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50+1 Malaysia years in Love

Everyone in Malaysia knows that we will be celebrating our 51st Merdeka day this year and usually Malaysians would like to do it together over a big screen television at their favorite mamak stall which is occupied most of the time by football fans cheering away for their favorite team. However lately because of the Beijing Olympics fever the mamak stalls were filled with shouts of dismay like “ALAMAK” as Lee Chong Wei won the silver medal instead of the Gold Medal for badminton games. Well all that news will soon be replaced by shouts and cheers of “MERDEKA MERDEKA MERDEKA!” this coming 31st August which marks our 51st Merdeka celebration and what better to remember this faithful day by having a 50+1 Malaysia book published by QuaChee as we all smile in a bond of unity, trust and love. Malaysia my love, Happy 51st Merdeka Day.


  1. nice, i hope you win. i have not have the inspiration to write yet, am thinking hard......

    been busy and out this whole day, collecing you know what from you know where and only got home about 2 hours ago and watched kungfu panda with my kids...

    whoever invented 24 hours should be informed that it is not enough....wish we were in Pluto instead, would have longer days and years, hehehe

  2. well :) i am sure u gona write up a good piece just like how u always do on your blog (looks like your style of witting u know)

    kungfu panda! i just receive my prize on kungfu panda (the soundtrack cd, nto the show) and it's not bad actually.. all instruments. Listening to it right now.


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