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When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Saturday Shopping: Loccitane, Paradise Kiss, PhotoYou and Magazines


     Loccitane Christmas Gift Set & Paradise Kiss

    December is here but I am so broke due to the holiday trips I took this year that for December, I can't shop like crazy and the urges are killing me. Everyday I can't stop thinking about splurging at a face/body shop and carrying heaps of bags home to put under the Christmas tree. Anyway I had to still buy something to cheer myself up. I was at Mid Valley so I dropped by my favorite bath shop Loccitane and grabbed the limited edition Christmas set "Delice Delight" RM120. Of all the juicy sets and sales, I picked this one because it features the latest products from Loccitane and it comes with a cute candy pouch. I am waiting for the charity candle RM12 but Loccitane says it's not out yet (as usual, takes some time for them to stock, may as well don't print the available dates on the brochures). 

    to see more gift sets n promotion click here

    L'occitane charity candles RM12
    (click on poster to read)

    Dec, Magazine Hauls

    Then I dropped by Gardens Borders after watching Twilight: Breaking Dawn. Yes I love this recent installment of Twilight. It's better than the last one. I find the honeymoon to be so romantic and Bella's so happy. Then boom she got pregnant with a "thing" and it might be like a devil thing (her new vamp family is worried about this) or it might be a beautiful thing. No spoilers here go see the movie yourself. It's December, so I just had to buy the magazines to read for this year. Been missing out a lot. 

    Loreal Shampoo foc with Female Dec

    FOC Canon EOS keychain with PhotoYou 

    cool, chic and cute magazine for photobugs

    Found PhotoYou, a Canon photography magazine with tips, stories, and how to. It's really chic and cute. I think it's a photography magazine made for women. Yes seriously! I think so. It's so cute too and they give easy to follow and understand topics. It's like a photography + scrap booking magazine. Highly recommend you girls to get this magazine. Free a Canon EOS key chain (cute! dangling charms) with Autumn 2011 issue.

    released in Japan theaters May, 2011

    Lastly, I was browsing a comic bookstore in Curve at night while my boyfriend is "yumcha-ing" with his pals. Suddenly saw Paradise Kiss Japanese Movie DVD on the shelves! Paradise Kiss was a popular fashion manga I loved years back, they made anime out of it too. Gosh what have I been missing out on this year. 

    Paradise Kiss, abbreviated to “ParaKiss”, is a manga series written and illustrated by Ai Yazawa.

    In the Paradise Kiss live action movie, Keiko Kitagawa (北川景子)(Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, Buzzer Beat) will play the role of the main character, Hayasaka Yukari, a high school student who is tired of the meaningless and repetitive life that has been forced upon her by her uptight mother; while Osamu Mukai (向井理)(Hotaru no Hikari 2, BECK) play as Joji Koizumi, an eccentric, handsome, and extremely charismatic student of Yazagaku who has extraordinary talent with a gift for fashion design.


    Yukari – Kitagawa Keiko 北川景子
    George – Mukai Osamu 向井理
    Miwako – Oomasa Aya 大政絢
    Arashi – Kaku Kento 賀来賢人
    Isabella – Igarashi Shunji 五十嵐隼士
    Kaori – Katou Natsuki 加藤夏希
    Hiro – Yamada Yuusuke 山本裕典


    1. Aromatic candles instead of a planner this year? Hai... But must support charity! Oooh u make me wanna watch parakiss!

    2. saltvinegar:

      Yeah for rm12 u can click here to see the candle http://www.loccitanemalaysia.com.my/happ_promo.php.

      As for the planner... they do have it BUT it's not for sale! :( the staffs told me it's only with RM350 gwp!!! dang. I hope they sell the calendars after christmas (where else would they store so many unused 2012 calendars right? haha).

      U should read the manga! :D I'm going to start watching after i take a cool bath It's hot today.

    3. hi,i'm also a fan of ParaKiss!!

      too bad i didn't like the cast much since it almost different from the manga one..hehe..but i love how they change the ending..at least we can watch a nice ending rather than sad one..

    4. Hi, may I know where did you see the Paradise Kiss dvd at? Which store in particular? Is it on for sale? Please reply asap if possible. Thanks!

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