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  • Shills Meet Beauty Bloggers Event! (By Guest Blogger Hannah)


    Life isn't all peachy for Miu. Sometimes she gets so busy she can't even go out anymore from her cage! *meow* so what's a kitty to do? send for help! For the Shills Meet Beauty Bloggers Event, I've sent a SOS to my girlfriend Hannah to be my guest blogger! it's her first time attending such an event! Check out her post on the Shills Beauty Blogger Event, it's so darn pink!!! I love it!

    Early last month, I had an opportunity to attend this terrific beauty event at Berjaya Times Square. During this collaborated event by SHILLS and Sakae Sushi in a late afternoon, everybody had some fun time getting to know about the brands' latest "movements". For SHILLS it was their latest star products while for Sakae Sushi it was their new iPad Ordering System - Malaysia's very 1st.

    I remember seeing SHILLS products being introduced and recommended on Taiwanese show 女人我最大. And apparently it made an impression on my Mom too because when we last shopped together at Times Square there was this rented stall SHILLS had to promote their merchandise. At that time, their star product used to be this thing called Bamboo Charcoal Black Mask? Mom was really tempted to try it out with the promotional price and all, but she passed it up after all.

    Having attended this event I've learned that SHILLS has moved on to quite some extent. They now have several new star products from different categories. Some are for body, some for face; some are skincare/bodycare, some lean more towards cosmetics. Anyway, there was this SHILLS girl who was very nice and friendly, let me try every product that interested me haha.

    And on beautiful Esther too :)

    Actually met up with Esther before we headed to the event's venue together, mingled a tiny bit and the presentation to introduce all the new star products began.

    I being attentive, of course. Lols

    I figured can never be as pretty as Esther so I'll just be ugly lah.

    There were quite a few products being introduced to the audience but the ones that caught most of my attention are gonna be listed down below:

    1. -5°C Ice Whitening Skin Renewal Spray

    I know the claim saying that this will drop your skin temperature by 5 degree Celsius might raise your eyebrows by 45 degrees, but this really is a very cooling, very icy spray that I picture will be of great great use during a vacation in a summery destination.

    Containing Hyaluronic Acid, Silk extract (both for good hydration), Arnica extract (for promoting blood circulation and anti-inflammatory properties) and Grapeseed extract (as a dose of antioxidant), this spray cools your skin off hence is able to tighten your pores, provides sebum control and is hydrating at the same time! Spray this on your body or on a cotton pad to apply on your face before make-up, and it shall prep your pores to be smaller in appearance, less oily and your skin will feel super cool.

    I'm not sure if it precisely decreases skin temperature up to -5°C but it really does leave my skin surface much much cooler and the best part is that the coolness remains for, I'd say, at least 10 minutes. When one of the staff sprayed a good amount of this on the back of my hand, this spray actually turned into a piece of white ice 0_0 and dissolved into liquid the next few seconds. I know right, shocking. From the goodie bag each of us received during the event, I got this among some other stuff and now I can't wait to try spraying it on everybody hahaha

    2. Quick Clean Gentle Body Exfoliater (Cleanses, Peels && Brightens)

    Was quite fond of this Gentle Body Exfoliater as well since I thought this would be one of the easiest ways to execute an all-body exfoliation. Also a spray but the product comes out as a super fine greyish foam that you can apply on wherever you need; rub it in and dark-coloured flakey residue will appear.

    My high school Science teacher used to tell us all about the various benefits and possible usage of papaya enzyme, said it's extremely good for skin and even for weight reducing, albeit I don't know how. Nonsense aside, this exfoliater contains papaya enzyme as well as pumpkin enzyme and hamamelis extract to gently melt dead skin cells away and provide skin with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory goodness.

    3. BB Dewy Cream SPF50 PA+++

    Finally here comes my favourite!!!

    To be honest this BB cream kinda rocks. No greyishness for the first half an hour, no risk of applying too much = no risk of having thick mask-like face make up. Applies like a dream with a very interesting texture. Once you let it set, it feels very smooth, looks very smooth, not sticky at all. I cannot say enough good things about it, my bf even thinks it looks better than Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua 0_0.

    The only downside to some people might be the coverage and amount of product needed. Compared to using my other BB creams, I apply quite a lot of this product, in several layers (depending on how much time I have in the morning and how much coverage I need). I would say it isn't a full coverage BB cream, but it is buildable. And even when you build the layers up, it hardly cakes. The fact that it doesn't cake up is extremely convenient for me because I wouldn't have to think while doing my face. Super duper love.

    After the event, all the bloggers got treated to a savoury meal at Sakae Sushi...... (to be continued)

    Stay tune for Hannah's next episode! =) 

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