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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Les Floralies comes to One Utama!


    Les Floralies in One Utama

    Congratulations to Les Floralies! they just open their first flagship store in One Utama (my second home haha) just opposite Cotton On or Forever 21 on the first floor High Street, New Wing. I have been wanting to check them out in Pavilion but that never happened so I'm really happy that they decided to open their store in One Utama! which is like the best shopping centre around (muahha sorry! I love One Utama). I went there yesterday! (9th July, 2010) didn't know it was their opening day lol and guess what's waiting for me...

    yummy yummy snacks & ice lemon tea!

    Great Barrier Island Bee products!
    (reminds me of another bee product!)

    Earth Organics bath+shower creme
    (cucumber and mint sounds nice)

    more bees! and this cool keychain lip balm below

    the products are from New Zealand!

    what I have been waiting for "Sniff Box"!

    they have 5 types of Sniff Boxes!
    (refer to the chart to see which one u need)

    I became a member *smiles*

    I checked their face book page (click here to join) the other day and knew that there's some kind of promotions going on there. There's two, the membership program where a welcome goodie bag awaits you when you purchase rm250 above to become a member and the sniff box promotion! These are the benefits for becoming a member:

    Spend RM250 to become our member and enjoy the following benefits and privileges:-

    *DISCOUNT 5% off normal priced items for members. No minimum purchase required.
    *SPECIAL One-time 15% discount on member’s birthday week AND Birthday Gift Voucher of RM50.

    *EXCLUSIVE Monthly special-priced items for members only.
    *EXCLUSIVE Members-only events & sale preview, promotion and updates.
    *EXCLUSIVE Promotion with partner brands – discount vouchers, free gifts with purchase, etc.
    *FREE Welcome goodie bag with free products & discount vouchers worth up to RM200.
    *FREE Membership renewal with spending of RM1,000 & above within 12 months.
    note: above benefits are subjected to terms & conditions of membership

    sniff box brings me back to my childhood days

    Lavender (sleep) and Recovery (depression etc) Sniff Box
    promotion - rm10- off for these few days only

    I only went for the Sniff Boxes which I find very interesting, partly because I am very into aromatherapy and I believe in its healing benefits for the mind, body & soul. What Luck! they're actually having promotion on the Sniff Boxes! but only on Lavender (which is actually the Sleep Sniff Box, same ingredients just different packaging) and Recovery (for sadness, depression etc). They are sold at RM65 retail price but with RM10 off, it's just RM55 for the time being!

    I love the Recovery Sniff Box! it smells happy!

    In the Sniff Box there's tiny beads of essential oils (embedded) kinda like those tiny perfumed balls we used to buy when we are kids (hope u remember?) they use to come in all kinds of packaging (boxes, packets, bags, pencils, etc) which smell really overly chemically. I like the sniff box because it don't smell that way & there's real essential oils in it that would help me ease my mind (Lavender). I was surprise to meet their General Manager Liza on sight, she told me that she has Lavender sniff box in her car (opened) and it's still smelling after 6 months! that gave me a great idea to put one in my bf's car and study room coz he's always moody and crappy after work. I'm going to plant "Recovery" around him so he won't scold me for shopping like a maniac.

    my first Les Floralies haul!

    So yeah I became a member, bought some sniff boxes (3 Recovery & 2 Lavender) got my goodie welcome bag which consist of a vouchers (there's a rm20 les floralies voucher in it too), a Les Floralies mug & keychain and a 2pc bodycare product from Les Floralies. Afters I went to Delicious Cafe to have dinner with my friends. I gave Wing a Lavender sleep box because she's having problems sleeping. Hope it helps her to sleep better.

    my Les Floralies sniff box haul!

    While I was dining at Delicious Cafe, someone called up my name (I was shocked and she reads my blog!) she also gave me a cupcake baked by her mom. She's celebrating her birthday here! Girl you really shocked me, I have no idea you existed until now (you never leave comments) and so sweet of you to leave your gang to come talk to me! I was so taken by your smile and sincerity that I dunk my hand into my Les Floralies haul and took out a Sniff Box for you! Happy Birthday Babe! *hugs*I hope you like Lavender? do comment! sniff sniff. I'm waiting for my friend to give me our photo so I can put it here!

    Miu & Adeline at Delicious Cafe, One Utama

    As a blogger, this is my first time being approached by a silent reader & a cupcake. It's so amazing. Thank you for making my day a happy one. I have been sad *sniffs my recovery sniff box*.


    1. I keep passing by the outlet in Pavilion but never really checked them out.. Perhaps I'll have a look next week.. :)

    2. if they give better gifts than l'occitane, will definitely switch to them~

    3. I never see them in Pavilion, so like you said - them being open in 1U is also perfect for me; some more I can collect points with my ONECARD, haha!

    4. Fatin: where in pav! gosh.. :( i still don't know where it's located... pav is alien to me.. ahhaaaa

    5. Akiki: Loccitane more expensive than them woah..

    6. Synical: hey babe, long time no see! and yeah can collect points with one card! i am so with u on this! go 1u!!!

    7. will try to look at their products them
      looking for good shampoo and conditioner

    8. akiki: so far i only use kiehl's anti-dandruff shampoo for my dandruff problems :( let me know how's theirs yah? btw one card member at one u can get free hair/scalp check with rusell saloon! n mystery gift +rm10 voucher..

    9. mine is super dry root.
      no products had ever fixed this problem.
      tried kiehl's serum but still.....
      oh,free check!!!! i like it
      do u know when is the promotion ends?

    10. akiki u boleh tengok sini, http://onecard.com.my/promotion/promotion.htm

    11. i got problem sleepin..i wanan get one too!!

    12. funny la u tammy...always say yr b.fren moody & scold u...but frm the pixs i've seen in yr fb/blog, he does look kinda garang *sorry*....but u 2 are so cute together :)

    13. Wah, so rich ah, can even give a stranger a RM55 sniff box...

    14. Doroshi: try the sleep sniff box (or lavender rm55 on promo) hope they extend it :(

    15. Irene: haha.. yeah he is very moody n bitchy.. worst than girls on pms. I am very afraid of him. Won't marah u lah dun say sorry, he really look fierce!

    16. Anonymous: consider as giveaway for my reader's bday :)

    17. Hi
      I'm the bday girl and super thanks for the gift. I forgot to say happy belated bday to you when gave u the cupcake -_-' ur wonderful lah

    18. dear bittersweet! your name is Adeline right? my bday pass long time oledi but thx for making me feel special!

    19. Hiya Miu
      Yes that's my name. Ur memory is gr8. keep up the gr8 shopping n blogging ^.^

    20. i am on shopping ban now! no more shopping for me?! sigh.. hope i can do it..

      it's still fresh in my mind for now! until.. i am stressing out with blog work.. i'll soon be losing my memory >_< n mind


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