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My Aroma Diffuser Review


let's talk about my new toy - aroma diffuser

Are you suffering from Muji withdrawal symptoms? The tell tale signs would be frequent visits to Muji and wanting to redecorate your home into a Muji replica. The want of a simple, minimalist Japanese home life is but a dream. For those who don't know what Muji is, it's a brand from Japan that prides itself in balancing the home with quality useful products with prices homemakers can afford. Unfortunately in Asia, everything that gets imported here is overpriced to the skies haze.

I'm a Muji addict, with cold sweats and intense desire to turn my home into everything Muji. My credit card is having a battle with my Muji membership card, just like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Quote "Come to the Muji side" heavy breathing cough cough.

For the longest time, I have been eyeing the aroma diffuser at Muji. It costs a whopping RM220 (small) and RM350 (big) with essentials oil at RM50 a pop (more or less). I couldn't bring myself to pay that kind of money for something so simple. It was just plastic, without any unique design or glass. You can't see the "ultrasonic" function as well. It's all encased like a Tupperware.

But still I want it (cries).

Then I decided to try my luck googling for a sale, and I came across several Muji lookalikes on Lazada Malaysia. The difference in price was so great, I was sold right away. I took my chances on a model that look exactly like Muji's but had two extra functions - 7 LED light option and mist volume control (high/low). How much? RM93 with free international shipping but no warranty (it's RM79 now). However the price of one Muji, I could buy 3 and have it break down if it so wishes. Click here if you want to buy as well. If it's sold out, just wait for it to be in stock. Mine arrived after 2 weeks from placing and order.

*Paypal's Buyer protection  & Malaysia's Consumer Protection Act will help if you encounter defective goods even if the seller uses the no warranty bullshit. 

More info click here to read about the product & it's features.

Product Features
  • Auto off function, Timing function, LED light changeable, Mist amount adjustable, 500ml large capacity, last 10 hours
  • Romantic atmosphere with changing led light color, LED light auto change, or choose one of 7 colors on all the time
  • Can be used as a LED night light separately even if mist function is not on.
  • Safe design with automatic water-load protection, stop mist when waterless and protect the machine from being damaged
  • Ultrasonic diffuser breaks water and aroma solution into extremely fine micro-particles/mist and emission into the air
  • Used as humidifier for hot and dry weather or winter when heating is on
  • Have a good mood and a better sleep, Relieves depress after a whole day work
  • Keep water-soluble essential oil 100% natural without burning or heating and automatic water-load protection
  • The mist is room temperature, may get warmer after a period of usage. The cold water used in the diffuser may also get warmer after a period of usage, this is normal.

the anatomy of my aroma diffuser
500ml capacity up to 10hours

mist is created by the ultrasonic vibrations
low mist vs high mist

uggg I don't really like this pic but I must show the colors!
(each light color comes with strong / weak light intensity)

Why did I buy an aroma diffuser?
Because I believe that I need that extra love at night would help with my beauty sleep. The air won't be so dry (dehumidifier), your skin won't get as dehydrated and it's easier to breath (air conditioned room). The old wives tale to put a bowl of water in the room but I wanted something cooler. I'm also a firm believer in the healing benefits of aromatherapy. Drop 2 - 3 drops of essential oils into the diffuser and walah! A whole new mood is created.
Aromatherapy uses natural oils extracted from plants, flowers to enhance psychological and physical well-being. Essential oils used on the skin can promote body healing. The "aroma" from it, can enhance mood, environment and stimulate brain functions. 

bought from Cemara Ayu Buy 1 Free 1 promotion
Eucalyptus RM13, Ginger RM9, Freshness Wing RM50, Lemongrass RM45

There are many types of essential oils out there but the aroma diffuser needs pure essential oils or water soluble ones so it doesn't clog / damage your aroma diffuser machine. I was lucky to get my hands on Buy 1 Free 1 essential oils yesterday from 1Utama (New Wing) Beauty roadshow (Tirta Spa stall). It only cost me RM118 for 2 large 100ml bottle and 2 10ml bottle essential oils. Talk about a steal. Before that I used the oil from the Rose Day Inner Gel Cleanser + Rose Oil RM60 at Althea (these are for woman "intimate" wash & panty aromatherapy), which works fine too haha.

My favorites essential oils are:
  • Lemongrass which reminds me of being in a Balinese Spa
  • Eucalyptus, ginger when I'm sick
  • Peppermint / menthol helps with block nose (flu/cold)
  • Sandalwood / rose when in the mood for romance
  • Citrus to feel energized / positive
  •  Lavender for calm down the soul & relax

has it broken down yet?

My Review

Because I was so afraid my el-cheapo version of Muji aroma diffuser would let me down, I used it continuously for 5 days day / night. Nothing happened so far so (no breakdown, no defect, no heating up). I'm very happy with my buy. Baby G (my partner) says it's exactly like Muji's! If I invited guests over, they won't even know it's not muahhaha.

P.S: Over the years, I have used many types of aromatherapy / humidifier etc but this aroma diffuser using ultrasonic misting technology is my first experience. Compared to an ordinary humidifier, the ultrasonic diffuser has fine atomization of water droplets into the air. No rough fog / logged water.

How To Use?
My aroma diffuser turns on with one click (Mist button) and just hold on to turn off. It's easy to use, no need to read manuals. Plug in, pour water (normal tap water don't use special mineral water etc it won't be able to mist), drop in 2 - 3 drops of essential oil and click "MIST". You can leave it on for either 60 / 120 / 180 mins or ON option (it will turn off when water runs out).

There's 7 LED Night Light colors to choose from to set the mood. The level of brightness can be adjusted with a click or two (brighter/weaker). If you want some fun, then just let it run on auto color change option (it'll change colors by itself). This can double as a night lamp without the mist function on.

A large aroma diffuser is suitable for living room / office / bedroom while a small aroma diffuser is used on your study table or next to your bed. No loud noises other than the occasional burping coming out from the diffuser (water sounds). Which I find theraupetic like in a spa.

What I like?
The price difference between Muji's and this lookalike model from UK. I like that I have the option to control the mist volume - high/low.

What I don't like?
No warranty from the seller on Lazada. Takes 2 weeks to ship from UK? but nvm I can tahan coz I pay cheap. It's also sold out now and price difference keeps changing from the time I purchase!

Hope my review helps in making you decide over Muji VS Lookalike (cheaper alternative).

I was never a full time blogger


I'm old.... old like the restless Balinese lady
(took this during Bali trip 12/15)

Wow... it's been some time since I saw my blog due to work. These days I could only have time for myself during the weekends. My routine? Eat, work, eat, sleep, repeat. I wouldn't even look at my phone or Facebook anymore because I'm so tired. The funny thing? People still think I'm a full-time blogger and I would proclaim I have never been a full-time blogger. Blogging remains a hobby to me. I guess it's whether I have the time, or I don't have a chance to blog. 

When I do have the time to blog, I wonder what I should be blogging about *scratch head*. 

Let's see at work; I was telling my boss who hired me that I am no feymes because I'm giving my all to the company. Makes sense right? I wonder if he's going to fire me then since I am no longer feymes. I put feymes instead of famous because I never thought of myself as famous. How can I be famous like Kim Kardashian, famous? I am not famous like xiaxue. I'm a small potato.

more pictures from my Bali trip which I picked out to showcase
mommy when can I eat?

boy / men

 girl tourists in Bali

a silversmith at work

Popularity is very subjective. For instance in Malaysia, bloggers think by frequently attending events and showing off what they get is a measure of popularity. The downside of this is when you don't have time; you're going to be not popular soon because you built your popularity over being seen at or with things / people / services. Not for your content. 

When it's about content, it's how great your contents are. When you stop creating content. There goes your popularity because your readers think you're dead. I see there's still die hard readers who come back to peek now and then *thank you*.

have you heard of tandhk?

Someone from Australia dm me on Instagram asking if I would review their acne cream. It's a brand call TandHK. Priced at 15ml for AUD$50 (pretty expensive for SEA), this product helps to reduce redness (erythema) and irritation caused by pimples/spots in as little as 12hours* - quoted from their website. They wanted to pay me to review this but I told them honestly, I don't suffer from acne or spots so I wouldn't be a good candidate for them to waste their money on. Also, I feel reviewing comes from unbias testing and being paid to review seems... wrong. Unless you want me to post an advertisement for your product, then it makes sense or if you expect me to review this with priority postings (deadline & sticky post for 24 hours). 

Otherwise, pay to review do readers believe in us anymore when money is involved in reviews?

I don't see what's in it for me if I don't love the product. Having it laying around my home is as good as keeping an Ikea picture frame.

She was surprised I wouldn't take her money. Instead, I told her I'll try her product on victims and blog about it. I think I have found my victim. My boss today had a bad breakout due to haze, so I think I'll bring this cream to the office on Monday to help him reduce the redness.

Magimaxx Aquacell Cream Review


Magimaxx Aquacell Cream

If you're a K-beauty fan like me, then this is something you must try! It's the first premium facial moisturizing cream from Korea that uses horse placenta and horse oil. Yes I know, how gross does that sound? As gross as eating fish collagen and putting snail mucous on your face. Thanks to Korea, the beauty industry is just full of surprises from left, right and center. Technology coupled with effective ingredients put Korea on the map for being the skincare experts in Asia. Korean women and men walk about with flawless, "chok chok" baby smooth skin making us South East Asians jealous and ready to have what they have. Beautiful skin.


Now I first saw this from Althea Korea and it took me 6 months to decide if I should purchase it. Why the long wait? First, because it cost a good RM150 (np RM265), secondly my money went to the cutesy products like the banana shaped face mask and choco pie hand cream instead. I'm a sucker for food shaped or inspired beauty products!. But when my friends who tried it told me the cream was good and the cap was made of wood, I threw my money at it.

So what's so good about this cream? I'll tell you 

A team of medical and cosmetic lab professionals took 4 years to come up with this cream. It became Korea's first moisturizing cream breakthrough that uses 10% horse placenta  and horse oil. Heck, they even patented it! A seaweed called Caulerpa lentillifera is also used in this product. It's known as sea grapes of "green caviar". High in minerals and rich in iodine making it a very nourishing ingredient.

The horse oil and horse placenta are from a "clean zone" horse ranch in Jeju, Korea. I hope no horses were killed just for their oil and placenta. There's not much information I can read regarding how horse oil is made. The famous Guerisson 9 Complex Cream (horse oil cream) for instance, uses horse oil from Germany. I heard it's from the horses' mane.

Horse oil first took the world by storm in 2014 when it was first sighted. Naturally used way back during our ancestral days, horse oil were the "moisturizers" of the day. Natural, antibacterial, has soothing, hydrating and repairing qualities as well. It is great to revitalize the skin and improve skin texture.

Horse placenta is the fountain of youth today. It is said to help minimized the appearance of wrinkles and strengthen skin elasticity. Marketers have already started to market sheep and horse placentas pills that would make consumers youthful.

8 natural ingredients from Jeju is also used to make this moisturizer. The natural scent itself is also made from the 8 natural herbal oils making this a clean, safe and natural moisturizer free from chemicals for green beauty. Yes, it's chemical free. Free from 11 chemicals normally found in beauty products - Paraben, mineral oil, talc, SLS-SLES, Benzophenone,  GMO, Triclosan, TEA, alcohol, artificial pigment, and Propylene Glycol.

 natural moisturizer with horse placenta & horse oil

authentic Korean product

water based jelly like texture for refreshing hydrating

it's also for anti-aging & to nourish the skin

My Verdict:
I just started using this so I can't say so much about its effects but I can definitely comment on the technology and process of this natural moisturizer. The scent is a strong powder like smell while the texture is a translucent water-based cream that melts into your skin as you massage on evenly. I love love love the texture! It's jelly like but oh so refreshing and watery your skin just drinks it up. No icky, sticky, greasy or oily fee. One of the many reasons why I love Korean and Japanese skincare, they know what Asian skin needs and wants.

Texture: water based cream
Scent: strong, powder smell
Colour: translucent
Packaging: Wood & ceramic, aesthetic feel
Price: premium

If this moisturizer hasn't impressed you with its amazing ingredients, then you're in for another shocker. Just like Sulwhasoo, Magimaxx Aquacell Cream is made without using electricity and fossil fuel. Instead, it is made using Jeju's traditional organic fermentation technology.All this packaged in one high-quality container with its cap made of leftover wood to reduce green footprints. If I'm not mistaken, the container is made of ceramic and the label, it's some sort of plate embossed. One look, one feel, it's definitely not "cheap".

Magimaxx Aquacell Cream can be purchased from Althea Korea for RM150 (np RM265). It'll be shipped and delivered from Korea to your doorsteps in a week. There is also another Magimaxx Original Cream but it's for brightening and anti-aging and made with pure horse placenta, where else Aquacell is for hydrating. I'm going to try that once I finish this one. 

My Tefal Snack Collection Review


Saturdays are now Waffle Day

I’d been thinking of buying a new gadget to experiment with in my kitchen for a while now. So, when the lovely people at Tefal invited me to review either their blender or snack collection maker I felt lucky to be given the choice. I decided to try the snack collection maker as it looked more versatile and I could have more fun making a more diverse range of snacks using it. 

It’s actually a multi-function snack maker with 12 different interchangeable plates available although mine came with only 3 to start off with - waffle, pancake and grilled sandwich plates. If you follow me on Instagram then you will probably have seen some of the mouth-watering photos of the snacks I've already made so far :D

a handy breakfast maker in the mornings

One of the many reasons why I love my Tefal Snack Collection maker is because it saves me a lot of money and I have more choice in deciding which ingredients I want to cook with now. I'm a snack addict and I usually eat out a lot (which is expensive!) due to having not much time when I'm at work. Now, thanks to my new Tefal snack collection maker I can make snacks to take to work with me saving me money and time waiting for my order when eating out. Life just got a little easier and less complicated :D hehe

I made belgium waffles too!

plain good ol' waffles with honey & butter

Every Saturday morning when my partner and I wake up free from work we always make waffles so it has now become a tradition in our household! It’s a fun activity we get to do together and it also brings out the creative side in us. After a hard stressful day at work the last thing you want to do is slave away in the kitchen but thanks to Tefal snack collection maker it does all the hard work so you don't have to.

making the perfectly shaped pancakes with Tefal Snack Collection

automatic breakfast in minutes every morning

If you love eating pancakes but they never turn out how you want them to and you fail miserably at flipping them like me haha then I would recommend you try using the pancake plates. Just pour the batter into the maker close the lid and sit back wait for the light to go from red to green - what could be easier? The result - perfectly round shaped pancakes evenly cooked light brown and yummy! So for all those people out there who complain they suck at making pancakes, you no longer have an excuse now!

grilled cheese sandwich with cucumber & tomatoes

The plate I make the most use of is definitely the grilled sandwich one as I use it most mornings to make hot sandwiches to take to work with me as a snack. It’s so quick and easy just make your sandwich (my favourite is ham/bacon cheese and tomato) switch on the snack collection maker pop your sandwich in, close lid and when the light turns from red to green it’s ready. I love how my grilled sandwiches turn out (so yummy mmm) I can’t taste any difference between mine and fancy expensive gourmet sandwich shops! Actually, you can grill anything with the grilled sandwich plate I use it to grill steaks, chicken, fish (grilled salmon my favourite) and even vegetables. So in my opinion, you get a lot of value for your money or a lot of bang for your buck as some would say.  

easy maintenace & care

The plates are really easy and quick to clean as they are non-stick (no need for greasing the plates before use) which also reduces the need for some extra elbow grease! I just wait a couple of mins after I've finished cooking and give the plates a quick once over wipe when they are still a little warm with a sponge and some soapy water. The snack collection maker does, however, become a bit messy if you're making a lot of pancakes, waffles and use cheese, as the excess will drip out over the sides. But a quick wipe with a wet cloth and it’s as good as new again. 

the snack collection & 9 interchangeable plates

So, as you can see there are endless possibilities and opportunities for culinary creativeness using the Tefal snack collection maker. I bet a lot of you out there now are thinking I'm sold just take my money already! :D I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the other 9 interchangeable plates you can buy and experiment having fun trying new snacks. 

The Tefal snack collection maker is available to buy online and offline in Malaysia at RM349.00. Just google and you might chance upon a discount. If you need more information click here or visit Tefal Malaysia Facebook

Where To Find Decoden in Malaysia


warning this is not food

I'm starting to watch youtube videos on decoden lately. Fascinated by how it has evolved into a girly craze for those interested to pimped up almost anything imaginable. Decoden or dekoden is basically a girly trend started by the Japanese. Deco short for decorating and den meaning phone. I find it interesting but decorating mobile phones is a thing of the past. What I am really interested in is to turn my bb cushion into a super cute dessert that looks too good to be true.

can you believe these are fakes?!
pics from malaysiaclayart.com

food decodens made by hand
pics from malaysiaclayart.com

manage to get a decoden kit from Althea Korea
(free with purchase of BB Cushion last year)

Super cute right? I got my first experience thanks to Althea Korea. My BB Cushion Deco Kit arrived and I got to test out piping the cream clay onto the top of my bb cushion case. The cream clay or dekoden cream is as realistic as it gets! They look exactly like whipped cream / icing and the shape stays after setting it for 24 hours.  The decoden parts (cute yummy looking food decorative parts) can be placed on top of the cream making your creation a lovely dessert from a bakery.

Unfortunately :( Althea Korea only did this free giveaway once in a blue moon and it got out of stock so fast. I wanted to look for my own so I did a bit of hunting and research on where to buy decoden in Malaysia.

cute food decodens 10pcs only RM8.00!
pics from malaysiaclayart.com

I found out that decoden is an expensive hobby to pursue because decoden parts are handmade piece by piece by the artist. The paint, the workmanship, the quality of the clay is really important so it doesn't look tacky. Prices range from more or less usd1 per pc online at Etsy or specialty stores. Some crafters made their own too. I was really having a tough time trying to source where to buy affordable decodens until I googled and found Malaysian Clay Art, an online clay hobby site that sells decoden, cabochons, cream clays, deco / fake sauces (you have whipped cream now you have fake dessert sauces e.g chocolate sauce) and many other clay products. 

What I'm planning to buy:

Dekoden Charms from 10pcs - 16pcs variety RM8.00 (Beauty / Food / Bling Blings)
Cream Clays RM6.00 (white / chocolate / strawberry)
Decorative Tips (6pcs) RM8.00 *for cream clays*

It's heaven sent when they finally answered my inquiry on a particular deal I wanted to buy. My questions regarding pricing, stock, advise on colours were answered quickly. I am going to place a big order so I can hold a BB Deco Cushion Workshop for my bloggers community, The Butterfly Project. I'll update and show my order when it arrives!

If you're also into decoden or bb cushion decorating like me, you should check out their website and facebook. I hope you find my sharing helpful! Please share under comments if you know anywhere else that is as good as Malaysian Clay Art yeap. 

Delectable By Su, Glasshouse Seputeh


it's another Delectable cafe!

Continuing from my discovery of Glasshouse Seputeh thanks to Clinique Malaysia. I'll share another one of my favourite bakery-cafe that's so cute, one can die in bunny cupcake playground smiling. Owned by food blogger Su-Yin Huen who chased after her dreams to open her own bakery and brand, Delectable by Su is no stranger to locals who has a sweet tooth for all things adorably cute.

Stepping into her cafe, opened not long ago at Glasshouse Seputeh. I again find myself amazed at how she has grown her brand into a spectacular event-space-bakery-HQ. It has got to be her biggest outlet, accommodating up to 30pax. Already she's fully booked for events by brands, bridal showers, birthdays and what not.

 welcome to Delectable by Su

beautifully decorated according to seasons

a glimpse of her cafe

a private function for up to 30 pax

feels like love all over again

cakes, coffee & chicken pie

Deep Fried Calamari Salad (L) Salad (R)

she has a new menu now, on a wood board
(mine is an old menu)

The menu can be customised according to theme / party size if you have the moolah otherwise order by the menu. She's also having a book party this coming 18th March 2016. Her first book "How I Built My Cake Shops" is a 100-page easy reading book can be purchased on MPH Online for only RM29.90. An entrepreneur, baker and a loving wife and mother, Su is one woman who inspires not only me but many other bloggers as well to chase their dreams.

her first book is available now on MPH Malaysia
(buy a copy and attend her book party on 18/3/16)

Glasshouse at Seputeh, 
Lorong Syed Putra Kiri, 
Seputeh, 50460 KL
(Weekdays 10am-6pm)
(Fri, Sat, Suns 10am-11pm)

012-508 1855


YTL Platinum Plus Membership


I'm finally a YTL Platinum Plus member YAY
(thanks to Dee Leonard for recommending this to me)

I have been a fan of YTL since my visit to Pangkor Laut Resort in 2011. The lovely hill villas, the white sandy beach and 5-star service. I admit I have a weakness for luxury stays but dining? I'm not really the "tai-tai" or socialite kind. I just like interesting dining places where the ambiance transports you to another world. Starhill's Feast Village, for example never ceases to amaze me. The architecture, the interior, the ambiance makes my heart go ba-bump. I also like to chit chat with my friends over a cup of tea and interesting playground of pastries.

My favourite afternoon tea spots are Newens Tea House (Starhill Gallery), Orchard Conservatory at Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Mandarin Oriental's Lounge on the Park, Ritz Carlton's Lobby Lounge and TWG Garden's Mid Valley.

So finally, I gave in to the YTL Platinum Plus's membership programme at RM768 per annum.
YTL Platinum Plus' main objective is to deliver the best service whilst offering a wealth of experiences and exclusive benefits to our members. In keeping with these intentions, our programme is designed to better enhance your experience as a YTL Platinum Plus member by furnishing you with exclusive benefits and privileges. We would like to take this opportunity to update you on YTL Platinum Plus' exciting membership programme which will entitle you to special discounts at our restaurants, retail outlets and also our hotels. To find out more about the rewards you will gain by being a YTL Platinum Plus member and how such rewards will enhance your experience as a member, please visit our YTL Platinum Plus Lounge located at Relish Floor, Starhill Gallery.

my welcome letter & certificates

This membership allows you to enjoy discounts at participating restaurants in Ritz Carlton and Starhill Gallery, accommodations at YTL hotels & resorts and shopping discounts at participating outlets in Starhill Gallery. However, it's the welcome certificates that come with the membership that would make paying for it worth while:
  • One (1) lunch set at participating restaurants in Starhill Gallery;
  • One (1) dinner set at participating restaurants in Starhill Gallery,
  • One (1) brunch at Shook! Starhill Gallery;
  • One (1) 2LB Birthday Cake (3 flavours to choose from); 
  • One (1) afternoon tea at Newens Tea House;
  • One (1) bottle of house wine when dining min 6;
  • Three (3) Member Day certificates;
  • One (1) Deluxe City View room at JW Marriot.
I mention only 8 because these are the best rewards to point out. You can find out more examples and information about YTL Platinum Plus membership here or e-mail contact@ytlplatinumplus.com (don't forget to say referred by me okay). The benefits are seriously good if you frequent Starhill Gallery a lot. Great for business lunches, talks, "tai tai" syndrome, and celebrations.

free bottle of wine & birthday cake

For my boyfriend's birthday, I planned a staycation solely from using my membership welcome certificates. A surprise luxury weekend at JW Marriot Hotel. Here's what I planned which I share on Facebook and well I think I can't keep on emailing people the membership programme so that's why I'm blogging about this. If anyone is keen to be a member, I can refer you *smiles*. I get referral benefits you see (like food certificates if I refer more than 3).
  • Book Uber Black to ferry us to Bukit Bintang
  • Check-in to our lovely room in JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur
  • Dim Sum lunch at Luk Yu Tea House
  • Have an aromatherapy bubble bath in bath tub (hotel room)
  • Listen to Jazz and drifting off to wonderland on the feather down duvet & pillows
  • Exercise at the gym (it's big) / swimming in the pool (hotel)
  • Romantic dinner at Fisherman's Cove (TimeOut KL finalist for best seafood)  
  • Make a birthday wish on the 2LB JW Marriot Chocolate Cake
    (2 days advance order to be pick up at restaurant)
Next day:
  • Check-out and head to Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur for Afternoon High Tea
    *this is not from membership, I won this from a contest. 
Which after today, I realised, this has been a weekend spent fully at YTL hotels! Totally a YTL weekend. Mr. Gareth Tucker has totally transformed into a "tai-tai" for the weekend.

book a Uber Black to ride in style to the city

JW Marriot Hotel Kuala Lumpur (heart of the city)

top notch service from Marriot never fails

elegant room with separate bath and shower

pool and gym facilities available till late

the birthday boy amazed at the lunch set at
Luk Yu Tea House, Starhill Gallery

Colonial Cafe at Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Baby G enjoying his cup of tea
(and playground of pastries)

So yes this is how you can plan an awesome birthday or celebration for someone special. Maximised to minimise. Sometimes spending a bit more can be quite fulfilling. Just paying for the membership alone, you'll get back so much more (only if you like the restaurants and hotels). Beats just booking a room which costs as much. A great way to surprise someone, or reward and pamper yourself with some me-time. The dining, don't get me started on the dining.

Luk Yu Tea House, I would highly recommend this restaurant for dim sums. They're a premium dim sum restaurant so don't compare to your average joe dim sum restaurant. They're like Ah Yat Bao Yee pricing and it's pork free. I redeem my free lunch set certificate here and the service was so good, I need to mention it. Sometimes, I feel a bit "shy" when I redeem Groupons / Free vouchers for dining and the service will be less than great because you're seen as a "non-paying" customer. This place, wow the waitress was so helpful and attentive to our needs I felt like a star.

The lunch set was also complete, from starters to the main course to desserts. We were so full! The restaurant brought out their signatures in this lunch set so we got to sample their popular dim sums, dishes and desserts. I love love the crabmeat corn soup.

The same can't be said for Fisherman's Cove. What a let down on service. We went early to asked if we can be seated upstairs after reading a review of this being one of the romantic places to dine in. The manageress or hostess said no because she was shorthanded (what?). That's alright, I'm not a black-hearted person so I forgave the way she spoke.

By dinner time, we were seated at a small table. Presented with the dinner set menu exclusively for Platinum Plus members. I could see Baby G's face changed from bright to gloomy in seconds. It was just soup, main course (limited to only either white fish or salmon) and dessert. Unlike Luk Yu Tea House's who had so many choices to try. I assumed it would be more colourful than this.

We changed our mind and politely explained to the hostess that we find the selection unappealing and would like to cancel our dinner reservation. WOW, it made her unhappy (her face). I'm sorry if you didn't have a great day being short handed but we seriously don't want to spend a birthday dinner that's not appetizing. I apologised repeatedly and she could not even give a damn to even answer. What snob.

She told the chefs to stop preparing our food out loud (we haven't even ordered?!). I find Fisherman's Cove not only poorly managed, boring and overpriced but service was uncalled for and rude. We will not step foot in this restaurant again.

Ops this post has become TMI (too much info) but I hope my sharing of another fine example of a great deal not to be missed, worth reading. Please leave me comments if you have any questions you would like to ask me about the membership and/or restaurant recommendations in Starhill Gallery. I can also refer you to the membership, just give me your email :)
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