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I recently had a knee injury during an event. It takes from 2 - 6 weeks to heal and I will be recuperating at home. Thanks to friends and pr who sent get well baskets for me. I will attend to emails when I can.

10KG in 20DAYS: The HCG Weight Loss Program


do you want to know my weight loss secret?

If you've been following me on my Instagram and Facebook, you'd know that recently I lost 10kg in 20days just by following the HCG weight loss program from skinartclinic.com under the supervision of Dr. Rachel Chew. I was determined to make a change in my life, following my battle of the bulge with roller coaster weight loss over the past years. Stress, sedentary lifestyle and an unhealthy eating lifestyle played an important role to me ballooning to a hefty 85kg this year.

10kg lost in 20days can you believe it?
(neither can I but I made it! phew)

see I'm 82kg in this picture (May 2014) with knee injury
(could't exercise anymore & started to pile on the pounds)

Why Lose Weight?
My first attempt to change was quitting my love for Coca Cola in March. Friends and families were finally relieved I given this up, it was the alcohol of my life. I also started to take daily walks in the evening and exercise when I could. I finally lost 4kg but it was slow. Couple with my knee injury, I could no longer exercise or walk. That lead me to consult with Dr.Rachel Chew for professional advise. She introduce HCG weight loss program to me and while this isn't the first time I have done HCG, I was mentally prepared to take on this challenge again and see how much I could lose. I've tried almost all kinds of weight loss programs and products out there, name it diet pills, patches, slimming treatments, meal replacement, slimming teas but the only one program that manages to give me the result I want is the HCG weight loss program. 

the clinic I went for HCG consultation

 the encouragement from doctor was a fuel for my determination

It's definitely more expensive than diet pills, meal replacements and what not products but it's cheaper than liposuction and slimming treatments. It's also fast and it taught me how to count calories and eat the right food. I can't disclose the charges on my program but I can say it ranges from RM2XXX for a 23 days HCG program or RM4XXX for 40 days HCG program. Depending on your assessment with doctor. She will need to know your goals, understand your lifestyle and body (metabolism, age, fat percentage etc) before she can advise you on the right course of program.

source: IAPAM

What's The HCG Weight Loss Program?
The HCG Weight Loss program is a weight loss program that requires daily injections of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) couple with a 500 calories a day diet. A normal female calorie intake would be 2000 calories a day. Changing that to 500 is no easy feat!. One needs to be ready and discipline to go on the HCG Diet and follow only a list of ingredients that can be eaten. The low down? No oil, no sugar, no carbs or starch for 20days. 

I studied nursing in Australia for a year and even did my practical at hospitals. I knew how to administer insulin injections to patients but doing it to myself is another thing!. At first I was scared but my determination to be on this program gave me courage to inject myself everyday right into my flabby tummy. Believe me, the flabbier it is, the less painful serious. Ant bite only :D it looks scarier but the needle is fine and one poke does the trick.

Anyway your body will thank you for it as you reset your metabolism and embarked on a healthy diet. You can say eat clean? As you will only require to eat one protein, one type of veg, a breadstick (optional) a type of fruit and have coffee or tea as much as you want. Doctor will give you a guide on what you can eat and drink.

Side Effects? Hungry?
Drinking lots of water is encouraged during this time. Won't you get starved? Hungry? Gastric? Well in my journey, I found out I wasn't as hungry as after I completed the program. The daily injections helps to burns calories up to 2000 a day from your stored fats (stubborn fats) and it is here that you get the energy you need. Unlike crash diets or starvation methods which leaves you looking unhealthy, haggard, lethargic, or pretty much obvious that you lost weight (and muscle). I still look healthy as an ox after completing my program. There wasn't any side effects in my program, I felt normal. HCG changes the way your body losses weight unlike crash diets or meal replacements (serious, go google).

An Awesome App To Help You With Your Journey
My HCG program was 23days but the first 3 days are called the loading days or "honeymoon" phase. Generally it's also called Phase 1 where you can eat as much as you want, anything. The fattier the better so HCG can kickstart its engine to start burning the fats away on Day 4 onwards. Some may experience weight loss right on Day 3 itself, but this is really depending on people. To help me track my daily calorie intake, my weight and what I could eat / or not was this really cool HCG Diary app on Itunes. It pretty much works like a daily diary where you can input your weight first thing in the morning, then select for breakfast / lunch / dinner your choice of protein, vegs, fruits to use. Each type you select reveals its calorie count and the app calculates how much you calories you've consume for the day.

No more worrying ops can I eat that? Oh no is watermelon allowed on HCG Phase 2? (Phase 2 means day 4 - 20 where you start losing weight). This app will help you you decide what goes into your tummy during your HCG program.

HCG Diary App Description

hCG Diary 1.0 is a free downloadable iPhone and iPad app that supports your hCG diet weight loss goals. Based on Dr. Simeon’s “Pounds and Inches” research, this app allows you to track your weight loss progress, monitor body measurement loss, track meal and daily calorie consumption and keeps a picture diary of your journey.

Key features:
  • weight loss journal
  • body measurement tracking
  • calorie consumption tracking
  • photo journal
  • resettable start date
  • intuitive interfaces
  • information screens of diet protocol

easy HCG diet tracking & calories counting

How Do I Prepare HCG Meals?
In short, you can say HCG changes the way your body lose weight. The 20 days Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) program helps you to lose weights rapidly when followed strictly. You can't be eating McDonalds and lose weight at the same time. No cheating either (having a sugary drink on day 7 of your program this will cause a stall on the effectiveness of HCG). There's plenty of information on HCG over the net but it would be better to call skinartclinic directly to ask and make your first consultation with the doctor.

What I will be sharing today is about how I managed to create wonderful simple HCG meals during my 20 days stint. This is also from the many request from readers which I did not expect from instagram inquiring about my meals. The recipes can be used even when you're not on HCG weight loss program (please increase portion size) but it works best if you want to see results within a short period of time with HCG. I am no great cook but I didn't want to feel depressed being on a low calorie diet eating meaningless cooked food. I found out that I could actually make it tasty (with the help of allowed seasonings and herbs for HCG) through marination.

I could only grill, baked, steam or boil my meals. Frying with oil is a big no no. You can't event use lotions and body creams during HCG (it will affect your weight loss). No oil, no sugar, no carbs, no starch. At this point, you think... dam what am I going to eat?.

 my HCG grocery shopping for 2 weeks
(lots apples, strawberries, vegs, protein)

protein: beef, chicken breasts, prawns, white fish, eggs
vegs: asparagus, wild rockets, lettuce, basil leaves, onions
fruits: strawberries, apples
lemon juice: salad dressing/stir fries/grill/lemon drinking water
Grissini Breadsticks (low calorie bread stick)

seasonings, herbs & sauces that I use
(please check ingredient list before buying)

P.S: Liquid Aminos is a substitute for soy sauce

diet food yucks? not if you marinate your food right!
(I usually marinate 30mins or leave overnight in the fridge)

become your very own HCG Masterchef with these recipes

Hardboiled Egg Salad | Spicy Chicken Salad
(do not eat the egg yolk!) 

Grilled Beef Salad | Baked Italian Dory Fish 

Grilled Cajun Chicken Salad | Grilled Smoky Prawns

Grilled Steak | BBQ Chicken Breast

Grilled Cod Fish | Spicy Garlic Prawns

 my favorite? 100g of grilled prawns yum!

HCG Recipes: Dummies Guide Version 0.1
You've been warned. I am no great cook but I can cook lar okay! My recipe may be so simple, you would go.. what? *face palm*. Serious and usually the same way of cooking is just being tweak into another different dish e.g grilled beef / chicken :)
Hardboiled Egg Salad

3 large eggs (remember don't eat the yolk)
salad (buy a salad pack or make your own using lettuces)
seasoning: salt / pepper / amino acid / paprika / cayenne pepper (whichever makes you happy)

How To Buat?
1. Boil water and drown the 3 eggs, medium heat let it boil for 3 mins
2. Take out eggs, cool down under normal / cold water
3. Peel off egg shells, place nicely on bed of salad (nest) on a plate
4. Use seasonings (yum!)

Spicy Chicken Salad

100grms chicken breast (chop into pieces / dices)
salad (buy a salad pack or make your own using wild rocket / lettuce / vegs you like)
red chillies
lemon juice for stir frying
seasonings: amino acid / paprika (add salt for taste if needed)

How To Buat?
1. Marinate chicken pieces with amino acid and cayenne pepper (overnight or 30mins at least)
2. Heat your stir fry pan, squeeze lemon juice and stir fry chicken pieces & chilli potong until well done (you can see it changes color from raw to well cooked?)
3. Place onto plate with salad ready by the side :D

Grilled Beef Salad

100grms steak 
salad (buy a salad pack or make your own using wild rocket / lettuce / vegs you like)
seasonings: hot sauce, steak spices, lemon juice

How To Buat?
1. Marinate beef with steak spices for 30mins before cooking. Keep in fridge.
2. Heat griller (grilling pan with lines)
3. Brush lemon juice on each side of the beef, put to grilled 3mins each side (medium rare)
4. Put hot sauce on the beef (yum!)
5. Place on plate, slice and served with salad.

Baked Italian Dory Fish 

100grms Dory Fish
cherry tomatoes
seasonings: Italian Herbs (from Cold Storage / Opika / Aeon Supermarket), salt and pepper for taste

How To Buat?
1. Marinate dory fish with Italian Herbs, salt and pepper (30mins before baking)
2. Place Dory Fish, cherry tomatoes into baking tray / pan
3. Baked for 10mins & serve on plate

Grilled Cajun Chicken Salad

100grms chicken breast 
salad (buy a salad pack or make your own using wild rocket / lettuce / vegs you like)
seasonings: Cayenne Pepper, Amino Acids (salt/pepper optional for taste)

How To Buat?
1. Marinate chicken breast with amino acids overnight / 30mins before cooking
2. Heat griller (grilling pan with lines)
3. Place chicken breast on griller, cook to well done on each side (poke with satay stick or knife, if it goes through easily, it's cooked inside).
4. Grilled onions :D they're super yummy. Its up to you how cooked you want the onions to be, but not black.
5. Place on plate, slice and served with salad.

Grilled Smoky Asparagus & Prawn

100grms prawns (de-shell, deveined) 
Asparagus (6 sticks)
Grissini Breadstick x 1
seasonings: amino acids + any spices you want that's allowed (I use steak spice)

How To Buat?
1. Marinate prawns with amino acids + spices (30mins in fridge)
2. Heat up griller
3. Throw in your prawns and cook until changes color. Grilled your asparagus at the same time until cooked.
4. Serve on a plate with strawberries and Grissini bread stick.

Grilled Steak

100grms steak 
Asparagus (6 sticks)
seasonings: hot sauce, steak spices, lemon juice

How To Buat?
1. Marinate beef with steak spices for 30mins before cooking. Keep in fridge.
2. Heat griller (grilling pan with lines) and put asparagus to cook
3. Brush lemon juice on each side of the beef, put to grilled 3mins each side (medium rare)
4. Put hot sauce on the beef (yum!)
5. Place on plate and served with asparagus.

BBQ Chicken Breast

100grms chicken breast (chop into pieces / dices)
salad (buy a salad pack or make your own using wild rocket / lettuce / vegs you like)
red chillies
lemon juice for stir frying
Grissini breadsticks
seasonings: amino acid, hot sauce and bbq spices (just get a BBQ spice with ingredients allowed for HCG)

How To Buat?
1. Marinate chicken breast with amino acids, hot sauce and bbq spices (normally can also use Oregano, Cayenne Pepper, Paprika, Black Pepper) overnight or 30mins in fridge.
2. Heat griller, place chicken breast to cook on each side until well done. Grill your onions until they're brown (not black!)
3. Brush lemon juice for extra tangy taste :)
4. Served on plate with grilled onions, Grissini breadstick and strawberries (or any fruits allowed)

Grilled Cod Fish

100grms cod fish
salad (buy a salad pack or make your own using wild rocket / lettuce / vegs you like)
seasonings: salt, black pepper, hot sauce & Braggs Amino Acids

How To Buat?
1. Marinate cod fish with salt, black pepper, & amino acids.2. Heat up griller / frying pan and place cod fish to grill for 3 mins each side.
3. You can brush each side with hot sauce (if you want spicy)
4. Serve on plate with salad :)

Spicy Garlic Prawns

100grms prawns (de-shell, deveined)
cherry tomatoes
seasonings: garlic, salt, black pepper, oregano, cayenne pepper and parsley.

How To Buat?
1. Marinate prawns with the seasonings for 30mins in fridge
2. Heat up griller
3. Throw in your prawns and cook until changes color.
4. Serve like a kebab with cherry tomatoes. 


Now my recipes sounds really simple right? The key is to use the right seasonings and to marinate your chicken / beef / seafood before cooking. The use of salt and amino acid should be kept to a minimum. Use seasonings of your choice since it's going into your mouth. There are plenty in the market to choose from, either already pre-mix, packed or can be bought fresh or separately. I use a lot of cayenne and paprika because I love my food spicy. It's really easy to just grilled them, it's the washing after that's a chore!. That's why I also cook my meats up for 2 or 3 days supply, packed them into the microwavable tupperware and just heat them up for lunch and dinner. It saves you time, energy to prepare daily and you can bring to the office!.

I try to eat less beef, and more apples on alternate days. Apples helps to give fiber and great for filling up your tummy. Sometimes my weight stalls for a few days, I'll take the apple day. Google HCG Apple Day and you will understand why. Only 6 apples a day and water if you don't see your weight changed for a few days. Sometimes that happens.

For water, you can take unlimited amount of tea and coffee (without sugar but you can use Stevia). To add fun to your water, you can use lemon juice or infused your water with fruits like strawberries, mint and lemon. If you're someone who loves soft drinks like me, substitute it with carbonated mineral water and add lemon juice - it's freaking awesome.


If you're interested to know more about HCG Weight Loss Program, I advise you to contact the Skin Art Clinic by Dr. Rachel Chew for more information. 
Ask me any questions regarding my recipes or my weight loss journey. I am here to help you get started and I am a walking testimonial of someone who has lost 10kg in 20days on this program. I lost a further few more kg when I started Phase 3 (21days to maintain my weight after losing it). Phase 3 is crucial in stabilizing your metabolism and adjusting your body to your normal food intake without HCG. You get hungry at this stage, but the key is to still avoid sugar, starch, oil and carbs. You can have any meat and vegetables now!. 

Learning from world's foremost medical institutions, Dr. Rachel Chew has received unparalleled knowledge and experience in the latest advances in aesthetic surgery of the face & body. At her state-of-the-art facility, Dr. Rachel and her team constantly strive to maintain premium customer service to you

Skin Art Clinic by Dr. Rachel Chew

Address: D3-G4-8, Solaris Dutamas, 
No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours: Mon - Saturday: 10 am - 7pm
Closed on Sun & Public

Free Consultation
Phone: +603 28574455 / 6019-6211399


Giftblob Adds 2 New Categories, New Merchants & A Giveaway!


Giftblob: Mobile Gifting Lifestyle

Remember my post on Giftblob? Read it here if you would like to get to know what Giftblob is all about. This time I am back to share more goodies and news about Giftblob's latest happenings!. You'll be happy to know that two new categories added, new merchants as well as an awesome giveaway on Giftblob's Facebook Fanpage!

surprise someone today by sending a gift!

2 new categories added!

What are the two new categories? It's SHOPPING and DINING! My two favorite words indeed. Explore the app to find out what's in store for you and from over 50++ merchants on board. You'll be in a for a surprise as the new merchants includes Haagen Dazs, ROYCE, O'Brien, Quicksilver, Roxy, Jason Food Hall, Cold Storage, and Candylicious. 

get ready to meet new merchants on Giftblob

giveaway contest on Giftblob's Facebook Fanpage

In conjunction with upcoming Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Giftblob is having a giveaway to reward their fans with exclusive Gift from their many reputable and popular merchants on board. How to win a Gift? Follow these steps to receive your Gift!

For existing #GIFTBLOB users:

How To Join:

Download GIFTBLOB app - App Store http://goo.gl/LjPDbs OR Google Play http://goo.gl/LFTg3z 
Share and Like this post HERE

** Download GIFTBLOB app in your smartphone in order for you to receive the notification
** Contest period: 14th - 27th July 2014
** Reward will be gifted to the lucky winners via the GIFTBLOB mobile app within 48-hour. 

Facebook: Giftblob | Twitter: @Giftblob

Dove Serlahkan Diri Dalam 14 Hari


gain your self confidence in 14 days with Dove

Have you joined the "Serlahkan Diri Dalam 14 Hari Dengan Dove” campaign?. Well it's more like a contest where you start your Day 1 journey just by simply uploading or writing what / how you feel towards the mission given to you on that day. There's 14 missions, each a day for 14 days. These simple missions remind you of how beautiful you are and to be confident about yourself. Addressing issues such a hair fall, which is a top concern for women. While some lose confidence in their appearance, shying away from their husband's loving gesture of stroking their hair for fear that their hair loss will be discovered. The unsightly sight of hairs all over the floor being discovered is also a confidence buster. Recognizing this, Dove sets out to inspire women to let their confidence shine through as they overcome hair fall in 14 days in this campaign through a series of activities that take them beyond their comfort zone.

click here to join now http://bit.ly/DoveSerlahkanDiri

a chance to win these amazing prizes

building relationships with your husband, loved ones, bf, best friends

The activities are meant to help women realize their full potential and promote confidence while reassuring women that they can stop hair fall in 14 days with Dove Hair Fall Rescue System1. The campaign also reminds us how important it is to maintain a relationship with the people around you - your husband, loved ones, boyfriend and best friends.

How To Join?

       simple, just click here & register to participate to start Day 1

As you can see Day 1 task is really simple. You only need to take a picture of yourself (selfie) while posing with your hair. Upload it from your Facebook photo albums or upload from you pc, mobile, or laptop. Day 2 and 3 subsequently could be anything. It's a surprise anyway but I'll share with you what tasks or say missions I have completed till now.


Day 1: Selfie of myself sambil bergaya.
Day 3: What's my favorite color?
Day 6: Happy moments with my boyfriend.

all the photos you uploaded will be stored in your gallery

What you will be doing:

• For 14 days, complete one mission a day
• Share the completed mission via photo or caption
• A digital video will be created for participants based on their 14 days of completed missions
• To win one of prizes, participants have to share their personal digital video on their Facebook page. The more shares achieved, the higher their chances of winning.

Prizes worth up to RM20,000 await winners for this campaign!. For more information about this campaign visit www.facebook.com/DoveMalaysia

GUardian People's CHoice Award & Teens Choice Award 2014


the Guardian's People Choice Award & Teen Choice Award 2014

One of the best contest to join is the Guardian's People Choice Award which is held annually since 2001 aiming to give recognition to brands and a fun way to engage customers. Not only they get to shop, learn about the brands but they also get to know the top health and beauty brands (voted unbiasedly by customers). 90 participating categories involving more than 200 brands and some 400 nominated products are up for the vote.

A Bashmati Twist in Fuzio Bar & Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur


    A unique Italian experience using Jasmine Basmathi Extra Long Rice.

I had the pleasure of dining in a lovely Italian Bar & Ristorante in the heart of Kuala Lumpur for a special menu using Jasmine's Pusa Hold Basmathi Extra Long Rice to create Italian dishes. It was interesting and creative for lil' me to be able to witness such concoctions in cozy restaurant with a traditional Italian ambiance. Warm and welcoming, definitely not going to be the first and last time I be here.

BusOnlineTicket.com Your One Stop Online Bus Ticketing Portal


balik kampung, oh oh oh balik kampung~

When I needed to go Singapore to attend Lush's latest store opening, I was lost at how I could book a bus ticket without going to Pudu station (sorry I only know there! haha I don't know where else). Taking the plane was out of the question as I find it would be too troublesome waking up hours ahead, taking a cab to the airport and then wait an hour or so for boarding. The same process repeats when I need to depart Singapore so I opted for bus instead. Unfortunately at that time, I didn't know I can book a bus ticket online via www.busonlineticket.com. It's an one stop online bus tickets booking portal for several express bus companies in Singapore and Malaysia. Their coach routes are within Malaysia and between Singapore and Malaysia. 

one stop bus online ticket portal

From the website I can choose to depart from suitable locations such as Singapore (Golden Mile Complex, Key Point, City Plaza), Kuala Lumpur (Berjaya Times Square, Puduraya Bus Terminal, Terminal Bersepadu Selatan), Penang (Prangi Mall, Sungai Nibong), Malacca (Melaka Sentral), Johor Bahru (Larkin), Seremban (Seremban Bus Terminal 1), KLIA, LCCT, Genting Highland (First World Bus Terminal), Ipoh (Medan Gopeng Bus Terminal), Taiping (Kamunting Bus Terminal, Simpang) and many more. I can even book outside of Malaysia to countries Thailand, Indonesia and even East Malaysia.

one stop online bus ticketing portal for many operators!

BusOnlineTicket.com well-known routes are from Singapore to KL, Singapore to and from Malacca, Penang to KL, Penang to Singapore, LCCT to Ipoh and Teluk Intan, Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur and Penang, Kuala Lumpur to and fro Hatyai (Haadyai). Besides these frequent routes, we also offer daily departures from Johor Bahru, Malacca, KLIA, LCCT, Ipoh, Taiping, Sitiawan, Teluk Intan, Butterworth to various cities in Malaysia including Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Alor Setar, Kangar, Bukit Kayu Hitam, and even Thailand Hatyai.

Advantages of booking your bus on BusOnlineTicket.com:
  • easy
  • convenient
  • fast
  • save time
  • save money
  • seat selection (for most companies)
  • secure payment
  • can pay at 7-11 (cash)
  • pay online (credit card / bank transfer)

various payment methods

Such ease of convenience in our current time where we no longer need to go to the bus terminal to line up, purchase tickets prior to departure date. Now I can buy it online without the waiting queue and get instant confirmation from the comfort of my own home. The website is user friendly so don't worry about getting lost in transaction haha (click here for how to book guide). They have 24/7 email support and hotline during office hours if you ever need help. Once you're ready, just pay by credit card in a secure environment (any type of credit cards, Internet banking (Maybank2u), cash payment at 7-Eleven (Klang Valley) or at Singpost office (Singapore).

get 8% discount this Ramadhan season with this code!

Specially for this month, among other promotions available on BusOnlineTicket.com, there's also a special discount for my readers to get 8% off your bus tickets to balik kampung this Ramadhan season!. Forget buying at the bus terminal, just get on www.busonlineticket.com and start your journey :)



finally we have Spotlight in Malaysia!

When I was studying in Melbourne, there's on particularly store that I love to visit to buy crafts and home furnishing decorations. It's Spotlight and it took me from Chadstone to BoxHill to visit the store and when I step into in, it felt like I was in wonderland. When I found out Spotlight is opening in Malaysia, my heart skipped a beat, reminiscing the time I had in Melbourne. I am so happy that we have our very own affordable and competitive craft store. Expect best service, best quality and best price here! If you find the same item somewhere else cheaper, Spotlight will beat it 10% down!.

Spotlight Malaysia's grand opening is tomorrow 12th July, 2014 at Ampang Point Shopping Centre (2nd floor) from 10am to 10pm. Expect amazing deals and well maybe some surprises!

What can you find at Spotlight?
  • Sewing & Needle Arts
  • Fabric
  • Home Decor
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen & Dining
  • Curtains & Blinds
  • Craft & Hobbies
  • Party
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