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Johnson's Body Care Sample

guess what I did today sigh

I have a way with opening my letters and I guess that way ain't working very well for me anymore! It's just that I love receiving mails and packages from the post man and when I do, I like to tear it open like a Barbarian! gives me a kick and probably that's how I release stress sometimes. Today I receive a mail from Johnson's (facebook) where I registered for a sample for their body lotion (latest). I thought it would just be a sample in there as I can feel the product in the letter so I tore it in half and something peek out - a voucher. ARGH! I have tore my voucher in half! #$%%&**( jumping around like mad. I did not expect them to give a Amante Nail Spa & Body Care 70% off voucher whereby I can either choose:
  • Nailtek Spa Manicare at only RM25 NP RM85
  • Christian Breton Supreme Whitening Facial Treatment at only RM71 NP RM238
  • Aromatherapy Body Massage 60mins at only RM23 NP RM78
Much love anyway to Johnson's! this is a nice surprise! I'll definitely be looking forward to try the 25ml Johnson's Body Care 24 Hour Lasting Moisture Lotion sample! Click here to register for yours now. Amante's not bad if you're looking to try Aromatherapy Massages. I go to Solaris Mont Kiara for mine :)

moral of the day: do not count your samples before opening