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Funny thing happened on the way to Pavillion

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Funny thing happened to me on the way to Pavilion on the 4th August, 2008 (Monday) 2 days just before my trip to Bangkok. I saw this man wearing a dress? crossing the roads with a bunch of people including me. Not wanting to make him nervous, I took pictures of him from behind. He seems to be rather cool and relax holding his helmet, in Bukit Bintang like that. I wonder if it's a contest or a radio dare or something? Anybody know?


  1. not wanting to sound strange but then again its me Jamie so what the heck! may be he finds it much cooler in the dress, like most clothing for men they stop any air flow but I am guessing in a dress you women get good air flow on hot days but on cold days I shiver when I see woman walking around in short dresses it must be damn cold!
    Or he is strange in the brain or lost a bet?

  2. sorry Jamie again I think he could have done better matching his outfit to his shoes and accessories!

  3. lol jamie i think you're beginin to sound like a girl!

    this funny guy, i am guessin it's a DARE! lol...but until i find out what happened..stay tune lol


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