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Lost World of Tambun Getaway

Last month, I brought my staffs to Ipoh, the land of white coffee for a short getaway. It was one of the perks of working for Althea Korea. Every month, I get to bring my staffs out for team bonding with a budget. This is strictly only for employees, whoever that tag along has to pay for themselves. Stretching that budget is art. An art that I master in since I became a shopaholic. When I chance upon this year's MATTA Fair promoting Lost World of Tambun, I immediately decided this was going to be the trip we were waiting for. Our first out-of-the-city getaway. A chance for us all to unwind, enjoy and just let loose. My staffs are all crazy people. They're fun, adorable and well crazy. Sometimes I asked them if they forgot to take their medicine? It's supposed to be funny but it meant, are you okay?

The Butterfly Project How It Started - Episode 1


What's in a name? It all started one day when I was flipping through a copy of the latest Female Magazine from the newsstand. One of the features got my attention, it was called the Butterfly Project.

Now if you google Butterfly Project, you'll be looking at anti-wrist slashing campaigns but Female Magazine was about a beauty makeover for women to undergo a series of positive change. From learning to makeup, going for facials, getting your hair done, and to creating a more healthy lifestyle at the fitness centers. I loved their makeover campaign and the name stuck to my head.

Neutrogena Happy Skin 24/7 Kittie Yiyi Hazzer Wan Lee


Happy Skin Happy People Happy You

My first fashion show in ages brings me to the Neutrogena Happy Skin 24/7 fashion debut at the Mercedes-Benz STYLO AsiaFashionFestival last month. Just the curiosity and the hype got me there to check the fashion show out during my busy work quarter. Questions in my head on how this can a beauty (skin care) brand can pair off with fashion. While Neutrogena is a name everyone knows (yes I am assuming everyone, knows this brand! haha). Their products helped me through puberty and have since imprinted on my mind that they're the go to drug store cleanser brand to use. I still remember stalking the drug stores reading and checking out Neutrogena products. Their rain shower was a trophy to admire on the shelves out of reach because as a young girl, I couldn't afford it. I think I did save up for a few months just to buy that rain shower (body wash).

I didn't regret going to the fashion show at all. Read why.

My Chir Chir Pavilion KL Review


Chir Chir opens in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

It's raining Korean Fried Chickens now! The trend is so huge, you can see eateries popping out one after another. When BBQ Chicken came out (I was a big fan), it wasn't receiving the attention it needed but suddenly *boom* everyone is talking and eating Korean fried chicken. There is one exception out of all the Halal joints out there, which is the original concept of fried chicken and beer from South Korea called the chimaek. During my visits to Seoul in 2015-2016, I came across many chimaek eateries. They're popular amongst the Koreans and opens till late night accommodating laughter, beer, and yummy fried chickens. The Korean, of course, love to de-stress after a hard day's work by going for fried chicken and beer in the evenings. Usually

So where to find South Korean chimaek in the Klang Valley? (Malaysia). Just head over to Chir Chir, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. Chir Chir pronounced as Chi-ruh Chi-ruh, is the sound of chickens being fried in oil (giving the bubble oil sound). At first, I thought it was short for Chicken.

Malam Tradisi Experience at Berjaya Tioman Resort


Recently, I was invited by the Berjaya Group to review and experience the opening of their new Malam Tradisi (Night Market) at their resort in Tioman Island. Tioman Island is the largest out of all the 64 islands that inhabit the southeastern peninsular of Malaysia in the South China Sea. It lies about 56 km off the coast in the federal state of Pahang and is ranked among the 10 most beautiful islands on earth. An idyllic paradise for honeymoons, retreats, sightseeing and all sorts of water activities especially popular for scuba diving, snorkeling, due to its protected rich and diverse marine life.

Malaysia Consumer Rights - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. YTL MEMBERSHIP SAGA.


It's one of those mornings where I wake up thinking, so what is happening to the YTL Hotels Membership that has pushed its dissatisfied members into a corner subjected to their current "terms" whatsoever it may be as I have finally given up 2 months ago to pursue this relentless issue on how flawed our consumer rights system is. I'm not one for big words or the best at explaining things or have a knack with dramatizing this until it becomes viral juicy like xiaoxue whom I have admired for a long time to be able to speak up for her thoughts without a worry that a car might bang you on the road in broad daylight should you offend the "higher powers".

Watson's Apologises for Lagenda Cun Video


Watsons Malaysia released a public apology on their Facebook over the release of their Raya video Lagenda Cun which sparked an uproar from Malaysians over how insensitive the video is. The video features local stars such as actor Kamal Adli, Ruhainnies, Amber Chia, Thanuja Ananthan, Nadine Ann Thomas and Sasha Saidin.

Watson's Lagenda Cun (click to enable flash player)

From Watsons Malaysia Facebook Fan Page:

Watsons Malaysia is aware of the post that has been made viral on social media.

A post on 7th June 2017 regarding a video by Watsons talks about the legend of Dayang Senandong. The Legend of Dayang Senandong is a Malay folklore about a lady who was born cursed with black skin but blessed with a beautiful voice. The legend depicts that the king fell in love with Dayang Senandong because of her voice and inner beauty. The curse was lifted after Dayang Senandong gave birth to the king’s child.

We stand firm on the belief that unity and fairness plays an important role, and we respect people from all nationalities. The video was shot to highlight the Legend and its moral values of inner beauty and that true love exist. We are sorry that some of our fans feel offended by the video which was not our intention. We take feedback from our fans seriously.

Your continued support will be greatly appreciated and any feedbacks from you will help in improving our services.

Maaf Zahir dan Batin.
Thank you.

Mamonde Available on 11Street


congratulations Mamonde!

Guys if you're a fan of Mamonde the Korean Beauty brand by Amorepacific then you'll be happy to know that you can now buy the products from 11Street.my from 1st June onwards. There will be 57 Mamonde products ranging from makeup and skincare to choose from. Exclusive online only items are also available! Rose Water Toner 500ml, AC Balance Spot Serum 15ml, AC Balance Spot Patch (12pcs) and the Color Tone Up Base 30ml (green/purple).

Online Exclusive Mamonde Products on 11Street

Basic Skincare Set RM49 (49% saving)

In celebration of the partnership just for their launching month June like Basic Skincare Set RM49 (save 49%). First Energy Serum Set RM119 (save 20%), Highlight Lip Tint Set RM50 (GWP), Mascara Volume Set RM59 (GWP), Complimentary Cushion Case with every purchase of Cover Powder Cushion (21/23) GWP. Expect more deals and also a Mamonde Makeup Workshop for 11Street customers soon!

Mamonde is also available offline at Mamonde counters at AEON 1 Utama, AEON Mid Valley, AEON Bukit Indah, AEON Tebrau City and AEON Queensbay Mall in Penang.

Mamonde is the first cosmetic brand of its kind that uses only flowers as its key ingredient coupled with other natural ingredients in its formulation. AmorePacific has invested a great deal in R&D to ensure the efficacy of Mamonde products and that these products are gentle on the skin just like the characteristics of flowers.

Free Korean Beauty Products


Free Korean Beauty Products!

All you KBeauty lovers out there! Althea Korea is giving away free Korean beauty products @ Raya freebies for their customers from 1st June until stocks last (terms & conditions apply). It's simple, click here to view all the free gifts you can choose from their Raya Giveaway Festival page and select one (1) free gift to check out. The free gift would be discounted off during check out. There are 9 free gifts from this festival to choose from. Mostly makeup items to create your festive Raya look.

the free items you can select to check out

The Raya Giveaway Festival is only applicable to Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. It's only for one customer per giveaway. You can get free shipping for purchases above RM99 as well. Althea has many good promotions despite their affordable best price on popular and trendy KBeauty products. Look out every week to see new promotions launch for Raya this month.

available in 3 box sizes

Also not forgetting their iconic collectible boxes, for Raya Althea is releasing a limited edition Ramadan Box for qualifying orders. Meaning not all orders will get this box, if your order is too little or underweight, it may be shipped by Althea Air which is a bubble package instead of the box. This serves to reduce breakage if your order does not fit the box (too much space, will cause risk in breakage). Anyway if you do get the Althea Air packaging instead of box packaging, you can cut the bubble packaging to release South Korea air into your environment haha.

The Althea Raya Giveaway Festival & Limited Edition Box is available in Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia. A matching Raya packet (duit Raya packet) with promo code is also given along with the box. While stocks last.

Althea is available on www.althea.kr but the promotions may differ from one country to another. Althea is also available on Google Play (Android) and Apple Store (iOS) app. You can catch updates on their official IG account @altheakorea and Althea Korea TV on youtube. For Facebook, search Althea Korea.

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My Fave Cleanser Is A Bar of Soap


Sulwhasoo Herbal Soap 100g

Yes, I'm embarrassed to say that I was a day late to submit my post for Butterfly Project's Blog Detox. The no frills no drills, blogging practice activity. I thought it would be a good idea to just bring the basics back. You know like how we all started blogging? We just went for it. There wasn't a studio, stress, or obsession about plating your content up to perfection which is one of the reasons that demotivates bloggers to continue blogging. 

For the Blog Detox, it's the main objective is to chill and write something. No making sure your photo is perfect or taking 1001 photographs to make just that 1 picture is perfect. No spending money on flatlays or what not. Really easy, either take a picture with your phone, camera or rip it off google (but credit the source pls) to accompany your review.

Detox, flush all those worries out and just keep calm and blog.

Here's my post about my favorite cleanser but I'll share more about my skin type first. I have dry combination skin which tends to flake around the cheek areas. This is especially hard in putting on makeup as makeup tends to cake or looks flaky. I can see dry cracks and all, even pores. Anyway, blabla bla... I prefer cleansers that don't dry out my skin. For this sharing today, it's only going to be normal skincare cleansers and not makeup removing cleansers.

Before I really liked Too Cool For School's Egg Mousse Pack as a pack cleanser with my Clarisonic facial brush but I have discovered a really simple bar of facial soap that wow-ed my heart and skin. It's the Sulwhasoo Herbal Soap. I got that in my Sulwhasoo Essential Kit a few years ago but only recently I have "unbox" it to use.

It's a block of brown soap, made from an aged red ginseng. The scent is not an overbearing ginseng scent, it's herbal-ish, I do like the scent because I have a thing for traditional herbs made using Ginseng. Somehow I feel healthier... for no apparent reason at all. Well, that's just me. I know westerners do not like this scent at all. Maybe even millennials because this scent has been associated with smelling like your grandmother. They don't know what they're missing out on IMHO.

I used this with water, it suds up quickly but not in a foamy way. I use my palm and cleanse my face like normal. I love the watery, slippery, sudsy feel here. My skin felt like it was on ice minus the cold feeling. After washing it off, my skin feels immediately smooth, moist and nice! I can't get the feeling off. I spray on my hydrating toner followed by a gel moisturizer.

I seriously like the soap so much, I'm going to get the whole set with the soap dish when I'm done with this one here. I love the whole hanbang feel and concept of Sulwhasoo's products but this soap is the only item right now that wow-ed me from them. Hanbang is Korean Traditional Medicine (herbs/tcm/acupuncture/etc).

Efficacy is optimized by harmonizing ingredients using Korean medicinal herbs
The harmony of Korean herbal medicinal ingredients, including Korean Red Ginseng, Small Solomon’s Seal, Chinese Peony, and Adhesive Rehmannia, leaves your skin clean and moist.

40 days of dedication provides special nourishment for your skin
Herbal Soap is made with a special 40-day aging process, giving you rich and nourishing bubbles that spread smoothly and help nurture youthful and clear skin.


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TUMI 19Degree Collection Comes To Life


TUMI celebrates it's 19Degree launch with a journey

Thanks to TUMI, I had the chance to grace their 19Degree launch earlier this month at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. TUMI which of course is no stranger to us is not only popular with travelers but they are also the leading international brand of premium travel, business and lifestyle accessories. The launch showcases the 19Degree collection of aluminum and polycarbonate (PC) luggage, a popular choice for travelers these days due to being its lightweight advantage. The launch also opens up to an experiential experience from 8 - 14 May, combining design and life in an interactive area that ignites your longing for exploration and to travel the world, in style obviously.

Chill by Swasana Spa, Impiana KLCC Hotel Review


the luxury foot massage you should try even once

I pay good money to enjoy spas and massages at luxury resorts and hotels because there's where all good things happen. Not that you're going to hit a jackpot good thing but the kind of good thing where your mind, body, and soul would thank you for it. Since my first paycheck, I visited and tried almost all the spas on my bucket list except for Swasana Spa at Impiana KLCC Hotel. I wonder how that got missed. They won the World Luxury Spa Awards 2016, TripAdvisor's Certificate of Excellence in 2016 and Spa of the year (2016 – 2018) by Hapa Awards.  The spa is designed with the hectic traveler in mind. They offer body treatments, therapeutic getaways and rejuvenating treatments in the form of Balinese, Thai, and Malay traditional treatments.

Now I do believe I owed it to all the bodily love I get for my youthfulness (no I'm not talking about sex here). Google massage benefits and you'll see all the benefits listed and explained. I would think the number 1 reason and benefit is that it releases stress. Why do people go for a massage? To relax, to destress, to chill.

My latest visit is to Swasana Spa in the heart of the city. The Golden Triangle to be exact. It's just a cross away from KLCC. They recently introduced a new service which is a lot more affordable compared to their menu called Chill by Swasana Spa.

Not to say it's cheap, it isn't btw. If cheap is what you're looking for, I would recommend the up and coming Footsie at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. Clean, good, and they have a foot theater (yes a foot cinema to watch movies while you get your feet massaged).

Chill by Swasana Spa, on the other hand, is a heightened version of your usual foot reflexology. You won't need to worry about masseuses talking with each other right in front of you. There won't be a language barrier as well so both of you have an understanding of why you're there. The fine dining of foot reflexology minus the small portions. In fact, you're getting a large portion of well-being here because, from the moment you step into Swasana Spa, you're going to feast your eyes at the beautiful oasis of senses.

While it's a small spa, in my opinion, it has all the right elements. Just take a look at my iPhone pic that I sneakily snap while going to the changing room.

Swasana Spa, Impiana KLCC Hotel

They have four Chill treatments to choose from Chill Classic, Chill Out, Ultimate Chill and Holistic Chill. The Holistic Chill is highly recommended for those who are looking for a therapeutic full-body treatment, jet-lagged or about to board a long-haul flight. I took the Classic Chill, which is designed for those on the go or at least looking to destress during lunch hours or in between their travel itinerary. The difference between Chill and the usual treatment menus is you don't need to change your clothes or get down to just your panties. If you want to be comfortable, you can request for a change into the drawstring pants and oversized shirt (which I did).

Chill Classic 60mins RM180
Transform your day with a combination massage that concentrates on the feet and ankle, finishing with your neck and shoulders to leave you relieved off the day's duress.

Chill Out 60mins RM180
Experience our deeply relaxing full-body pressure point massage as our therapist focus on clearing your energy pathways.

Ultimate Chill 90mins RM210
A combination of acupressure and reflexology, this 90-minute treatment that focuses on your feet, ankles, neck and shoulders is the answer to a very long day at work.

Holistic Chill 90mins RM210
A full-body treatment as the name suggests this treatment is an extension of Chill Out. The focus is on specific, reflex and acupressure points of the body to prevent or alleviate symptoms of jet lag, which caters for frequent flyers before or after a flight.

*all prices inclusive of 6% GST.

No oils would be used btw because all Chill treatments focus on reflexology and acupressure (alternative healing) Acupressure focuses on specific points of the body (your meridians) and through precise finger placements and techniques, relieves pain and destresses you. At this point you'll be thinking, omg it's going to be painful? I can't take the pain! and the memories of Thai reflexology massage starts haunting you (okay me).

Acupressure uses gentle to firm finger pressure in the pressure points and meridians much like acupuncture does with the use of needles. As these acupressure points are stimulated, muscular tension releases, circulation of blood is promoted, and the body's life force energy is enhanced to aid in healing - source.

Well, acupressure isn't the bad painful where you squirm or let out a horrible facial expression. It's the good kind and it isn't painful at all. Sure it pokes you at the right places but you're going to feel so good after that. It's like being kneaded like a dough.. and you form into a beautiful soft springy dough ready to go into the oven to become fluffy bread.

I chose Chill Classic because I prefer my massages to focus on my feet, neck, and shoulders. There's where all my burden stress is at. Only if I've time and I'm on a holiday, I would go for the full on body experience. This was a good choice because, OH MAN.. it was so relaxingly good. I felt like the dough who's ready for the oven.

Swasana Spa has turned this area into the Chill area
the lounging sofa beds are now replaced with reflexology beds

I'm going to rewind and talk about my experience here. After I changed into my spa attire provided by the spa of course, I was ushered to the Chill area which was formerly a lounging area overlooking the beautiful Impiana KLCC Hotel swimming pool. Just like your usual foot massage center, there's no privacy here but then again you're not semi-naked. Each reflexology bed is separated by a curtain and with each bed, your very own therapist there serving you like a queen (hotel service ftw).

My therapist was gentle, and always smiling. She preps me for my treatment by making sure I'm comfortable. The bed is well designed for the treatment. I lay there comfortable and she placed an aromatic eye pillow over me. AND here I thought I'm going to be staring at my phone reading Facebook updates but they're not going to let you do that. After what you paid for, no way. They mean business.

Next, she places earphones in my ears, connected to an iPod and asked if the volume is alright? OMG.. they're drowning me with spa music in total darkness now. This is so cool.

Leaving me with only my sense of touch, the whole experience is enhanced. I could feel her every touch, every pressure from her gentle but ferocious strength melting my feet away with her fingers, I slept, to the sound of oceans and chimes calling.

When I woke up, I thought this must have been forever. I couldn't walk properly, I felt light, my legs loose. I fumble my way out of Chill and to my dressing room. This experience left me with a good impression to come back for more and I would recommend it to my friends who's traveling to the city and needing a good recovery before they go back.

This review is written based on my honest feedback and experience here. This is my first time to Swasana Spa and will not be my last time. You may not have the same experience as me because we're two different beings. I do hope if you try this, let me know what you think and if you had the same dough to oven feel.

P.S: Guests of the spa are able to enjoy the Spa's other facilities - the steam room, sauna, infinity-edge swimming pool and fitness centre. 

About Suasana Spa, Impiana KLCC Hotel

We stimulate your weary senses by offering you restorative and rejuvenating therapies which accentuate your sense of sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound while you gently lay back, close your eyes, and thoroughly relax. Skillfully combining and fusing present-day preparations with ancient treatments indigenous to the Eastern region, our spa assistants are there to fully ensure your overall well-being while they soothingly revitalize your fatigued mind and body. Our treatments are specifically designed to invoke a mystical sense of harmony, inner serenity, and deep calm. To this end, we offer a comprehensive range of body massages, body treatments, facials, bath treatments, hand and feet treatments, and other spa packages to cater to the needs of individuals who may require special remedies.

Swasana Spa was modeled upon the concept of a spice pavilion created out of a tantalizing three-way Balinese, Thai, and Malay combination of traditional healing methods and pampering treatments. In-keeping with its ambiance highlighting an exotic and magical allure of the East, each treatment room is named after popular herbs and spices found throughout the Asian region.
13, Jalan Pinang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur,

(603) 2147 1111
Operation hour : 10am -10pm
Location: 4th Floor

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Voluspa Prosecco Rose Review


Voluspa Vermeil Prosecco Rose (Pink)

My new found favorite from Voluspa is the Prosecco Rose Candle (surprisingly!) after making a RM3K worth haul from Voluspa's sale (haul post here) I've fallen deeply in love with this lovely elegant rose scent that lingers. Formerly know as Champagne Rose, the Prosecco Rose is actually the scent of sparkling pink Prosecco chilled and pour over ice and edible white rose petals. 

If you don't know, Prosecco is bubbly. A sparkling wine like Champagne but Champagne is from France, Prosecco is from Italy. 

It smells like dessert rose wine to me, very elegant, sweet silk linen rose scent. It doesn't smell like the usual strong rose scent the market has. I really like this a lot and would repurchase it!

Another one of my favorites is the Blanc de Blancs from the Voluspa Holiday collection. It's white (packaging, everything) while Prosecco Rose is pink. Blanc de Blancs is dry with a vibrant, fruitful, crisp nature. Blanc de Blancs (White from White) Derived from Chardonnay. Another wine! Although I don't drink wines, I'm fascinated by the scents created from it!

I'm beginning to love these unique scents from Voluspa. They aren't your average candles and they create their own scents themselves which make it even more unique. Made from coconut wax and 100% cotton which, Voluspa candles burn cleaner and longer. They also don't tunnel or mushroom when burnt. They smell great, and not cheap like Bath & Body Works or Yankee Candles. Particularly Yankee Candles, I find the throw isn't very good and I have moved on from their holiday edible scents to unique scents that inspire or elevates my ambiance. 

Bath & Body Works, the tunneling annoys me and the soot blackens the glass cars. I don't have this problem when I burn Voluspa candles. 

That's just my opinion. I can't wait to try my unique candle scents this year! Particular to relax at home with jazz music from Spotify playing in the background.

Voluspa has 6 collections all together - Japonica (limited edition), Vermeil, Maison Blanc, Maison Noir, Maison Holiday and Maison Jardin. You can view them at www.voluspa.com.

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Melvita Rose Damask Floral Water Mist Review


 alcohol-free misting toner with rose floral water

I have sensitive skin so I avoid toners with alcohol. It stings my cheeks (the dry and sensitive part). I used Melvita Floral waters, an alcohol-free toner in the past so I was happy to find out that they've created a mist now which makes it fun and easy to tone your face. More than just water, the toner can be used to prep your skin after cleansing as well as to remove any makeup residues left behind. It also refreshes, soothes and hydrates your skin for the day. You can use your skincare after this step too as it will make absorption better for your serums. If you're a fan of Melvita's beauty oils then it boosts the use of the oils, so your skin "sucks" all the goodness in! 

The product is certified organic (ECOCERT GREENLIFE) and fair trade (EFT attested). If I'm not mistaken, it takes many damask roses to make a drop of rose water and for that, the price of products using rose water (damask) increases. For this product, over 2000 damask roses are used via steam distillation of fresh Rosa damascena petals. Rich in active ingredients, Melvita says this makes for a naturally powerful formula.

100% of the total ingredients from natural origin
99% of the total ingredients from Organic Farming

Melvita's Damask Rose Floral Water
tone refreshes & hydrates

Night: cleanse, mist before your beauty oils/serums

What I like about this product?

I love the scent, it's so romantic. It smells like delicate roses just melt on my skin lightly. Since it's a mist, the water particles are fine and hydrating. I pat it on my skin after spraying, so it gets absorbed in. You can feel it almost plumps up your face. I can't stop misting my face with this, especially in the office when the air is dry due to air conditioning. It gives an instant refresh to my skin! Rose is also very soothing, so when it's a particularly hot day, this comes in handy by my side.

It can also be used to set your makeup or just to refresh your skin on a hot day.

There are many toners and beauty water in the market that promises this and all that jazz, but sensitive skin types may find it overwhelming for their skin to use. I would highly recommend this toner since it's alcohol-free and organic. It is mild, gentle and soothing.

How To Use?
After cleansing, mist your face with a pump or two. You can also spray it on a cotton wool pad and use on the face just like a regular toner. Use morning and evening. No rinsing required.

Rosa Damascena Distillate [Rosa Damascena Flower Water]*, Citric Acid, Aqua [Water], Polyepsilon-Lysine, Citronellol**, Geraniol**.
*Ingrédient issu de l'Agriculture Biologique / Ingredient from Organic Farming.
**Constituants naturels de l'eau florale / Natural components of floral water.

The Organic Rose Floral Water 200ml RM138 is available for purchase from Melvita stores and Melvita Malaysia Online.

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Butterfly Project X 1028 Visual Therapy The Review Contest


the 1028 Visual Therapy collaboration

Hijacking my blog to talk about a review project that I'm organizing for beauty bloggers who loves makeup! Well, this is until the Butterfly Project's official website is ready. I wish I have many copies of myself to do everything. So this particular review project, which I really hope would be a good activity for my members a.k.a butterflies to participate in. Not only will they get to explore and experiment their content style, those who did really well will be winning cash prizes from 1028 Visual Therapy Malaysia! *jeng jeng*

available at Watsons Malaysia
Created on 28 Oct 2008, 1028 Visual Therapy is specially designed for the Asian Skin. With the aim of Therapy, the products are all infused with Skin Care Essence, ensuring you look great and at the same time care for your precious skin.
I wasn't aware of this brand until they approach me. It's a beauty brand from Taiwan with fun, trendy and cute makeup products for girls to play with. The colors, the shades, the packaging is so cute and trendy! Really couldn't resist, so I thought why not hold a content creating contest for Bloggers and YouTubers to join.

The contest would be called "Which 1028 Butterfly Are You?" The 1028 Visual Therapy Contest. As the name suggest, I want butterflies to create visual therapies using the products from the brand. It can be a makeup tutorial, flat lay artist, anything that's going to be visually appealing when you review this brand. The skies the limit. Each butterfly will create their project by first selecting which 1028 eyeshadow palette that would set their theme in stone.

There are three deliciously named eyeshadow palettes from 1028 Visual Therapy. They are the Brownie, Macaron and Mont Blanc Eyes. Each eyeshadow palette is designed for a particular makeup look.

Brownie Butterfly Sexy and smoky 

 Macaron Butterfly Sweet and gorgeous 

Mont Blanc Butterfly Elegant and charming 
this is a Mont Blanc Dessert (snow-capped mountain)
pureed, sweetened chestnuts topped with whipped cream
source: engnatalie.com

Of course, every butterfly who can tell me in secret what they're planning to do will be joining the project review team to be a 1028 Butterfly! They'll be getting a 1028 Butterfly Kit to create their review content. The makeup products can be different from one butterfly to another, but will essentially be the same usage.
  1. Cushion Foundation /Moisture CC cream (Light Beige/Natural Beige)  
  2. Liquid Eyeliner - Deep black
  3. Mascara - Black
  4. Eyebrow (Light Brown/Dark Brown )
  5. Eyeshadow Palette (Brownies/Macaron/Mont Blanc

What do you think of this review activity? To better understand the brand and their style, which you can get inspirations from click this link. I'll be kickstarting this soon on the community page for sign-ups. As a bonus, the best three reviews will win cash prizes RM1,000 (grand prize), RM800 (first prize) and RM500 (second prize). Awesome right!


Clinique Pep-Start For The Fast & Furious

the new Clinique skincare for the fast & the furious

So this has been on my blogging list to do for some time and I should get it out. Sitting on my office table is a yummy orange product that I use for my eyes. It doubles as an eye massager and an eye brightener. I used it when my eyes are feeling so tired from staring at the screen all day long. It helps to hydrate and refresh my eyes when I need it. The ball roller, it pops out and you can dispense the white cream liquid and roll around the eye area to de-puff your eyes. I really like the color and how easy it is to just use it for a quick fix. The only thing that I'd say is, the roller ball is plastic. I wish it was metal so it's smoother to roll on the eyes and cooling too.

That's what so cool about Clinique's Pep-Start series which is designed for the millennials to prep, pep and out the door! No time to lose.

There are only three products so far from this colorful range. The first is the quick fix for eyes, Pep-Start Eye Cream, Pep-Start HydroBlur Moisturiser, and the Pep-Start 2-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser. I'll break it down to you in this post what each product doubles up for alright?

Best Chee Cheong Fun in Kuala Lumpur Yap Hup Kee Hakka Yong Tau Foo Pudu, KL


love this sweet chee cheong fun with dried shrimps

Woke up this morning and kept thinking about that really yummy chee cheong fun around Pudu area (Kuala Lumpur). The first time I went there was because the Teow Chew Dim Sum Restaurant at Pudu closed down so went to this lil shop instead. It look quite Hong Kong street-type condition with small tables n chairs inside the air conditioned shop. A lot of people were eating, it must be good? The restaurant is called Yap Hup Kee amongst the chinese paper trading shops around this place. The famous roast pork shop is just a few feet away.

15 Toxic Ingredients To Avoid in Beauty Products

15 toxic ingredients to avoid

I found this cute little card from dropping by Neal's Yard Remedies and kept it for a while. I'm currently spring cleaning my apartment so it'll be easier to move when the time is right. Getting rid of the things that I don't need and so on (you know). I'll post this up here so I can remember to reference it when needed. It may also be useful for my readers.

Marco Creative Cuisine 1Utama Review


everyone should start their day with a Matcha-Lime Shooter

The newly opened restaurant Marco Creative Cuisine at 1Utama is on everyone's mindplate these days! Who can blame them? They serve beautifully decorated dishes, equally delicious all created by the up-and-coming chef-owner Daren Leong. And behind every successful man is a successful woman (yes!) and her name is Alice. She was full of smiles and warmth welcoming the customers into the restaurant. I was quite impressed with the bond they have, a dream team.

I would say, the one thing that stands out from this restaurant is the unique 7-course meal priced at RM78, called the Journey of Flavours. The affordable 7-course meal is filled with teaser after teasers of taste tantalizing flavors, textures and myriad of colors to not only excite but also nourish the soul. Each dish made with the freshest produce as you can see with their salad platter, and of the freshest ideas.

The whole journey would take roughly an hour or so, depending on how far you would get. The team at Marco Creative Cuisine is probably stalking everyone and waiting for the right moment to serve you your next dishes. You'll need to make a selection before your journey starts SO I hope I'll be able to give you some insights on what dishes you can select for your journey :)

Chef Daren Leong the creator
(image source: Marco Creative Cuisine)

the Marco Creative Cuisine Team
Alice & Chef Daren (middle)
(image source: Marco Creative Cuisine)

The 7-course meal starts with a palate cleanser, a Velvety Matcha-Lime Shooter to get you ready for your journey. The matcha-lime foam uncovers a chilled Lime Snow that refreshes the tongue. The appetizer, Savoury Eclair is a Gruyere flavored Pate a Choux decorated with Aubergine caviar, green chile pesto and tomato confit.

The 3rd (Soup) and 4th (Entree) comes in a choice of 3 to choose from.

For the soup, there is the Strawberry Gazpacho, French Onion Soup, and Truffled Mushroom Soup. I personally tried the Strawberry Gazpacho and Truffled Mushroom soup on my visits. The Strawberry Gazpacho is a chilled cold soup of strawberries, garnished with dehydrated strawberries capsicum and micro greens. I was pleasantly surprised and smiling when I first tasted this cold soup. It was sourish and cold but delightfully perky. A taste that I have never tasted before. I think if anyone has a blind date here it would make a good ice-breaker with this soup. You can help but smile when you try this!

The Truffled Mushroom Soup is a plant-based creamy mushroom soup infused with truffle oil. Very creme de la creme of mushroom soups. Truffles are expensive!

1st-course, Velvety Lime-Matcha (palate cleanser)

2nd-course, Savour Eclair (Appetiser)
3rd-course, Strawberry Gazpacho (Soup)

French Onion & Truffled Mushroom (Soup)

4th-course, Savoury Ice-cream (Entree)

4th-course, Chicken Liver Parfait & Garden Platter (Entree)

When it comes to the entree, the colors of the salad would make you go "Oh no this is too beautiful to eat". But you know what? You paid good money and you're going to kill the beautiful garden if you need to. Since liver isn't my favorite, I only ordered the Garden Platter (religiously) because it's just so pretty. It's a plate of fresh mixed greens planted on top of Edible Soil and Gribiche Sauce (French Tarter Sauce). The edible soul is not Oreos crumbs, it's made of dehydrated black olives! There's a mixture of fresh greens with a slightly bitter, salty taste from the black olives. It's not bad, it's actually very interesting! The taste creates an explosive oh and ahs from every bite.

The Chicken Liver Parfait is a creamy chicken liver covered with a brûlée top served with toasted bread and apple chips. Savory Ice Cream Salad is made with assorted Baby Leaves, heirloom Tomato, seasonal Microgreens, and Violet flowers served with savory Ice Cream.

 5th-course, the chef's recommendation
Duck Breast with Orange Puree & Roasted Beetroot

 5th-course, Salmon with Jet Black Hollandaise
Duck Breast with Orange Puree & Roasted Beetroot

 5th-course, Chicken Roulade with Brussels Sprouts
Squid Ink Japonica Rice

The best part of the journey is reaching to the mains, six choices available for the picking. The chef's recommendation would be the Duck Breast with Orange Purée and Roasted Beetroot. Inspired by Cantonese roast duck, which is usually a dry dish as chef Daren explained. Using the sous vide method to make the meat tender and finishing the dish with Orange Purée, Roasted Beetroot and 66% Valrhona Dark Chocolate sauce. The result is a burst of sour, bitter and sweet notes for the taste buds to explore. This is my favorite, I would highly recommend you order this at least once to try. I've also tried the Squid Ink Japonica Rice because I'm after all a rice person. Unfortunately, I didn't get a sense of fulfillment as compared to eating the Duck Breast but for a more Asian taste bud, this may be well suited. 

Here are the other choices that are available for you:

Chicken Roulade with Brussels Sprouts
A roulade of juicy chicken thigh with crunchy Brussels Sprouts, and flavourful Chicken Jus.

Salmon with Jet Black Hollandaise
Sous vide Atlantic Salmon with Squid Ink Hollandaise, garnished with Pickled Beetroot and Green Chilli Pesto. 

Squid Ink Japonica Rice 
Japanese Short Grain Rice cooked with Squid Ink accompanied with Prawn, Baby Squid and Omelette, served with Garlic Mayonnaise. 

Pomodoro Cream Seafood Pasta 
Penne in rich Pomodoro Cream Sauce with Baby Squid, Clam, and Mussel. 

Vegetarian Arrabbiata 
Penne in Pomodoro Sauce with Aubergine, Zucchini, Shimeji and Hot Sauce, garnished with Parmesan Cheese.

  6th-course, Creme Brulee (Dessert)

With three choices of dessert to choose from, you'll be thinking twice which to go for. I'd say, go for your favorite! My favorite has always been the Creme Brulee. Marco's Crème Brûlée with White Chocolate SherbetThe crust which breaks into the soft layers of lush egg custard accompanied by white chocolate sherbet (fantastic, although mine melted slightly as I was busy photographing it) and meringue kisses. The Deconstructed Lemon Meringue Pie technically plated with elements of Lemon Curd, Passion Fruit Gel, Italian Meringue and White Chocolate Sherbet. Raspberry Decadence, luscious Raspberry Cheesecake with Raspberry Gel accompanied by Lemon Meringue Shards and Passion Fruit Gel.

The final course is a drink for closure. A choice of either the 
Single Origin, French Press Coffee, Loose Leaves Tea or Sparkling Iced Berry. I always go for the sparkling iced berry!

I hope you like the photographs I took using my iPhone 6S haha. My camera is in the hospital so I couldn't take awesome photographs of the place but I did my best to show how the journey of the flavors would using Adobe Photoshop haha. I would like to thank the PR and the team at Marco Creative Cuisine for inviting me over to experience my own journey of flavors at their newly opened restaurant. Marco Creative Cuisine was formerly known as Franco which was bought over by another company so that's why the husband-wife duo started Marco.

The 7-course Journey of Flavours priced at RM78 can also be ordered a la carte if you just want to try certain dishes. Do note that each journey is made for one, and is not suitable for sharing. The restaurant is pork and lard free and they do serve alcohol (wine and such). The menu is not 
vegan/vegetarian-friendly and they do not cater to a custom-made menu or dietary requirements. Prices include 6% GST but exclude 10% service charge.

You can make a booking, 3 days notice needed and arrive 5 minutes before your booked session. They will only hold reserved tables for 15mins only. For guests who bring their own wine to be consumed at MARCO Creative Cuisine, a corkage fee of RM 80 per bottle is 

For À la Carte Order :
Soup, Entrée : RM18 per serving   Main : RM35 per serving (+RM10 for Duck Breast)   Desserts : RM20 per serving

Marco Creative Cuisine
Lot G146, Ground Floor (Old Wing)
1Utama Shopping Centre
47800 PJ, Selangor, Malaysia

Operation Hours
11:00a.m – 10:30p.m
11:00a.m – 12:00p.m Coffee & Desserts Only 
12:00p.m – 03:00p.m Lunch Service 
03:00p.m – 06:00p.m Coffee & Desserts Only 
06:00p.m – 10:30p.m Dinner Service
Last Call 9:30 pm

+603 7731-8923

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