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Electricity Saving Box Scam


Today I'm using Blogger app to post something. Feel it's easier because you can upload pics from phone to the Blogger app directly and start typing away. It's very basic though, limited functions unlike the browser view. So anyway I was reorganising my storage cabinets and found the electricity saving boxes I bought from Groupon. They were sold for a set at RM25. A waste of money I say because it didn't work at all for me. I want to throw them away but felt dam what a waste of money.

My TNB bills were crazily high every month. It's on an average of RM350++ a month. Can go up to nearly RM400. I'm having a heart attack each time I check my mailbox for bills. Even my landlord don't know why it's so high. He sent letters to TNB to check the meters and they said its functioning as normal. 

I really have no idea, I lived in a small studio apartment 500sqft and only use 1 aircond. Perhaps it's the biggest energy guzzler of all because it's a 2.5 Hp aircond. Other than that, anything in the house uses electricity. From cooking to entertainment to bathing. I've cut down on all these so much except aircond which I can't live without (Msia is so HOT!). I even cut down on bathing (lol). 

So I saw the electricity saving box on Groupon and believed in the deal that said it was going to save my electricity bill yada yada Ba bang magic (expression for advertising bull shit words). 

Hogwash, the product look cheap and unbelievable when it arrived. I though it was a magical product but it's actually just like the extension plugs that prolong the life of your electrical appliances from Tesco / homeware shops. U know, the ones that stabilised voltage uses so your computer don't fry. 

So don't buy these things from Groupon or some eBay / online stores coz the hype is 90% consumer-bs and 10% what it is. I've tested it for 5 months and saw no results! 

Instead, try reading articles about energy saving. Here's some tips I've read, if you're going to travel, remove all plugs and extensions from electrical source point. Appliances or devices may still be running even if you "off" the switch. Change your light bulbs to energy saving bulbs like LED. Use inverter fridges and aircond. There are many tips out there actually but the best tip I've found so far is on aircond.

You see, there's a lot to read about aircond using energy to cool down your place vs the heat in / out of the place. Your aircond will use energy to cool down the place especially when it's very hot outside. The optimal cooling temperature that will be best for energy saving is 22. You can go over 22 if it's still cooling (outside / inside heat does not affect your room temperate). 

I tried this for two months and my TNB for that two months went down by RM100 savings! I was so happy to see finally something is working 😭 !!! So I hope my sharing today helps save your TNB too and don't buy into electricity saving box deal. It's just scams.

No More 365 Days Sorry!


I'm so disappointed at myself. I said I would start the new year with a new project which is a 365 day blog post challenge and..... after day 2 I failed. Oh...my........ [enter the worst thing you've ever heard here]. I guess I don't cut out to blog like a train anymore, especially with my work.

I thought I'll be able to enjoy my vacation and come back fresh and energised but the moment I came back, my boss tells me two big Godzilla level news (which I can't disclosed here). Working for Althea Korea has been an exciting journey but... wow... I mean the excitement never ends, literally.

I'm going to be so busy that I won't have time to blog "properly". Penning down words may be my only "blogging skill" now.

Talk about leveling up and leveling down *face palm*

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365 Days Blog Challenge


I'm going to start my 365 days blog again, to train myself to keep a daily diary of things that happen or things I want to share! (don't have to be a long post, could be a short and sweet post). Starting with day 1, it's my birthday. Yes, I am a new year baby and like I always tell people, I have fireworks and people cheering on this day which makes it all special.

New Year 2016, Gianyar, Ubud, Bali

New Year 2016 Damansara Perdana, Selangor, Malaysia

BUT the downside is everything else is expensive to celebrate outdoors. For the first half of my life, I was celebrating my birthday in Malaysia. Then one day, I look upon the stars at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Day and said to myself, this time again I would be somewhere else. Not Malaysia, at least Bangkok or Bali counting down.

Then it really happened, I was at Bali 2015 counting down with a man who loves me for who I am. And then this year, I was counting down at Damansara Perdana but I flew to Krabi to celebrate my birthday (still, counts?).

I just want to say, even when your life stops, it will start ticking again. Never give up on life, your life and give love a second chance. Your soul mate is just a stepping "man" away. Happy New Year

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The CONNOR'S Experience - Christmas Edition


The CONNOR'S Experience "Christmas Edition"

The Christmas season is just around the corner and as we all know it's a busy time of year with lots of stuff to organize, especially planning for Christmas dinner. So, for all of you guys out there who are not off on holiday overseas and are staying at home in KL with no plans for Christmas dinner yet, then be sure to check out what The CONNOR'S Experience (TCE) has in store for you this coming festive season. I just want to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all of my readers and followers for following me throughout TCE and to let you know that it will be ending with a big bang! A special Christmas Edition menu of mouth watering and tasty festive treats has been constructed by some of KL's finest dining restaurants to help ease the stress of 1 less thing to worry about for all you busy people out there during the holiday season.  

I have a list of ideal restaurants and food to recommend to you all:

My Mandara Spa Club Med Cherating Review

Planning a trip to Club Med Cherating?

I took a short vacay at the end of September to accompany my bff Leonard to Club Med Cherating. He booked a 3D2N stay here and who did he asked? MEEEEE (yay!!! thank u Samanku Jones). Of course, for a month I was planning on what to do, what to see, before our road trip down to Kuantan. I specifically told Leonard, I ain't going to bungee jump or sky dive or do anything like that. My main aim is to relax, relax and relax. 

Wild About The Body Shop Christmas


Jungle Bells Jungle Bells - ROAR

If you have read my Christmas / Birthday Wish List, I've listed The Body Shop as one of the top 10 gifts I would love to receive this year end! Yes! My birthday is coming, please angels out there if you can hear me... I'd really like the Oils of Life or Spa of the World gifts sets! Look at the packaging (again I'm all about packaging haha).

Reasons why they made it to my wish list, is because they're not just a brand out to suck your money. The Body Shop has always been an eco-warrior, it's all about the greater good and the better of earth. Their campaigns are all about charity, about sustainability, about the earth, saving endangered species and eco-friendly. If you go to their Facebook now you'll see there's plenty of "UPCYCLED" a.k.a recycling ideas this festive season.

NARS Sarah Moon Holiday 2016 Collection

inspired by the nostalgic futurish of Metropolis

This Christmas, NARS Cosmetic teams up with fashion photographer Sarah Moon to expose every facet of the feminine with a limited edition collection that evokes and provokes. Blurring the line between real and surreal, you'll be captivated by how she translates her work of art through her dream-like lens into the beautiful holiday collection with Francois Nars.
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