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    dating younger men, better or worst?

    With my newly single status, my friends has been asking me to start a blog about my dating life or shall I say adventures. I guess being one of the rare ones in my peer group to be still single intrigue them as I share my dating stories from time to time. Maybe nobody will be reading this (idk) and maybe some will find it interesting as I open my life up to my readers and friends (and family oh o) who's reading my blog. Where shall I start?

    As Jeremy says, I was never single for long. True enough that I don't have a "bf" since my ex-fiance and I separated but I was never really single for long if you count dating and seeing someone. I separated in September, and by October I was dating a charming musician with a beautiful voice . He was also Eurasian and 11 years too young for me. We dated for 3 months until I left him one day suddenly without a word. We saw each other again for one last time for my birthday. I remember him composing two songs for me (he says it was his first time ever doing so, I doubt I believe that).

    I didn't believe in love anymore after my ex-fiance but he manage to change my mind (I am still a sceptic). However being the older one, more experience about the reality of life vs someone who is about to start his future, I knew the differences were to great and it wouldn't work out.

    Dating a younger man, I can say it was a an eye opening experience as they are more passionate, sensitive and expressive compared to older men. The things I remembered were him texting everyday and greeting me good morning & good night without fail, surprising me with sweet e-mails confessing his love, writing poetries and serenading me on Skype when we weren't seeing each other. Things older men don't do (am I right ladies?). No wonder Demi Moore, and Madonna are dating younger men.

    I truly enjoyed the moments I spent with him even though he was my rebound. Yeap I had a rebound 11 years much too young. After all I could get away looking younger than my age and I still get younger men trying to hit on me not knowing I could very well be their big sister.

    So far, I've dated quite a fair bit of men, some extraordinary, some intriguing but mostly, they weren't local men. I guess I don't get along with local men after all. My next story will be about how I went on a blind date with a scientist from America. If you find that interesting.

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    1. younger men, they will try their damn best to impress :) that's what i read lah, i never experienced one XDD anyway Tammy, enjoy life! *hugs

      1. yeap, that's instant love and instant heart break for those who are not careful of these young spirited men haha! :D

    2. Great idea. I don't mind peeping into somebody else's love life, what's with my own in shambles. U know what, we have one thing in common... i don't get along with local guys as well. My first bf (if it could even be counted as that) was a british indian (at least he claims to be so and we've met a few times and everything). What I could say is that, international guy doesn't have our local guys narrow preference like wanting a girl to be fair, skinny and shorter than them.


      1. heyyyy don't say that. Confidence is sexy remember. Glad that I have someone to relate to and I do agree guys abroad is not as shallow minded as the local men here (majority of men here). They usual slim, boobs, fair, shorter than than and pretty / hot / beautiful.

        Like as if the local men here are anything but hot, buff, tall, clean cut, without acne scars and potholes in their faces like the roads we have. They don't even earn much, bad fashion sense, hygiene and grooming oh m g.

        And I'm speaking about the majority of men I met and know.

      2. The thing is, (just my opinion anyway) local guys care too much about what their friends / family / public are going to say. Maybe some like tanned / chubby girls but the way they are brought up make them choose the traits that are more accepted as 'beautiful'.

        I don't really mind about the earnings though.. just.. at least act like how much you earn. Some of them strut their stuff like they're earning RM12k a month when it's actually less than half of that. So much effin dignity, I'd say!

        Omg, I am dissing them pretty bad huh? I like them as friends la.. but romantically...nope. Will change my mind if a good one emerge in my life.. haha.. who knows right. Am just chillaxing and let love find its way.

    3. as someone who is short n overweight, i have never had the courage nor confidence to even try dating (nor did some guy ever tried to) and i'm turning 28 soon. I'm really interested how you manage to bounce back so fast, and with such confidence and already in the dating scene. would really love to read more about it :D

      Reader H.

      1. when you say short, how short? I am 167cm :O some regard that as short. I never had the courage to date as well, but as I become older... that fear just turns into "who cares". I guess the auntie in me is slowly emerging. Babe, I'm older than you way more.. and in your 20's should be focusing in having fun in your youth. Guys will come n go, when you hit 30s you're going to not care about wtf people think anymore. Well that's what happened to me.

        Bounce back from my effing rship? I say, it's when I realise I am bloody beautiful creature created by God and nobody is going to take that away from me. I am going to continue loving myself because nobody will love me, the way I do and more.

    4. Looking at dating trannies and particularly in broad daylight is still especially an unthinkable subject in Malaysia. Individuals bashful far from the subject on the grounds that generally Malaysians are hesitant parts. This is presumably incompletely because of the sex training or absence of it in Malaysia that by and large, individuals still respect subjects identified with inverse sex relationship are taboo.


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