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Angel Factory All in One Peeling Pad Giveaway


I'm in a super cute mood these days

SO so so I just got my giant package of K-Beauty trendy items from Korea *jumps*. It's full of cool stuffs that's not available here in Malaysia. I went crazy shopping on Althea Korea during their big sale last month. Since this year I'm not organising any birthday party, I thought why not just do a big giveaway. I think my readers would like to discover and try new beauty products all the way from Korea right? (tell me yes). I haven't got the time to try it for myself so I did some reading just to explain why I bought it. It's perfect for me to snail mail out and when my readers gets it, they can test it and feedback to me what they think! (beats reading my review right? haha... making it full of mystery here and the readers be reviewers now haha).

I'm giving away this Angel Factory All in One Peeling Pad

So for the first K-Beauty item I'm giving it's called the Angel Factory All in One Peeling Pad. I like the cute illustration of a girl with a diamond tear on it. It's kinda pretty imho.Althea Korea sells it in pieces rather than in a box packet. They're RM13 each but I got the at a discount from Althea.

The Peeling Pad is a "speed exfoliation" pad that removes dead skin cells in 30secs while leaving your skin moisturised and brighten. It also claims to minimise wrinkles. The pad is no ordinary pad. It's made of 3 layers mesh pad, cushion pad and soft pad to effectively exfoliate.

totally don't understand what's going on here
(but pretty much sums up that girl becomes pretty, gets presents)

I see from youtube videos, bloggers demonstrating the removal of make up on oranges effectively using this peeling pad compared to normal pads with make up removal. For more information about this peeling pad click here. There's a long description of what this peeling pad is used for.

Benefits of this product:
  • removes dead skin cells / blackheads / dirt
  • made of special peeling pad
  • moisturising - fermented essence Beta-Glucan
  • contains 10 different fruit extracts  
  • PH5 mild acidity (mild peeling)
  • individually packaged (for hygiene) 
  • use before make up (skin prep)
  • easy and quick sebum and skin cell removal
  • does not contain the 7 deadly sins
    paraben, mineral oil, sulfate, benzo phenone, artificial flavours, artificial colouring, animal raw ingredients

Join this giveaway by leaving a comment with your name, follower id, email and tell me if you have heard of Althea Korea?

Terms & Conditions:
1. Open to all blog followers residing in Malaysia only.
2. Giveaway starts from today until 14th February, 2016 11.59pm.
3. All incomplete entries will be disqualified.
4. Winners will be contact in February by e-mail.
5. Prizes will be forfeited if winners do not reply e-mail within a week from contact.
6. Prizes will be snail mail to all winners.

The Mattress Cleaning Post


all the yucky errie ghastly things in your bed

Okay I've been getting a lot of messages about the mattress cleaning post on my Facebook. I got tired of scrolling down and searching for a backdated post in August 2015 that I decided I should just migrate the information and pic here so I don't have to go through searching it again and again. Well for all you out there who don't know, there's lotsa people offering mattress cleaning these days whether part time, their own company or working for a company. Be wary of those who's out there trying to give you a free service because it's the infamous "sales" taktik. Once they get into your room, don't dream of them leaving peacefully until you pay thousands for industrial size magical vacuum cleaner.

Kenny cleaning my carpet (the dirtiest of all)

Sure if you have money, why not? The advantages of owning a good vacuum cleaner is plenty. First you can actually clean the entire house with it (they have many functions - wet / dry / steam). If you're OCD, I bet you're going to have fun everyday watching it suck your dust mites from every corner of your house. Secondly, some vacuum cleaners have the ability to sanitise, purify your household furnitures (bed, sofa, carpet) and even the air. Really good when haze comes, just leave it to purify the air for an hour.

Third, who don't love a good strong sucking machine? This I mean a powerful vacuum cleaner that you don't have to look twice on the floor to see if it's still working properly. A mean lean powerful machine that roars and sucks all the dust mites, bed bugs, dirts, allergens, out that normal vacuum cleaner can't. I wouldn't mind buying one if I have thousands of ringgit laying around. 

Kenny cleans the bottom of the mattress too

complimentary pillow cleaning as well

But for those who can't afford one, hey the good news is you can now get a one time service from those who has the machine. They either started their own company offering such services or is free lancing their way to pay off their monster vacuum cleaner. I found mine on Facebook - TTDI community group page. Kenny Bak was advertising a RM30 off promotion for first time customers who book his mattress cleaning services. He does sofa, carpet too but the good thing is when you order a mattress cleaning service, he cleans the pillows and blanket as a bonus. Also depending on what kind of mattress you have, he'll clean the sides and bottom. Do inquire when you call him to make sure what exactly is the current service he's giving for mattress cleaning.

Kenny does a few rounds until the water is clear
(omg look at the yucky dirty water!)

This is what I posted on my Facebook:

Found out I'm their first customer in TTDI @ mattress & carpet cleaning happening now. They're doing a good job, using eucalyptus oil in the water vaccuming while purifying the air from odour. Until the carpet water becomes clear, they will continue to vaccum it. It's now the 6th round. I got horrified and happy that all the dirt & yucky things living in my carpet will be gone! Best money paid. RM30 off my bill @ current promo. NO HARD SELL AFTER!

Service & Price:
Bed cleaning: bottom top sides and also your pillows!!! (Omg)
King / queen size bed rm130
6x8 carpet rm90
sofas rm120
Call 012-2011300 Kenny Bak (klang valley coverage)

Conclusion, I liked his services so I shared on my FB. Hopefully this is useful for you? I continue to use his service whenever I need my mattress and sofa clean out. It's especially important since I rent my own place and the furnishings are not 'new'. 

Estee Launder Beauty Playround Sunway Pyramid


Estee Launder launches #beautyplayround

Imagine a beauty playground with 6 different activities to play in. Each section gives you total freedom to do what you want. You can take selfies, share pictures, test out make-up, get skincare advises, and have makeovers. A playground made for beauty enthusiasts. It's every girl's dream come true (and mine too, if I could have this in my very own home).

That's what Estee Lauder came out with recently with the opening of it's latest one of a kind concept store #beautyplayground; the first in the world. Catered to the millennials, the generation that's currently dominating the shopping scene. Millennials are gen y babies (early 1980s -  early 2000s).

It's no surprise that Sunway Pyramid was picked for this very beauty playground. Popular with students because of the surrounding colleges / unis, this mall makes the perfect place for Estee Lauder's fun, refreshing and exciting #beautyplayground. 

come play a Estee Lauder #beautyplayground

When you stepped into the #beautyplayground you'll be taken on a transformational journey at six play areas created by Estee Lauder. The 1st stop "Glow On" is where you can speak to Estee Lauder's professional beauty specialists from the "Dream Team" on skincare tips. There's a big touch screen at this area for you to vote on what your skin care goals are - bright skin, beautiful skin or radiant skin. I voted beautiful skin.

fyi the "Dream Team" has makeup demos every weekend to inspire girls!

2nd stop is "Glam Up" where you can have fun playing with all the make up. 3rd is "Get Polished" where you can find nail art inspirations, test out nail colours to match your looks and lipstick shades. "Mix & Mingle" the 4th stop is a wall of Estee Lauder's latest fragrances. Figuring out what to give to your girlfriends on their birthdays? Check out the 5th stop "Gift & Guide" where ideas for the perfect gift can be found.

The last stop? "Strike A Pose". Nothing beats ending your beauty day out with a selfie taken right at the store's digital photo wall to show off their new look. This isn't just a normal photo wall, it's loaded with background to suit your mood or style of the day. You can have Kendall Jenner the 'it' girl and face of Estee Lauder on one of the backgrounds in New York city. 

1st play area - Glow On (Skincare)

2nd play area - Glam Up (Make Up)

3rd play area - Get Polished (Nails)

4th play area - Mix & Mingle (Fragrance)

5th play area - Gift Guide (Gifting Ideas)

6th and last play area - Strike A Pose (Selfie)

If you can't go to the playground to play, you can go online shopping at Estee Lauder's new site www.esteelauder.com.my. It's loaded with promotions, exclusive Kendall Jenner stories, beauty bloggers sharing their beauty tips and tricks. I've seen the site and it's pretty impressive imho! If you're planning to visit Estee Lauder's one of a kind concept store in Sunway Pyramid, don't forget to "Strike A Pose" and hashtag #beautyplayground. Who knows your picture might pop up somewhere.

Congratulations Estee Lauder and thank you for inviting me and the Butterfly Project Beauty & Lifestyle Bloggers' Community to grace the launching of #beautyplayground. 

GrabCar Unlimited RM5 OFF Klang Valley


travel from RM2 onwards this 22 - 27 Jan

Starting next week I'll be travelling from Damansara Perdana to Bangsar for work. The good thing about my office being at Bangsar UOA is that there's a connecting LRT. Bad news? There's no LRT at Damansara Perdana *bah*. Was thinking how am I going to afford paying for all the taxi / uber rides until I saw GrabCar's Promotion offering RM5 off their fixed fares for unlimited rides to and from hotspots in the Klang Valley from 22nd Jan - 27th Jan, namely at the following:
  • Bangsar (inclusive of MidValley Mega Mall and KL Sentral)
  • KLCC (including Jalan Bukit Bintang) 
  • Mont Kiara (including Publika) 
  • Bandar Utama (including 1 Utama Shopping Centre), and
  • TTDI. 
FYI: Only for Credit / Debit Card payments on GrabCar.

Love, Waffles & Pancakes


introducing our new kitchen toy - Tefal Snack Collection

My domestic days are not over. Granted I had tried to be a "Stepford Wife" to that [insert your best ex name calling label], I am now happily in love with a new found man that I nicknamed Baby G. And like all couples who started dating, our favourite couple activity is to eat. Dine-in, take-out, delivery, cooking; anything to do with food you'll see us exchanging glances and giving comments to each other like Master Chefs. Looks like the weight I lost has found its way back home *sigh*.

Girlwill Ice Green Corn

diy gardens in a pot

Last month, I visited Manila, Philippines and bought a bunch of stuffs back. Just souvenirs from Happy Skin and cute potted herbs and plants from a mall near Greenbelt, Makati. Sorry I don't remember the name anymore because there's just too many connecting shopping malls! *confused*. Anyway I kept one pot for myself to grow, which is Girlwill's Ice Green Corn. I think this costs about RM5. I love corn so I'm going to try my green thumb on growing corns on my balcony. Corn needs height (space) and lotsa sun. Grow my corn, grow. Let mummy see you grow. 

Revolut - Shop Globally with Zero Fees


the new way to instantly send & spend
money globally with zero fees

Just want to share something short and sweet today. If you're a frequent traveller or are going to overseas using Pounds / Euro / USD then you should consider applying for this travelling credit card. It's like a prepaid credit card that you can use overseas for shopping and paying. It gives you the best exchange rates so you don't lose out without any extra fees (except for wherein your bank charges for that). A more detail information can be read from https://revolut.com.

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