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When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Escape With Traveloka: The Staycation Event


    Traveloka X Butterfly Project: Escape with Traveloka
    The Staycation Event

    According to Meriam Webster, the definition of "staycation" is a vacation spent at home or nearby. A vacation, on the other hand, is defined as a period spent away from home or business in travel or recreation had a restful vacation at the beach. With the typical working Malaysian getting an average of 8 - 12 vacation days a year, you can pretty much guess that Malaysians indulge in many staycations.

    The staycation options are plentiful. Malaysia after all, is a beautiful country, with beautiful beaches and islands along the east coast, hidden treasures in each town, and a string of heritage and food trails loved by both locals and tourists alike. The list is endless! I myself have yet to discover the many places Malaysia has to offer - near or far.

    With traveling more accessible now thanks to sites such as Traveloka, we can now book a flight or hotel over the weekend and be back to work on Monday rejuvenated.

    Wait, What's Traveloka?
    Traveloka is one of the leading flight and hotel booking platforms in Southeast Asia, serving more than 100,000+ flight routes and 100,000+ hotels worldwide. Traveloka work hard to provide our customers with the cheapest hotel and flight rates every day!

    Traveloka Malaysia, The Butterfly Project & KL Hotel Journal

    Sounds impressive? Even more so when you know they threw a staycation for the members of a local blogger's community to discover the most Instagrammable Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Of course, that sounded too humble, so let me rephrase. Traveloka threw a 2 Days 1 Night Staycation for 40 lifestyle bloggers from Malaysia's leading beauty and lifestyle bloggers community, The Butterfly Project! A community I founded in 2014 gathering like-minded bloggers to have meaningful experiences together and to discover the undiscovered in our local town.

    It was an all-expense paid staycation, filled with activities from dusk to dawn and no one left hungry! Yes, that's really important. We Malaysians love food!

    If you're curious about what went on, here I am today to tell the tale of Travel, Staycation and Experiences not to be forgotten. My three favorite things.

    Escape With Traveloka: The 2D1N Staycation Event

    We planned this for months before it happened and called the staycation event "Escape with Traveloka" and announced it on the community page. Over 100 members applied to be a part of it but only 40 were selected based on priority to travel and lifestyle bloggers. We also took into consideration how active they were and if they would enjoy the escape.

    I was surprised that some came all the way from the north of Malaysia, as far away as Penang to KL city, just for this staycation. When I asked a few bloggers why? They said they wouldn't miss a community gathering! Yeap the Escape with Traveloka Staycation event screams fun, friends and fam (butterfly family).

    Escape With Traveloka Itinerary
    Day 1
    10.00am  - Arrival & Registration (Tea Break 1)
    11.00am - Ice-Breaking Session
    12.00am - Introduction to Traveloka, Traveloka App, KL Journal Hotel
    12.00pm - Lunch
    1.30pm - Butterfly Releasing Ceremony
    2.00pm - Check-in Rooms
    3.00pm - DIY Workshops (Tea Break 2)

    6.00pm - Free & Easy
    7.30pm - Dinner
    9.00pm - Christmas Gift Exchange

    Day 2
    Breakfast & Check-out

    Welcome to the Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel

    the best pool photo by emi

    Amelie's all ready for the staycation - IN STYLE

    you won't get lost with the banners around

    The morning started with a good old cup of coffee greeting every blogger arriving at The Worker's Union which was a unique work, social cum dining space that combines industrial chic with eclectic details. Featuring three Studios designed for intimate meetings, The Gallery, a flexible space designed for small corporate events, private parties or social gatherings and Workers' Union Bar and Grill, a beer garden with a relaxed chill vibe.

    Worker's Union: Where the meeting rooms are

    never a moment without selfies

    Everyone was given a Traveloka nametag, goodie bag and ushered to have breakfast before the main event started. During the registration, they were also signing up to participate in one of the four available art & crafts workshops organized by Traveloka to make their staycation event memorable.

    coffee & yummy nasi lemak to wake everyone up

    The Butterfly Team comprising of 8 members (including myself) were in between floors making sure bloggers arrived smoothly as it was the first time for most of us discovering this unique boutique hotel. We make sure they're welcome with warmth, get acquainted with other members and explain the day's events.

    I have come to name the team members as Butterfly Relations Officer (BRO) because they were tasked with the most important job of all - ensuring the happiness of the community members during events. It's run via a volunteer system, something where members could give back to the community (emcees, photographer, ushers, sometimes bouncers lol).

    The Kuala Lumpur Journal is a stylish boutique hotel in KL city centre. Designed with an inviting relaxed vibe where nostalgia meets industrial chic, we're centrally located in the city's main shopping and entertainment district of Bukit Bintang. Just minutes away from the Changkat neighbourhood - the hub of KL nightlife with its thriving bar culture and KL's foodie mecca, Jalan Alor.

    With all 40 butterflies present, the main event kicked off with a wonderful welcome by Butterfly Emcees Leonard Heng and Sydney Lim follow by a fun ice-breaking session by Azzanea (Traveloka) which ended in waves of laughter, tears, and smiles. She was amazingly cool and as we found out later at night, she plays a mean guitar!

    get ready for our funny duo-butterfly emcees!

    getting to know all about Traveloka & Traveloka App

    Free Traveloka App Download
    Google Play (Android) | Apple Store (iOS)

    Then it was time to get down and serious with Traveloka. The Big Boss and his team, introduce what Traveloka is, their history and future plans of making it a one-stop platform for travelers out there. The community got to know about Traveloka App where booking flights or hotels can now be accessible in the palm of your hands. Check out the introduction to Traveloka App below to find out how you can travel anywhere, stay anywhere and work anywhere. Switch languages so you never get lost in translation. It also accepts payment with many payment partners and currency denomination. And if you forget, notifications remind you!

    Traveloka App The World in One Single App

    The best part of the discussion? Getting to know that now you can travel with ease with the exclusive Traveloka Maybank 0% installment plan. Don't wait for your next adventure Traveloka says, with this, you get to maximize your travel experience while managing your funds. Of course, don't go overboard and book a luxury Maldives trip with all the works if you can't manage your finances! We're talking about instead of waiting for a year to finally book your trip, you can actually do your trip and pay for it with the 6 or 12 months installment plans.

    Traveloka's Interest-Free Installment Payment Scheme

    5 Reasons To Fly Now Pay Later

    How To Get The 0% Installment?

    I am excited to try this installment payment out for my next trip to Sabah this June since I have a Maybank credit card. The plan looks flexible as it's open to either Visa, MasterCard or Amex. Any kind of airline and flight routes (domestic and international) and for all hotels, room types and stay period! All I need to do is make sure the minimum transaction amount is RM500 (6-months plan) or RM1,000 (12-months plan). The process takes 2 days after booking and appears on your next billing statement. The best part? You can combine with other promotions on Traveloka. Make sure to always read the terms and conditions of any promotions or plan you're getting to ensure you understand how it works.

    Q&A session with Traveloka Boss
    warm welcome by KL Journal Hotel GM

    After the Q & A session, the Boss of KL Journal Hotel was next. He talked about the unique hotel facilities, amenities, concept, and service and hoped that we all enjoyed our stay here. He was quite happy to meet such a big group of female bloggers for the first time and decided to throw in a one night stay at his hotel with breakfast for the best Instagram photo during this staycation. He teased that if the hotel's one and only suite were available, the winner could enjoy it too! The crowd went wild. I could see everyone's eyes firing up to be the next best influencer.

    fresh baked bread at Kedai Kopi Journal

    yummy ala carte meals with semi-buffet

    the best lunch selfie goes to Eintan!

    By now, it's lunchtime and everyone is super hungry. Traveloka arranged a semi-buffet lunch for everyone which consists of a choice of a la carte main course with all-you-can-eat buffet snacks, soup of the day and dessert at the newly revamped Kedai Kopi Journal (formerly known as The Bounty). A quaint-looking old-school coffee shop meets modern chic restaurant at the ground of the hotel lobby. They serve daily breakfast spread which includes freshly baked bread and pastries churned out daily from its pastry studio and a classic menu of east meets west, focusing predominately on Asian flavors for lunch.

    the most chill selfie belongs to Jerine

    the butterfly releasing ceremony
    right top: Butterfly Project Found & Lead Emcee
    right bottom: KL Journal Hotel GM & Traveloka's Marketing Manager

    we found a butterfly whisperer! (Hotel GM)

    As a surprise, KL Journal Hotel arranged for a butterfly releasing ceremony at The Terrace Bar & Grill. It is a lush green space with an open bar, weather-beaten tables, dramatic lighting and an eclectic mix of communal and comfy lounge seating it is a great place to unwind. The butterfly releasing is normally done at the outdoor section of Kedai Kopi Journal for their afternoon tea guests. I heard it's only on the weekends at afternoon tea hours. You may want to double check this with the hotel if you find this interesting.

    Tiffany won the best video on event sharing
    (butterfly releasing ceremony inside)

    After lunch, everyone gathered back at Worker's Union to get their hotel room keys. This was perhaps the most anticipated part of the staycation event - checking in to see how nice the rooms are! It was every bit, as real as the photographs on the hotel's website. Each and everyone stayed in a Deluxe Twin or King room that could easily fit three people or a family.

    the best boutique hotel mattress I've ever slept in! 

    an urban-modern mix of old-school elements

    I had the twin room of 28sqm with a queen size bed plus a single bed. The room features an ergonomic mattress with pure cotton sheets, silky to the touch, feather duck down and microfibre pillows, floor-to-ceiling windows for plenty of natural light, a 40" flat screen TV, rain shower, a functional workspace with free high-speed wifi and plugged-in connectivity. The bathroom was modern and big for a deluxe size room and if it had a bathtub, it would be perfect.

    I slept like a baby here, and I would pay just to sleep here again!

    • Posturepedic Royal Mattress
    • High thread count linen
    • Duck down & microfibre pillows
    • High-pressure rain shower
    • Free high-speed internet
    • JBL wireless Bluetooth speaker with alarm & radio
    • 40" flat screen HDTV with free satellite channels
    • Work desk with adjustable lamp
    • Lounge chair
    • Electronic safe
    • Bathrobe & spa toiletries
    • Iron & Ironing board
    • Mini fridge & bar
    • Hair Dryer

    Nicole won the best IG photo challenge

    I had some shut-eye before moving on to the next activity on the agenda. The Art & Crafts Workshops session from 3pm - 5pm.  There were 4 workshops available. Each workshop accommodated 10 bloggers. The BRO Team had the opportunity to join the workshops as well. Leonard, Sydney and I picked the Bathbomb Workshop by Wunderbath while Eros and Anis went for Leather Passport Holder making and Bo picked the Watercolour Floral workshop.

    BathBombs & Scrub Workshop by Wunderbath

    Leather Passport Holder Workshop by DiyKL

     Travel Journaling Workshop by OrangeBerry

    Watercolour Floral Workshop by Black Milk Project

    Everyone enjoyed the workshops so much! Group photos were taken, and teachers didn't even know we were all bloggers! It might have shocked them to know right? I wish I could join all the workshops on that day. It was truly a meaningful experience to end the day.

    I don’t know why, but this photo portray a happy family with Xmas sense! Hahahah 🎄🤶🏻🎅🏼 . . Over kan? But its true. During this workshop with @wunderbath.co, the feeling of celebrating Xmas is there! . . Lagi pulak ada @deeliciousmy yang selalu ada idea mengusik. @sabbyprue & me pulak jenis #mudahterhibur! Mesti ketawa bila Dee do his silly jokes! Hahahaha 😍 . . Thank you so much @butterflyproject.my, @travelokamy & @thekljournal for hosting this #escapeplan! I am so happy & enjoyed this event so much! ❤️ . . Btw, Ho... Ho.. Ho....MERRY CHRISTMAS to all who celebrated this festive & make sure you rock the jingle bell! 🎁 . . #blogcoklateyes #butterflyxtraveloka #traveloka #travel #kljournal #tvlkescape2017 #hotel #weekends #escape #blogger #klblogger #klbeautyblogger #tvlkescape2017 #butterflymsia #travelokamy #thejournalhotel #goodmorning #weekend #lifestyleblogger #klbeautyblogger #xmas #christam #merrychristmas @hellotammylim
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    best workshop photo by Innanie

    best Christmas entrance pose Syafiqah!

    We retreated back to our rooms while others went on photographing every nook and cranny of the hotel for their blog and Instagram posts. It wasn't the end of the day yet as we still had one more activity to go. The Christmas buffet dinner at Kedai Kopi Journal and our community gift exchange.  I had three rounds at the buffet table because I love the smoked duck and pumpkin soup! Everyone was peacefully eating, a sign that their batteries had come to a low after a day of fun. I spotted Santa hats and some even dressed up for it. On the tables, presents lay await.

    community Christmas gift exchange

    the girls happy with their presents woohoo

    the Butterfly Relations Team (BRO)
    (R - L) Bo, Anis, Sydney & Eros (Leonard's missing)

    A post shared by lim chooi ing (@plusizekitten) on
    check out this sneaky video of what went on

    When we announced it was time to exchange gifts, everyone came alive and the noise level was... *cough cough* barely go unnoticed until the hotel's employees and guests were stealing peeks to see what's going on. I could cry at the sight of my community having so much fun today.

    Since I already prepare Christmas gifts for my Butterfly Team, I thought I would surprise them with a mini gift exchange to be used during their stay here. They were surprised *LOL*. I gave them l'Occitane travel size toiletries along with some keepsakes. Leonard was the only one who surprised me with a Christmas present on that day (and he's not even my roommate). It was something I've always wanted to add to my candle collection, Diptique candle! I don't know when I would dare to burn this because it costs a bomb. Thank you so much, Leonard *sob sob*.

    free cocktails & live band at The Terrace Bar & Grill (outdoor)

    Azzanea brought her guitar to join in the band

    Sydney "forced" to sing by us all

    The night ended with free cocktails as it was Ladies's night at The Terrace Bar & Grill. There was a band, and Traveloka's Azzanea brought her guitar and started playing. The vibe, the music, the lights, the people, and the sight of cars buzzing around in the city as we look over the balcony made everything perfect. I can't describe how wonderful this feeling was in words. The band called out to the crowd welcoming anyone to join in to be the songbird and we forced encouraged Sydney to go. It was the first time I witness her sing and, I just couldn't be any happier to know not only is she a beautiful person, she has a beautiful voice too.

    I always kalah with this kakak! Hahahahha! When Tammy said my roomate is Kak @sabbyprue, I tak cakap banyak, terus say YES! . . Bukan senang ok nak lepak dengan Kak Sabby. And she always have stories, gossips, fun etc! . . Last time masa pergi Korea pun, tak dapat nak pillow talk sbb THEFACESHOP bagi satu bilik sorang! . . Well, to be honest - senang sangat dapat kawan & kakak blogger mcm Kak Sabby. Yes,we are competing each other. Tapi in healthy way. Alhamdulillah. . . Missing our beloved blogger buddies @sabrinatajudin & @wiidaribbon too! . . Kita gather together masa wedding budak comel @wiidaribbon tahun depan ok! . . #blogcoklateyes #butterflyxtraveloka #traveloka #travel #kljournal #tvlkescape2017 #hotel #weekends #escape #blogger #klblogger #klbeautyblogger #tvlkescape2017 #butterflymsia #travelokamy #thejournalhotel
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    a pillow fight is a must when two bffs come together

    sometimes the best vacation is a staycation

    In the morning, it was time to say goodbye after breakfast. As we parted ways, we looked back and smiled knowing our weekend had come to an end but it will always be in our memories. On behalf of the community, I would like to thank Traveloka for collaborating with The Butterfly Project to throw a wonderful staycation event to end the year 2017. It was an opportunity, not only to get to know Traveloka better but also for the members to bond with one another. Truly a great escape, one full of memories to cherish and always remember.

    Terima Kasih Traveloka

    For more information on booking your next great escape, visit Traveloka Malaysia website and Traveloka MY Facebook for updates and promotions.

    FlowRider 1 Utama Review


    Sun, Sea, Shop & Surf all at 1 Utama

    1 Utama E has just recently introduced the 1st ever Double FlowRider (designed in S. California USA) to the only mall in Malaysia for visitors to experience the exhilarating sport of wave surfing for the ultimate water sports experience.

    Flowrider counter + if you need ROXY it!

    entrance to Flowrider

    separate male & female shower bathrooms

    Flowrider, LG Floor (outdoor)

    before you jump into the flow, read the guides first

    What is FlowRider?

    FlowRider is a relatively new sport in the extreme sports scene, which is a hybrid boardsport combining the techniques of surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding, and skimboarding. 

    watch the Flowrider video here

    beginners - you'll be guided on how to flow!

    the pros showing you how it's done

    How does it Work?
    Waves are created by continuous limited sheets of water flowing at 32 km/h over a composite vinyl surface. Submersible propellor pumps located in the pool below inject a 3-inch sheet of water creating a surfable wave. The resulting wave-like shape lets riders surf up and down and perform tricks and spins. Rider's have a choice of Bodyboarding or Stand-up Flowboarding. 

    Who can participate and how much does it cost?
    Kids to Adults are welcome to surf with the minimum height of 107cm and general good health. The most basic regular ride (1 hr session) starts from Rm45 weekday and Rm55 weekend/public holiday, while day passes for unlimited rides will cost Rm270 weekday and Rm330 weekend/public holiday.

    It's also possible to book a package if you're interested in private sessions or hosting parties and events. The rental rate is Single Lane (Max 12 pax) weekday Rm450 weekend & public holiday Rm 550. Double Lane (Max 24 pax weekday Rm900 weekend & public holiday Rm1100.  

    FlowRider ONECARD membership

    Is there a membership?
    You can also apply for a FlowRider ONECARD membership for privileges such as 10% discount off regular 1-hour rides, invitations to watch FlowRider competitions, exclusive group coaching and more.

    Is it Safe? 
    Yes, the FlowRider ride surface is similar to a trampoline material and is well padded with soft cushions all around it. There are also professional instructors who are there to ensure the safety of all riders at all times.

    What kind of Amenities and Services are available?
    Towel for rental Rm5, hot showers and complimentary lockers allocated to customers, beverage counter, free WiFi and pro shops under the retail brands of Roxy and Quiksilver operated by RSH Malaysia, as well as, FlowRider official merchandise. Plans are also underway to construct a waterfall as well as wading and bubble pool to create a beach-themed event area yo compliment the FlowRider. House Boards are provided for use with the purchase of every FlowRider package.

    Rules & Regulations
    • All riders must present a government photo identification in order to ride
    • You must be over 107cm to bodyboard on the FlowRider
    • You must be over 122 cm to ride Standup on the Flowrider
    • Riders under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian with a valid photo identification for sign off
    • It is advisable to not play the FlowRider if you've had a recent accident, injury or a current medical condition such as heart problems, high blood pressure, aneurysms, neck or back problems. Also, it's forbidden to be under the influence drugs or alcohol.
    • Riders are required to wear properly fitted water sports attire, board shorts, and a basic t-shirt. No casual wear allowed such as jeans or bikinis.
    • Every rider must register and fully complete the Indemnity forms before playing the FlowRider.
    • You must arrive 1 hr before your ride time.

    Baby G trying Flowrider for the first time

    pay attention to the trainer Baby G!

    first Flowrider, next surfing in Hawaii

    My Experience  
    As a newbie and with very little experience of other boardsports, I had a feeling that it was going to be a challenge to stay on the board for a respectable amount of time without falling off! haha I was right you really need a lot of practice and balance to familiarise yourself with the waves but it's a lot of fun and I guess persistence hopefully pays off eventually...you have to learn to crawl before you walk right? The good thing about it is you can fall off and keep getting back on as many times as you like within your 1 hr session or unlimited all-day rides package. So no excuses for giving up so easily! I managed to stay on the board and ride a shortwave, although I didn't have much time to practice as closing time was fast approaching when I decided to try. I must say it's quite a thrill, addictive and satisfying like learning a new skill, accomplishing something or gaining a new experience. I hope to be back again soon to improve my FlowRider skills and I recommend anyone who is interested in trying a new fun watersport activity to get involved.  

    The FlowRider team is led and managed by well-known celebrity flowboarding champion Alfian Affandi (Singapore), who consistently ranks among the world's top flowboarders. Expect to see regional competitions, world championships and lifestyle events hosted in the near future showcasing Malaysian talents and heavyweights from the international world of flowboarding throughout the year.

    To book a ride, go online at www.flowrider1utama.com.my or just register over the counter at FlowRider's entrance at :

    LG Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, 
    Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 
    47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

    Operation hours:
    10am - 10pm (Sun-Thurs)
    10am - 10.30pm (Fri & Sat)
    Tel: 03-77100833
    FB & IG: @FlowRider1Utama

    AirRider 1 Utama Review


    curious about indoor skydiving?

    AirRider is an Australian leisure branded indoor skydiving centre in 1 Utama E which simulates the sensation of freefalling from a plane but without wearing a parachute and having to do it for real. It's the 1st indoor skydiving experience inside a mall in not only Malaysia but also in all of Asia Pacific!  I guess you're all wondering how this is made possible...Well you enter a vertical wind tunnel, (exact same ones used by military and professional skydivers during training) which is a large glass tunnel that extends upwards with powerful electric fans at the top. When these are operating, air is drawn up through the tunnel measuring 12 ft diameter 10 m high, creating a cushion of air that you can fly on. The amount of airflow is precisely controlled to ensure that it matches the experience level of the air rider. The base of the chamber is a trampoline floor of aircraft-quality stainless steel with wind speeds up to 250 km/h.

    welcome to AirRider 1 Utama

    the wind tunnel with wind speeds up to 250km/h

    What is the sport of Indoor Skydiving? 
    Indoor Skydiving was originally developed to allow experienced skydivers to train, whatever the weather. These days however, it has soared in popularity around the world and become an adventure sport in its own right.

    Is it Safe?
    Yes safety is top priority they have certified and highly-trained instructors who are with you at all times during your flight to give you guidance and reassurance. I felt safe throughout my flights although I was a little nervous as well as excited when it was my turn to enter the vertical wind tunnel.

    How old do you have to be and who can fly? 
    For ages 3-93! So just about everyone can fly no upper age limit as long as you're in good health and physical condition. If you've had a previous shoulder dislocation, back, neck or heart problems it's advisable to contact staff before booking to discuss your suitability. Weight limit is 105kg. Children under 18 years of age need to have a parent or guardian's signature on their waiver.

    How long is a Flight?
    Each flight within the wind tunnel lasts for 50 secs, which is actually more free fall time than a skydive from 14,000 ft! The standard flight package includes 2 flights and you can also choose to add additional flights to your packages. The whole experience normally takes approximately 1.5 hrs, depending on your group size and how many flights you are taking.

    How much?
    1st time flyer - from Rm89 for 2 flights (Rm45 per flight) The more flights you buy the cheaper price per flight so there's a discount for buying flights in bulk. 

    You can also choose group/party packages which start from Rm399 for 10 flights (shared by up to 5 people) 

    Return Flyer package starts from Rm79 for 2 flights a little cheaper so kind of like a loyalty reward

    click to view how it feels!

    check-in, training, suit up here

    My AirRider Experience

    fly time & go again

    During the opening event I had the privilege of being 1 of the 1st members of the public to try AirRider's Indoor Skydiving. First of all, we were introduced to our instructor who took us into a room to watch a training video in order to prepare us for the basics of beginner skydiving.  After about 10-15 mins we got suited up and after signing our waivers, we were lead into the waiting area to be seated ready to enter the vertical wind tunnel. Soon it was my turn and as soon as you enter you can feel an immense amount of air pressure I imagine like being in a gale force wind! There are railings to hold onto so when you're ready the instructor helps you in holds you and positions you correctly before he lets go of you and away you go floating in the air flying like a bird! Such a surreal exciting and exhilarating experience I never wanted it to end! You can't compare the experience to anything else unless I guess you have already skydived from a plane before. Definitely worth it although the only downside is that the flight experience is a little short it's over just as you're getting into it. If only it could last a little bit longer but I guess you can go as many times as you like if you can afford it.

    AirRider is situated on level 2 Promenade of 1 Utama with a free viewing gallery and seating arena.

    AirRider Malaysia
    2nd floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre,
    Lot SS601, 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
    Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya,
    Selangor, Malaysia.

    Operating Hours: 10am - 10pm (daily)

    web: https://airrider.my
    fb: fb.com/AirRiderKL
    tel: +603 77285588

    written by Baby G, photographed by Tammy

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