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Veet Launches Veet Sensitive Touch (Electric Trimmer)


I need this!!! #nomorerazors

Last month, Baby G went to an event for me, a girly event *lol*. He had no qualms about that. In fact any event with good food, he wouldn't mind sacrificing his manhood for it (oops). Since I'm working, I couldn't take time off to attend events so Baby G has been so supportive to go for me. I love him to bits because of this. When I asked if he could attend Veet's latest event, he asked if this was the hair removal brand? (he knows his thing haha). I said they're launching a hair removal gadget called the Veet Sensitive Touch.

The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort Review


The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, Redang Island, Malaysia

A few weeks ago I was invited by the Berjaya group to attend a Media FAM trip to their 5-star luxury Taaras Spa & Beach Resort. After doing some research online, I immediately accepted the invite when I saw the breathtaking photos, glowing reviews and top of the range facilities on offer on their website. Needless to say, I became very excited when I read the following introduction -
"Tucked away and hidden from the outside world on a small island found just off the unspoilt East Coast of tropical Malaysia. Considered to be one of the most beautiful island locations in the South China Sea, the isle of Redang is home to our natural, yet stylish resort found on of the most spectacular bays surrounded by one of the bluest oceans on the earth."
So inviting and grabs your attention you can't wait just wanna go already! Right? Well, I got even more excited when I read the itinerary for the trip. 4D3N in a 5* luxury resort, all meals provided for including barbecue dinner by the beach and a few fun packed activities to enjoy such as diving and snorkelling. Sounds like the perfect vacation with a combination of relaxation and adventure, don't you think?

Do Not Buy Canon 70D Malaysia


Canon 70D Error 80

After a year of owning the Canon 70D which is the most expensive camera that I've ever bought and to which I have taken good care of it as oppose to my Canon 550D, I'm shocked to see it suddenly passed out one day with the error 80 alert. Now I've been a Canon camera customer for so long, I trust their products and I've only bought Canon cameras so far. My 550D which was with me through thick and thin is now 5 years old and has never failed me before.

It was a shock that my Canon 70D retail over RM4K in the market, hardly use suddenly powers out with the error 80. After a day or two, it would be okay back again but when you need the camera for an all important travel gig, it suddenly passes out again with the error. Not acceptable.

I went googling for answers and came about European and Brazil Canon 70D users who were not happy at all with this error. They even made a petition online to voice out this was a factory fault concerning the video usage linked to motherboard fault that would happen. Here's what they say below from an online petition which I also signed but unfortunately, I'm from Malaysia and consumer rights here is almost zero.

Online Petition On Canon 70D Error 80
Canon should issue a statement, recognizing that there is an error in the design of the 70D, which produces that with the use (apparently when the temperature of the camera increases), error 80 appears on the Canon EOS 70D and die.

There are thousands of affected users, who have their camera broken, by a bad Canon design.
In Canon Brazil have recognized that it is a factory failure and are arranging cameras free of charge to those who have said mistake, and returning the money to the people who have paid the repair (400 €).
For now the support of Canon says that are isolated cases (lie, are hundreds/thousands of models that have been affected by this error).
I have talked to several repair services, and comment that when they repair the camera they put a motherboard "upgraded", so it is evident that the old plates had some problem.
We want Canon Europe to study the issue, and offer us a solution, just like in brazil they have offered. There is a low-end camera (Ni cockroach) for it to spoil the year, 2 years, 20,000 shots, with a good use. This is clearly a factory failure.

Groups to talk about problem:

P.S: I really hate dealing with all these issues... but I can't help sharing. I have to use my precious leave to take my camera to Canon Malaysia to check/fix the error 80. I message Canon Malaysia FB about this issue and even tell them to recall the 70Ds. I think it would fall on deaf ears anyway. I'm thinking to buy the Sony RX100 iv compact camera now as reviews says it's the best travel camera.

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After shopping on mysale.my for a few times and facing issues after issues with their super sucks safety of fragile items in which their cs is (*&^* doesn't use their brains to think at all. I mean hello? Why are  some cs so brainless? Don't tell me you're paid low so your brain also functions on low capacity? or you only relying on templates to work? My years of dealing with shitty Malaysian customer service just makes me expect the same kinda bullshit that would happen.

E.g: I bought a bunch of glass candles and they broke. Their cs offer me 20% refund. WTF? My goods are not usable anymore and in fact it's now dangerous to use it! 20%? YOU KIDDING ME? USE YOUR BRAINS. I EVEN EMAILED IN THE PICTURES TO SHOW STILL CAN'T DO BROKEN GLASS MATHS?

Sorry for the outrage, I can't take no more shit service atm. Especially with the shitty YTL Hotels Membership saga which has now turned into comedic levels. It's like watching a never ending black and white old movie on rerun with no happy ending.

Going back to mysale.my, I did some googling and reading and they fall under ozsale. So it sees they're an Australian company who's been ripping people off with "inaccurate" descriptions of sale and abusing consumer rights. At least in Australia, the consumer rights and watchdogs are powerful because last year ozsale was fined over AUD$10,000 for misleading customers. Read all about it here. They've also been fine over AUD$500,000 for selling flammable children's clothingunsafe children's clothing. Click here to read the drama.

There's also tons of negative reviews from Australian consumers complaining about buying things that's "not as it seems" from ozsale which is also mysale. A large number of complaints on they selling fake goods, goods not sold as advertised, misleading goods and so on. Particularly on bedsheets and pillows, as ozsale/mysale would pretty up the description and title, vomiting words such as hotel-luxury, soft comfort, downlike, bla bla... but when your goods arrive it's made in China and 100% polyester.

I didn't believe it until I paid RM500 for 4 "hotel luxury soft" pillows and a duvet (blanket). The packaging was like.... uh..... just a plastic wrap over the goods. I could see the tag sticking out on the pillows and duvet (apparently it's a law not to remove these tags, only customers can remove) that says 100% polyester and made in China.

I rest my case.
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Kiehl's Vitality Getaway & Review


Mr.Bones says hello in Cameron Highlands!

A few weeks ago, I was lucky to be exclusively invited to go on a road trip to Cameron Highlands for 2D1N on a vitality getaway by Kiehl's, in conjunction with the launch of their new #Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream. I had never visited before so when I was offered the opportunity I was delighted to accept it as all expenses trips are rare for me!

Voluspa Candle Haul


Voluspa my love, come to me quick!

I've splurged on candles again. This time on Voluspa because there's a sale going on here (if you click my link, register as a new member and make your first purchase, I'll get RM30 muahhaha). Okay wait let's be serious. I'm addicted to this site now but only for really cool stuffs like candles. I was deciding for a week whether to buy or not but decided to take the plunge because I needed to buy something as a gift for a good friend's house warming gift. It would make a really nice house deco piece too and the scent is Chestnut Vetiver which is a fragrance with notes of rich roasted chestnuts fired and combined with earthy vetiver, oakmoss and amber.

Gogoprint Malaysia Your Online Printing Solution


check out my postcard from Gogoprint!

I'd like to share a new way to get your printing done without leaving that comfy seat of yours. Yes, that's right. Now with Gogoprint Malaysia, you can have the option of online printing via their e-commerce website. It's very easy to use! They pride themselves of giving quality printing at the best prices they can so I took up the challenge to check them out myself using a discount code they gave me for review. I'm surprise they cater to many types of printing services, from marketing to personal use. You can print out name card, business card, flyers, posters, letterheads, tags, bookmarks, wedding cards, leaflets, postcards, invitation cards, presentation folders, gift vouchers, loyalty cards online.

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