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How To Shop on Althea Korea

introducing the how to shop on Althea guide

So I have decided to blog about how to shop on Althea Korea. I may improve this version from time to time depending on reader's needs. For now this is version 0.1 of shopping on one of the best Korean Beauty online website in Malaysia. It's real easy, visit and decide on what products you want to buy. Click on the product image and it will lead you to the product page where details of the product can be found, along with price. Fancy the product? Just add to cart.

click continue shopping or go to shopping cart if you're done shopping

you can also check out via the top right of your "my cart" tab

which brings you to your shopping cart
(Paypal has been replaced by Molpay now)

At the shopping cart (check out page) you'll see your order details under order review. Make sure it's correct along with the quantity before you place your order (button found below). The payment options available at the moment are Paypal but don't worry! Even if you don't have a Paypal account, you can still make payment by credit or debit card option at Paypal's payment page. You might be charged a USD1 which is the normal procedure by payment gateways now (even UBER charge RM1 for adding a new credit card to account). What I know is this USD1 by Paypal is refundable after a month. More payment options will be available and I heard it's this week!. Molpay has been implemented on 23/7/2015 with payment options such as bank transfers, credit and debit card payment. Updated: As at 1st August, Paypal has been brought back to Althea to facilitate easy payment for those who already have Paypal account.

For shipping rates, currently Althea Korea is offering free international shipping upon purchases above RM100 in conjunction with their grand opening launch (July). After this, it will be RM150 in order to get free international shipping. Quite a standard free shipping perk by international shopping websites. If you don't want free shipping, just input your shipping address on the right side of your shopping cart to see shipping rates at your grand total calculation (on bottom right). For parcels below 500grms @ RM28 and above 500grms @ RM34 depending on weight and location. I pretty much think Althea has miscalculated this so please take advantage of their affordable shipping and courier charges for now. I would advise to just purchase enough for free shipping. You're not losing out on that extra $$ to replace shipping charges.

P.S: I know because I shop on Lush Singapore, Luxola, Etc and comparing Althea, hell it's OKAY!.

Yes it's shipped directly from Korea to Malaysia (West & East) and then Ta-Q-Bin the local courier will take over and courier the parcels to customers. I've made two purchases and at both times, Ta-Q-Bin has called me to check if I am home (which I wasn't) and was kind enough to meet me nearby at a cafe where I leech on wifi to work. For East Malaysia, shipping and delivery will take longer than West Malaysia - a few more days. I also heard that for rural or more urban areas, it might take longer as well. For any reasons, a tracking number is provided in your account and you will also receive an e-mail from Althea on your order being confirmed and tracking number given.

The tracking number is for the shipping, and can be converted to Ta-Q-Bin's tracking (local courier) by calling Ta-Q-Bin up and checking with them. You can also check with Althea's customer service team at and they will assist you. I suggest you call Ta-Q-Bin up which is immediate rather than waiting for emails to be replied.

once you're done checking, click place order
use ATA150 to get RM20 discount off RM150 purchase (July Only)


After making payment, you will receive payment confirmation sms / e-mail from Althea Korea. Your order will be processed and you can check the status on your Althea account. Once the order has been processed and ship, you will receive an e-mail with tracking number by Althea which can also be seen on your Althea account. Delivery takes up to 10 - 15 working days (not including public holidays and weekends). Again e-mail should you need to find out what's going on with your shipment (only like after 15 working days, don't go e-mailing everyday asking when is it arriving).

I hope my simple guide on how to shop helps :O just leave comments for me so I can update this page from time to time depending on what info I left out. On how to track your shipment / order from Althea Korea, please click here.

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