAKERELLA!!! Must start stalking Kuching's Toys R Us!!! <333 This would be so awesome for a candy buffet! :D Thanks!

      1. yes agree will be perfect for the a candy party!!!!! and dessert table setting!!!!!

    3. Din't know they have this here!! but ah..so exp! T_T

      1. yeah i also got shock there's such set .. n second shock the price!!! BOOOOO TOYSRUS!

    4. I wanted to get... my bf says "its for kid".... im forbid to buy... after mentioning the price comparison, I feel better for not buying in the 1st place

      1. It's definitely easy to use so suitable for kids :D I feel better that I didn't buy it too... it's just too expensive for something like this.

    5. Hi,

      I am also looking for this set for my daughter. I found it on Amazon but with expedited shipping it will cost RM200++ so RM170 at 1U is a good deal. Without expedited shipping it will take 4-6 weeks (more like 12 weeks they say) but it does cost the same i.e. RM170. So the cheapest you can get it is RM170 and it is already here on the spot.

      Looks like I have no choice then. Unless I go for the Cool Baker cake pops maker which is cheaper including shipping.


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