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Buying Boxes & Printing Sticker Labels in Malaysia


labels for your presents?

This month I almost wanted to buy a gun and shoot myself in the head. I've been multi-tasking everything using two Macbooks on my bed while listening to Spotify. One of the challenges I face was to prepare 100 beauty boxes for my community's Christmas Beauty Box Review Project. First I am most grateful to the 10 brands who love and support The Butterfly Project community. Many thanks to them! I shall reveal who they are in my next post when I unbox the beauty box for all to see. How do one prepare a beauty box? quite simple. I'm doing the most basic due to lack of funds. Here are the things you need:
  1. boxes = google for wholesale boxes Malaysia
  2. labels = print / stamp / diy / customise box printing
Preparing 100 beauty boxes is no easy feat so I went straight to just printing sticker labels (saves time and effort). Just need to peel off and stick. I bought the boxes from http://www.box2pac.com. Initially ordered and paid for the smallest size box (promotional price RM2.10 each) but upon seeing it at the shop during self collection (to save delivery fees) it was too small T_T *sobs* so I had to upgrade to 255 X 235 X 90mm size which costs RM3.80 each. That leaves not much budget to buy anything else for the box.

This Box2Pac shop does a lot of beauty box and packaging box printing for their clients but the min order needs to be 500 boxes for customise printing (out of my budget again). They are located at Kepong, Bandar Manjalara. Janice volunteered to drive me there for the collection *thank u!*.

For sticker labels, I have been using Prints Buddy Enterprise printsbuddy@gmail.com (blogger friend). Their service is fast, reliable and affordable which is why I continue to only use them for anything The Butterfly Project needs. From banners, posters, sticker labels, name card printing and even my own diy beauty projects (lip and body scrubs). I told Janice (omg another Janice haha) that I had only X budget, and she quickly advise me the best printing option for me - inkjet printing 4 X 4 inch circular sticker labels. I usually go for laser printing for the flawless result but this time due to budget constraint, I said okie lah as long look nice.

taken with my Iphone - the sticker labels I ordered

4 X 4 inch circular pre-cut sticker labels
(just peel and stick on the beauty boxes!)

My gosh, when Prints Buddy deliver the order to me, the sticker labels were glowing! The colour quality, the glossiness, the whole thing looks so NICE! I was so happy so I decided to blog about this. Check out the photos of my sticker labels :)

Cost of beauty boxes:
1. Box RM3.80 x 100
2. Sticker Labels RM145 (100 stickers)
Total cost per box = RM5.25

P.S: The designs I sent myself to them for printing, so prepare your own PDF / high res images for printing. Unless you need them to design which they can, you gotta pay for their service yeah.

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Wonder Jelly brand strikes again!

I can guess how old you are just by looking at your hand. Scary isn't it? That's how I guess people's age nowadays, it works well with women in Malaysia because majority don't take care of their skin other than their face. Me included *guilty as charged*. Seriously, I'm not kidding. The texture, colour, pigmentation or ageing spots no thanks to the sun can easily be picked up and roughly measure the age that one has been walking under the sun. Most of the time I am right :D haha...

I'm diligently putting on serums, well my expensive face serums on my hands in hopes to save what's left of my skin *sob sob*. Imagine how happy I am when I found out Vaseline has come up with a powerful new body serum range that would save what's left of my face serums for under RM20!.

P.S: The only thing I remember about Vaseline is their "Wonder Jelly" a.k.a the Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, launched in 1870 for cuts and burns amongst construction workers. The "Wonder Jelly" is also often used by beauty junkies for beauty fixes. Who don't know the emergency lip gloss recipe? mixing vaseline with your lipstick *kekeke*.

Vaseline's New Body Serum Range

What's new by Vaseline today? Body serums to help the modern women maintain beautiful and healthy skin!. Invited to the media launch at Sunway Resorts Hotel & Spa, I discovered the body serum range offers up to 10 times the skin benefits without the *ugh* sticky feeling. In my own Manglish, "very the good leh!" because our harsh weather conditions and environmental factors are not helping my skin appear any younger *ish*. Haze, pollution, UV rays, air conditioning are some other examples of how our skin can become sensitive, irritated, aged, dry or dehydrated.

What's this new range? The Total Moisture Nourishing, Healthy White SPF30 and Healthy White Perfect 10 Serum.

Deenie Ong, Assistant Brand Manager for Vaseline, Unilever (Malaysia), Chong Yen Nee, Category Head Senior Brand Manager (Skin Care & Skin Cleansing), Unilever Malaysia Holdings Sdn Bhd and John Goh, Research & Development Deploy Manager for Home & Person Care, Unilever Malaysia

Participants’ having their skin moisture level checked during product testing

Walking through a series of live tests using the body serums, I am more convinced body serums are the next best thing after our body moisturisers. I love how lightweight the formula is since it's so hot and humid in Malaysia. The price factor is makes it a great buy as well. Here's some of the live testing demonstration at the media launch. There's 3 tests to show the hydration level of the body serum before and after use, the absorption rate test and the sun protection test between Brand X and Vaseline's Body Serum range.

“Vaseline takes pride in understanding not just the skin but also the lifestyles of our consumers. Malaysian women today are always on the move. Their skin is more susceptible to problems due to the harshness of weather conditions and the environment. Basic skincare alone might not be enough to address all the specific skin problems caused by environmental factors. The powerful new Vaseline body serum range is developed as a solution to help women obtain more beautiful, healthier skin,” Chong Yen Nee, Category Head Senior Brand Manager (Skin Care & Skin Cleansing), Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd commented during the launch event.

the moisture test: before & after

the brand X absorption comparison

Vaseline's body serum absorption test

Vaseline's has a higher absorption rate compared

uv ray testing to compare protection between brand X and
Vaseline's Healthy White SPF30+++ Serum

The tests was to show that with the use of Vaseline's Body Serum range, one can achieve healthy and beautiful skin with continuous use daily. I had the liberty to experience the Total Moisture Nourishing Serum via a full body massage using the product at Mandara Spa, Sunway Resorts Hotel & Spa. For 60minutes, the masseuse demonstrated how one can enjoy using body serums at home through relaxing massage techniques. The lightweight texture of the body serum provides intense moisturising without any sticky icky heavy feeling on my skin after the massage. It was indeed enjoyable and relaxing. My skin smells like baby too.

my skin feels awesome now! thank u Vaseline!

welcome to an oasis of relaxation

had body massage here using Vaseline's body serum

but there's 3 body serum, why lah?

the easy guide to choosing your body serum

I know sometimes it can be confusing staring at products wondering what are their differences. Let me explain to you the best way I can. Basically the Total Moisture Nourishing Serum (yellow one) is for intense moisturising without the sticky feeling. The other two are under Healthy White. Healthy White has two range to choose from depending on your needs, say your concern is about whitening then you should pick the SPF30 PA++ Serum to stay protected. For those with anti-aging concerns, get the Perfect 10 Serum to stay younger and brighter. They're available at stores for just under RM20 :)

  • Total Moisture Nourishing Serum RM18.90 with concentrated oat extract gives 10 times the moisturising boost, keeping the skin nourished all day. Ultra light feeling serum without stick sensation. 
  • Healthy White SPF 30 Serum RM19.90 offers 3 times skin fairness protection with its concentrated UVB and UVA formula while Vitamin B3 helps to achieve lighter and brighter skin tone. 
  • Healthy White Perfect 10 Serum RM19.90
    offers 10 times the anti-aging benefits thus keeping skin looking younger and fairer.

My favourite body serum here? It has to be the Total Moisture Nourishing Serum because I love the light weight formula. Almost like steam cream :D disappears after you apply it on your skin with light massage techniques. Makes it great to go out and not have that stick sensation that weights down as the hours pass. Sometimes you can even find insects sticking to your skin coz it's like sticky paper. Thought to really stay younger and protect my hands from aging, I should really choose the Healthy White Perfect Serum *scratch head*. Nvm lah I'll just MIX THEM UP to use can or not?.

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TGV Cinemas The Hobbit Trilogy Marathon in IMAX® 3D


(but why no 1Utama one???)

OMG you're going to be extremely happy to know that TGV Malaysia has join in the movie marathon bandwagon by releasing The Hobbit Trilogy Marathon in conjunction with the release of the last instalment of the long awaited finale of The Hobbit! 3 years >_< *nuuuu it's coming to and end*. I'm so syck but why don't have in 1Utama TGV Cinemas? SIGH...sad wei. Only Sunway Pyramid, JB & Penang.

FYI: Tickets are sold for RM60 inclusive of Limited Edition Magical Cold Changing Tumbler Regular Popcorn Set.

The Hobbit Trilogy Marathon in IMAX® 3D
Date :17 December 2014
Hall : IMAX Sunway Pyramid & IMAX Gurney Paragon & IMAX Aeon Tebrau City
Venue: TGV Sunway & TGV Gurney Paragon & TGV Tebrau 
Time: 5:00PM - 3:00AM

Movie: The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey
Time: 5 00pm – 8 00pm
Running Time: 169 minutes

Movie: The Hobbit, The Desolation of Smaug
Time: 8 30 pm – 11 30pm 
Running Time: 161 minutes

Movie: The Hobbit, The Battle of the Five Armies
Time: 12am - 2 45am
Running Time: 145 minutes

Click Here To Buy Now!

Terms & Conditions:
- The Hobbit Trilogy Movie Marathon is only on the 17 December 2014
- Valid only at TGV IMAX Sunway Pyramid, Gurney Paragon and Aeon Tebrau City
- The Hobbit Trilogy Movie Marathon will start at 5pm on the 17 December 2014 and end at 3am on the 18 December 2014
- Redemption of Magical Cold Changing Tumbler Regular Popcorn set is only valid on the 17 December 2014
- Ticket voucher must be presented for redemption of Magical Cold Changing Tumbler Regular Popcorn set
- 1 Ticket voucher can only redeem 1 Magical Cold Changing Tumbler Regular Popcorn set
- Online and Mobile app customer must print out the ticket at the ticket counter in order to get the ticket voucher for redemption of Magical Cold Changing Tumbler Regular Popcorn set
- First come first serve basis, upon seat availability 
- The management reserves the right to alter the terms of this promotion without prior notice
- All information stipulated is correct at the time of print and is subject to change without prior notice

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Another Difficult Decision


life goes on so believe in miracles

Today I made another difficult decision, I am unable to share what it is but all I could share is it wasn't an easy one. It had been on my mind for a some time, and I know how it feels like swimming through the stars at night just like the song I have been listening to (Nothing really matters by Mr.Proz). Every hurdle through life is a learning experience, and I have been through greater pain to let go another. Nothing hurts more than what I have been through, but you know what? I still believe in miracles. Continue smiling Tammy Lim.

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Shopping Diary: H&M Sale

I didn't get this though I really like denim

H&M sale started already so I went to rummage around today at 1 Utama. Picked up a few pieces of baju to try on and selfie. Seems like I suka sangat selfie nowadays (sue me lah). Anyway by now you should know my style is more skewed towards comfort. I don't like dresses, skirts or tight clothing. I also don't like revealing myself or wearing heels like a lady. Crap I'm more of a tomboy than you think. I find it sexy to wear checkered shirt, oversized bajus, layers of clothing, anything with fur (fake fur lah) and jacket / cardigan. What style is this?! I have no idea which style I belong to and frankly I don't give a hoot what guys think about my fashion sense because I love being me. 

my fave atm is the assemble on the left
(bulu bulu with checkered shirt haha)

and I got excited seeing my other half in the mirror
(it calls for a selfie moment haha)

Today's haul at H&M bills to RM186.00. I bought their Christmas top RM119.00 just to be layered under an oversized peach cream knitted sweater (on sale for RM40). It's see through but I really love the frilly ends that flows like fairy. The black mini skirt that was on sale for RM29.90, I think it would match my obsession with oversized tops (hahaha laughing by myself). The bulu bulu and checkered top, I got it last week haha. Looks like every week I'm buying something from H&M.

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My Room Service Malaysia Delivery Review


 tadahhh Room Service website where I place my orders!

I'm backkkk and I'm going to review about food delivery service today. I have been addicted to using delivery services because I now stay alone and don't have the need to cook anymore hoooraaahhh!!! *throws cooking pans and pots away*. I also became much lazier to go out and eat because the eateries around me are all the same and I have been eating the same thing for so many years in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. There's where all this lovely delivery services comes in to the rescue!.

P.S: Not to mention it's raining like mad nowadays.

One of the earliest delivery service I use is Room Service. They're the No.1 Food Delivery Company in Malaysia and have been around for 11 freaking long years. I first got to know about them from Expat Magazine (yeah I read Expat Magazine). They have more than 180 different restaurants in KL, from Korean food to Asian to Western.

HTC'S Double Exposure Launch Redefines Mobile Imaging

the launch of HTC Re Camera

Recently I attended the media launch of HTC's latest products - the HTC Desire Eye and HTC Re (camera). These two products as I discovered is how HTC is going to break into the mobile photography market. Obviously they know we consumers just love taking selfies of ourselves wherever and whenever we are, making cameras obsolete now for normal human beings like me. Strengthening our obsession, the HTC Desire Eye is equipped with awesome selfie apps (k it's called imaging software) dubbed the HTC Eye Experience.

The HTC Desire Eye RM1699 comes in two cool colours to distinguish itself apart - Submarine Blue and Coral Red. The one cool thing about this selfielicious phone? It comes in 13mp cameras BACK and FRONT with dual LED flashes! (apple why u no do this too?). Read all about HTC Desire Eye from their website.

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