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Babylon A.D - Miu is celebrating xmas early

Michelle Yeoh again! she must be earning $$$$$$ from all the movies she's doing in Hollywood! Anyway I do have some tickets left and well I am a very generous person actually. I would love to invite some people to go watch this movie with me =) some new friends I made like Uncle Frog, Hurley, Ewin, Jaime (he will never step foot here as he has aeroplane fears like me!) who has been persistently dropping by my blog (I wonder why). Well guys you're in luck and I'm in a good mood to use my screening tickets to redeem for Babylon A.D (I hope this is a good movie, the trailer is awesome and Vin Diesel reminds me of Riddick again) so please let me know if you want to watch this movie and I'm going to see who really reads my blog now and won't inform them what I am doing HAHAHA.

Babylon A.D.
Cathay Cineplex Damansara
27 Aug 2008 (Wed) 9:15 PM


1. Uncle Frog
2. uncle wife
3. Ice Nyior
4. hurley
5. skye (malaysian babe forum)
6. skye bf
7. henry
8.Tim Ai
9. Edwin
10. Edwin gf

1. chee mun
2. brick
3. tammy
4. jasmine
5. Jeffrey
6. Zuhri
7. Zuhri
8. Zuhri
9. Zuhri
10. Zuhri

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  1. Jamie figures if he started out in a row boat last year he might make it! but not too likely!
    He also likes reading blogs of people from other country's to see what is up what is there thoughts on life the universe and everything! To meet others minds it the greatest thing in life!
    Also this looks like a kick ass movie without one of those cute fairy tail ending

  2. ok icey :D lai lai

    jaime: lol..start rowing the boat now! u'll be in time for B.A part 2!!

    kick ass movie without cute fairy tale ending? u tryin to say the hero die hehe? heyy u watch it already??

  3. No Jamie has not watched it but that is the type of movie I love where everything is not solved in the last ten minutes of the movie and everyone live happily ever after! Do not get me wrong I love those moves too but not always not every damn movie! I love the surprise ending where they guy doesn't get the girl not everyone lives and the bad guy doesn't win but makes out pretty good!
    "In to each life a little rain must fall!"

  4. i wanna watch too but can I have 2 tix ? pretty pls ?

  5. haha ok sure skye :)

    email me your contact details!

  6. I wanna go too...damn how could i miss this little post here! It's gonna be a good show because of the bald guy...raw action!

  7. hahaha.. i was testing to see if u r readin my blog!! hahahahah

    anyway i thought after becoming poring u wouldn't be in the mood to watch movies?

    sky: confirm 2 for u :)


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