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My Villa Samadhi Romantic Experience


how I wish I could jump right off here to the pool

You know how I love staycations in wonderful places but when it comes to a stay in the city that's near, easily accessible and still has all that I'm in Bali jazz is probably Villa Samadhi. I have always recommended this place for anyone needing a quick getaway from everything - stress, work, noise. It's also the perfect romantic place for couples to celebrate special moments such as birthdays, anniversaries or honeymoon. To describe how I feel, I would say the moment I stepped into this place, I felt I was transported to a far away resort somewhere in South East Asia. An oasis of tranquility, a place your senses could just reboot. A hidden gem in the city.

Broken Candles: How To Save?


saving my broken Voluspa candle

I googled and read how to save broken glass candles. All the articles basically said that you can melt the candle into a new container. So I decided alright, I'll try doing that with what I have in the kitchen. As you can see, the first picture shows my broken Voluspa candle in Prosecco Rose. This candle smells divine! Like a bed of roses in the spring. It was such a pity that the container broke during delivery so I'm going to save it by moving it into a new container. I used BBW's candle glass jar.

P.S: If you're looking on how to clean a used candle jar, I did it by boiling a pot of water and pouring it into the used candle jar to melt and remove the old wax and any other yucky residue. After an hour, I clean it out with dish washing soap. The remaining label glue and black stains were removed by makeup cleaning oil and wash again with soap.

here's what I did and I'll explain in steps 1 - 6
  1. Prepare a clean, dry candle container ready.
  2. I double-boil a pot of water with a heat resistant bowl over it. The broken candle is placed in the bowl. It melts slowly, so I helped break the wax into smaller more manageable parts to melt away. Be careful of glass shards, you can remove them at this point but be careful of the hot melted wax.
  3. I nudge the wicks off the broken candle bottom, pick it up and placed in the new container to dry and harden. I made sure it would be centralized so it wouldn't look funny later!
  4. I removed the old broken candle jar from the melted wax bowl with a cloth. Be careful not to get burnt. Discard away properly, please. I wrapped mine in newspaper and plastic for recycle bin.
  5. I used a thick cloth to hold the bowl and pour the melted wax into the new candle jar. Be extra careful this part if you're using the same bowl as me. It's slippery.
  6. I let the newly de-pot candle rest, it quickly hardens within an hour. By a day, it's as good as new.
Alright, that's how I did it :) the candle is burning well on my table and the whole process was kinda therapeutic! Just like baking cookies haha. Since glass shards and heat is in use, be sure to exercise safety and care while preparing this. I got away unharmed haha.

p.s: I used a glass bowl because I didn't want to damage or have a hard time cleaning my metal pot. The glass bowl worked like a charm and was easy to clean after.

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#MYTravelAdventure – What’s your local travel story?


Travel To Port Klang (Port Swettenham)
 source: guttedarcades

This is a story about my hometown, Port Klang where I would visit once a year. You see, everyone wants to go somewhere exciting; Penang, Malacca, Ipoh where food is abundance and culture is prevalent. But for me? I find beauty in the forgotten. #MYTravelAdventure – What’s your local travel story? This is my Malaysian local travel story. I'll be reminiscing this as a child and as an adult.

Port Klang is a town and the main gateway by sea into Malaysia. Colonially known as Port Swettenham, it is the largest port in the country. These sights were reminiscent of my childhood, both memorable & painful.

Port Klang is the top 13th container port in the world

KTM Port Klang
There are a few ways to reach here by public transport. The easiest way would be taking the KTM Komuter. The trip from KL Sentral (RM4.30) will take about 80 minutes. The train route passed Subang Jaya (RM 2.90), Shah Alam and Klang. The Port Klang railway station is located opposite the ferry terminal l

Port Klang used to be a thriving port town, bustling with town folks from all over thanks to it being the largest port in the country. Being the main gateway by sea into Malaysia, the Brittish colonized this town. AND because the journey from Klang by horse or buffalo wagons to the city was "too long and boring", Frank Swettenham the appointed British resident at Port Klang built a train linking from Port Klang to the city, Kuala Lumpur.

Known during colonial times as Port Swettenham. It was renamed to Port Klang in July 1972. I was born 9 years later. Ref.

 source: akubudaktelok64

If you just watch Beauty & The Beast, then the atmosphere during my childhood was exactly like the town Belle grew up in. People were all over, it was busy, it was awesome growing up in this town. I took my brother and sister on foot to discover the whole town in a day. We would stop by the Kedai Runcit to buy "yum yum" (snacks) and then fishes from the pet store. Of course, our fishes died the next day because we didn't understand a thing about keeping fishes as pets.

The local tavern where daddy always brings us to have chicken chop dinner had strange looking people from the port that I've never seen before. They were white and they had caps. Photographs of ships, strange people filled the walls of the Tavern. Now I realized, it was "ang mohs" from the ships.

D'Tavern, Restaurant & Pub, Port Klang

still old school setting

 hall of visitors, the past

HNS Westminter crew
I always make it a point to visit this tavern nearby my home to have their chicken chop. It's one of the oldest tavern around and was once beaming with sailors from all over the world. I'm amazed it's still surviving despite the harsh changes made to this small town.

my home town Port Klang

At the age of 10 & being the eldest, I brought my 5-year-old bro & 2-year-old sister to tour around Port Klang like free-spirited doves. Now, it's better to exercise caution when you walk around this town.

The oldest hotel in Port Klang town

During its heyday, it's one of the nice hotels for seafarers and visitors from the port but to date, it's not exactly a place to crash for the night anymore. This hotel and building was built by my grandfather. The hotel is probably the only hotel in Port Klang town now.

Pasar Pelabuhan Kelang

The oldest wet market in Port Klang, fishermans comes here to sell their catch

The wet market in Port Klang is probably one of the oldest structure here and still withstood the test of time. This is still a bustling place in the early morning. Just minutes away from my home, my grandmother always sent me here to buy catfish in the morning to feed our 50 cats (we like to rescue animals)

Grandmother handed to the 10 year-old me RM5 every morning to go to the fish market to buy a bag of "cat fish". It's not really catfish, it was just that sardine looking fish to feed the 50 cats and kittens we rescued back at home. My grandmother and I love cats. We have a colony of "atap cats" who only live up the house roofs. We have garden cats, house cats, and back-alley cats. Somehow they all started their own families and we have a huge cat zoo.

We also have 15 dogs and puppies. All this in a single storey house in Port Klang.

the colonials shops that was my "shopping mall" at 10 years old

 abandoned beauty

traveling to the past

how grandma used to shop

Death by Expressway. The shophouses that used to be alive is where I spent most of my childhood rummaging through toys, books, snacks every Sunday morning split between my sibblings. Dad plays mahjong nearby with friends at coffeeshop, we'll go there spy at him through the window & extort for money. Yes I use the word extortion, we won't leave him alone unless he pays protection money

Port Klang was awesome until the new North-South Express Highway started construction. The town I loved went through a slow death. Nobody saw it coming. We didn't even have a protest against this. The express highway was big and tall. My favorite Kedai Runcit stores were just a few feet away from it. The whole stretch of colonial stores suffered from this change.

People started moving out and laborers from neighboring countries started making this their new home. From the bright, bustling town I grew up in, my town has turned into a cowboy town, unfamiliar, dark and unsafe. Shops I grew up visiting, closed down. The fish market, is it still there? The old cinema, abandoned and probably haunted.

my grandma's hardware store in Port Klang

While I was walking around Port Klang this morning, I passed by my grandma's hardware store, still there after so many years. It's the same row as the Great Wall mall (many might not remember Great Wall anymore, used to be the only shopping place for us back in the golden days). Also beside this shop, is where the famous tong shui stall is located at the main road of Port Klang town.

the hawker square where I used to buy tong yuen for auntie

The famous tong yuen stall in Port Klang, operated over 25 years by father & daughter team. It's still here with a bowl of tong yuen from RM1.  Featured on: The Star - February 2009. Roadside stall next to Econjaya (now closed but the signboard is still there)Jalan Raja Muda Musa, Port Klang Opening hours: 8pm - 11:30pm (Closed on Sundays)

Walking around Port Klang after so many years. It was still beautiful. It has potential. It was still awesome to me. It could be alive again, there's so much history and the Tavern is still standing tall serving chicken chop. If only Mr.Seksan of the Sekeping Projects, could come here and turn my once awesome town into more awesome place.

How Malaysian travel changed me? Well, Malaysia has many wonderful awesome places to visit, and it should not be limited to places of popularity, it could also be a place you find interesting like Port Klang. To appreciate what we have and the forgotten. An adventure of your local beauty of the past. A diamond in the rough, right Traveloka?

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Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair


your anti-aging life gold goals

There's always the one anti-fail anti-aging product in the world that everyone is familiar with. Especially when one is brown and affectionately called the "little brown bottle" by fans. When you reach that stage in life that anti-aging starts to resonate, you'll know the Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair is one of the highly recommended product to try. It's not cheap either, but mind you which anti-aging beauty product is? The ingredients that call to reverse years off your face, wouldn't be sold for the price of McDonald's. When should one start using anti-aging skincare products? They say as early as 25 but well I started in my late 20's and since pass 35, it has become an even more important to use anti-aging products.

Day 2 AoNang Krabi Thailand

Good Morning Krabi!

The next morning I woke up after the most comfortable night's sleep in a long time (my bed mattress at home is hard not very comfy and hurts my back sometimes) Peace Laguna's comfy spacious Queen size bed gets a big thumbs up from me - wish I could take it back home with me! As we had booked one of the private cottages, the facilities include an outside rainforest shower, personal DeLonghi coffee maker machine with a variety of different capsules replenished every day on request, and 2 personal sun loungers to relax and get your tan on with a view of the lagoon.

A Cut Above's Brazilian Keratin Treatment Review


caught by the bad hair police *cries*
(I've neglected my hair for far too long)

Many years ago, I fell in love with one hair treatment that changed my mindset about paying for hair treatments in salons. No longer do I pay a one-time hair treatment that costs RM100 more or less when I'm reminded how dry or badly damaged my hair is during shampoo visits. It's all thanks to A Cut Above's Brazillian Keratin Treatment. That one time left me with a good impression for many years to come. Even up till now, whenever I think of hair treatment, I think BKT (short for Brazillian Keratin Treatment). I've tried many types of hair treatment since hitting puberty. My hair just wouldn't be tamed. I wished many times I was born with silky, straight hair instead of coarse, frizzy, dry hair which of course didn't go well with keeping up with the trends.

Happy Birthday Butterfly Project


Happy Birthday Butterfly Project

Typing out my thoughts as I listen to Coffee Table Jazz on my speakers and the BBW candle in Mahogany Teakwood burning on my table. I am preparing to wrap up the Butterfly Project birthday party this month, and there are tonnes to do with the rebranding of the community. The community is turning four years old this month, and so much has happened since. From bittersweet memories to new beginnings for our community, I do look forward to seeing how we as bloggers can help brands out there.

Call me old fashion, I still believe blogging is a way to help people, especially for our local mermaids out there starting their own brand and company. As usual, I don't share much of how the community started, and people often think it was a piece of cake. It is not.

Sweat, blood and tears go into managing a community without resources or funding. It's a club essentially for like minded people to socialised, network and participates in activities that would benefit them in terms of growth, credibility, content and knowledge gained from learning.

And yes, the big guy up there. Thank you for looking after this community and for making it was it is today. We wouldn't have survived 4 years just breathing the air. I have in mind to start writing a book on how The Butterfly Project came about. Would anyone be interested to read? hmm.

My final thoughts are, I hope we see new faces this year. Faces who would change the future of the next blogosphere.

P.S: We have not one but two birthday parties this April/May. The first with Jerlynn'L on 29th April, 2017. I'll be announcing the details soon on our Butterfly Project FB Fan page for sign ups.

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