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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

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  • KiPPas: Malaysian Passport Kiosk


    I finally renewed my passport because of my Bangkok trip! I paid RM300 for 32 pages (pokai teruk) and I did my passport at Pusat Bandar Damansara (near Help Institute). For more information about the applying for an Malaysian passport you can go to the immigration department website. For those who's curious about renewing passport via Machine, you're in luck because that's how I renewed my passport on 1/08/08 (my trip is on 6th August, 2008!) First of you can click on the image below to read about KiPPas which is the Passport Renewal Kiosk System.

    (Malaysian's dream come true)

    What is KiPPas?
    • KiPPas is a kiosk system which offers a service for passport renewal.
    Who is allowed to use the system?
    • Malaysian citizen aged 18 years and above.
    What are the requirements for application?
    • chip based international passport
    • mykad (pls make sure your mykad chip is working)
    • 1 passport size photo (blue background)
    • sufficient cash
      - 32 pages RM300
      - 64 pages RM600
    What cash denomination does the machine accept?
    • RM50 and RM100 only.
    What are the operation hours of the kiosk?
    • 8.30am - 3.45pm (Mon - Fri)
    • Close on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday.

    My Guide to Renewing Your Passport through KiPPas!
    1. make sure you have your passport, mykad, money & 1 passport photo!

    2. go to Pusat Bandar Damansara (which is near Help Institute)

    3. go to KiPPas Kiosk Shop (see picture below)

    4. Please go early! so u can get your passport early! (I went at 9am on Friday)

    5. When you go into the shop, on your left is a stand where you can find envelopes. You need to put your passport, passport photo into the envelope provided ok? Hold on to it and go to the Machine! there's about more than 4 machines there I think. A guard will be there so if you have any doubts you can ask him questions. The shops has posters for information as well if you don't dare to approach the guard.

      KiPPas Machine

    6. You can start applying to renew your passport at this machine. It's very simple really! just follow step-by-step guide with your selected language (just like ATM Machine). You can go no wrong if you follow the step-by-step =)

      make sure you don't submit a faulty passport/photo

    7. During application, you will be asked to insert your Mykad into the card slot (like atm) and it will start verifying your information. Details like name, ic no etc will be ask so you need to key in (just like atm again). Finally the machine will ask you to deposit your envelope containing your passport, photo (and whatever that is required) into the slot available (u can see there's a big slot there but u need to push it in hard as it's quite narrow).

      after 2 hours u can collect!

    8. After that the machine will give you a receipt. Please KEEP YOUR RECEIPT as it will be needed to collect your new passport at the counter (the shop on the left of KiPPas). It takes 2 hours to process your application and the receipt will indicate a collection time. What to do for the 2 hours? well there's Starbucks, Subway, KFC and other eateries around so go have your breakfast! I had mine at Starbucks while reading newspapers and magazines.

    It only took me 5 minutes to KiPPas my passport and 5 minutes to collect it from the counter on Friday! (I came at 9am and collected at 11.10am!) This is how fast it can be and I thought Friday would be a disaster. Do remember that this kiosk is only for renewing passports and not for first time passport application or for passports that don't have the chip! (meaning u have old passport without chip).

    How to check yours is chip or not? the back page of your passport u can feel there's something there LOL. OH and please make sure your Mykad's chip is working because if the machine can't detect it, you need to renew your Mykad!!!!!!!! (which happened to Boi-Boi) at the same place and apply manually for passport haha.



    1. cool.

      for a minute there, i was thinking that there is someone behind the machine to open your envelope, process it and return through the same slot, you know, the way the person behind the ATM count the money you want to withdraw and slot it out to you when you make withdrawal?


    2. not bad. I still remember in the 90's you have to queue like hell to renew the visa. =(

    3. is this so you can take lots of plane rides because Jamie knows from you other post how well you love plane rides!
      never had a passport because i have never needed one unless I was to win a pile of money then I could come and climb all those stairs! by the way do they have camp sights because I figure 4days I should make it to the top! I just don't know what I would have to take for the plane ride there!

    4. By the way Jamie would like to know who all your are going to drag to see MAMMA MIA! THE MOVIE.....
      I think it actually looks good to me kind of a fun movie!

    5. uncle: yeah that's what little kids imagine yeah?! uncle u r forever young.

      hurley: used to wait 3 months for a stupid passport to be processed at shah alam sigh..

      jaime: mama mia is so good! i'm tryin to see if there's any preview tix to get! haha. Jaime loves plane rides too right?? hahaha...

    6. I went to Subang (Terminal 2) to renewed passport at the kiosk, there are 3 officers to help you and I get my new passport exactly in 2 hours but make sure you go early. So remember to bring along all items as mentioned and PHOTOCOPY OF YOUR IC.
      (maybe in damansara doesn't need photocopy of ic)

    7. I am due to travel to UK on the 1-2 June, 2009. my passport was just recently renewed after the old one get full. Now i am having to face the same hussle of renewing a passport that has netiher expired nor gotten full. It is very inconveniencing.

      My plea is that the government should consider an open ended extension to those whose passports are still valid and have adequate pages. For me, it means having to redo my work permits into a new passport which is equally a tedious process here in RSA.

      i hope the governments can listen ! Augustine Mkandawire, Cape Town



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