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L'Oreal Paris Beauty Countdown Contest


counting down to amazing prizes *weee*

L'Oreal Paris is having a contest now over at www.lorealbeautycountdown.com.my for shopaholics out there starting from now until 31st December, 2014. Get ready to shop your way to a grand prize of a car worth more than RM100,000 or win daily and weekly prizes. Christmas is around the corner so this is the best time and reason to shop for your girlfriends!. That's 10 weeks of big beauty thrills *heart* looks like it's going to be mascaras and lipsticks in my shopping list for my girlfriends this Christmas.

We're giving away amazing daily and weekly prizes over the next 10 weeks to reward our highest spenders! If you spend the most overall on L'Oréal Paris products by 31st December 2014, you'll drive home our Grand Prize - a brand new car worth over RM100,000!

  1. Spend over RM20 on L'Oréal Paris products
  2. Upload a photo of your receipt
  3. Answer the questions on the website
  4. Shop more to increase your chances of winning

(I'll be happy to win any kind of car but ahem let's do this right)

a mystery prize will be revealed every week on

Daily Prizes for Shoppers!
3 X L'Oreal Paris Hampers worth over RM100

New Dettol pH-Balance Body Wash Experiential Session


let's talk dirty today shall we?

If you watched contagion, then you'll know everywhere around us are germs waiting to just hitch a ride on our skin. Well I always say to myself, there are good germs and there are the nasty germs but what can we do? Plenty.

Did U Know? I was a student nurse in Australia for a year
(darn, wish I taken pictures of myself in my uniform)

When I was a student nurse in Melbourne, I washed my hands more than 20 times in a day at the hospital. I was working in the infectious ward. Yeah INFECTIOUS WARD where infectious diseases could be potentially fatal to anyone who's not careful. Keeping germs away was crucial in my work. Disinfectants, anti-bacterial hand wash, gloves, face masks and showering when you get home before you touch anything else. The healthcare industry ain't kidding about germs.

why being germ-free is important

Keeping ourselves (nurses) germ free isn't the only key to staying healthy. We had to make sure there's no cuts on our skin or that any dirt is transferred over to our patients during care. In the winter, we were advised to moisturized our skin so it don't become dry, cracked or susceptible to infections. It was an eye opener being a nurse.

the largest organ on our body needs our love

The most important lesson of all is to care for ourselves first before we can care for others. Today I would like to share one of the ways we can do this in Malaysia where dirt, germs and pollutions are one of the environmental issues we face e.g Haze.

How Can We Protect Ourselves From Germs?
1. Use anti-bacterial bath care products
2. Moisturized your skin
3. Protect your skin

And there is exactly one product that can do all 3 in the shower. It's Dettol, the one brand my dad use for as long as I remember. Now Dettol has come out with their new and improved body wash with pH-balanced formula. They are the first anti-bacterial body care brand that not only keeps germs away, but also protect our skin, the natural barrier by keeping the pH levels balance and moisturized.

discovering Dettol's pH-Balance Body Wash at the experiential session
(many thanks to Dettol for inviting me)

Sharing about Dettol pH-Balance Body Wash on camera!
(watch my interview with Dettol)

introducing the 6 variants of Dettol's new & improved Body Wash
now with a pH-balance formula

the new & improved Dettol Shower Gel with pH-Balance

the right pH level can keep your skin healthy

I'm putting my hand to the pH test to see if this is true?
fyi pH4.0 - 6.0 is perfect for us

a comparison between brand x, Dettol & my skin's pH level

Brand X - alkaline (not good)
Dettol pH-Balance - acidic (perfect)
my skin - acidic (matches Dettol!)

Our skin's natural barrier - The Acid Mantle is a very fine, slightly acidic invisible film on our skin that protects us from bacteria, viruses and contaminants. It's naturally secreted by the skin with a healthy pH level of 4.0 - 6.0. Germs and contaminants are neutralized by the skin’s acid mantle keeping the skin healthy, soft and supple, free from dryness, cracks and abrasions. This prevents the growth of bad bacteria while keeping the good bacterias happy. The Acid Mantle is easily thrown out of balance with harsh cleansers and scrubs or excessive environmental exposure. 

What Other Factors?

  • Central heating or Air conditioning
  • Environmental changes: UV rays, Exhaust fumes, Pollutants, Dust, haze, heat
  • Oxidants
  • Harmful microorganisms such as germs and bacteria

How To Care  For Your Acid Mantle?
  • Cleansing (with a slightly acidic cleanser) & moisturise for healthy skin
  • Antibacterial Protection for germ free skin
Other ways to protect:
  • Sun-Protection
  • Treat the damage – wrinkles, pigmentation others
  • Treat your skin gently

after the pH-Balance testing, I was treated to a hand massage
(yay I love hand massages!)

and I laughed throughout the session.... LOL

check out the new Dettol Body Wash & get a RM5 OFF!

Don't forget to take the Dettol Challenge on http://goo.gl/NEeHNU and get a RM5 off any Dettol pH balanced 625ml shower gel variant, on top of 30% in store discount at Guardian from 1st Nov - 31at December, 2014. Dettol pH-Balanced Body Wash is available in 7 variants (Skincare, Original, Re-energize, Fresh, Radiance, Cool and Nourishing) at retail stores nationwide and is suitable for use by the entire family.

Recommended Retail Price:
Dettol pH-Balanced Body Wash 250ml - RM6.90
Dettol pH-Balanced Body Wash 625ml - RM15.90
Dettol pH-Balanced Body Wash 950ml - RM21.90
Dettol pH-Balanced Body Wash refill 900ml RM14.50

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just install uber on your mobile & use this code bp1ke

What's UBER? It's your very own private driver. When you need that luxury drive other than sitting in a taxi to a elegant function, you won't want anything else than being in a Uber. I've been a Uber user since they started and anyone who uses my code bp1ke will get a RM30 credit for their first drive! Share this away :D

- info -

- what is this? -
Uber is evolving the way the world moves. By seamlessly connecting riders to drivers through our app, we make cities more accessible, opening up more possibilities for riders and more business for drivers. From our founding in 2009 to our launches in over 50 cities today, Uber's rapidly expanding global presence continues to bring people and their cities closer.
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An Evening with Mon Cheri: The Launch of Le Fleur de Lis (LilyCollection)


Mon Chéri Brings the French’s Passion for Beautiful Skin

The final quarter of the year seems to be full of romance. Never have I expected to fall in love with someone (let's call him Mr.Big, just like Sex & The City) after a traumatizing break up. I guess that's what they say about love, it happens the least you expected of it. I smile funny when I am alone thinking about him, blush like a schoolgirl when I see his text and my heart just melts when he utters the three words, 8 letters. God so help me, I'm hopelessly in love.

Like Mon Cheri's tagline, "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved" as I discover today at the media launch of Mon Cheri's Le Fleur de Lis (Lily Collection) I can't help but agree. The beautiful scent of white lilies (my favorite flower) was enveloping. I smile sheepishly upon having a hand massage from one of the lovely ladies there demonstrating the use of the moisturizer from the collection.

What more could a girl want? white lilies, candles, beautifully packaged products that reminds us of the cute lil boxes when we shop in France. Now all this is available from Mon Cheri, a new skincare line formulated in France designed to accentuate a woman's natural beauty.

mon cheri means my darling or my dearest

the perfect place to sweep us off our feet

candles, flowers & pretty boxes can be seen everywhere

from left to right: the introduction to Mon Cheri
Caroline Oi, CEO of Mon Cheri, Serena C, emcee
& Marine Moncaut, French Cultural Professional

I met Caroline Oi, the CEO of Mon Cheri Essentials who explained the key ingredient in Le Fleur de Lis is white lily which has excellent moisturizing and regenerating properties to hydrate, sooth and soften skin. "Madonna lily extract is used in all Le Fleur de Lis products as it has exceptional hydrating and emollient properties (polysaccharides) that enhances the natural beauty of all skin type," she said.

The Le Fleur de Lis, Lily Collection by Mon Cheri

I asked her if she has any plans to expand her business to outlets from www.moncheriessentials.com. She said it would be in the near future and Malaysia has been chosen as the first country to launch Mon Cheri. After all, Caroline Oi is Malaysian and home is where the love starts budding. Singapore and other ASEAN countries would soon follow after.

how could I not fall in love with this brand?

My heart flutters the moment I saw the range of products being displayed tastefully for all to admire. I love the packaging, the desert rose strips against the white background and a ribbon logo. The packaging is made of cardboard, so you feel "France" in your fingers the moment you slide them open. Simple packaging that is costs effective couple with quality ingredients is what makes Mon Cheri an lovable brand.

The collection has 4 collections for 4 different skin types, so anyone from the age of 18 - older can experience Mon Cheri's line of products that is free from SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), Paraben, Linolin, Mineral Oil and fragrance free. The scent comes from the use of essential oils in the collection.
  • for normal to combination skin
  • for oily skin
  • for dry & sensitive skin
  • for aging & sun damage skin

During the launch, Caroline said cleansing, toning and moisturizing are the three basic fundamentals in a proper skincare regime to obtain glowing, healthy skin. As such, her white lily collection set comes with the three essential products - cleansing, toning & moisturizing. I tried them during the Le Fleur de Lis sampling session to have a feel of what Mon Cheri is about.

[Gentle Cleanser 180ml RM80]
Enriched with botanical extracts, oil control sebum and mild surfactants, the gentle cleanser removes dirt, oil and other impurities from the skin effectively, while helping to improve overall skin appearance, texture and firmness. 

[Toner 180ml RM96]
The toner is a gentle exfoliator that leaves the skin feeling smooth and supple while removing impurities as it prepares and tones the skin for moisturizing.

[Moisturizer 50ml RM125]
This contains various ingredients (including watermelon fruit extracts) that helps in maintaining the skin's suppleness, increasing moistures level and at the same time repairing the skin's cell tissue, while preventing anti-aging, skin conditions. It is nourished with vitamins and agents to leave the skin feeling smooth and hydrated. 

hand massage using the Le Fleur de Lis moisturizer

cleanse, tone & moisturized - the essential skincare regime

canapes, fruit juices & mocktails while admiring the products

the romance begin with food (not surprised!)

sweet nothings to woo our heart away

assorted canapes welcome our tongue in hopes of seducing us

I'm giving away this lovely set worth RM280 to one (1) lucky reader!

My verdict? I am seriously in love with everything Mon Cheri has to offer. From their packaging to their products, everything seem to just reminds me of romance in France. During the Le Fleur de Lis sampling session, I was impressed that their products were free from harmful chemicals and that their toner is alcohol free. The first thing that caught my heart? The scent of white lilies, it just smells so heavenly like I'm being transported to a villa resort where white lilies filled the room. I could just sleep with this scent alone.

gorgeous packaging, just perfect for any girl this Christmas

Everything about Mon Cheri is to love and be loved so I'm going to follow true to this motto and give one (1) lucky reader this Christmas, Mon Cheri's latest collection, the Le Fleur de Lis (white lily collection set worth RM280) for normal to combination skin. The set comes with 3 essential products - gentle cleanser, toner and moisturizer.

Giveaway starts from now until 16th November, 2014 (midnight). Open to Malaysian residents only. Leave a comment with the following details:

Follower ID: (please follow my blog)
Question: Tell me what you think about this new skincare brand in Malaysia?

- info -

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Interviewed by Bernama TV "The Nation" On Being A Woman, A Blogger & Founder of The Butterfly Project


"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." -Albert Einstein

"How did you start blogging?" - an infamous question posed to me from time to time and I never get bored of answering "it all started when I decided to quit online gaming". Yes I was a gamer for 6 years before I became a blogger. Even as a gamer, I strive to be a part of something greater even if it's in a virtual environment.

Deep down, something was missing... so I quit gaming and started blogging.

At that time it was just for fun, a hobby. It wasn't for the money or for popularity sake. Who knew blogging would change my life forever, character and career wise. I have become someone I wouldn't be 6 years ago. I created an online persona nick name Miu, to remain anonymous as a writer. That didn't work well because soon I was meeting my readers, bloggers and being out in the open as a "blogger". I loved meeting new people, connecting and sharing the same passion together.

getting touch up for my live tv interview on Bernama TV - The Nation

I blogged about shopping, beauty, workshops and events. Little did I know,  it struck gold (metaphorically). From a nobody to somebody, women were calling out to me in the streets. I receive e-mails, comments and Facebook friend requests. My unique traffic went up to 30,000 a month in a matter of few months. Nuffnang started engaging me to blog for campaigns and my face was seen on the banners when I took up the Nippon Paint challenge. Everything happened so fast, I was enjoying this new life of mine.

many thanks to the gorgeous Bernama TV host
Tehmina who is also a passionate person
chasing her dreams & love for life

sharing how I started blogging & the Butterfly Project

also on set is my idol, Shelby Kho of Bisou BonBon
(she creates wonderful homemade bath & body care)

As time passed, I started wondering if I could change the blogging industry by breaking the norm at that time. The blogging scene needs to evolved. I hated how self centered and aloof one can be, when they reach that "point" of being a blogger. I wanted to bring together like minded bloggers and share my opportunities to them. After all, what use is it to keep everything to myself?. Let's bring fresh faces, uncover hidden talents, writers and passionate people out there to the open.

to understand what is The Butterfly Project, watch this video
(credits to Nala Farisha for putting this magic together)

Combining my passion for events, for bloggers and to connect brands / bloggers together, I created the Butterfly Project in 2013. I wanted it to be different, I wanted it to be special. Through ups and downs, trial and errors, friendship made, destroyed and rekindled. The Butterfly Project is the result of my relentless spirit in believing this is a place for all of us, whether old, young, new or popular.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world." -Harriet Tubman


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My Life in Melbourne at 22


when I was 22 years old in Melbourne, Australia

Blogging has always been an outlet where I pour my heart and soul into writing. I have always wanted to be a writer for a magazine or a publish my own book about my life. I applied for internship during my final semester to Cleo Magazine but my application never got through. My lecturer at that time in Limkokwing apologized for the mishap and said I could graduate without going through practical training. I wonder if that's even legit haha.

I went on to work in my Uncle's development company, dabble in design, preparation of housing documents, data entry, what not. It was fun, I made friends and my mentor was a really cool guy who plays music by night. I seriously can't remembered his name anymore.

After working two months there, I graduated from Limkokwing. It was a grand event held at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. At that time, my parents (divorced) did not attend. I guessed it was because neither of them wants to see each other at my graduation. My brother and my x-fiance was there. I wasn't happy at all, because...

in a couple of weeks, I would be shipped off to Australia to study by order of my mom. She came back from Australia and decided we would migrate there. I had no say about this. Depression set in as I am to leave this beautiful country for Melbourne. I could not speak and my tears kept rolling down my cheeks when I boarded the plane. My life in Australia was miserable, I tried to adapt to my new life. I made friends, stayed in a nice big house just opposite Chadstone Shopping Mall (my second home).

Su Jin, Mongolian (Australian resident), me & Ken's new gf

It was fun walking at night during Autumn and Winter season. The cold wind blowing my hair, the 5 layers of clothing I have to wear to keep warm. My housemates were a Korean guy, Japanese guy (NB), a Mongolian girl and a Hong Kong guy (Wallace). My best guy friend Ken at that time flew from Malaysia to stay and study English. If it wasn't for him, I would have been miserable. He made things fun. I became close friends with a Korean housemate name Su Jin, she was a few years older. She drinks day and night, something I would never forget. She also smokes, well practically all of them in this house smoke.

I had a Korean boyfriend (Jay), even though short lived as I didn't want to take things further, was an interesting experience nonetheless. He said he fell for my smile, the moment we met. These Korean people can really hang out every night to drink and be merry. I learnt Korean this way but don't ask me about it now, I don't remember anymore except annyeonghaseyo (안녕하세요) how are you / greeting, kamsahhamniida (감사합니다) thank you and Saranghaeyo (사랑해요) which means I love you. After this,  I dated a Hong Kong guy (can't remember his name) who studied business. He couldn't talk as he was nervous all the time. 

My best Uni mate was Kumbi, an African girl from the U.K, Rebecca an Australian Chinese, Oliver a Catholic Brother and Rui from China. I still remember the chicken mushroom soup she cooked for me. I was pretty popular among the Asians because they wanted me to help them with their assignments (English). I think most of the time I proof read and corrected their writings. I became fond of another Chinese girl, going through a break up. We would have our usual Vietnamese fried rice with lotus soup nearby her college. I spent a lot time at this place instead of my Uni because my housemates are all studying English here.

P.S: I had a hard time understanding Mandarin with my Chinese friends but developed an intuition on what they're trying to say. I spoke English back to them lol.

I wish I know where they are now so I could say hello again to my friends who made my life colorful during my time in Melbourne.

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The Walkers Are Back!

 got to watch the premier of Walking Dead Season 5 before anyone else!

I'm a big fan of horror, gore,  dark and physiological. This includes manga, movies, book and tv shows!. One of my favorite to name is Walking Dead. It has been one suspense after another following this series and I'm so happy that the Season 5 has premiered on Monday. I thought it would take ages (next year?) for S5 to start showing. Thanks to Fox International Channels, I was ivited to the media screening of Walking Dead's Fifth Season at Publika where they turn Black Box into a screening hall and the medias got to watch it a few days before it premiers live to the public on FOX (Astro Channel 710).

Excited like mad I tell you!

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