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  • The One, Dolce & Gabbana Collector's Edition: Couple's Perfume Set


    gifting ideas for couples: royalty in a set

    Say if anyone is looking to find the perfect gift for couples on their wedding or engagement, you can check out Dolce & Gabanna's the one in collector's edition. The one has been it's iconic scent for some time, but it wasn't an interest to me as I thought it would be too overwhelming for my liking. However this collector's edition just screams royal sophistication in a very sexy way so I spritz the red one on myself and omg, it just smells great! Perfect for a wine and dine evening or any of that black tie affair.

    Like the flacons (bottle) you can see the simplicity in both and simple means up most luxury. What's distinguishable is the gold coin, a strong motif in the Dolce & Gabbanna's fashion collection 2014 presenting a journey of discovery of ancient Sicily and the Greek culture that lies deep within its history. Each coin presents a profile of the mythical Greek Gods, representing wisdom, courage and intelligence. A sense of reality and surrealism embodies the one for female and male. 

    the collector's edition: a timeless elegance

        the symbol of ultimate luxury is in my hands

    The collector's edition is a couple's perfume set, a 75ml EDP in passionate red for the woman and a 100ml EDT in deep rich brown for the man. The duo perfume is a combination of the powerful couple; enigmatic woman of fierce yet sparkling splendour while the man whose sophistication command the attention of all around him. The box, an ancient Roman inspired gold casing, heavy to the feel opens up to showcase the two perfumes. Just like the quote, behind every successful man is a woman. This gift is perfect for such duo characters in life.

    passionate red for woman, deep rich brown for the man

    The one for woman is a passionate red flacon with a female mythical God embossed on a gold coin. The scent? Rich oriental floral perfume that opens with a sparkling and modern interpretation of fresh top notes of zesty bergamot and mandarin combined with juicy lychee and peach. The heart notes journeys into a timeless scent of Madonna Lily with its voluptuous intensity and enveloping femininity. The end notes unfolds to reveal a deep and sensual base of rich vanilla and resinous ambery and smooth musky note to leave a lingering presence.

    the one for woman: oriental floral

    the one for man: oriental spicy

    The one for man is a concentration of elegance and sensuality. House in a deep brown flacon, a regal richness that embodies the jewel toned set of the collection. This is a classic and modern fragrance that's vibrant and engaging. Unlike the woman's, the man is a oriental spicy perfume developed from the harmony of tobacco notes and refined spices. The vibrant elegance of the top notes comes from the mouth watering combination of grapefruit, coriander and basil. Spicy and warm notes of cardamom and ginger drive the strong sensual signature, which over time yield to the authentic masculinity of the deep dry down of tobacco and ambery notes along with cedarwood

    will you be the one?

    my imagination when I smell the scent

    My take on both of the scents? I don't feel any roman vibes from the woman's fragrance. Being Asian, it's quite a familiar scent of oriental and floral. I could smell the vanilla musk strongly, behind the floral fruits notes. Being a fan of vanilla and musk, this perfume definitely caught my attention. I find the combination of notes very sensual. I could imagine I would be dressed in a long shimmering gown, with deep v, my gold jewellery softly decorates my neck and wrist. I'm slowly walking towards that man, whose gaze is soft yet powerful looking at me.  He smells of the classic confidence with a hint of smoky wood in his tuxedo. He would be my perfect, embodiment of success and with me by his side, we make the perfect couple. That's how I imagine the scent of the one, man and woman.

    Definitely a keeper. The scents last long into the night, leaving the ends notes that lingers until morning. I would give this to any couple I see befitting of the status and confidence they exude. Available at Dolce & Gabanna's counter from November, 2014 onwards.

    Price List:
    Dolce&Gabbana The One Collector’s Edition 50ml RM348
    Dolce&Gabbana The One Collector’s Edition 75ml RM463
    Dolce&Gabbana The One for Men Collector’s Edition 50ml RM222
    Dolce&Gabbana The One for Men Collector’s Edition 100ml RM308      

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    1. It sounds like it smells amazing :3

      1. it does, it's very classic and yet sensual not in an overwhelming / powerful scent way

    2. oooh~ sounds so sexy! me too, is a huge fan of vanilla and musk. Gonna check this out to see if it's to my liking. Thanks for sharing the love!
      xx, Mira | http://lemieletlavanille.blogspot.com

      1. thanks for reading my blog Nuraini! Glad to know you're also a fan of Vanilla & musk! <3

    3. Awesome... I like the packaging... it's bold and beautiful!!!


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