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My name is Tammy and I've been blogging for over a decade now. I work full-time in my dream company while juggling love, life, this cute blog and a blogger's community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Lavender Bakery Garlic Cream Cheese Bun Review


    Garlic Cream Cheese Bun
    image source: Lavender Bakery

    Today I went to my favorite bakery in 1 Utama to get my usual Toffee Danish (it's heavenly with coffee) and saw something different. The popular Korean street food O_O Garlic Cream Cheese Bun! But truthfully, I didn't even know it's from Korea (LOL). I only knew about this delicious, sinful bread from AEON's LaBoheme which is so addictive! (I try to avoid buying this because one bite and you're hooked).

    So Lavender's pretty small, the size of your palm only and it's priced at RM4.20. Quite a cute size but AEON's is much more value. I thought maybe the ingredients are more premium, so I bought it, went home to enjoy this new treasure. One bite and...

    Immediately, all hope died. This was the worst bun I've ever eaten. The bun is so tough to eat, lucky I still have my teeth. I don't think elderly people can even chew this bun, it's just really tough. I am so disappointed at Lavender for this. Did they quality check this before selling?

    Or maybe I was unlucky to have bought one weird bun.

    P.S: Manglish version of me talking.

    Damansara Perdana Plant Giveaway X Bazaar


    Plant Giveaway X Bazaar

    Hello friends! I am organizing a small women support event for my Damansara Perdana (DP) community that's happening this Saturday. This event is to help ladies affected by MCO (lost jobs, need side income, medication expenses). I call it bazaar for easy understanding! All is welcome to come. Do come to support the ladies and give them the encouragement 💖

    the Crab Shack Damansara Perdana

    Special thanks to our local restaurant The Crab Shack Damansara Perdana who's hosting our special event at their event space. Half the restaurant will still be open for dining in if anyone is hungry for their yummy crabs and seafood! My recommendations? Kam Heong Lala, signature fried rice and XL sweet and sour crab!

    Plant Giveaway X Bazaar
    Date: 15th August 2020 (Saturday)
    Time: 11am - 5pm
    Venue: The Crab Shack, Damansara Perdana (waze there pls)
    22A, Perdana Business Centre, Jalan PJU 8/3A, Petaling Jaya.

    * It's opposite Friendscino, corner lot restaurant, facing a garden. Car parks available around these areas and there's an underground car park as well. Please park responsibly thank you.

    MCO SOP must be followed so please scan the Sejahtera app/write details and take your temperatures. Must wear a mask! We will not allow you to enter without a mask. 

    from gardening to home deco, and keto food
    come to support the ladies booth 💪

    The first 20 visitors will be given a goodie bag worth RM100 thanks to our kind sponsors from Althea Korea (K-Beauty), Health and Eco Enviroment i-eCo (Eco Zero Waste Store), Bio-Mate (Fertiliser), Nook Flowers (Florist), Gan Teck Kar (Food/Tea), Hantu is Cooking (Homemade Sauces) and Kitchen Aozora (Homemade Bakery) ðŸ™ 

    P.S: i-eCo and Kitchen Aozora is from DP! 

    Plant Giveaway 15th August @ 11am - 5pm
    (while plants last)

    Besides the bazaar, there will be a plant giveaway event to promote green love to anyone who's interested in growing plants at home. It's especially good for beginners who don't have green thumbs as there will be plenty of indoor baby plants for you to bring back to watch them grow. Once you bring them back, just pm me to ask about the plants! I'm on IG or FB.

     water propagation plants on desk, home, etc

    you can put in the bathroom (if there's light)

    Over 100 kinds of money plant (pothos), snake plants, alocasias, aloe veras, potted plants and other cuttings and propagations to take home. All at the plant giveaway table. Please take 1 - 3 different plants per person. Leave some for others! Sharing is caring 💚  After 3pm, we will allow you to take home as many plants as you can! Leftover plants will be donated to Crab Shack.

    Most of the plants will be in water, pots, or just with its roots because they're cuttings and babies given by kind-hearted people. What you can do is buy a mixed soil pack from the bazaar @ Jane Lee's table, and she can pot them for you! (do wait for turn yeah). Some of us are selling pots e.g plastic pots, nordic cement pots, and nice pots so you can opt to buy pots and get everything done on the spot and bring back.

    Free Fertiliser & Viral Plant Redemption

    Besides the plant giveaway table, there will be separate redemption booths for visitors as well. Bio-mate is giving away free 100 natural fertilizer pack 500g at their booth from 11am - 1pm only. This is while stocks last! Ask them how to use the fertilizers, they're here to help explain.

    see the 100 free snake plants on the floor?

    I'm also giving away free 100 viral snake plants for visitors by coupon redemption! Coupons are given to 1st 100 people at the event entrance (fair right? no need to serbu and fight). First come first serve, while stocks last.

    The snake plants are big and beautiful, assorted sizes. There are two types of snake plants here @ Sansevieria Trifasciata & Trifasciata Golden Hahnii (small species nice for indoor). Do note they're not potted, so you'll have to bring home to pot yourself or buy mixed soil and get it potted at mixed soil station.

    You can buy plastic pots from my booth or nicer pots from other booths! (go look around).

    Come Visit My Home Decor & Plants Booth
    (my mom & friend Izzati will be helping me manage my booths)

    I will be having booths at this bazaar to sell home decor and plants (limited quantity). My mom will be here as she handmade gardening/kitchen aprons and cute crochet cactuses herself. My creative mom is making some decor ready air plants with wooden stands so you can display on the desk or home right away. Otherwise, you can buy normal single ones and buy decor stands outside. These are limited!

    P.S: I'm running around to manage the plant giveaway and event so catch me buzzing around yeah! 

    my mom's handmade items from RM15 onwards
    air plants from rm20 onwards

    Air plants are very easy to care for plants that require very little care as long as you give it lots of indirect sunlight to grow. It can change color and flower when happy. They're called air plants coz they can survive using nutrients from the air! Mist them 2 - 3 days once and soak in water for 5 - 10mins weekly only. 

    assorted size nordic cement pots for your plants
    from RM20 - RM50 (depend size)

    On my plant booth, I'll be selling nordic cement pots and easy to care indoor plants such as cactuses and the uncommon snake plants @ Black Dragon, Bantel's Sensation, Moonshine.

    All the money gained from my booth will be given to my single parent mom to buy her monthly medications which aren't cheap. I hope to be able to make her less worried about these bills. Please come support and say hello there if you drop by! Her name is Mama Cat.

    Check-out other booths as well!
    (pre-order now to pick up on Sat)

    Mix-soil for plants by @janethecrazyplants
    start your own edibles garden with @ladyofleisure

    keto burnt cheesecakes & cakes/biscuits by @byillyna
    keto-friendly pesto sauce by @twistedpesto

    new & preloved plus size clothes UK 14 - 16
    & keto bread & choco peanut butter spread by @janniejane

    So come support our event this Saturday and bring your own bag/box to keep your things yeah! Bring small change (cash) or direct banking to our ladies when you support their booths. Food items can be pre-ordered and pick up on that day! Do take advantage of the special event price.

    Each booth will be giving out free plants for early birds who visit them :) except food stalls who'll be doing sampling so you can get a taste of their yummy delights!

    Don't forget to practice social distancing and wear a mask when you come!

    Eagle Brand Naturoil Natural Disinfectant Eucalyptus Spray


    Welcome to my jungalow everyone

    I am sure everyone noticed how my home has changed during the MCO. I went into Marie Kondo mode, decluttering, and cleaning my home from top to bottom. I also turned it into a Jungalow (plant-filled home). What else is there to do when you're under lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic? I became more aware of keeping myself and my home clean and safe.

    Every day we were told to wear masks, wash, and to sanitize our hands frequently to Stay Home and Stay Safe. It was at this time that cleaning, anti-bacterial, and disinfectant products were becoming an important part of our life. These products were flying off the shelves at the pharmacies and supermarkets. They were like gold!

    With my ever-growing plants at home, I started turning towards eco-friendly products (no chemicals, biodegradable, sustainable, natural, and safe).

    A happy home is a healthy home for both me and my plants.

    I read that Eucalyptus oil is a naturally derived ingredient with broad-spectrum antimicrobial action so it has become a popular sanitizing solution for home cleaning. With its ability to kill bacterias and germs + some strains of viruses as well. You can find this information readily online for reading.

    cleaning my home day & night during MCO
    using a 2-in-1 disinfectant spray & air freshener

    Sure I can DIY my own but I could not achieve the high-level of vaporizing mist needed to spread and cover areas more effectively. That's when I started using Eagle Brand Naturoil Natural Disinfectant Eucalyptus Spray.

    It was super convenient. Just pick the can up and start spraying. I spray my clothes, bags, the door, the shoes, and even my parcels. I must emphasize parcels because during MCO we couldn't go out, so shopping online became the only way we could get supplies. Day in and out, we would receive parcels. Sanitizing and disinfecting the parcels makes me feel safer!

    I must admit, it was strangely satisfying as well.

    available at pharmacies & supermarkets

    kills 99.9% germs & bacteria in seconds

    keeping my home protected and clean

    natural and environmental friendly

    If you like cleaning and protecting your home then let me recommend the brand that I have been using :) You can find this in leading pharmacies and supermarkets but to save you the trouble of hunting one down, just go to Jaya Grocer (I love Jaya Grocer!). I go to the one in Damansara Perdana, it's only 10 mins walk from my apartment.

    Look out for Eagle Brand Naturoil Natural Disinfectant Eucalyptus Spray @ a 2-in-1 natural disinfectant eucalyptus spray made from pure natural eucalyptus oil derived from the leaves and twigs of Eucalyptus Globulus Trees by steam distillation. It's an environmentally friendly product that does not contain CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon).

    Did You Know?
    There are over 700 types of Eucalyptus trees but the most popular is the Eucalyptus Globulus which is widely used to improve your well-being.

    What are the benefits?
    ✓ It is a 2 in 1 natural disinfectant spray
    ✓ It contains natural oil (Natural Disinfectant from natural )
    ✓ Kills 99.9% Germs & Bacteria in seconds
    ✓ Air freshener that eliminates odor

    disinfecting my pillows, I have many lol

    hold the can 15-20cm from the surface area & spray

    Some disinfectant spray can choke you and make you cough but this one doesn't. When I spray my pillows (something I do quite often since I have many throw pillows) it smells so good. It has a fresh, evergreen mint scent with a hint of earthy aroma note. My home smells so clean and zen!

    The eucalyptus scent also helps ward off the pesky blood-sucking mosquitoes during the rainy season. They and other insects and pests (cockroaches and rats) hate the smell of Eucalyptus.  

    multi-purpose use for almost everything

    I use the spray for many other things too! Like around the toilet, shower, living room, bedroom, closets, in the kitchen, storage, laundry, on switch buttons, telephone, and belongings. Heck, you can also bring it outside and disinfect the tables and chairs before you sit down or at the lift (buttons) to be extra (safe).

    I used up a whole bottle to spring clean my apartment last Sunday and shared a quick apartment tour on my Instagram. Especially for my friends and family who have been curious about what I did during MCO and wanted to know how far I have turned my home into a jungalow. There is a short demo as well on how I use the spray as a disinfectant, air freshener, eliminating bad odour + deodorizer. :)

    If you can't go to the pharmacies and supermarkets to buy this (the pandemic is not over yet, I understand some people still don't dare go out). Don't worry you can buy online and have it delivered to your home from Watsons Online and Jaya Grocer website.

    Stay safe 💚

    Damansara Perdana Charity Plant Giveaway


    the plant giveaway story

    During MCO, I started channeling my community building skills towards helping my very own Damansara Perdana Community on FB. While I'm only renting here, I find myself growing more in love with the neighborhood as the days go by. The community suddenly came to life during the lockdown with our very own neighborhood watch cats. Watching out for ambulance, MCO rule-breakers, possible cases, it was crazy. Well since nobody could go out, what else is there to do but watch out for updates happening around the area? It was better than our local newspaper.
    major home makeover during MCO

    I wanted to share and bring more positivity to the community, hence I started conversations to get to know our neighbors and sharing my love for plants and home makeovers. I met many neighbors and gotten to know all the crazy, rainbow-ful people here!

    organized a total of 3 plant group buys for neighbours
    (plants delivered to my lobby & we take)

    the 1st kedai sayur (plant giveaway) held at my lobby
    (cuttings from friend Jane Tung + my own propagations)

    From organizing group buys to ordering plants online, I started doing mini plant giveaways at my apartment lobby for neighbors to come by and adopt plants back home. It was jokingly called "kedai sayur" because of my OCD, I lined up the plants in a row like a vegetable shop to be picked.

    I would have to thank my neighbors for indulging in my whims' because this has become a positive outlet for me to stay positively (sane) during the lockdown, being all alone. 

    Of course, the pandemic has impacted businesses and the livelihood of those around us, and it is then that I felt I should do something to help. I was already in the business of community building so doing this would be second nature to me.

    the plant giveaway, a spin-off from my
    mini plant giveaway called "kedai sayur"

    First, I wanted to continue spreading the green word (plants), secondly, I wanted to help raise awareness and funds for our local animal stray rescue team who has been rescuing and helping the strays such as dogs and cats around DP to be taken care of and rehome (all which needs $$) and lastly, I wanted to help a restaurant business to get the awareness they need by bringing people right to their doorsteps.

    So I talked to the stray rescue team person in charge Asther Lau about helping them to raise funds then I spoke to Anthony co-owner of the Crab Shack and he was very supportive. He liked the idea to green up and use his spacious restaurant to help, so much so that he will continue doing this for us should we need his help! He's also a plant parent btw (yay).

    check out the Damansara Perdana Stray Rescue here
    (this cute donation box was made by Jessy's daughter)

    Chef Behzad & Anthony Chan The Crab Shack
    graciously hosted our charity event + buffet
    (signature Aglio olio & fried rice along with curry chicken)

    me preparing my cuttings for the plant giveaway
    (easy indoor plants such as snake plants, aloe veras)

    So what's left to do? Gather all the plant-loving people who wouldn't mind donating their plants and cuttings for a good cause. Our very own community had a spin-off group during MCO called the DP Dark Green Squad exclusively just to talk about, yes you guessed it - plant stuff. The admins Jessy, Winnie, Jane, and Evangeline were super supportive!

    We also rope in neighbors and people from as far as Puchong to help with the cause. A mini volunteer team was created to help me watch over the event. It was beautiful seeing everyone come together.

    OMG GUYS! Thank you so much for coming to our DP Plant Giveaway Charity 🌱! We have raised a total of RM2,000 (offline + online) thanks to everyone! 😱😱😱 Many thanks to Dpians, DP Dark Green Squad, @thecrabshackdp and gardeners from far as Kepong who came to support, donate and help! We couldn’t have made it without all of you! Here’s a video of what happened today, along with pics of our donors, plant sifus, adopters and volunteer team ❤️ Again THANK YOU ALL FOR THE LOVE & SUPPORT for helping us raise RM2,000 for @dpstrays 🐈🐕 To those who didn’t get to donate at the event; you can still do so on the online donation page here https://bit.ly/DPStraysRescue 🙌🏻 Special thanks to @glorious_nursery for donating aloe Vera and spider plant cuttings to this charity event!
    A post shared by Plusizekitten @ Tammy Lim (@hellotammylim) on

    What happened at the Charity Plant Giveaway? Watch my video :)

    I wanted the plant giveaway to be simple, fuss-free, and honest to goodness charity drive where people take what they need, donate what they can, and love what they bring back.  Though I was so stressed this doesn't turn out well, amazingly through God's grace, everything worked out well if not great on that day. Plant donors came, drop off their plants and cuttings, even gardening tools, soil, and fertilizers. We had a variety of plants so much so that we needed to designate 6 different tables to display them.

    the outdoor garden table

    viral plants table lol

    the cactus & succulent table

    cuttings & hydroponics table

    recycling glasses as propagation bottles

    gardening tools, soil, pots, edible plant table

    volunteers, dark green squad, community & restaurant
    💖we raised RM2,000 for the stray rescue team 💖

    We tried out best to adhere to MCO guidelines as well with a special volunteer just guarding the one entrance into the restaurant while barricading the rest. The crowd was fierce in the morning and we could see the donations rolling in. Still, our dear volunteers Alyaa, Izzati, and Juju guarded the place without complaint. Our hard work was paid off when we saw the smiles and plants being adopted away by our neighbors, and people from neighboring communities who came to support.

    Plant sifus stayed around to give advised on how to care or which plants would be suitable for the home. This was truly a team effort from the community.

    thank you all for coming to the charity plant giveaway!

    So many people involved, so many names to be mention and which I have personally thanks and also posted on each group on Facebook and text. You all know who you are, thank you so much for the love and support towards this charity cause.

    I hope this would spark off more joys, and continue to pay it forward. I am already seeing people creating their very own initiatives, helping others, connecting businesses, and spreading more plant love from here (even Crab Shack has adopted this idea to make their space into an event area).

    Stay safe, stay humble, stay green 💚

    Nordgreen Philosopher Watch Review


    the watch with a social responsibility

    Thanks to Nordgreen, I was given a chance to review the new Scandinavian watch that kickstarted with a bang thanks to their vision of creating sustainable and positive change for the watch market. Not only are the designs timeless and classic, but it also screams all things Hygge! (the Danish way of life!). Pronounced as "hoo-ga" it just means happiness through enjoying simple things 🍃

    Simple, minimalist, and with sustainability in mind, I can see why they've been mention by top influencers and media such as Vogue and GQ.

    iconic Danish watch design for a better world

    Nordgreen - not just a watch, it's a movement

    Nordgreen is a Copenhagen-based watch brand that blends Scandinavian minimalism with fine craftsmanship of a leading Danish designer Jakob Wagner who has previously worked with Bang & Olufsen and other major design brands. I watched his video, explaining how he blended functionality and minimalism and breath life into the watches to create interaction and connection for the user.

    P.S: I love love love Bang & Olufsen's aesthetics so imagine my excitement that I'm now wearing a watch designed by the same man 😍

    which cause would you donate to?

    Looking at the prices, if you're looking for a premium designer watch, Nordgreen would fit right on your wrist and pocket with its high quality, timeless long-lasting watches with social responsibility. Yes, there's where design and giving come into place. If you buy a Nordgreen watch, a part of it goes into sustaining one of the three great causes available on their giving back program.

    💚 Health - Provide Clean Water
    Two months of clean water to one person in the Central African Republic in partnership with Water for Good.

    💚 Education - Educate the Future
    Two months of education to a child in India in partnership with Pratham UK.

    💚 Environment - Protect the rainforest
    Preserve 200 sqft of rain forest in Latin America in partnership with Good Earth.

     A watch designed for everyone, everywhere

    When Nordgreen asked me to pick a watch of my choice, I was at a loss at the beautiful designs available. There were three distinctive designs available for women - the philosopher, native, and infinity. Each inspired by the city, Copenhagen. So guess which one called out to me? ⌚

    Philosopher - Celebrates our ability to Think Differently
    The Philosopher women's watches two-piece dial and asymmetric second hand combine to create a truly unique design. This model celebrates the ability to think differently, push boundaries, and make a statement wherever you go.

    Infinity - Inspired by Nature
    The Infinity model women's watches are ideal for a style that stands out from the crowd but blends into your everyday life. The deep curvature of the dial and its straightforward construction results in an everyday piece that perfectly complements wrists of all lifestyles.

    Native - A Classic Redefined 
    Our Native women's watches redefine classic. The simple, sophisticated design and subtle detailing of this model result in truly timeless timepieces that will never go out of style.

    guess which watch I pick? The Philosopher!

    Comparing the three, I finally decided on the Philosopher. Drawn to the details and markings on the dial I felt this had more of the life's traveler in it. A character who'd brave through life with a strong arm, mind, and heart. Something I would proudly wear and be reminded of my own achievements in life. I love that I could customize my watch based on:
    1. Watch Color - silver, rose gold, gun metal, or gold
    2. Watch Size - 32mm, 36mm, or 40mm (depending on which design)
    3. Strap - mesh, nylon, leather, or vegan leather
      * a variety of strap colors are available as well from classics to modern.

    Nordgreen's Philosopher is designed to celebrate our ability to think differently, learn from the past, act now, and create a better future. The asymmetric second hand that appears to continuously slice through time, is designed to remind of exactly this. The watch is acting as an instrument of time.
    The conical-shaped case has a wider base than face, creating a sharp two-piece dial that draws our eye to the center of the timepiece, to the now! The elevated watch case, clean brushed look, and tugging lugs provide the finishing touches to the watch's unique design.
    Our inter-changeable straps allow you to customize your Philosopher to every style. Carry it with you and the stories you'll create with the timeless Philosopher makes it one to keep hold of for the grand-children.

    Free worldwide shipping and returns

    After placing an order, I received an email confirmation and an update on my shipment where I could track the status. The website indicated delivery times were 2 - 5 working days so I was surprised to receive mine just after two working days via FedEx. However, I needed to pay a customs clearance tax on it, if I could remember it was RM26 🤷

    I quickly tore the package apart (as you can see lol) and found the package in good condition along with a matching recycled tote bag. The box was made from cardboard paper from responsibly managed forest and the felt inside the box was formed using up-cycled plastic ♼

    Holding my Philosopher's watch, it didn't feel cheap and I loved the brown vegan leather strap that I have picked out. I do regret not getting the bundle set instead which comes with three interchangeable straps!
    The Specs:
    316L Steel Construction
    Jap. Quartz Movement
    Mineral Glass
    3ATM Water Resistance (Rain Resistant)
    Vegan Leather Strap

    simple yet sophisticated

    an hourglass engraved behind ⌛
    (serial number = authenticity)

    I picked the 40mm size because I love oversize accessories

    love the vegan leather strap option

    minimalist, sophisticated, classic

    towards a positive change for humankind and nature

    iconic minimalist style for everyone

    2-year warranty and free worldwide returns

    true Scandinavian lifestyle & design made accessibly

    I hope my review would help you to reach a sustainable decision when you're deciding on gifting or selecting a watch for yourself, particularly minimalist designer watches with a cause. I enjoyed wearing my watch and friends have been asking where I get this. The notice the watch in my pictures as well when I'm talking about my plants.

    For every timepiece sold, Nordgreen gives a portion to one of three causes—you choose which. All you have to do is type in the serial number found on the back of your watch and follow where your donation goes. The brand has partnerships with NGO’s that provide clean water in Africa, educate children in India, and protect the rainforest in South America.

    free extra strap with every watch or bundle with code "FREESTRAP" on https://nordgreen.com

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