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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • My Frollic Shoes Love Them!


    sweet relief for your soles

    Christmas is over but yet I still admire the gifts from my friends and readers. Among all the Christmas gifts, there's one reader who sent me shoes! yes its my first time receiving shoes and it fits! I'm so happy that it fits, I was just guessing how big was my feet when she asked in e-mail. Thank God it actually fits snuggly! Also very blessed to have this gift from her, it came at the right time as I have been thinking to pack my own comfy sandals in my bag wherever I go as lately my feet hurts from walking everywhere. This reader of mine, her calling name is Pretty Datin Ummi! I'm not sure if she's really a Datin? don't dare to ask such questions! She told me that she notice I always attend events and she feels I should have Frollic Shoes in case of emergency moments.

    each pair of Frollic comes with a big & small pouch!

    comes in a re-usable box too!

    She's right you know. At times when I'm walking around KLCC to Pavilion and back to back (I don't drive, I walk and take public transport or taxi to places) my feet really gives me hell time and I'm forced to either stop walking or get a pair of affordable sandals to change. This happens occasionally! I think I have 4 pairs of Ipanema already because of this "emergency" sole moments. Because of this I was thinking of bringing my shoes in my bag wherever I go but they're bulky and heavy to put into my bag unless I have...

    something like these! light and foldable shoes!

    it rolls/flatten/folds/flexes to fit into your bag!
    (it comes in a cute lil frollic pouch too)

    looks great for "emergency shoes"

    Thank you Pretty Datin Ummi from ILUVBAG Blogshop. I never thought a reader could be so considerate and so kind to give me such a present, especially when we never met before or spoken! (this is a silent reader who pops out suddenly!). The moment I put them on I just had to e-mail her back and ask her for more information regarding the Frollic Shoes which is a good idea for emergency cases like mine. She actually sells them and my shoes are worth RM110. I asked if my readers could get a discount if any of them wishes to purchase the Frollic Shoes from her. Pretty Datin Ummi said no problem! just this time for pre-order only, anyone who wants to purchase the Frollic Shoes from her can get it at RM50 for a pair or RM100 for two pairs, postage costs will be waived (I'm not sure if international shipping is waived?) this offer is valid for a week from this post date :) so if anyone wants to get these cute shoes too get it now before the discount and free postage is over!

    Pink Blush size L

    Red Viper size L

    I got them in L size (size 9-10) and in Pink Blush (very comfy lining) and Red Viper (which is much more solid than the normal one tone color Frollics, feels like latex). Pretty Datin Ummi has many colors available for you to choose, you can refer to her blogshop here for the colors, the sizes and the prices but do remember :) if any of you want to get these shoes at a discount n postage waived, let her know where u read it from and she'll know what to do. Thanks Pretty Datin Ummi for the Christmas present. It's very considerate and sweet of you, I love the colors and I bring them in the cute lil Frollic pouch it comes in with. Very travel friendly!

    My Frollic Shoes at [click here]
    RM50 for a pair or RM100 for two pairs
    Promotion from today until 22/1/11 for my readers
    *postage waived t&c applies*


    1. Ooo.. I like the red one lol I can't wear these type though. Somehow my heel will keep slipping out at the back and it's annoying =_= But good idea. I've heard of it before this and I think every girl should have one in case your heel breaks, sole comes off, uncomfortable etc

    2. Isabel: u must be a mermaid! (slippery heels) haha. Ah yeah if someone stole their heels they got spare to still go home too! haha..reminds me of that show Sex And The City

    3. I wanted to buy this long time ago.. but RM50 is still kinda expensive for me.. >.<
      Can bring it together when wearing heels to events/party, den change when foot sore!! =)

    4. Jean: yeah it's great as backup after wear heels >_<!

    5. Sha Rifa: thank u dearie!!! no wonder first time see commenting! get it while it has discount n postage free ^_^.

    6. luving the pink blush. it's so cute!
      lucky u ;-)

    7. Looks like ballerina shoes hahah
      it's great for emergency, but i usually have another pair or few pairs of shoes in my car lol.

    8. i have one in gold and copper... wear them in the office as my office pnya area kna buka kasut

    9. Just place me order ^^. Got the devilish red one. Wonder should I order another pair too?

    10. Alicia: but :( i am not sure if it will be as good as the ones u bought in UK! this seems like a emergency shoe only, i've not tried it for long-period of walks (everyday shoes) to see if it "falls apart"

    11. Hi, I'm your new reader, may i noe where can i get a beautiful make up case? Give me some idea..

    12. Hi sorry for late reply :( cny holidays n celebration hehe...

      beautiful make up case? depending on budget, I can recommend u to go buy from Sa Sa Malaysia or Shins or those cute beauty shops around Sungai Wang. Those are for budget buys (depends on size). For more branded/good/quality ones they're usually very expensive n u can get from retailr/dealers like Yokoboshi? err..can't remember how to spell the word. Make up/cosmetic counters also sells cosmetic cases if u're a fan of a certain brand but usually these are very expensive. U could try hunting down from ebay or at warehouse sales too.


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