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ALLOVE Diamond Life's Perfect Sparkle


looking for the perfect ring to propose?

As the well-known saying goes diamonds are a girl's best friend. Well, in that case, I'm sure the new ALLOVE Diamond from leading premier jewellery brand SK Jewellery based in Singapore will be a BFF and steal the hearts of girls all over the world, as well as, their husbands and boyfriends wallets!

Launched at the cosy and intimate atmosphere of the Private Room Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur, over afternoon high tea and a speech by General Manager Angelina Lau introducing SK Jewellery as the exclusive distributor in Malaysia, the revolutionary ALLOVE Diamond collection, you can say is ''a cut above'' any other diamond in the market at present.

It boasts a unique 81 facet cut to be precise compared to 57 facets of traditional diamonds. This exceptional cut of perfectly aligned facets eliminates light leakage in traditional triple x diamonds, therefore, maximising light performance and refraction resulting in more eye-catching sparkles and a wider spectrum of colourful rainbows than a traditionally cut diamond. It achieves the full reflection that brings out the ultimate shine in every diamond.

getting to know the uniqueness of ALLOVE diamond

the chance to view the diamond up cl

Brilliance Scope Viewer to check the diamond

With the use of the Brilliance Scope Viewer on display, I could very clearly see under the loupe, the symmetrical cut and perfect intricate pattern of 10 perfect hearts and 10 perfect arrows (alludes to love), which is the iconic signature and hallmark of an ALLOVE Diamond. It is also the ultimate expression of everlasting love and devotion, so I guess this exceptional sparkling rock is perfect to be reserved for your one and only true love.

crafted in the diamond capital of the world

SK Jewellery only sources the finest rough diamonds through the global supply chain to meet the stringent standards of its cutting edge technology. It is extremely rare for any rough diamond to be crafted as an ALLOVE Diamond, as only 1 in 1000 make the cut, being carefully handpicked and ethically sourced. Only a very few select craftsmen in the world are experienced and skilled enough to cut the ALLOVE Diamond as it takes a lot of precision to execute the 10 hearts and 10 arrows. So be aware that when you are buying one, you're also buying a custom work of art!

30 years of research & development
patented in more than 100 countries

artisan craftsman & internationally recognized

The collection offers an assortment of luxurious designs bearing the spectacular ALLOVE Diamond, which boldly pushes the boundaries in diamond cutting techniques. It has also been patented in over 100 countries worldwide including the USA, Europe and Asia, with international diamond experts hailing the ALLOVE Diamond cut as so revolutionary that it will set a new benchmark for diamond cutting in the global industry.

signature setting - the perfect 10 for the perfect love

Only 0.1% of all stores meet Allove's requirements. Whilst a traditional diamond returns a simple light, ALLOVE diamond has a clear and brilliant reflection and an intense flicker. Assurance of GEMEX certification guarantees the complete traceability of each diamond. The ALLOVE logo, a unique identification code and an international certification number are inscribed on every diamond's girdle, which can be verified on the ALLOVE official website for your own piece of mind.
Disclaimer: This is a feature from attending the ALLOVE media event. For more information about ALLOVE Diamond, please refer to their website here

Cutest ToothBrush Holder


check out my new toothbrush "homes"

Yesterday I dropped by Nu Sentral to buy stationary at Popular Bookstore. While waiting in line to pay, there was a standee of cute animal looking casings that caught my attention. They're toothbrush holders! I was looking for something like this for a while but didn't really come across any nice ones to my liking until now. They have so many types of animal, from panda, elephant, giraffe, penguin, eggs and t-shirt shape ones. I picked out the sea turtle and penguin. Obviously, penguin for me and sea turtle is for Baby G haha.

Was getting tired of washing the glass cups that I put toothbrushes in because grim and water collects at the bottom. I was surprised that these were made in Malaysia? the site is called myflipper.com and there's a range of designs you can see from there.

Each costs RM18.97 pretty expensive in my opinion for toothbrush holder but I bought it anyway coz it's so cute. A bit hard to pry open and close back, but I guess it's all like that?

the back 

"unboxing" time haha 

pretty cute and sturdy, not el-cheapo feel and look

Throwback: BeneBox Charity Project


our Bene Box Project group picture

I can't believe how time flies these days. One minute I'm counting down to my birthday with fireworks in Bali, next celebrating my 1-year anniversary with my boyfriend and then it's August. This means 4 more months to Christmas / New Year again. Not to mention another year older (smacks head). I've been sick for the past 3 weeks with tonsillitis (bacterial infection) since back from Korea. Agonising, painful suffering. I couldn't eat properly, swallowing my own saliva was so painful, I could cry. The pain also affected my right ear, it felt like someone was pouring chillis sauce inside. Didn't help that I was feverish, eating paracetamol like candies. One minute I was so hot (high fever) the next I was shivering under the blanket. At times I woke up with cold sweat.

Good news, the amoxicillin (antibiotics) hospital doctor prescribed me has improved my condition. It was stronger than what the clinic doctor prescribed me. I was given a week's dosage along with anti-inflammatory pills, painkillers, throat spray, throat gargle, and magnesium. Today's Sunday and I can also finally say goodbye to painkillers *phew*.

Enough sleeping, so I decided to edit my photographs that I have been keeping on my desktop for so long. It was the photographs taken last December when I organised the Bene Box Project (Christmas) for charity with CaffeBene Malaysia. To find out more about this project, read my blog post here. In short, just to speed things up. The Bene Box Project is inspired by the shoe box project (overseas) where we gather gifts and packed them into shoe boxes to be given to orphanage children as big sisters. It's not just stuffing "things" into the boxes, we really took our time to make a thoughtful gift that would be fun for the child assigned to. Each box was also personally decorated or gift wrapped using various craft materials the big sisters gathered from shops nearby.

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”
― Anne Frank, diary of Anne Frank: the play

Instead of shoeboxes, we used Bingsu takeaway boxes donated by CaffeBene for our activity. On Sunday morning, the bloggers a.k.a members of Butterfly Project gathered at CaffeBene, Puchong 101 Mall for the activity. We brought toys, candies, stationaries, anything that could fit into the Bingsu box. Each person was assigned to a child of age and sex so the gifts would be appropriate. The gifts were left behind at CaffeBene, who will then personally deliver them to the orphans.

I hope you enjoy these photographs taken from the heart.. You can see everyone putting their love into making the gift a special one for the children. I will not forget this special memory together with everyone who took their time to come and support this Christmas charity activity and for always being supportive of me.

Sunday Morning at CaffeBene Puchong 101 Mall

armed with coffee, we started packing our gifts

Caroline & Samia enjoying each other's company

carefully packed gifts for the children

some were serious, making sure this was perfect

surprise gifts included - spot the giraffe
little notes from the big sisters

time to decorate the boxes

big sisters showing their creativity

P.S: I was really touched by the bloggers who showed up to support this activity. They took the time, effort and heart to make this work. I can say I am proud to know them all. It's not always about taking, but it's also about giving and these bloggers, gave.

Special thanks to:
1. Julianna (Rika)
2 Bowie Cheong 
3 Leona lim 
4 Betty Liew 
5 Trislynn Chan 
6 Aliza Sara & partner
7 Alyza Fisol
8 Miera Nadhirah
9 Rachell Ho
10 Sharon Sree
11 Samia Saad
12 Carolyn Malasig
13 Ridley Jing
14 Sabrina Noor A 
15 Mokshanah16
16 Misz-ella 
17 Leonard Heng 
18 Tiffany Lee
19 Anis Farhana
20 Juneci Siong & partner
21 Fiona Chan
22 Carol Lam
23 Adrienne Wong
24 Gareth Tucker
25 Mae Wong & CaffeBene Team

Boss Woman Runaway Edition & Hugo Boss The Scent


eenie meenie miney mo

This post is a tribute to my love for Hugo Boss perfumes. It's been some time since I wrote about perfumes so I thought on my sick bed I would edit the pictures I took earlier and talk about my favourite perfumes from Hugo Boss. I don't keep many perfumes because I don't want to keep them too long (scent will die). Amongst my collection, there are three triplets that I adore very much. Born by BOSS, they're groomed and dressed to be fashionable ladies - each with their own unique scent.

BOSS Runway Edition - The Animated Film

They're called the Runway Edition (EDPS), and they're oh so beautiful. Each bottle has a fashion sketch, a silhouette of a woman in a day dress, tuxedo and evening gown. The bottles are slim, sleek and glossy. Just what you need to go from a classic to powerful to sophisticated women in a day.

if the bottles don't charm you, the scent will
 BOSS Jour EDP 50ml RM266/ 75ML RM339

A sophisticated fragrance that encourages women to be the authors of their own destiny. An invigorating interplay of white flowers and citrus notes create accords sure to excite and inspire. This limited-time edition perfume bottle features a sketch based off of one of the runway looks.

Top notes: white flowers and citrus

It's a refreshing & light floral fruity scent that's nice for day time.

BOSS Ma Vie EDP 50ml RM266/ 75ML RM339

A fresh, indulgent, and fulfilling fragrance for a feminine, independent woman. The lively and uplifting brightness of the cactus flower and a suave pink floral rosebud bouquet provides an elegant sensation of softness and strong femininity. The intense warmth of cedarwood encourages confidence and ease. Ma Vie is a fragrance that captures the intimate essence of the BOSS Woman’s independent spirit, releasing the indulgent and fulfilling sensation of simply savouring life – her life. This limited-time edition perfume bottle features a sketch based off of one of the runway looks. 

Uplifting brightness from cactus flower and a pink floral bouquet
Hints of rosebud for an elegant sensation of softness and strong femininity
Warmth from cedarwood encouraging confidence and ease

A floral fresh scent that exudes that of a woman's bold and charismatic femininity.

BOSS NUIT EDP 50ml RM266/ 75ML RM339

With notes of white peach, jasmine and sandalwood, BOSS Nuit Eau de Parfum is as elegant and classic as the piece it was inspired by--the little black dress. This limited-time edition perfume bottle features a sketch based off of one of the runway looks. 

A sensual "evening gown" perfume that wraps itself around the curves of your body with tender notes of violet and jasmine.

what's that next to the beauties?

My man who looked like Gerard Butler (yes lah), who incidentally is the face of the Hugo Boss's Boss Bottled, who sounds like Gerard Butler (almost lah), and smells like Gerard Butler too! (well if Gerard Butler wears Hugo Boss, since he's the ambassador right?). In short, my man loves Hugo Boss and he is (the closest thing I would get to Gerard Butler).

These days he wears BOSS The Scent. Which is a very manly scent to me (can't get enough of it!). BOSS description says "unforgettable seduction" with exclusive notes of Ginger, Lavender, African Maninka fruit and Leather stimulate the senses in a time-released formula. Now that just explains why I love this scent on him. It's just smells really good and it's unbelievable long lasting on him, till the next day I could still smell it!

Product & Price List:
BOSS The Scent EDT                          50ml        RM272
BOSS The Scent EDT                          100ml      RM360
BOSS The Scent Deostick                    75ml        RM96
BOSS The Scent Deospray                   150ml      RM96
BOSS The Scent After Shave Lotion    100ml      RM272

Available at all Hugo Boss Fragrance counters near you. 

The Connor's Experience August: Nicsmann 1940's By Lewré


A Night Made Right Experience with Plusizekitten.com

The CONNOR'S Experience is a holistic one for consumers to fully immerse themselves in the "Just Made Right" essence of CONNOR'S Stout Porter. From drinks to food to getting home safely after a fun night out, CONNOR'S Stout Porter wants to give consumers a chance to enjoy A Night Made Right with their buddies - all packaged in one amazing deal. With the CONNOR'S Experience consumers get to enjoy delicious CONNOR'S-infused dishes paired perfectly with a pint of CONNOR'S Stout Porter at great prices. In embracing their "drink responsibly" mantra through their partnership with Grab, they are offering consumers a free ride to and from each participating outlet.

use promo code GRABCONNORS to participating outlets*

In conjunction with the partnership with Grab (formerly known as MyTeksi). Grab will be offering a discount for all customers that ride with Grab either via Budget Taxi or GrabCar to the participating outlets. This exclusive discount from Grab will be RM8 off for 4 rides to the participating outlets for all New and Existing customers that pay via credit/debit card only. Use promo code GRABCONNORS to enjoy the exclusive discount. Also, to those Grab customers that ride with Grab to the participating outlets, you will be rewarded with a FREE Half Pint of CONNOR'S Stout Porter. You just need to flash your booking receipt to enjoy this reward.

(Note: Each booking receipt is entitled to one (1) FREE Half Pint of CONNOR'S Stout Porter)

Remember to not drink and drive. It's always safer to drink and ride back with Grab in conjunction with the CONNOR'S Experience. For more info, visit http://www.facebook.com/ConnorsMY


CONNOR'S Stout Porter is a creation inspired by the original Stout Porter recipe from the 1700's Great Britain. The essence of the original was carefully recreated to deliver the same crisp texture, creamy head and gentle roasty undertones. Though crafted further to suit modern taste buds, CONNOR'S Stout Porter is perfectly balanced with the right bitterness and robustness. Approachable in its taste, CONNOR'S Stout Porter is a pleasure that's easy to drink. It's just a great brew for good times with friends anytime.
My Grab experience travelling from my condo to Nicsmann 1940's By Lewré @ TREC was a very smooth, comfortable and pleasant journey throughout. My driver was courteous, very chatty and quick to pick me up and drive me to my destination. It definitely made it safer to reach home after a night out with friends. My very own designated Dave. 

the Nicsmann Lewré story

fashion meets lifestyle

the perfect F&B lifestyle destination

Nicsmann 1940's by Lewré opened its doors in Trec Kuala Lumpur (Nov, 2015)
Malaysia's 1st ^ only urban F&B, lifestyle & commercial destination.

lights, fashion, action! cheers

The overall ambience of Nicsmann 1940's By Lewré can be described as an elegant and fashionable wine & dine experience that features modern contemporary western cuisines. Beautiful black & white cherished portraits and photos of shoes (associated with the Lewré brand) and fashion belonging to the late founder (Born in the 1940's-influencing the name of the restaurant) can be seen gracefully adorning the side walls as you ascend up the red carpeted stairs towards the chic spacious dining interior. Diners can enjoy a panoramic view of KL tower and KLCC twin towers which are clearly visible outside on the balcony as well as the spectacular greenery of Selangor Golf club at the back of the restaurant.

    have you visited Nicsmann by Lewré?
    You’ll never guess it, yes it’s Lewré the fashion brand!

the CONNOR'S Experience menu
the duck is my favourite!

Smoked Duck Breast with 1 full pint of CONNOR'S Stout Porter RM48++ 
served with homemade mashed potato, fruit compote and a CONNOR'S infused Honey Glazed Sauce

The Smoked Duck Breast was succulent & cooked to perfection. Peking Duck inspired creation bursting with explosive flavours Salty (Duck) CONNOR'S (Bitter) & Fruit Compote (Sweet n Sour) (Grilled skin until crispy giving a tender juicy texture with the crust of the skin remaining on) Paired together with the fluffy tasty mash, packed full of flavour fruit compote and topped off with CONNOR'S infused honey glaze was a winning combination to satisfy the taste buds!

juicy tender lamb ribs

Tender Braised Lamb Ribs with 1 full pint of CONNOR'S Stout Porter RM68++ 
served with traditional Ratatouille, mashed potatoes & CONNOR'S braised lamb jus 

The Braised Lamb Ribs were very tasty, juicy and tender... the meat just fell off the bone. (Braised for 2.5 hrs with CONNOR'S Stout Porter) Also, I thought the mashed potatoes combined with the ratatouille and CONNOR'S braised lamb jus fused very well together and complimented each other.

A Night Made Right, The CONNOR'S Experience

These 2 specially selected dishes have been created by Nicsmann's/Friendscino's group culinary director chef Helvin specially for this CONNOR'S Experience to allow fans to taste the robust, explosive combination of flavours of CONNORS paired with their meals. If you're looking for a fine wine & dine experience, fun night out with friends or a place to celebrate a special occasion then I recommend you consider Nicsmann with it's special promotion menu in association with CONNOR'S, as it's only going to be for a limited period only 1/8/16 - 31/8/16.

P.S: Do not forget to grab a ride with GRABCAR, flash your booking to get a free 1/2 pint CONNOR'S Stout Porter.

Nicsmann by Lewré, Trec KL
E-1-02, 436, Jalan Tun Razak,
55000 Kuala Lumpur,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
click here for facebook

to make a reservation
+60.3-2110 0317
+6013-359 0443(WhatsApp)
or visit www.friendscino.com/Reservation
For more info, visit www.fb.com/ConnorsMY

Crabtree & Evelyn's Afternoon Tea (LIMITED TIME ONLY)


Crabtree & Evelyn's afternoon tea experience

If you enjoy afternoon teas with biscuits, then you're going to love what I'm about to share! Crabtree & Evelyn has thought of something out of the box to bring their fine food collection closer to their customers. The first ever Pop-up Cafe to create moments of indulgence is open to invited customers from 26th July - 31st July, 2016 @ 10am - 10pm only at 1Utama (New Wing, LG High Street, opposite Swatch). The Pop-up cafe is open to public from 27th July @ 2pm onwards.

Thanks Crabtree & Evelyn for inviting me to the preview

The seating capacity is only for 28 guests (small, cosy, quaint English garden). Definitely selfie worthy as you find yourself in the centre of the shopping mall, sipping tea on green lawns and gardens. If they surround this area with flowers then it would be perfect. Once seated, you're presented with a cute small menu where you can choose between 2 sets at RM18nett / set. Payment would be by cash or credit card (Master/Visa).

Pick Either One Set RM18nett:
  • Choice of Tea with Choice of 3 Biscuits; or
  • Choice of Tea 1 Scone & Choice of Preserves. 
Your Choice of Tea Selection (Pick 1):
  • Blackberry Green Tea
  • Earl Grey Tea
  • English Breakfast Tea
  • Mint Green tea
If you opt for the Biscuit Set, here's the biscuit selection:
  • All Butter Orange Biscuits
  • Lemon & White Chocolate Biscuits
  • Salted Caramel & Belgian Milk Chocolate Chunk Biscuits
  • Strawberry & Clotted Cream Biscuits
  • White Chocolate & Raspberry Biscuits
If you opt for the Scone set, here's the preserve selection:
  • Strawberry & Rose Water Preserve
  • Wild Blueberry & Lavender Preserve


Crabtree & Evelyn's Pop-up Cafe

pick a choice of tea with 3 biscuits or scone with preserve

scones (normal) / biscuits (5 types to choose from)

unique cookies to try from Crabtree & Evelyn
(Lemon & White Chocolate Biscuits)

White Chocolate & Raspberry Biscuit is yummy

strawberry & rose water / blueberries & lavender preserve
to go with your scone & tea

there's also a pampering massage corner

There's also promotions & gwp gifts!
(click on posters for larger view)

Completing the whole experience is a corner set up to pamper customers with a hand massage ritual using Crabtree & Evelyn's popular hand lotions. Six days is too short to enjoy such a luxury from Crabtree & Evelyn IMHO. This may be a prelude to a cafe in the making, which I hope would come true because it would definitely be a hit with a cafe that provides afternoon tea in an English garden-inspired setting along with Crabtree & Evelyn's popular biscuits, preserves, and tea. For more information about Crabtree & Evelyn's Pop-up Cafe, visit www.crabtree-evelyn.com.my, their facebook or instagram @crabtreeevelynmy.

P.S : I'm a Crabtree & Evelyn member since 2008 and have been buying their biscuits every Christmas as gifts for family. Their biscuits are one of the yummiest around, so I am really happy to be able to enjoy this time-limited experience. I would go back to buy the fine food collection promotion!. 
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