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This blog is now happily written by the cutest couple you've ever seen. Gareth's Irish while I'm Malaysian. We met in the most unexpected way possible and since then have been in a loving relationship. He loves to eat, drink and try new exciting things (even extreme sports) while I love the quieter things in life, like spas, massages, shopping and beauty! But we have something in common, we both love travelling.
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Fisherman's Cove Starhill Celebration Package Review


My Year-End Party x Birthday

I have always wanted to throw a year-end party celebrating the coming of my birthday (turning a year "younger") and ushering the New Year's surrounded by my closes friends. People who you don't need to talk to every single day, but when you do, you can't stop talking. I planned months ahead to find the perfect place. One with delicious food, great ambiance, and good service. I remembered Fisherman's Cove, Starhill from my last visit to celebrate Baby G's birthday. We had lobsters, tiger prawns on skewers and sides that made our day, just fabulous.

Fisherman’s Cove evokes the ambience of a rustic Asian houseboat. Inspired by local and European varieties of seafood, award-winning celebrity Chef Wai focuses on specialty seafood sourced locally and around the world. Chef Wai, who is also co-author of the award-winning Two Friends – One Cuisine coffee table book, is adept at bringing out the freshness of the produce and ingredients he uses. His culinary style and techniques featured in the book are reflected in the dishes he crafts. You may also enjoy your meticulously prepared meal at the mezzanine and dine at the booths that resemble a houseboat’s bamboo shed and watch the world go by.

I contacted the restaurant to find out about their celebration package, which is an exclusive menu with chef's recommendations. There Menu A, B & C. Obviously, my heart was set on C which had a "seafood tower" in it. I google and google but couldn't find more information so I made my way to the restaurant to speak to the manager himself and to pick out the best spot to host my guests.

Fisherman's Cove Starhill, Bukit Bintang K.L

serving fresh and high-quality ingredients

the ambiance of a rustic Asian houseboat

 one of the lively dining restaurants at Feast Village, Starhill

Fisherman's Cove Celebration Package
click image for larger view

The manager Dien and his supervisor Fauzi were helpful and so friendly. They explained that the celebration package is somewhat like a semi-buffet (only the sides), party sharing portion and assured me it would be a fine feast that would impress my guests. When I asked about the seafood tower, Din took out the two-tier copper brass tower to show me. He said the top would be piled with oysters, and the bottom would be filled with fresh assorted seafood on ice such as mussels, clams, prawns and a lobster.

Impressed, I booked a party of 9 just before New Year's Eve.

surrounded by people who love me

all the special people who helped me in more ways than one

nothing less than a perfect culinary experience

my friends enjoying themselves

they loved the oysters so much, I order two dozens more!

Baby G said he's pregnant with food after the dinner

When I arrived early to check on my table, I was impressed it was all set up with flowers and printed menu on the table for my guests. The supervisor Fauzi and his waiters took great care of my guests, from pouring the wine, to attend to their call. Other guests, kept stealing glances, wondering what's the commotion about, and how we're having two giant seafood towers which weren't on the menu. I bet they're jealous (haha) because we were given so much care and the food never stop coming! My guests kept eating, even though they've reached their food quota. Surprised by each dish that came out of the kitchen, they made moaning sounds "Ohhh Ahhh" after tasting each one. Sydney who sat facing me had this orgasmic glow, smiling to herself after each bite.

At a dinner party, one should eat wisely but not too well, and talk well but not too wisely
- W. Somerset Maugham

Baby G was quiet as a mouse, silently devouring all the oysters and prawns he can consume. Anis Eros and Leonard who sat at the other end was on a high, chatting and laughing non-stop. Kiersten, on a diet, politely decline any carbs but enjoyed her oysters and wine while making her infamous Thai voice impressions that cracked us all up. Jo, surprisingly shy, was observing everyone and laughing by herself at my end. She loved the oysters.

I was busy taking pictures and eating in between so I could blog about this and remember this night forever. I'm going to show you the dishes that were served from start to the end so you get an idea of how fabulous this is, even if you don't take the celebration menu, a la carte is available for the seafood. I'll put * on the dish that's recommended! My favorites are the clams, lobster, lamb chops and garlic bread (this is really good!).

P.S: I bought my own wine - white wine and a Muscato (sweet, fruity dessert wine) to pair with the seafood dinner. Corkage charges are RM100/bottle here.

Fisherman's Cove printed the menu for each guest

Little Bites - Appetizer
*Tiger Prawn Skewers with Togarashi
Crispy Fried Calamari with Mint Mayo

First Course - Starter
*Hirata Three rice buns with a choice of 
Salmon, Shrimps or Lump Crab Cake filling
Roasted Red Snapper Sandwich

Fisherman's Cove Sides served in a Boat
*Garlic Bread Sticks
Crispy Potato Wedges
Spicy Onion Rings

Main Course
*Seafood Tower
Salt Crusted Whole Sea Bass
*Grilled Lamb Chops

*Shucked Live Canadian Oysters on ice

oysters were so good, I ordered 2 more dozen
Oyster Menu (Ala Carte)
3 for RM33 | 6 for RM60 | 12 for RM100

Live Boston Lobster with lemon wedges

Fresh Australian Tiger Prawn
Venus Clam with thousand island sauce

*Medium-done Milly Hill Premium Lamb Chops
served with Grilled Vegetables

best lamb chops I've ever eaten! succulent & juicy
Salt Crusted Whole Sea-Bass

steaming fresh whole sea-bass

Desserts To Share
*Fisherman's Cove Signature Creme Caramel

Strawberry Pomelo
Banana Split Ala Chef

I would like to personally thank the manager, Dien for arranging and tolerating my stalker mode (comes out when I'm planning party). Taking the time to explain and accommodating to my needs. To the supervisor Fauzi, your great care and hospitality during my birthday were impeccable, thank you so much too. My guests were happy, the feast was fabulous and everyone can't stop talking about it.

My Year-end Party was absolutely pukka (Brittish slang for first class).

P.S: I hear the restaurant will be closing down the end of this month as Feast Village is planning for a local cuisine restaurant to take this place. It's such a pity as the food is really good. If you love seafood and lobsters like me, I highly encouraged you to visit this place before they're gone forever. I'll be back to try everything on the menu.

here's my secret saving technique

FavePay Promo Code "TRYFAVE"

If you're planning to come here, #dealqueen is here to save you! After comparing all the discounts and deals out there, I decided to use FavePay to pay my bill here because I get a 30% cashback for my next visit to Fisherman's Cove. FavePay is a cashless/cardless mobile payment method that's linked to your credit card.

For instance, bill RM2,000 @ get RM600 cashback!

As a first-time FavePay user, I purchase this RM0 Fisherman's Cove code to discount 10% OFF my bill (max cap RM20).

There are many restaurants that are on FavePay, and the savings can be up to 30% depending on which restaurant. Fisherman's Cove, for example, is the best 30% savings in the app. You can find out all about it on http://lp.myfave.com/favepay and if you have any questions you can ask me here because I tried-and-tested this!

My dinner wasn't sponsored by Fisherman's Cove or FavePay. I wish it was.

The Althea Un-Pore-Getable Box Review


Althea Korea's Popular Beauty Boxes

I must say that when it comes to beauty boxes, Althea Box is hands down, a winner in that department. No subscription, no surprises. If I see a box I like, I can buy it. Prices range from RM99 - RM120++ for a box. Shipping takes 10 - 15 working days to from South Korea and then couriered right to your doorsteps (signature is needed).

Sometimes the delivery is fast, say 3 - 5 working days.
Sometimes there are bonus samples thrown in (if you're lucky).

But the best part about buying Althea boxes is that they're full-size Korean Beauty products of mixed brands that I can gleefully discover for a fraction of the actual worth! If I like what I'm using, I can purchase the product right off Althea Korea.

Here's a shopping tip: Mon, Wed & Fridays is when parcels are going out for shipping at Althea.

The Un-pore-getable Box RM127 (worth RM417)

Just FYI, the only reason Althea Box exists is that it's made to entice you to try out Korean beauty products. Some could be brands you know already, some are brands that you don't even know exists! Mind you, there are MANY K-Beauty brands out there. It's such a competitive market that everyone wants to outdo one another by coming up with the latest, coolest, or cutest products.

I don't always buy Althea box because then my home will be a warehouse. BUT when Althea released the "Un-Pore-Getable" Box I just couldn't say no to buying it. Why?

Quirky Name | Attractive Price | Brands I love | Brands I want to try

I love the quirky names they give for their boxes! Makes it all the fun to own the box IMHO. And because I could actually see what's inside the box makes it easier to decide if I should pay for it. The box is meant for people with pore-blems (see what I did that lol) and I have enlarged pores on my nose and cheeks that are becoming very annoying when I look into the mirror.

I also liked that the box has three popular brands I know - Laneige, Innisfree and Dear Klairs. Of course, my favorite here is the Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask which retails for RM63.20 so this box was already a steal for having 7 products inside.

What's Inside The Un-Pore-Getable Box?

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask
Common Labs Mild Peeling Finger Pad
Laneige Powder Fit Cushion #23 Sand
Rire All Kill Pore Tightening Ice Stick
Dear, Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner
Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Care Sample Kit
My Beauty Mask Pack

** I'll be listing the retail value of the prices if I have information on it **

a box full of goodies makes me happy!

a total of 7 products given

and a pack of assorted skincare samples
(I love free samples yay)

After nearly a week, the postman came! I tore the pink package and went through the box excitedly like a kid in a candy store. Feeling very happy and contented, I finally calm down and open the first thing I was curious to try the Rire All Kill Pore Tightening Ice Stick. What a long name =_= ... anyway, I twist the product out and it reveals a white balm. I read reviews that it's cooling and refreshing to the skin but I don't feel it. Perhaps the ice toner I bought from Althea previously did a much better job at cooling the skin temperature down when it comes to "ice" products.

I left it in my fridge and gave it another go, and this time I had the icy cool effect I needed! It felt so nice on my hot cheeks, and I could feel a firming plumping effect. I think one would have to use this for a few more times to see if it does help with pore problems. For me, it plumped and made my pores smaller only on the first couple of use.

Rire All Kill Pore Tightening Ice Stick

Common Labs Mild Peeling Finger Pad (7pcs)

this is how the finder pad looks like

This is another curious cat product that I wanted to try! I've been having a love-hate relationship with peeling pads. Some are quite harsh and should be avoided if you have sensitive skin like me. You'll know because it starts giving you a burning sensation, and the area turns red (irritation). I gave this a go and it didn't irritate my skin *phew*.  Thought I would only use these a few times a week and not every day so my skin doesn't thin out from the "peeling".

I like that you can slip your fingers inside and then start massaging your face in circular motions. I can see it the pad turning dark, cleaning away the dirt and sebum on my face. Only 7 pieces inside this box, I think it's great for traveling but not for long-term use.

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask RM63.20

a 6-in-1 pore treatment clay mask

This pore clay mask is my favorite among the bunch! This is a lot cheaper than Glam Glow's Youth Mud if you're in a tight pinch. Containing super volcanic cluster capsules, this 6-in-1 pore treatment clay mask helps to absorb sebum and deep cleanse your pores. Your face will feel cleaner, brighter and firmer after using. If you have dry skin, be sure to use a moisturizer or hydrating mask after this because clay masks can be very drying.

I use this mask when I want to overhaul my face during the weekends. I'll start by cleansing my face with my Clarisonic Mia facial cleanser, then applying this clay mask all over my face avoiding the sensitive eye area and mouth. Y

P.S: You can opt for the peeling pads from the box instead of cleansers.
I leave this on for 10-15mins and wash off with warm water (it dissolves faster). Then I use the W.Lab Black Kill Pore Cleaner which comes with a massaging tip that dispenses the product. This helps soften and remove blackheads! For stubborn blackheads on my nose, I use a blackhead patch (any kind) to remove them or a blackhead suction machine (I use Philip's pore vacuum).

Follow by toner or anything icy cool to "shut" the pore holes!

The box came with Klair's popular toner so I am using this instead until it runs out. I've heard how good it is for sensitive skin but only tried it for the first time thanks to this box! It is really amazing, I can't believe how soft it made my skin feel. It's a bit thicker than normal toners since Korean's like to make toners that are beneficial to the skin. It's more of an essence based toner. I am impressed!

Dear, Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner 30ml

My Beauty Rice Sheet Mask

If you've dry skin, then after a clay mask you should slap on a moisturizing mask. My Beauty Rice Sheet Mask comes in handy here. When I tear open the packaging, there's so much juice in it! The sheet mask fits perfectly on my face (I hate big masks that's uncontrollable) so this one is just perfect. Rice masks are great for brightening your face and for anti-aging (think SK-II). My skin, particularly around my cheeks, are juicy plump after this mask! The downside, there's a lot essence left on my face and after removing, it gets sticky (don't like sticky) so I washed it off. The juices are already inside my skin anyway :D

P.S: I REALLY LOVE THIS MASK! I'll get more on my next Althea haul! Cheeks so juicy, soft, plumper and hydrated!!!

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Care Sample Kit

The box has a sample kit which I stored sneakily away for travel purposes (I'm not going to use this now! sorry! no reviews). Innisfree's sample kits are just too cute to use hehe! 'coz there's cute lil' fellas on it (Jeju Volcanic rocks). It has a packet of cotton pads, miniature pore cleansing foam 10ml, and pore toner 13ml.

Laneige Powder Fit Cushion #23 Sand RM139 - 159

cream to powder conversion

The last product from the box is from Laneige's long line of popular bb cushions. Unfortunately, the Powder Fit BB Cushion which is more suitable for oily skin since it gives a matte powdery finish isn't for me.  I have dry skin and even with all the skincare prep, I still don't like the finishing it gives. My face turned chalky and I could see lines and pores. Nope, not for me.

here's a tip: pin up your samples/masks
so you can see them and use them!

Overall, I am happy with my purchase of this box except for the bb cushion. Althea should stay making it a full skincare box for pore concerns, I don't understand why the bb cushion is included. Not everyone with pore problems has oily skin. Also the shade is pre-determined for the box, so if you're fairer or darker than #23 you won't be able to use this bb cushion. That's probably the weakness of the box when it comes to shade specific cosmetic products being put inside.

This box is already sold out but you should look forward to their monthly boxes. They release 2 - 4 types of boxes every month and loads of promotions too (which is killing my pocket). If you liked a particular product you read here, you can search for it on www.althea.kr to see if it's available. Since the box is exclusively curated, some products may not be individually sold on Althea.

P.S: I bought the Wanderlust Box too, and will be reviewing it next weekend! That box is super cool too because it has the popular Peri Pera Fashion People Carier in New York. I'm giving away the Seoul one on my blog birthday giveaway.

Looking For Interior Designers? Meet Atap.co



I am loving this site! Why didn't they launch sooner? When my x-fiance bought a house, I was put to task to find an interior designer and come up with a renovation plan on my own. It was difficult! I didn't know anyone who was an interior designer (ID) or felt comfortable trusting word-of-mouth recommendations. It's not helpful that most IDs don't have websites! So, the best option I could think of was Lowyat forum, as the blogs I read were not comprehensive enough and lacking in the information that I required to help me choose a reputable ID. I googled till the cows come home. Looking at Atap.co made me wish I didn't have to go through all that.

Finally, there was one go-to place to search for home and space ideas, see other projects, and view portfolios from over 1,000 local interior designers

becoming more awesome since April 2016

I wasn't convinced about Atap.co until I saw all the photographs of the homes and commercial spaces listed with interior designers and architects responsible for all the beautiful creations. I could view their portfolios, request for free quotes from IDs, then compare prices and meet them for consultations. This allows me to make the best choice according to my renovation needs!

Nu Infinity, I love you! Please design my home!

When browsing interior design photos via the ‘Browse Ideas’ or ‘Browse Projects’ tabs, my favorite browsing categories are Scandinavian, Minimalist, Contemporary and Modern. My jaw just drops at every project album. I'm also able to see the budget used for each project e.g from RM30K to RM1.2mil. I recall RM200k was the budget for the home but I didn't know what exactly I could do or how much I could change. Now I know roughly with a guide from here.

While browsing the projects, I spotted one of the ID firm who was my favorite - Nu Infinity. I almost contacted them to design my former home in TTDI. Now I can actually see their projects, which I imagine is kinda like the feeling Kpop fans get when they look at their idol's album book.

How Atap.co Works

Getting Started: Finding a Home Professional

This website is user-friendly btw! All you need to do is browse and find your dream home design, request a free quote from an ID that you like or send a general request to the site. What happens next is, they will receive your quote requests. What happens next is, the ID of your choice or a few suitable IDs will send you price quotes that you can consider and compare.

P.S: If you're an ID, you can also register to be on Atap.co!

You can browse through many different options as well, which I would like to point out is a life-saver! Depending on your budget, property type, which area space, style, type of work needed, color or project type, (completed/concept) you're able to narrow down the options and feel inspired straight away. If you're a stalker like me, you can browse by locations as well. For instance, I checked out Damansara Perdana to see which neighbors projects are here hahaha! Well, it's good for me to know if a particular place is similar to mine, so that I can also copy the design (double hahaha).

Home and Design Inspiration

There's more to this eye candy site for home decor lovers like myself. You can also find articles on home improvement and makeovers to inspire you! This is especially helpful for beginners like me who start off small and work towards saving up for a beautiful home like this Richard & Beatrice Residence (Opulence Design), a beautiful Scandinavian style and looks so Muji-ish. I could definitely live here (dreaming).

Which is your favorite home style?

Home Styles on Atap.co

Asian | Classic | Contemporary | Country | Industrial | Minimalistic | Modern
Others | Retro | Rustic | Scandinavian | Vintage | Zen

click on a project album & you'll see photos of the project!

spotted another project I love!!!

it has all the information type, area, style, colors!

So much more to say and show but it's better you visit the site to see it for yourself. I am in love with it and I hope this becomes the number 1 place to make your dream home come true. For more information, check out Atap.co's Facebook, Instagram, and website.

written by Tammy for Atap.co
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