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unboxing 10kg worth of haul from SGshop Malysia
(in video I mentio 7kg, no it's actually 10kg)

My last shopping experience with Taobao SEA (South East Asia) ended in a shopper's nightmare. It made me think twice about shopping there again. Useless customer service, bad management, bad system. To summarised, their attempts to make it more attractive to S.E.A customers bananas like me (meaning do not read or write Chinese) failed. Till to-date I am still heart broken, stressed and disappointed over my orders which in total amounted to RM1.5k. I had more than 10 orders made, and after months of fighting with the agency who engaged me to review Taobao SEA, then only one order made it through.

Taobao is China "Ebay" Version

I know how tempting it is to shop on Taobao. Their prices are crazzzzeeeeeee. These are items you normally see people re-selling for a higher price on blogshops / bazaars / online shops and even Groupon. If you could buy your own, that would be awesome right? Provided you don't go through the same nightmare like me.

So I gave Taobao a second chance last September when SGshop Malaysia approach me to review their site. I was a bit hesitant due to my bad experience but decided maybe an agent would make a difference? Especially with the language barrier (Chinese).

my feelings exactly after shopping on SGshop Malaysia

AND YOU KNOW WHAT? The happiest decision made! SGshop made shopping on Taobao so much more easier. Every step of the way I was notified by sms and email to the progress of my order. I only need to login and check / pay for shipping when my orders arrived in the China warehouse. I choose sea shipping as this would be the most affordable (also cheapest) shipping method to deliver my 10kg haul to Malaysia. The downside? It takes 1 - 2 months to be delivered. When your shipment arrives, a local courier is engaged to despatch your parcel to you. Signature would be required. Mine was by ABX courier.

I bought this at RM82++

Made of wood it's so pretty!

I can keep my beauty products in it to admire haha

I was so happy with my 1st order that I made a 2nd order to buy acrylic beauty storages. When I notice an issue on my shipping charges (my parcel weight was 42kg) I email the customer service to inquire if the weight was correct. The next day the customer service called me to apologised, corrected the charges and process a refund. They understood ENGLISH. I was just too happy. I hate dealing with an incompetent customer service person (stress giler). Kudos to the responsive and fast action on my case.

For newbies, if you're wondering what warehouse what shipping sea? (confusing right) Let me explain, there's two phases of delivery when you shop on Taobao from out of China. This is one of reasons why it's just better to skip all the *&$% and get an agent to shop for you.

1 - Deliver To China Warehouse (Seller delivers to warehouse)

Order, pay for goods & delivery fee for order to be delivered to China warehouse (sometimes delivery fee is waived depending on seller).

*Warehouse is where your goods are stored for packing and shipping.

2 - Ship To Malaysia (International)
At China warehouse, agents would check, pack & weight parcel for you, then ship to your doorsteps by air / sea (you will have to select a preferred shipping method based on your budget).

*From my bad experience shopping on Taobao SEA, the shipper were the ones who pack and weight. They couldn't care less if your parcel would be prohibited / hold by customs. You have to solve this yourself and go back n forth on what's going on, and pay even more for nonsense and to ship your orders again.

When you go through an agent like SGshop, they understand which shipping method would be the best and advised you on it. At SGshop, my good indicated which shipping method should go for what items I purchase. For example, battery goods cannot be ship by normal air. It's best by sea or special care shipping (expensive).

They also inspect your goods when it arrives at China warehouse so you don't have to stress and go through nightmare of returning defective goods or wrong orders.

welcome to SGshop Malaysia

What's SGshop?
It's a locally registered company founded in August 2011 to help consumers buy and ship their desire goods from Chinese e-commerce websites like Taobao. Understanding the perils (and nightmare) of online shopping on Chinese e-commerce websites, they're committed to giving you the best shopping experience. Their efforts in partnering with the best logistics (delivery) taking the worry out of international shipping and making it fast, reliable and affordable.
"As your authorized purchasing agent, we will assist you with purchasing from your favourite international merchants (eg. Merchants in China). You may browse our extensive range of products and narrow your search with enhanced filters to shop by best-sellers, category and price range. Our shipping and delivery speed guarantee also ensures that you receive your purchases within efficient time. That’s not all, we also offer you the lowest rates for international shipping and local delivery!" - SGshop.

SGshop provides two types of services: 
*Click on the service to find out how it works.

OMG So How Do I Start Shopping?
First just register for an account on SGshop.com.my. I would recommend for beginners to go for the "Buy For Me" service (this service is chargeable). When you're a pro already, go for Ship For Me so you can save on agent service charges. Here's a simple guide for you to get started.

register an account on SGshop Malaysia

you can start searching for what you want

or type in the search bar for something & it'll pop out
(I typed in acrylic cosmetic)

click on a product you want to buy, add to cart

check your order summary and information

choose a preferred payment option
(I wish there wasn't additional charges just to pay)

I bought pre-paid credits to reduce paying for transaction fee
(but might be wasted if you don't utilised your credits)

congratulations! You paid succesfully
(you'll get a confirmation email as well)

your order dashboard shows the progress of your purchase

Just to explain the stages of your order. Pending payment meant anything that requires your attention to make payment would be here. E.g delivery payment / order payment revision. Problematic Order means, somehow the order you made has changed it's price or there's an error with pricing that caused it to be an issue. The agent would not go ahead to purchase until you say ok. Arrived China Warehouse means your goods has arrived at China Warehouse. It can be stored there up to 30 days by the agent. My collection is a collection of your orders. Completed means your order has been successfully delivered and received by you.

in my video, I mistakenly say 1kg RM10 (it's 500grm) sea shipping

If you notice, in my order history one of my acrylic storage is under "Sending to Malaysia" status. I paid only RM41.90 for that order (excluding shipping and agent fees). SGshop has regular promotions that sometimes you can get lucky on, like free agent fee promo / free shipping sea promo / discounts on shipping. I was lucky to get on the free agent fee promo early October.

If this is all too confusing just refer back to SGshop's FAQ page and "Buy For Me" how it works tutorial. You'll soon get the hang of it like I did :) just follow your online shopping instincts haha!!!


*Terms & Conditions: 
- Valid until 31st October 2016.
- Customers who use the discount code to purchase are entitled to enjoy 25% off for service change.
- Only applicable for "BUY FOR ME" purchase order (1st payment) must be placed and paid within the validity period to enjoy the discount.

Diabetes Type II : Start with the Right Duo


Let's Talk About Diabetes
(source: hwww.thewalkingencyclopedia.com/diabetes-mellitus)

Today I have decided to again go cold turkey on Coca-Cola. I can't keep track of how many times I have tried to quit. The longest was one year (2014-2015) where I changed my eating habits, got on a weight loss program and lost 20kg. Then I fell in love, worked for a start-up company, juggle between a community I started and dabble in party planning. That's when the tiny voice, started calling me back. From there I lost control and was again back to square one.

The Killer Ayam Goreng Kunyit Bangsar UOA


 if your favourite food might cause you cancer

Just wanted to share something horribly wrong with something deliciously tempting that happened to me a few days ago. You see lunch time around Menara UOA is like a battlefield. The good food always gets this long big ass waiting line. That's one sure fire sign that this is good, we must eat it. My favourite lunch time food is Ayam Goreng Kunyit (Tumeric Fried Chicken) which costs as low as RM5 from the roadside hawker stores.

Look Pa! My CONNOR'S Stout Porter Brewery Tour Experience


the story of CONNOR'S Stout Porter

Last week my partner and I had the pleasure of being invited to take part in a guided tour courtesy of CONNOR'S Stout Porter to the Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Berhad in Shah Alam to discover everything about CONNOR’S Stour Porter. When I say everything, I meant everything! All sight, smell, taste and after taste. From how the ingredients that goes into it, to the process and how it’s brewed. The best part of the tour? We got to pour our very own perfect pint.

PSA: Tinder Couple Safe Sex


have you met Tinderella?

There's this really funny cartoon on youtube called Tinderella. Yeah I know the song does spark the tune Cinderelly Cinderelly from Disney's Cinderella (you know where Gus Gus starts singing). Back in the olden days, fairy tales are... well all that's magical and full of love and nice things ending with happily ever after. Fast forward the modern era, girls are more liberated from the past and has become an equal to the pesky men.

What happens when "ever after" is recreated now and with the introduction of Tinder (as the "matchmaker"). Laugh at this video if you must. The uncanny resemblance is... lol.

YTL: Cameron Highlands Christmas Tree Lighting 2016


Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony
11 to 13 November 2016

I'm a YTL member so I receive updates of latest marketing promotions. This one, in particular, caught my attention as I'm currently in a year-end mood although it's just October (haha). It's been ages since I been to Cameron Highlands. I don't particular like the place because the trip makes me dizzy (long winding road up). I also don't drive so I am not sure how I will go up there, perhaps taking a bus.

But this latest promotion is all too Christmassy to resist. The promotion is as follows:

"The cool highland air marks that time of year where traditions and festive celebrations draw near! Join us for a magical weekend at our annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony from 11 to 13 November 2016.

This year, a colourful Christmas Market will be held at our classic hotel where you can soak up the sights and sounds as you wander around; the aroma of fresh pine, warm mulled wine, local delicacies and crafted gifts enjoyed with a chorus of cheery carols will get you into the spirit of the season."

Join us for our annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony from 11 to 13 November 2016
  • From MYR 772++ per room per night for two adults
  • Accommodation in Deluxe Room
  • Daily breakfast and lunch
  • A delightful hotpot dinner
  • An English Afternoon Tea at the Jim Thompson Tea Room
  • A Cameron Highlands Resort Christmas Dinner and pre-dinner cocktails (formal dress code required)
  • Jim Thompson Mystery Trail with our Resident Naturalist (subject to availability and weather conditions)
  • A colourful Christmas Market will be held at our classic hotel where you can soak up the sights and sounds as you wander around; the aroma of fresh pine, warm mulled wine, local delicacies and crafted gifts enjoyed with a chorus of cheery carols will get you into the spirit of the season
  • Complimentary wireless internet
  • Complimentary parking
Terms & conditions can be read here.  I am pretty interested because Christmas is my favourite festive season in the year and I've not been in a "Christmas" specific ambiance in Malaysia before where you get to smell fresh pine, and enjoy Christmassy stuffs. Also the daily food with a hotpot dinner and English Afternoon Tea at Jim Thompson Tea Room is calling me.

Should I or shouldn't I, argh. 

Planning My Birthday Trip Again


 my 2015/2016 birthday memories in Bali

I know it's way too early to be counting down to my birthday but this is the best part of life isn't it? To celebrate your birthday and what more overseas. I imagine myself in a nice beach area, relaxing and doing nothing - nada - nothing. The year end is always my favourite - Christmas then New Year's Even then my birthday (yes I am a New Year baby! I shall gloat about this because it's the best gift my mum gave to me). 

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