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Canon EOS M10 x Rilakkuma Your Travel Companion


I want Rilakkuma to be my travel companion!

OMG... me being a big fan of Canon, I went OMG when I saw Canon's latest camera promotion, which is a collaboration between them and Rilakkuma! (I'm also a big fan of this cute teddy bear). BUT when Rilakkuma? Why not Sanrio Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty is so overated already so thank goodness no Hello Kitty. Both brands are from Japan :D so it figures they will collaborate sooner or later especially when girls go travel! so they can bring a travel companion with them to selfie everywhere haha. It's not a new trend, people have been selfie-ing with toys for the longest time but to see Canon pair up with Rilakkuma is WAHLAUEH big news!.

When I say I'm a big fan of Canon, I really meant it. My first camera was a Canon 550D (DSLR) then last year I bought the Canon 750D (DSLR). My first printer, Canon as well and I'm still wishing to own their latest printer which looks like a jewel box. Now I'm putting the Canon EOS M10 x Rilakkuma on my wish list. Like having one camera isn't enough right? =_= shhesshh.... having another camera which is small, lightweight, easy for travelling, fuss-free, can selfie and can also social share is well another treat! *proceeds to put in next birthday wish*.


oh oh oh oh!!! heart beating fast

The Canon EOS M10 starts at RM1,999 and with every purchase now you get a free limited edition Rilakkuma plush doll. Original not fake okay and it wears a Canon EOS M10 around it's neck. You can check out the prices here EOS M10 Kit (EF-M15-45mm)EOS M10 Kit II (EF-M15-45mm & EF-M22mm), and EOS M10 Kit III (EF-M15-45mm & EF-M55-200mm)

the Canon EOS M10 x Rilakkuma bundle*
(limited time only)

my bf's take on my new obsession

want to win a EOS M10 & a Rilakkuma?

So if I can't buy a new camera since I just got the Canon 770D, I might think of joining their EOS M10 #toytravel challenge on instagram/facebook to win a EOS M10 and a Rilakkuma plush doll instead. They have three themes for this contest. Take part in all three themes and you could win their grand prize a 110cm giant Rilakkuma plus doll!
To participate:
1) Post a photo of your toy and his favourite food
2) Tag it ‪#‎ToyTravel‬ and ‪#‎EOSM10Rilakkuma‬
3) Make sure your post is set to public

Contest ends on 30th Jun 2016. Visit snapshot.canon-asia.com/toytravel to view all your #ToyTravel snaps! Terms and Conditions apply.
*Promo valid for a limited time only. Availability differs according to your country so check out your local retail outlet for more information! more info here

My take on Chicken Wings & House Husbands

house husbands, does it work? maybe, maybe not

I woke up this morning before sunrise and ate chicken wings for breakfast. The very chicken wings from Kyochon Korean Fried Chicken, super spicy super nice, and also super small and super pricey. Okay minus super away I may be too dramatic here.

Their tagline, no antibiotics (I guess small chickens) healthy chickens. I'm curious to know how their chickens stay healthy. Killed as a virgin? Never experiencing what's like like to date a cock? Their 3 promises,

1. We will never, ever serve fast food
2. We will only ever use 100% natural ingredients
3. We will make healthy fried chicken from the heart

So literally they're saying we are slow, just wait for your food. Use 100% natural ingredients, which I wonder, who will advertise otherwise which only means; the price tag explains itself now. Lastly, we will make healthy fried chicken from the heart. Look there's nothing healthy about being fried, and from the heart? Gotta, give a thumbs up to their copywriter.

I am probably angsty because I paid nearly RM50 for 20 chicken wings & drummette. Let me recalculate that for you, nearly RM50 for 10 chicken wings (where it isn't cut into half and counted per piece to sell).

Another reason why I'm angsty is while I was eating, I was also watching this movie called "The Intern" starring Robert Deniro and Anne Hathaway. This movie was rated 7.1 on IMDB so not bad. I like inspiring movies like this. It's about Jules (Anne Hathaway) who started her e-commerce fashion startup company and within 18 months it has boomed to over 200 employees. Big, beautiful factory turned office space, very modern, very industrial concept office space which I super like.

experience never goes out of fashion

Then comes along a senior intern, Ben (Robert Deniro) placed under her. Well, it seemed more like she was his instead because Ben helped in more ways than one to make her see the big picture. That's the difference between aged old experiences and the hungry, ambitious, risk takers of these generations who think everyone can start their company and get away with it. Which makes you think, or be angry. Just because it's a startup, doesn't mean you can use it as an excuse for everything.

sorry guys we're a startup
tables will come when we get next funding

Back to the movie, Jules is the CEO, super busy, superwoman who also has a family - husband and a younger daughter. Husband is a house husband a.k.a stay at home father. Perfect right? Loving husband takes care of house, wife bring back the dough.

Wrong, the husband has an affair outside. Wife thinks it's all her fault because of her busy schedule. Yada yada yada. Bullshit.

hey, go back to square one. Women = family care taker
men = brings back food n provides a place to stay

I'm beginning to think there's a reason why women are the housewives. Women can multitask and take care of the family. A person who works is too busy to have a life. Sure no problem (if that's true because I'm so busy at work I don't even have time for myself let alone have an affair). However put the guy as the house wife, and hey... they come with a "pisang". The pisang ain't going to be satisfied staying at home waiting for the "busy" bread winner to come back.

Pisang casing a.k.a Pisang Protectiong
source: Adriana Skon

Heck women has always been the committed one. Sorry, I'm a woman. I am on team "HER" and yeah Baby G said he didn't take me as the anti-men kind of a girl  (sexist?). Ops sorry... yes I'm anti-men person. Men don't know how to stay home and 'STAY HOME.' They were not programmed to take care of the family (and this don't mean take care using the money). 

So wait, what I'm saying is... if the "Pisang" is going to be taking the role of a house husband, be prepared that it comes with a best before date girls. 

I Bought RM109 Blueberries


insert your frequently used cursed word here

Imagine during check out; you're paying RM250 for your groceries at an "atas" supermarket and think that is normal because well maybe your three bags of fruits and vegs costs that much at an expat infused supermarket in Bangsar.

Well, to be fair, I took a half day off work because I was hit by viral fever (took a week to recover) and wanted to get some good Vitamin C boost by going to my favourite grocer in Bangsar Shopping Center, which is 5 mins away from my office. During checkout I was too tired to notice how much was charged individually for my items, I normally check because, in Malaysia, it's quite notorious of supermarkets to charge you the "wrong price."

When I got home, I happily told my bae (it's short for baby, seems like a trend now to use this term) I got lots of fruits, including his favourite blueberries which he has to have every morning for breakfast. Baby G (my bae) went "OMG why did you buy RM109 blueberries?".

I went "OMG!" smacked my head. I should've been more careful to buy "normal" blueberries because this grocer sells all kinds of fruits, imported from Japan and blah blah. Strawberries could go up to RM100 here so I figured, I must've made a mistake but wasn't I sure it said RM10.90 on the board?

I checked my receipt, and it says fresh produce can be exchange in 2 days time. Like a mad woman, I called up Sam's Grocer and spoke to a lady about my accidental expensive blueberries mishap. She said I could come back tomorrow to change it. A sigh of relief.... phew.

A few minutes later, I received a call again from them. The lady apologised and said this was a mistake from their end, the blueberries is RM10.90 and not RM109.00. I could bring my receipt and get a refund for what I paid, no need to bring the blueberries back. PHEW! So I wasn't crazy enough to buy RM109 blueberry pack! And a lesson to me to keep my eye on the cash check out next time or just don't shop when I'm sick.

Fast forward, I did return with my receipt but was surprised I was still charged for the blueberries after thinking it may be a token of goodwill to waived it off due to the wrong price tag on it. Especially when it's an angmoh grocer.


Lesson No.1 - Check your prices during checkout always
Lesson No.2 - Charge the grocer your Uber fare if they don't waive off the wrongly charged item.

What Happens When We Drop Our Phones?



LOL! I didn't know dropping our phones can be so cute until I saw these from OtterBox. I didn't know anything about OtterBox, so I'm surprised it's the No.1 selling case for smartphones in the U.S and a global leader in mobile device protection. They conducted a study with Hong Kong Uni to show what happen to your body when you drop your phone. Obviously, if I drop my phone, I'm going to kill myself. My hard earn money all shattered away on the bumps, cracks, and dents on my phone will break my heart! Yes this is how attached I am to my phone (and everyone else in Asia).

#DropTheStress Experiment

They even have a video to show what happened to the "test subjects" put into various stress activities and in the end, purposely drop their phone. You can watch the video for the reactions of the subjects to that. Though I was hoping to see more reaction, they seemed pretty compose having their phones dropped. I would have gone ballistic and howl obscenity while demanding for a new phone.


Conducted by a research team led by Dr. Chia-huei Tseng, an assistant professor at the Department of Psychologyat Hong Kong University, ‘The 21st Century Scale of Stress Report’ reveals that a person’s heart rate increases by an average of 15 percent (an increase of 7.45 beats per minute) when their phone is dropped - three times the amount that it increases when giving a public speech. A person’s cortisol level - the hormone released by the body when under stress - increases an average of 32 percent beyond the normal rate (from 8.19 to 10.82 ng/ml) when a person sees their phone crash to the floor.

1. The heart skips more than just a beat
If a person has a sudden increase in heart rate, it can mean he/she is heavily stressed, excited, or anxious. When the subjects saw their smartphone being dropped, heart rate variability increased by 15 percent on average - about 7.45 beats per minute - three times more than other stressors 1 . This increase rate is three times more than when they were asked to perform tasks under a short deadline, or to give a public speech. (1.7 beats per minutes).

2. The body releases the stress hormone
Cortisol is a stress hormone that the body releases when a person feels stressed or in danger. When a subject’s smartphone fell to the floor, the cortisol concentration level increased an average of 32 percent (from 8.19 to 10.82 ng/ml) from a normal state. 

3. Taking a deep breath
An increase in respiratory intake is a sign that a person needs more oxygen to handle stressful or dangerous situations. When subjects saw their phone dropped on the floor, their respiration rate increased by over 15 percent compared to a resting state. This is four times more than when asked to give a speech in front of a group of strangers.


Women might have a smaller heart physically, but they are the more fearless gender when reacting to modern stresses. The study reveals that male participants experienced bigger stress in all four tasks than female participants. Men’s cortisol level increased by 22% when their phone was dropped, while women’s changed just 16%. Women, however, did find dropping their phones twice as stressful as public speaking. When measuring respiration rate, men breathe three times as quickly when they drop their phones compared to when they were asked to deliver a speech.

Downright we women won the test of stress haha.

for more information about the study click here

Glitz&Glam Studiobooth Raya Package Promotion


"Photobooth" Raya Promotion RM1499 (NPRM3000)

A friend of mine, Ling is working at a new company now called Glitz&Glam Studiobooth. She was previously from 123Cheese Photobooth. There's where we got to know each other as I frequently used her services for Butterfly events and parties. The quality of print, professionalism and manner of conduct was A+ in my books. They were early, patient and friendly which was important for me. Trust me I had my share of nightmare Photobooth companies which nobody would believe can happen.

Example, showing up after an hour at a party when they're supposed to be there earlier for setup. The backdrop graphic was unbelievably cheesy, distasteful and not according to the theme. Props broke during use, and you can see it being tape nonchalantly together. I pray this don't happen to anyone so please go to a professional company. One a good portfolio of works to show what they can do.

ideal for parties, events, launches, weddings, open house

guests get to have fun with your party theme

social media sharing included

So Ling emailed me sharing about her new company and my first question was "What's the difference between a Photobooth and a Studiobooth?". Ling said Studiobooth's are on a professional level, with experience photographer + crew and high-quality printouts (unlimited). In short it is a portable mini studio catered to make your event more interactive. Check out their sample of work here and their Coca-Cola set up.

Coca-Cola "Taste The Feeling" Campaign Launching in Malaysia

I would think this is an excellent addition to keeping your guests entertained at your party. Not to mention the social sharing facility where guests can share via an iPad stationed there.

click here to book at their website

Ling says their Raya Promotion Package worth RM3,000 now the only RM1,499 nett is a steal for the first 50 bookers made by 5th July, for any events from June - December 2016. A 50% deposit is required to book a slot. The Raya package includes:
  • 2 Hours Studiobooth Service with UNLIMITED photo printing
  • FREE social media sharing (worth RM500)
  • FREE 6″ x 6″, 30 pages photo book (worth RM200)
  • FREE delivery & set up within Klang Valley
  • Top up RM500 for additional 1-hour studiobooth service + FREE customised Raya setup! Choose from three (3) Raya themes or go to their Facebook Raya album for more photos. 
This promotion is only for the first 50 events booking, so better hurry up! Contact Ling Ching (017-870 7290) for more information or to make a booking. If I have the money I'll just booked several events for the year because photobooths / studiobooths can be expensive additions to making your events more memorable. 

SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence & Spot Essence Review

SK-II's latest whitening products unveiled

So SK-II has released a new essence, called the GenOptics Aura Essence & Spot Essence. Both contains their trademark signature ingredient; Pitera infused with GenOptics Aura Complex. You'll be hearing a lot of the name "GenOptics" in SK-II's whitening range from now on because it's their latest breakthrough in whitening technology. Power pack to be more effective that their past formula, the GenOptics Aura Complex stops the formation of spots inside before it gets the chance to appear. The results would be spotless aura glow, with skin radiating from within.

I haven't got the chance to use this for long because I'm always testing skincare products not only as a blogger but as a consumer as well. The market is just full of whitening products. You are going to be at a loss on which to pick. I find that it is easier to stay loyal to a favourite brand when you believe in its story. Story meaning it's objectives, research and core values. For example, SK-II carried out the story of Pitera, which has won the hearts of many including myself with videos and the infamous Change Destiny Museum roadshows.

But seriously SK-II, you revamped almost every 1-2 years. I'm beginning to lose track of what is what now. Well, I can't stop SK-II from continuously improving their formulas, as long it is better than the previous one. 

GenOptics Aura Essence & Spot Essence Review

Playing around with the GenOptics Aura Essence & Spot Essence, I do like the fact they're equipped with newly designed auto-fill droppers which made it easier to control the amount of product to take. One dropper gives one full drop which is enough. It's made of glass if I'm not mistaken. Both products sound alike but no they're not. Here's my breakdown introduction :)

the new specially designed dropper - one dose correctly given

the top is made of rubber & it's easy to press down

the texture comparison

GenOptics Aura Essence 30ml RM555 / 50ml RM790
This is your whitening serum to be used before your moisturiser. It is a lightweight, milky texture with a powder scent to it (strong). Fast absorption rate, does not leave the skin feeling sticky, icky or thick with a layer of product. SK-II says you can finish with their anti-aging product the R.N.A Cream to help reduce the appearance of pores and wrinkles and give skin a three-dimensional support and firmness from every angle.

The Special Ingredient?
A fusion of next-generation ingredients designed to unleash your spot-less aura from within.
  • PITERA TM : A concentrated formula full of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids.
  • Prunus Extract : Extracted from prune fruits, containing antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to prevent oxidation stress.
  • Inositol: Promotes lysosome activity for increased skin clarity.
GenOptics Spot Essence 30ml RM470 / 50ml RM685 / 75ml RM920
If Aura Essence is the whitening serum before moisturiser, what is this then? Well, this is more for those who already pass the gates of the sun *lol*. I meant, already have age spots and sun spots showing. Your usual whitening products won't help you now but don't cry. There's the Spot Essence made to target these concerns with precision (before or after spots appear). It's also lightweight, milky serum but with no strong scent to it (great!). Super absorbent as well. You can use this before Aura Essence.

The Special Ingredient?
It consists of new ingredients Lumina Kelp Extract, which works with PITERATM, and Demelano P3CTM to inhibit Future- spot -signalling.
  • Lumina Kelp Extract : It contains 'phlorotannin' a kind of tannin that works as the main component for anti- oxidation.
  • PITERATM : A concentrated formula full of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids.
When I say before moisturiser, it would mean after your usual skincare cleansing routine followed by toning. Then essence goes in here (serum), before your moisturisers.

a quick guide to SK-II GenOptics, watch this video

Now here's a tip. If you're looking to prevent age spots and stay fair, the GenOptics Aura Essence is your product to go. BUT if you already have age spots and is looking for solutions to lighten it, then the GenOptics Spot Essence is your hero because it helps lighten existing spots and also prevents future spots from appearing. If you're rich, get both of them haha.

The GenOptics series is available at all SK-II beauty counters. For more information & promotions visit www.sk-ii.com.my and www.facebook.com/skii.malaysia

Harvey Norman 12th Malaysian International Branded Bedding Fair 2016


IPC Shopping Centre, Mutiara Damansara
26th April - 8th May 2016

Did I tell you guys that I have this obsession with pillows? Well, not just pillows... I really, really like stalking bedding fairs. I think I have put myself in a learning phase of what's in trend and what's not from all my stalking. One of my favourite stores to stalk is Harvey Norman, Ikano Power Centre, which is 10mins walk away. They always have some promotion going on that I want to go in and make sure I don't miss a great deal. I bought my DSLR Camera there for Christmas during the Electronics Sale.

the bedding fair at Ikano Power Centre

Tempur is one of the good mattresses I'm stalking

Their 12th International Brands Bedding Fair 2016 26/4 - 8/5 had fresh promotions, free giveaways and new products introduced (Sealy, Napure, HIlker, Therapedic & Englander). I was making a bucket list of my future bedroom on their website www.harveynorman.com.my. Trust me... their site is useful to source for deals. I do that for my office laptops for my staffs and even got a really good deal on a Macbook air from there.

Something new caught my eye in the fair. Harvey Normal introduced the Reduction of Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of Bedding Products. This means giving greater savings to customers by making smart business decisions that resulted in putting customer's wallet heart first.  Why can't all stores be like this?
“We believe we are the first furniture and bedding retailer to offer such amazing deals. On top of the savings customers can enjoy from the reduction in recommended retail price, everything at the fair is going at half price, plus an additional 10% off with purchase of two items or more.” explained Mr Eddy Ng, General Manager of Harvey Norman Malaysia Bedding Department.
What were the free giveaways? FREE RM200 petrol vouchers with every purchase of RM5000, FREE 3 Years warranty on mattress fabrics, and FREE disposals of old mattresses and beds during the fair. Personally, I rather have Free Harvey Norman vouchers than petrol vouchers because I don't own a car BUT HEY I love the free old mattress / bed disposed of because it's expensive to have it removed by yourself! 

thumbs up to Harvey Norman for having a heart!

From the bedding fair, they also did a CSR activity to donate 200 pcs of new mattresses to selected need homes which is nice of them. This is the first time I'm hearing of donating new mattresses to the less fortunate. 

Here's the list of homes they donated to, which is useful if you are planning also to help:
Look out for their next bedding fair on www.harveynorman.com.my if you missed this one. I'm also on the look out since the RRP is enacted and half off promotions! Don't worry about buyer's protection because Harvey Norman has this consumer policy called "Shop with Confidence" which allows us to exchange and refund, price guarantee, product reservation, same day delivery and product cares.
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