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Collection LookBook Contest Winners & My Own Looks


the Collection LookBook winners & Nelydia Senrose

Hola readers! If you have been following my instagram and facebook, you'll know that I have been talking about the Collection LookBook Contest 24th Sept - 22nd Oct, 2014 which me myself has also joined in the fun of putting on make-up coupling with our own fashion style. I seriously had so much fun in this contest, dressing up and doing my make-up according to the different themes set out for each contest week. Unfortunately I did not win *sob sob* but these young, fun girls did and they all look perfect for the themes they won! Super excited to share who are the winners *drum rolls* ....


Week 1 Candy Crush - Shazleen Binti Abdul Jabar
Week 2 Gorgeous Sweet - Erra Afifa Binti Ali
Week 3 Glamour Glitz - Amelia Chiang Kar Mun
Week 4 Rocker Chic - Moo Ee Fern

their winning #ootd / #lotd looks with matching outfits

What did they win? RM800 worth of makeup products by Collection Cosmetics and wardrobe by F Block Boutique Stores, a Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone worth RM800 and a chance to be featured in a fashion look book plus attend the Collection LookBook party at WhiteBox, Publika. The party had photo-booths of each weekly theme ready for guests to pose and snap a picture to upload to instagram to win prizes. The best was the Rocker Chic photo-booth where an actual electric guitar could be use as your prop. Nelydia Senrose the Collection brand ambassador took the stage and congratulate all winners (I'm so jealous they won haha). 

the Collection LookBook Party

all the yummy food at the party *so colourful*

Urbanista Lip Crayon & Work the Colour Eyebrow Kit

Two new Collection Cosmetics makeup products was introduced at the party, the Urbanista Lip Crayon RM24.90 and the Work the Colour Eyebrow Kit RM33.90. These products can be found at selected Watsons and fashion label F block stores in Sunway Giza Mall, Setia Walk Puchong, Fahrenheit 88, Cheras Leisure Mall, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, Kuchai Lama and Bangsar Baru.

Oh yeah, I said I joined the Collection LookBook Contest as well with the following looks I've made using Collection Cosmetics :) check it out. It was super fun and I grew to love some of the products used particularly the Lasting Color in Mango Tango (Lips) and Shimmer Shades (Contouring & Highlighting). 


The Gorgeously Sweet #OOTD #LOTD
 Lasting Perfection Liquid Foundation SPF20 Oil Free in #2 Ivory (Face)
Shimmer Shades (Contouring & Highlighting)
Lasting Color in Mango Tango (Lips)

The Glamour Glitz #OOTD #LOTD
Lasting Perfection Liquid Foundation SPF20 Oil Free in #2 Ivory (Face) 
Smokey Eyes Palette (Eyes)
Shimmer Shades (Contouring & Highlighting)
Lasting Color in Mango Tango (Lips)
Does It All Water Proof Mascara (Eyes)
Extreme 24Hour Felt Tip Liner (Eyes) 
Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner (Eyes)

The Rocker Chic #OOTD #LOTD
Lasting Perfection Liquid Foundation SPF20 Oil Free in #2 Ivory (Face) 
Smokey Eyes Palette (Eyes)
Shimmer Shades (Contouring & Highlighting)
Deluxe in SpeakEasy #04(Lips)
Does It All Water Proof Mascara (Eyes)
Extreme 24Hour Felt Tip Liner (Eyes)

My Collection LookBook Party #OOTD #LOTD
Lasting Perfection Liquid Foundation SPF20 Oil Free in #2 Ivory (Face) 
Smokey Eyes Palette (Eyes)
Shimmer Shades (Contouring & Highlighting)
Lasting Color in Mango Tango (Lips)
Does It All Water Proof Mascara (Eyes)
Extreme 24Hour Felt Tip Liner (Eyes) 

My favourite look? The Rocker Chic look because it fits my style actually. I have the emo face and bloody don't care about anyone attitude. I'm also kinda gangster these days as my friends pointed out ... maybe living alone and hanging out with my guy friends is turning me into a dude. Well whatever lar, I have fun with this contest and everyone likes my piccas on Facebook. The moment I uploaded everyone went OMG!. Yeah coz usually my face looks like this...


Collection Cosmetics Malaysia
website : www.collectioncosmetics.com.my
facebook : www.facebook.com/CollectionCosmeticsMY

Retail Therapy: New Sunnies from Malaya Optical

let's go shopping shall we?

I bloody lost my Coach sunglasses fitted with power lenses somore this year. Dam sakit hati wei, I still want it back!!! What happened to it. Did I misplace it or put in some kawan's car? I have no idea. So many bloody things happened to me this year, may as well turn my life into that movie "a series of unfortunate events".  Beh tahan (tak boleh tahan betul) so I decided to go on a retail therapy spree this month starting with buying a new pair of shades at Malaya Optical, Uptown. You know I always come back here to get my frames done because it's my family approved shop haha. What can I say, you shop where your family shop haha.

jeng jeng Malaya Optical Uptown!
(and thank goodness for the customer only car park)

Dam I forgot to take picture with the owner, Ryan Ho. He's like the coolest dude in the Optical-sphere. Gives me member discounts coz I am their regular customer. He's always at the shop but I needed to make sure he's there when I visit because I always ask him "this looks good on me?" "which one suits me?" "what's in trend now?". After all he's like Tyra Banks of America's Next Top Model but for eyewear styling. Yes he's has been on magazines and newspaper as Malaysia's first eyewear stylist and designer. If you visit Malaya Optical Uptown, you can see the features on him framed up on his wall of fame. He gives styling advise to his customers as part of your Malaya Optical experience so don't hesitate to ask him what is good and what looks good on you for your budget.

ask Ryan what looks good on you!
(Malaysia's First Eyewear Stylist & Designer)

they're having the end of the season sale now!
(I am eyeing on the Superdry frames next ish)

no more Coach, I'm getting Vivien Westwood instead
(Ryan says designer brands are in trend)

get a sunglass that balance your face frame
(so you look fabulous 24/7)

I came at the right time because they're having Christmas sale now up to 75% off! *happy*. Went in and ask Ryan which sunglass brands are in trend now? I was thinking of getting Coach again but he says why not try designer brands? It's all about designers now. Yeah I listen to you okay? You know best lah. Ryan picked out Vivien Westwood, a frame that suits my round face. The oversize design looks great on me since my face is so chubby. Slims down my face frame :)

Particularly love the colour and planet bling bling on the side of the sunglasses. Of course I could always choose other brands, there's so many like Oakley, Tag Heuer, Coach, Prada, Marc Jacobs, etc but I fell for Vivien Westwood on first sight.

Malaya Optical's Collections of Brands of Designer Frames and Branded Sunglasses: Swiss flex, Wolfgang Proksch, Mykita, Coppe+Sid, Derek Lam, Marc Jacobs, JF Rey, Calvin Klein, Whiteout & Glare, Blackfin, Less Than Human, Tag Heuer, Oakley, Markus T, Moschino, Lafont, ByWP, Parasite, Boz, Round Frames, Retro Frames, Anitque Frames, Aha, Benetton, Burberry, Bywp, Coach, Emporio Armani, Fendi, Giogio Armani, Super, GF Ferrer, HausMarke, John Richmond, Max Mara, MiuMiu, Moschino, Nike, Prada, Paris Hilton, Robert Marc, Romeo Gigly, Rudy Project, Sama, Victor Rolf, Vivien Westwood, Zero Rh, Andy Wolf, Bevel, Blackfin, Boz, Byblos, Coppe + Sid, Derapage, Derek Lam, Dun, Dutz, Eco, Envisu, Face Font, Ferragamo, Frank Kids, Free Form Green, Gotti, Hana, Lotto, Metzler, Modo, IC Berlin, Parasite, Noego, Paul Smith, Perfect Number, Plasta, Ultem, Superdry, Staffan Preutz, Synergi, Spvvyi, Salt, Frency & Mercury, Gentle Monster Cutler & Gross, Victoria Beckham, Linda Farrow, Dzmitry Samal, Kenzo, Italia Independent, Carven, Sonia Rykiel, Carbon Fiber, Undostrial and Super RetroFuture many more. Now at Malaya Optical we are having an Eye Wear Promotions.

wearing shades while driving is freakin awesome

From time to time you would have read about my guy friend Jeremy, we worked together at LivingSocial Malaysia for nearly 2 years. Recently we started hanging out again after a year of not speaking to each other. He drove me to Malaya Optical to pick up my sunglasses last Sunday and being insane, we decided to go on a road trip to Genting to have coffee and wear our sunglasses to show off. Well that's a brilliant "opening ceremony" idea haha!. The amount of selfies we took in the car *tsk tsk* I can only say wearing shades while driving is just too dam stylo. In less than an hour, we reach Genting, bought our Coffee Bean drinks and sat down for another selfie moment.

    at Genting Highlands, Coffee Bean pretending to be *stars*

my new sunglasses are so cool, Jeremy fainted

I will say it again and again - every girl needs an awesome pair of shades to look fabulous. Don't buy Petaling Street one, invest in a really good one a.k.a branded lagi bagus coz it makes us feel and look good inside out. My Vivien Westwood sunglasses costs RM500-600 only (before discount) and the lenses which are power prescript goes for RM200-300. My Christmas gift to myself, beside my Macbook Air. Gosh this month is really retail therapy extreme to make up for the series of unfortunate events in my life.

Malaya Optical (Uptown)
71, Jalan SS 21/37
Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
03-7710 8500

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Buying Boxes & Printing Sticker Labels in Malaysia

labels for your presents?

This month I almost wanted to buy a gun and shoot myself in the head. I've been multi-tasking everything using two Macbooks on my bed while listening to Spotify. One of the challenges I face was to prepare 100 beauty boxes for my community's Christmas Beauty Box Review Project. First I am most grateful to the 10 brands who love and support The Butterfly Project community. Many thanks to them! I shall reveal who they are in my next post when I unbox the beauty box for all to see. How do one prepare a beauty box? quite simple. I'm doing the most basic due to lack of funds. Here are the things you need:
  1. boxes = google for wholesale boxes Malaysia
  2. labels = print / stamp / diy / customise box printing



Wonder Jelly brand strikes again!

I can guess how old you are just by looking at your hand. Scary isn't it? That's how I guess people's age nowadays, it works well with women in Malaysia because majority don't take care of their skin other than their face. Me included *guilty as charged*. Seriously, I'm not kidding. The texture, colour, pigmentation or ageing spots no thanks to the sun can easily be picked up and roughly measure the age that one has been walking under the sun. Most of the time I am right :D haha...

I'm diligently putting on oils, moisturisers, masks on my hands in hopes to save what's left of my skin *sob sob*. Imagine how happy I am when I found out Vaseline has come up with a powerful new body serum range for under RM20!.

P.S: The only thing I remember about Vaseline is their "Wonder Jelly" a.k.a the Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, launched in 1870 for cuts and burns amongst construction workers. The "Wonder Jelly" is also often used by beauty junkies for beauty fixes. Who don't know the emergency lip gloss recipe? mixing vaseline with your lipstick *kekeke*.

TGV Cinemas The Hobbit Trilogy Marathon in IMAX® 3D


(but why no 1Utama one???)

OMG you're going to be extremely happy to know that TGV Malaysia has join in the movie marathon bandwagon by releasing The Hobbit Trilogy Marathon in conjunction with the release of the last instalment of the long awaited finale of The Hobbit! 3 years >_< *nuuuu it's coming to and end*. I'm so syck but why don't have in 1Utama TGV Cinemas? SIGH...sad wei. Only Sunway Pyramid, JB & Penang.

FYI: Tickets are sold for RM60 inclusive of Limited Edition Magical Cold Changing Tumbler Regular Popcorn Set.

The Hobbit Trilogy Marathon in IMAX® 3D
Date :17 December 2014
Hall : IMAX Sunway Pyramid & IMAX Gurney Paragon & IMAX Aeon Tebrau City
Venue: TGV Sunway & TGV Gurney Paragon & TGV Tebrau 
Time: 5:00PM - 3:00AM

Movie: The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey
Time: 5 00pm – 8 00pm
Running Time: 169 minutes

Movie: The Hobbit, The Desolation of Smaug
Time: 8 30 pm – 11 30pm 
Running Time: 161 minutes

Movie: The Hobbit, The Battle of the Five Armies
Time: 12am - 2 45am
Running Time: 145 minutes

Click Here To Buy Now!

Terms & Conditions:
- The Hobbit Trilogy Movie Marathon is only on the 17 December 2014
- Valid only at TGV IMAX Sunway Pyramid, Gurney Paragon and Aeon Tebrau City
- The Hobbit Trilogy Movie Marathon will start at 5pm on the 17 December 2014 and end at 3am on the 18 December 2014
- Redemption of Magical Cold Changing Tumbler Regular Popcorn set is only valid on the 17 December 2014
- Ticket voucher must be presented for redemption of Magical Cold Changing Tumbler Regular Popcorn set
- 1 Ticket voucher can only redeem 1 Magical Cold Changing Tumbler Regular Popcorn set
- Online and Mobile app customer must print out the ticket at the ticket counter in order to get the ticket voucher for redemption of Magical Cold Changing Tumbler Regular Popcorn set
- First come first serve basis, upon seat availability 
- The management reserves the right to alter the terms of this promotion without prior notice
- All information stipulated is correct at the time of print and is subject to change without prior notice

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Another Difficult Decision


life goes on so believe in miracles

Today I made another difficult decision, I am unable to share what it is but all I could share is it wasn't an easy one. It had been on my mind for a some time, and I know how it feels like swimming through the stars at night just like the song I have been listening to (Nothing really matters by Mr.Proz). Every hurdle through life is a learning experience, and I have been through greater pain to let go another. Nothing hurts more than what I have been through, but you know what? I still believe in miracles. Continue smiling Tammy Lim.

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Shopping Diary: H&M Sale

I didn't get this though I really like denim

H&M sale started already so I went to rummage around today at 1 Utama. Picked up a few pieces of baju to try on and selfie. Seems like I suka sangat selfie nowadays (sue me lah). Anyway by now you should know my style is more skewed towards comfort. I don't like dresses, skirts or tight clothing. I also don't like revealing myself or wearing heels like a lady. Crap I'm more of a tomboy than you think. I find it sexy to wear checkered shirt, oversized bajus, layers of clothing, anything with fur (fake fur lah) and jacket / cardigan. What style is this?! I have no idea which style I belong to and frankly I don't give a hoot what guys think about my fashion sense because I love being me. 

my fave atm is the assemble on the left
(bulu bulu with checkered shirt haha)

and I got excited seeing my other half in the mirror
(it calls for a selfie moment haha)

Today's haul at H&M bills to RM186.00. I bought their Christmas top RM119.00 just to be layered under an oversized peach cream knitted sweater (on sale for RM40). It's see through but I really love the frilly ends that flows like fairy. The black mini skirt that was on sale for RM29.90, I think it would match my obsession with oversized tops (hahaha laughing by myself). The bulu bulu and checkered top, I got it last week haha. Looks like every week I'm buying something from H&M.

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