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My name is Tammy and I've been blogging for over 8 years now. I started blogging because I wanted to share my beauty hauls and lifestyle experiences. I'm also a pro-consumer, which is probably the fire in my life.

This blog is now happily written by the cutest couple you've ever seen. Gareth's Irish while I'm Malaysian. We met in the most unexpected way possible and since then have been in a loving relationship. He loves to eat, drink and try new exciting things (even extreme sports) while I love the quieter things in life, like spas, massages, shopping and beauty! But we have something in common, we both love travelling.
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Apartment Makeover: Amanda Greenwood Canvas Art


this is one of the canvas art I bought! 

I've been stalking Amanda Greenwood's canvas artwork for a few months and today I said to myself, that's it. Just get them and pray they look every bit as beautiful as the photographs you see online. I don't know who Amanda Greenwood is but I love her work. The watercolor paintings of flowers and Channel perfume bottles, the use of pastel, that Diptyque candle.

I guess it's finally time that I replace that three ugly canvas paintings over my bed. I've been tolerating it for two years now. Yeah, that's how much my patience is. It came furnished with the studio apartment I rent but I guess I want to make it my place pretty now. Quality living you know! 

Amanda Greenwood Canvas Art

I bought three different Amanda Greenwood canvases size 46cm x 46cm which should fit perfectly over the current canvases I have. I wanted to buy the three Chanel watercolor canvas but it's too over my budget and the shipping charges is also crazy. Anyway I can't wait to show you guys when it's shipped! It'll take about a month (so maybe January 2018). A birthday present for myself. Hope it's really pretty!

P.S: This is part of my 2018 Home Improvement Plan :D

Lush Fresh Face Mask Dupes


the Korean "Lush" Fresh Face Masks

If you're familiar with Lush Cosmetic's Fresh Face Mask that expires before you could remember to use them, then you might want to check the Korean version of that called MonStory. Available in three different variants each with it's own adorable monster mascot. These fresh face masks can be shipped internationally and will not spoil during transit as oppose to Lush's which needs to be refregriated and would go bad very quickly if not.

three different fresh face masks

each made with different ingredients you won't believe it's in it

Greenmon Trouble Care Mask For Face & Body RM46

For Harry Potter fans, the Greenmon Trouble Care Mask is made with mugwort! Mugwort in Harry Potter's Biology book is said to be used in ancient medicine to treat skin infections and allrgies. BUT of course in this case, it's an anti-inflammatory agent to help sooth and calm down trouble skin (redm sensitive). The other two main ingredients also found in this mask is the red "azuki" bean (deep cleansing) and honey (nourish and protects). I personally tried this, and while the texture is quite thick, it actually feels kinda like a luxurious swamp mask. Smells like one too lol but not in an awful way but you get that green mud scent. This actually cleans and tighten my pores but it leaves my skin very dry so a moisturiser is a must.

This was messy and hard to wash off, maybe I applied too generously. It would've help if you wash your face with warm water. Warning, messy sink / shower after washing off.

Cool Cool Mon Slow-Aging Sleeping Mask For Face RM50

Now this one is a sleeping mask, which means you either use it like a hydrating mask and wash off or you can sleep with it and wash it off the next morning. The Cool Cool Mon Sleeping Mask says it's a slow-aging sleeping mask for face. If you don't know, the Koreans believe that skin temperature greatly affects aging. By cooling down your skin "fever" (hot temperature), you'll inevitable slow down aging. This is kinda true because the harsh weather and heat caused by the sun's uv rays does age your skin (affects your skin collagen, increase sebum). If you keep your skin cool and away from harsh skin enviroment (heat, pollution, haze, dirt, etc) you can maintain a youthful healthy and hydrated skin. Interestingly, this sleeping mask is made of ingredients from the deep blue sea. Full of minerals and nutrition from two main ingredients - sea water and seagrapes a.k.a green caviar the jewel of the sea to help cool down, purify and nourish your skin while you sleep. This must be the Little Mermaid's fresh face mask.

I tried this mask at home, it feels cooling and would be really nice if you kept it in the fridge to maximised the cooling effect. The texture is gel like but quickly melts away like water onto your skin. Initial tinggling sensation can be felt and I was pretty impressed that my flaky skin dissappeared after washing off the mask.

Girly Mon Brightening Care For Face RM50

The last mask which is the Girly Mon Brightening Care is for brightening and anti-aging. The unique thing about this mask is that it's made of fermented rice wine (makgeolli) and rice bran. The combination of these duo ingredients helps combat dull skin. Makgeolli (fermented raw rice wine) is a traditional wine from Korea, made using rice and yeast, then fermented. It contains many good properties to feed the skin like proteins, minerals, vitamin, essential amino acids. detoxify the skin, pore control and helps the exfoliaiton of dead skin cells. The raw rice wine helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines by increasing skin elasticity barrier while brightening and improving your skin tone with skin whitening and regeneration (Vitamin B2 & B6). The texture is kinda like an oatmeal cream. 

I would have to caution those with sensitive skin against using this brightening mask because of the powerful rich active ingredients found in it. While it smells nice and calms you down (I could smell lavender in it) when I tried it, my skin was on fire. It wasn't a tinggling sensation, more like a burning spicy sensation which lasts even after I wash the mask off. My skin was red, particularly around the cheeks area. I have sensitive skin so I should've known better to use whitening products which oftens is too strong for sensitive skin types.

That's all, I decided to try these masks from www.althea.kr because it reminded me of Lush's fresh masks and that they're cute with the monster cartoon. Even the packaging (without label) is like Lush's. It does contain paraben, I read from brightening mask page it does contain paraben and mineral oil (if I'm not mistaken) which explains why it would not go bad so fast.

Atelier Cologne Advent Calendar Unboxing Review


Atelier Cologne Advent Calendar RM269

The one and only advent calendar I purchase this Christmas (for myself) are the Atelier Cologne Advent Calendar from Ken's Apothecary BSC. The reason why I bought this was that I've become obsessed with colognes and essential oils lately and wanted to own something different to wear next year. With colognes, I find that they can be mild and subtle but long lasting like EDP (some better, depending on what notes are used). I didn't hear of this brand in Malaysia so after reading reviews and checking out their website, I quickly purchase one!

the front features the facade of the actual Atelier Cologne store in France

Why? Because it's 21 scents + 3 soaps for only RM269, a great way to discover different scents under a brand right away. Atelier Cologne is a French cologne brand created by co-founders Sylvie and Christophe Cervasel. They called it the Cologne Absolue [ pure perfume ], featuring their best seller Orange Sanguine that is said by Sylvie to put a smile on your face. This brand is unique, using natural raw ingredients and highest concentration of essential oils to give the cologne it's lasting power. They boast citrusy scents that are uplifting and refreshing. Individually, you can purchase them at 30ml (RM300 something onwards), 100ml (RM800 something onwards) or at the whooping jumbo 200ml which can cost from RM700 something to RM1.4K+ (liquid gold).

Collection - Joie de Vivre [ fresh and lively citruses ]
Collection Chic Absolu [ clean, transparent and elegant ]
Collection Avant-Garde [ warm, audacious and unexpected ]
Collection Haute Couture [ powerful, rare and precious ]

24 days for you to pop open & discover something new

unboxed for your viewing pleasure

Which comes down to my no.1 reason why you should buy this!
You're seriously getting a good deal by buying this advent calendar for only RM269 and use it as your precious discovery set. Unlike other mass advent calendars that come with samples (sachets, etc) and non-product items (gift tags, ribbons, etc) this advent calendar is fully jam-packed with their fragrance products. The total ml = 57.4ml. Total products 24. On average, you're paying RM11.20 per item here.

A great gift this Christmas for yourself or loved ones.

There's the spray (I previously mentioned on my FB that it's a roller, it's not sorry) in Orange Sanguine (their best seller), three miniatures, 3 soaps and 17 vials of pure perfume for you to go crazy. While their brand is unisex, I feel it's quite a manly vibe it's giving out.

What's Inside This Advent Calendar?

1 x 7.5ml Orange Sanguine Cologne Travel Spray

3 x 7ml Cologne Pure Perfume Mini Deluxe Dabbers in
Clémentine California
Vanille Insensée
Mandarine Glaciale

3 x 40 g Soap in
Orange Sanguine
Pomélo Paradis
Cédrat Enivrant

17 x 1.7ml Cologne Pure Perfume Dabbers in:
Pomélo Paradis
Bergamot Soleil
Cédrat Enivrant
Grand Néroli
Bois Blonds
Vanille Insensée
Rose Anonyme
Vétiver Fatal
Silver Iris
Santal Carmin
Oud Saphir
Mandarine Glaciale
Sud Magnolia
Cédre Atlas
Poivre Electrique
Mimosa Indigo
Tobacco Nuit

You can purchase this advent calendar from any of Ken's Apothecary outlets near you. I bought mine from Norena at Bangsar Shopping Centre. It was Norena that first introduce me to this and I went back to read reviews about it before deciding to make a purchase - hours later, on the same day. She's very friendly, I love her service! P.S: Bangsar Shopping Centre still has stocks!

This post is not sponsored by Atelier Cologne or Ken's Apothecary. I bought this advent calendar by myself. All opinions are my own.

How Different Emotions Influence Your Skin Condition


How Different Emotions Influence the Condition of Your Skin

Find useful tips how to preserve your health and beauty. Learn more about the emotions able to improve your skin condition or contribute to its ageing.

How Different Emotions Influence Your Skin Condition
Everyone knows that there is a thin line from love to hate but not all people know that all our emotions have an impact on our appearance and particularly the skin condition. 

Our beauty and health depend not only on the quality of foods we eat or cosmetics we use. There is a direct connection between the internal harmony and beautiful look. One may surprise, but the best cream fighting against the wrinkles is the state of happiness. 

Nowadays there are a lot of articles about the healthy, lifestyle and even college students are assigned to write essays how to remain beautiful as long as possible. However, not everyone is familiar with the secrets of beauty. Those who know nothing about this topic can order scholarship essay from 10-page papers writing service.

Each time you experience positive or negative emotions, your body produces certain hormones, which can affect the condition of the skin. For example, if you often under stress, you risk suffering from dermatitis or acne. 

Fall in Love and Make Your Skin Shine Brightly
It is not a secret that love is the most powerful feeling in the world able to make miracles. When a person loves somebody, it seems that he shines from inside and this is really true. In moments of happiness, the visible transformation really happens and concerns everyone without exception. Spending time with people whom we love, either our friends, relatives or sweethearts, our organism produces a special hormone of happiness able to fight against signs of ageing effectively. 

Moreover, it not only provides your cells with oxygen but helps to keep the hormones of stress in the necessary balance. This complex action contributes to the effect of skin illumination. That’s why you shouldn’t forget to thank your beloved people for saving a huge amount of money on the cosmetic procedures for skin care. Love is by right the best cosmetic for any woman.

Don’t Be Sad and You Will Never Have a Grey Color of Skin
Usually, people who feel sad and depressed prefer staying at home and not go outside. You may wonder how this can be connected to the skin quality. When you prefer staying inside, you deprive yourself of sunny rays that help our body to synthesize vitamin D, which lack may lead to the grey colour of the face. 

Moreover, grief and sorrow make you look pale as they have a negative impact on the blood vessels. And tears may become the cause of the bruises under eyes because they are salty.

Avoiding Stress and Anxiety You Can Get Rid of Acne
In moments of anxiety or fear, the body frees the cunning cortisol. The raised level of this hormone has a negative impact on your skin condition as it:
  • provokes an inflammation of cells of skin;
  • increases work of sebaceous secretions;
  • leads to a decrease in hyaluronic acid necessary to eliminate wrinkles.
The effect of stress, as a rule, is cumulative, and hence the consequences are more serious. For example, dark circles under the eyes are much more likely to appear in people suffering from nervous overloads rather than from insomnia. In addition, stress makes us frown and contributes to the appearance of the deep wrinkles on the forehead. 

Constantly experiencing stress and anxiety, the body begins to adapt and react in advance, preparing for reciprocal actions. When you become paler, blood recedes from the surface of the epidermis, concentrating on the muscles, and along with it - all the nutrients also go away. Another consequence of life in stress is pimples. On a nervous basis, many of us begin to touch the face, sure that not after washing hands before. Most often, pimples pour out on the area of the chin and cheekbones.

The good news is that if the cause of your nervous state is a positive situation (for example, an unexpected pleasant surprise or excitement), then the effect on the skin is flattering. Adrenaline begins to pulsate in tiny capillaries so that the cheeks acquire a healthy glow, and the face looks fresh and beautiful. 

Where To Buy Sea Cucumber Soap?


Nirmala Sari Sea Cucumber Soap

Did you know that the Japanese and Koreans are crazy over sea cucumber soap? I didn't even know that until my Korean boss asked me where to get (points at photo his wife sent him) 3 pcs of products - sea cucumber soap, sea cucumber body cream and lip balm. Apparently, this is really popular amongst tourists and they would hunt this down when they visit Malaysia as souvenirs! (yes I read blogs).

Locally this is known as Gamat (sea cucumber) and more popular in oil form. It's been made into beauty product such as soaps and creams to be marketed. Sea cucumber has healing properties according to traditional medicine and is also said to help with improving pigmentation, wounds, pimples, black spots, sunburn, skin itchiness, and control oily face. It also believed to improve the immune system.

this is a cute sea cucumber

this is where to buy sea cucumber soap

Nirmala Sari, Central Market 

many tourists come here to buy

So I went to the city to find Nirmala Sari, a handmade beauty product shop in Central Market (tourist bazaar mall). The shop is just right at the back, you won't missed it. Yellow colored walls, and a whiff or exotic scents filled the air. There's a big banner that says "Sea Cucumber Soap". Most of the products sold here are made from sea cucumber oil, but there is no indication of ingredients on the products (I wonder how they got approved by KKM).

You can find all kinds of sea cucumber soap here. From ones with no collagen to soaps with no fragrance. The best sellers are the ones with collagen and they're sold in small RM12 and large sizes RM25. I like the fact that they're wrapped in batik cloth so it looks pretty good as a souvenir to take home. They come in various scents - lavender, lemongrass, strawberry, apple to name a few. I liked the lemongrass scent, it smells very natural.

The ones with no collagen are slightly cheaper RM10/pc. The shop also sells them in gift packs which you can save just a bit. Sea cucumber body creams are sold a tub for RM25 or a gift pack of 3 for RM70. Sea cucumber lip balms are RM12/pc or a gift pack of 5 for RM40. 

 There so many soaps, I got confused on which is which
(there aren't labels to identify what's what?)

wrapped in batik cloth, small RM12 big rm25

 collagen vs no collagen soaps to pick from
(no collagen is slightly cheaper)

sea cucumber body cream RM25
sea cucumber lip balm RM10

Papaya scented Sea Cucumber Handmade Soap RM25 

 a gift pack of 6 for RM60
(you can choose any 6 scents for RM60 as well)

Interesting discovery, I now know what to buy for my Korean and Japanese friends when they visit Malaysia lol. I did try one of the soaps I bought and it made my skin silky soft! Wow.. but glycerin soaps always have that effect isn't it. I was a bit wary about the lack of transparency on the soaps sold here but hey handmade products are often that way right?

Lot G-41, Ground Floor Central Market,
Jalan Hang Tuah Kasturi,
50050 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
blog.nirmalasari@gmail.com (e-mail)
+6012-6296614 (whatsapp/sms only)

Jo Malone London Malaysia Bad Service


an open letter to Jo Malone Malaysia

Hi Jo Malone London,

I'm from Malaysia and I am appalled at the lack of respect and service given at Jo Malone, Mid Valley Megamall, Malaysia. I would like to make an official complaint regarding the discrimination given to customers, kindly direct my complaint here or please give me the contact of Jo Malone Malaysia so I can redirect my complaint to their attention.

On 10th Nov, I and my friends visited Jo Malone, Mid Valley Megamall store in hopes to find the perfect birthday gift. We were sampling the various scents on the fragrance table and here comes the promoter. She wasn't friendly or welcoming. She asked if she can help us (no smiles, stern tone) and I responded with a question on what are (Jo Malone's) best selling scents? At least this would give us an idea of what to look for.

Coldly, she told us that we (Jo Malone) do not have best sellers. Every scent is unique to individuals. Full stop.

Now, this wasn't the kind of service I expect from a premium brand like Jo Malone. 

Not only was I offended by her answer, I felt disrespected as a customer as well. FYI, it is common sense that fragrances are a personalized preference, I'm not an idiot. But interestingly I now know that Jo Malone does not have best sellers -  thanks to her.

Jo Malone does not have a best seller!

The promoter proceeded to "re-arrange" the fragrance testers we touch (we were checking out which scents). I felt this is uncalled for, are your promoters professional trained to ward off customers make customers uncomfortable at your store?

just put out a sign to so we normal people don't come in

Such discrimination and lack of manners. Maybe I do not look the part of a rich socialite to be shopping at Jo Malone but I doubt your promoters are rich socialites as well to be acting this way. A better way would be to put a warning sign at your store "ONLY FOR THE RICH" or a dress code warning: Materialistic Ladies only.

Thank you but no thank you.

You Just Lost A Customer

Jo Malone Malaysia contacted me the next day after reading my complaint. They apologised for what happened, and said will investigate and view the cctv footage. They also said that it was a part-timer and that they do have recomendations on scents. I was invited to have a complimentary hand massage, a signature of Jo Malone's where you can get to know more about creating your bespoke scents while enjoying a 20-mins luxurious hand massage utilising the scents picked out. I was sceptical at first, but gave in when they urge me to go. I choosed Jo Malone KLCC (no more Mid Valley definitely) and was attended to the store manager, Moon who was all smiles with great service. So different compared to Jo Malone Mid Valley. I will be blogging about it because I was indeed impressed and informed from this second experience.

Aircond Cleaning Kit Review


Pure Life Crystal Aircon Cleaning Kit 

Last week my aircon was leaking and I was deciding if I should call the aircon service guy or DIY cleaning myself. Boy, I should have saved my money and gone with the professionals. I stopped at this bazaar selling Aircon cleaning cleanser and DIY kit, I was intrigued with how easy it was to clean your aircon with the Pure Life Sales & Service salesman showing me a simple demo (WRONG! Demo is always made to look easier than it is).  Initially, I wanted to buy the non-toxic aircon cleanser RM68 (bazaar price) to just do monthly maintenance. It was just spraying into the coil (the filter is of course removed and cleaned prior to this step) and then turning on your air cond.

Aircon Cleaning DIY

The kit was another thing, it came with a cleaning kit ( a plastic bag with pipe connected), the portable water spray can and the aircon cleanser. It's sold for RM178 (slightly cheaper than Mr. DIY store). My conscience was telling me not to buy it, it's too expensive! Just call DustBox to come service your air cond.

the video on how to use the kit

Unfortunately, I fell for "how easy it is" demonstration and paid for the kit. Brought it home and disaster happened. It took a good few hours to really complete all this. Maybe we were beginners. It wasn't as easy as it looks. While it may just be 3 things to get you started, it caused more inconvenience and time which could have gone to better use.

First, the plastic baggy was a free size. It didn't fit my aircon well so while cleaning, the dirty water went every angle it could. The bag didn't hold the water well for the pipe to drain it.

Second, the pipe was flimsily connected via a hole which fell out a few times when we tried to control the drainage. You can literally just poke back the pipe into the hole (omg). The pipe was also SHORT that you need another stool just to put your bucket on it. So this means one ladder which you're on to clean your aircon, one for the bucket so the pipe reaches it. SO STUPID.IMPRACTICAL!

Third, the portable 1L water spray can, is a waste of time if you're doing a real clean up of your aircon. During the demonstration, they did it so easily and only demonstrate the cool spraying of water to clean your aircon coils. In reality, it's a 1L can which needed to refill a few times back and forth from the bathroom in order to clean the aircon coils. I think we did 5 takes, just for this. The pressure wasn't lasting as well, you need to keep pumping the can so water pressure can shoot out.

You definitely need two people to carry this out. Otherwise, you're going to slip (it's messy! water everywhere) or waste your god damn time cleaning it with this amateur kit.

I'm so frustrated ARGHH.. my room is a mess. I wish I hadn't bought this. I will be honest, it's my first time and I've watched all the videos the sales guy gave me. It's nothing like what you're going to do. The videos are just covering up things you do not see. I regretted buying this, and I'm not even sure if it works, which means my RM178 has gone down the drain.

Reality is, it's not going to be as easy as it looks, if you can pull it off, I salute you! You've been warned. Think twice about buying DIY Aircon Cleaning Kits because it may not be for you!

3 Things You Should Not Buy On Mysale


three things you should not buy on Mysale

After shopping on Mysale.my for a year and going through all that trial and error of shopping here, I can now advise my readers what not to buy and what to buy. Here are some tips, based on my experience.

Do Not Buy Branded Goods
Do Not Buy Fragile Goods e.g candles
Do Not Buy Gift Sets

I'll explain why you not below with some real life examples haha!

1. Branded Goods
You'll be tempted to shop for branded goods on this site because they seriously are quite aggressive in repeating and recycling their branded clearance sale. Nothing wrong with that but MySale isn't the seller, so where are all the goods coming from? Recently I bought CK cosmetic products for a really good deal but unfortunately, when it arrived, I was upset to see a bunch of cheap looking products with the logo on. The products looked old, is in bad condition (scratches, cuts) and was cheap looking and cheap to the touch. Yeah if that's a word, cheap to the touch lol. Made of some kinda cheap plastic. The credibility of branded goods on Mysale is questionable. Purchase them at your own risk, do some research first as well. While many branded goods can be replicated, others require more work than just cheap imitation.

Also for the price we pay, it could be expired, rejected goods. There is no way of telling as labels are often missing on these products from Mysale, especially on beauty products.

2. Fragile Goods
So you all know I'm a huge Voluspa fan so I've been shopping on Mysale because of that. I did buy other things too like bath products (liquid heavy) and other candle brands which comes in glass jars. There is a 50-50 chance your items may just be damaged when it reaches you. Why? Because Mysale does not care about their packaging. From what I see they just wrap bubble wrap over the bulk and throw it into a questionable cardboard box. It leaves you thinking, why do they keep doing this? They're just losing customers day after day with the no.1 infamous reason alone - bad packaging.

And then you have to complain and get your refunds done. I especially hate it when companies ask to return damaged or wrongly sent goods in order for them to return your hard earned money. This seems to be the standard procedure for most online shopping sites in Malaysia.

3. Gift Sets
If you're thinking of buy gift sets and nice gifts from MySale, you'd have to really think twice about it because of point 1 and 2, especially point 2. With such bad handling of goods purchase, by the time your parcel reaches you (normally 1 month) everything else is damaged including your gift set. My latest haul, a candle smashed like a post bar fight and the wax melted and leaked all over a damaged gift set, causing the packaging to deteriorate. So I have a gift set that's not presentable anymore.

While it's still really fun to shop on Mysale because there are items that's genuine there like Tommee Tipeee, Voluspa, Soi Candles, Bath products, and home decor, but should they not survive the horrible packing, then the customer service will refund you for it. Either partial or full refund, based on damage assessment of your goods. You have to snap photos and email them for it. It's a easy process, so far all my complaints have be dealt with, and I gotten my refunds for damaged items after emailing them the photographs. I am still addicted to Mysale.

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Free Melvita Organic Starter Kit


redeem your free Melvita FREE Starter Kit here

If you've read my latest post on Melvita's If My Skin Could Talk campaign, you'd know that Melvita's dead serious about saving not only the earth but also your skin by asking you to start an organic life with them. What's the best to do this? By redeeming a free starter kit from Melvita. Just fill up your details on the page and wait for the email confirmation from Melvita. With the confirmation email, flash the visual to redeem it at Melvita boutiques near you. They're at 1 Utama, KLCC and Mid Valley.

Terms & Conditions:
Sampling kit to be redeemed in stores. Redemption date from 1st August - 31st December 2017, strictly whilst stocks last. Strictly limited to ONE sampling kit per customer, per email and per home address. Multiple email address will not be entertained. No representative is allowed to collect on behalf. Proof of ID must be presented upon request. Melvita Malaysia reserves the rights to replace any of the items for another item of similar value.

Melvita Malaysia Stop Nasties, Start Organic

Beautiful Skin without Nasty Ingredients

Thanks to Melvita, I had the pleasure of visiting their #ifmyskincoultalk Stop Nasties, Start Organic roadshow at Mid Valley a couple of weeks ago. It's been some time since I could attend events since I work full-time now and that I usually prioritize my duties against anything else like blogging unless it's for a good cause, meaningful experience or a brand that I truly believe and love. Speaking of which, Melvita is one of them because they use quality, natural organic ingredients and are certified organic by Ecocert.

What's Ecocert again?
ECOCERT was the very first certification body to develop standards for "natural and organic cosmetics". Introduced in 2003, the specification was drawn up in conjunction with all stakeholders in the value chain, i.e. experts, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, consumers and development organizations. ECOCERT currently supports and guides more than 1,000 companies through their certification processes.

The basic principles of the ECOCERT standard
To ensure an environmentally friendly cosmetic product, the ECOCERT standard lays down:

1. The use of ingredients derived from renewable resources, manufactured by environmentally friendly processes. ECOCERT therefore checks:
  • The absence of GMO, parabens, phenoxyethanol, nanoparticles, silicon, PEG, synthetic perfumes and dyes, animal-derived ingredients (unless naturally produced by them: milk, honey, etc.).
  • The biodegradable or recyclable nature of packaging.
2. A minimum threshold of natural ingredients from organic farming to be reached to obtain certification:
  • For both labels, ECOCERT Standard imposes that a minimum of 95% of the total ingredients come from natural origin.
For the natural and organic cosmetic label:logo-organic-cosmetics
A minimum of 95% of all plant-based ingredients in the formula and a minimum of 10% of all ingredients by weight must come from organic farming.

For the natural cosmetic label: logo-natural-cosmetics
A minimum of 50% of all plant-based ingredients in the formula and a minimum of 5% of all ingredients by weight must come from organic farming.

Melvita Rose Floral Mist Shower &  Argan Oil Power Try

 curate my own Oh Honey Tote Bag design

If my skin could talk, it'll say don't suffocate me!

 capture my own stop nasties, start organic moments

I found out the reason for this roadshow and the message behind the "If My Skin Could Talk" from speaking to the PRs there. It's no surprise that the brand who's in love with nature for 30 years are strongly campaigning to raise awareness on saying No to nasty ingredients that could harm us. A taboo subject in the beauty industry as we know ingredients used in products have long been debated to cause more harm than beauty. Of course, these ingredients have long been used to produce not only beauty but household products in the market because it helps keep them on the shelves longer e.g paraben, mineral oil, palm oil for example.

Bad news, these ingredients have been linked to common skin problems like clogged pores, skin allergies, hormonal imbalance and even risk in cancer.

So if your skin could talk, what would it say?
Would it say, stop suffocating me? I can't breathe, I am getting itchy! 

did you know?

learning to say NO to these nasty ingredients

The good news is, brands are evolving to rethink their ingredients and consumers are growing more conscious of what they put on their skin. Brands like Melvita are proactively educating consumers on the 7 NOs on their brand, shop, products, and activities roll out to teach consumers to identify nasty ingredients. The easiest way of course to do this is to understand and get familiar with the 7 NOs by reading product labels (ingredients) before purchasing them.

The 7 NOs and the Risks

1. Mineral Oils 
Paraffinum liquidum, paraffin. Risk clog pores

2. Parebens
Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Ethylparaben. Risk suspected to be carcinogenic (cancer)

3. Silicons
Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone. Risk clog pores.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Risk Skin irritation.

5. Aluminium Salt

Aluminium chlorohydrate. Risk suspected to be carcinogenic (cancer)

6. Triclosan
Triclosan. Risk provoke allergies and risk of hormonal disturbance.

7. Propylene Glycol
Propylene Glycol. Risk provoke skin allergies.

*Melvita replaces these ingredients in their products with extensive research on alternatives such as plant oils, plant extracts, essential oils (which is all the rage now), beeswax derivative and sugar derivative.

Why Start Organic?It's probably the easiest way for you to reduce chemicals on your skin and help the earth to be more sustainable. Here are some reasons why you should go organic:
  1. Reduce poorly biodegradable waste to environment
  2. Preserve Mother Nature for future generation
  3. Lower risk of diseases and unwanted side effects
  4. Lead a healthier life
  5. Effective and safe no nasty ingredient
  6. No animal testing
There are more nasty ingredients out there but the 7 NOs are a start. If you want to know more about organic beauty and nasty ingredients or get started with using organic products, drop by Melvita 1Utama/Mid Valley and ask the friendly SAs all about it. They'll also give you some samples to bring home and should you love a particular product, there are starter kits available. No time? Visit Melvita Malaysia Website :)

redeem your free Melvita starter kit to start your organic journey

Need recommendations? Here are some of my favorites from Melvita which I repurchase from time to time because they worked for me.
  1. Organic Argan Oil
    I use this on my dry frizzy colored hair after washing while it's still damp, I pumped 1 - 2 product on my palm, heat it up with my hands and gently massage onto the ends of my towel dry but still damp hair to nourish it. I then blow dry my hair.
  2. Organic Rose Floral Water
    I use this in the office to keep my skin hydrated and refreshed. Love the rose scent!
  3. L'or Bio Extraordinary Oil
    My number one holy grail from Melvita. I use this for everything, from head to toe. It's a lovely lightweight oil, with a heavenly scent. It makes my skin soft with a glow. I also use this for body massage hehe!
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