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SK-II Cellumination Essence EX & Whitening Spots Specialist

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

Do you have "atas skin" I overheard girls talking one day in a cafe. Apparently "atas skin" means high class skin and people with this skin loves luxury skincare line. Among the brands you can think of would be SK-II, well known for the their luxury care of translucent bright skin all thanks to the miracle ingredient called Pitera, a naturally-occurring liquid from the yeast fermentation process.

Of course who don't know the amazing story about SK-II? It all started when a group of scientists noticed the "ah ma" (elderly) workers at a sake brewery in Japan had wrinkled faces but extraordinary soft and youthful hands. Scratch head how come? It was due to the constant contact with the sake fermentation process. 

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, a holy grail product
(also known as The Miracle Water)

shifting all 5 dimensions to Crystal Clear Skin
(yes this is all my collection haha)

Everyone knows that the SK-II's Miracle Water is a must have if not must try product for every girl who can afford it. I for one tried this when they had the starter kit that comes with a free mask. That was years ago, granted with the abundance of skincare products in the market I could never be satisfied not trying everything there is, however expensive they may be! (as I mature, I become more believing in "atas skin" theory). Some may say the product is too rich for them, while others swear by it. It's really a matter of your skin's preference to drink which cocktail they want.

which one is the shining star today?

Cellumination Essence EX & Whitening Spots Specialist

Speaking about cocktails, one particular cocktail called the "Aura Bright Cocktail" was introduced to me during the SK-II Translucent Aura Bright Skin event at SK-II Isetan. Customers, media and beauty bloggers got to know more about the two star products. You must be wondering what star products right? other than the famous Miracle Water? It's the SK-II’s No. 1 globally awarded whitening series comprising Cellumination Essence EX and Whitening Spots Specialist for translucent aura bright spot free skin. This is my first time knowing about it too as I don't particularly go for whitening skincare (more towards hydration and anti-aging).

spot Denise Loong? SK-II Malaysia Country Trainer
(hint the lady in white)

Seeing is believing says SK-II country trainer, Denise Loong who taught us a step-by-step whitening regime on how to get amazing skin like hers (she's also a SK-II user of course) and beauty tips. With her spot-free face, I was almost wanting to murder her on the spot. Seriously need to start using whitening products now, I can see so many spots on my face *ugh*.

Here's WHY It's No.1:
  1. Highest sales numbers for SK-II’s whitening products!
  2. Cellumination Essence EX is the first essence within SK-II to achieve the aura effect.
  3. Most talked-about whitening essence  (March-June 2012 on SK-II’s official webpage).
  4. First to invent the in-store Magic Ring™ test to see through skin and educate on the science of whitening. 

I got to try the Magic Ring™ test to analyze my skin
(you can find out your skin age with this test!)

come closer! come closer! no spot see!

About the No. 1 globally awarded whitening series of Cellumination Essence EX and Whitening Spots Specialist:

Cellumination Essence EX Is Designed To Help Refine And Radiate Skin
SK-II’s Cellumination Essence EX is designed to improve both RGB balance and RGB variance for brilliant translucent aura skin, as if you are wearing light foundation. Its Aura Bright Cocktail with Pixel White™ evens out texture and tone from a microlevel on top of treating spots or freckles as well as epidermis plumpness and collagen glycation.   In one week, feel the healthy radiance. Four weeks later, 91% of women feel that the product makes them like their bare skin.

Eradicating The Root Of The Problem With Whitening Spots Specialist
The Whitening Spots Specialist dives deep to the root of the problem to reduce dark spots by cutting and loosening their roots. As a preferred option to laser treatment, the Whitening Spots Specialist aims at macerating five-year old stubborn dark spots in just four weeks¹. 

The gel-type Whitening Spots Specialist caters to both morning and night use. When you apply the moisture serum over the entire face, the active ingredients penetrate deep into skin to cut “the root of dark spots”, which is the root cause of dark spots. 

Apply Whitening Spots Specialist over the entire face after cleansing, spreading this evenly on skin. For best results, apply twice daily, once during the day and once at night. 

information source: SK-II Malaysia

an award winning product in my hands

aura bright skin in just 4 weeks*
(source: SK-II website)

radiance enhancer with watery light essence

Now this post is just about what I discovered at the SK-II event, I have not even begun using this product due to another skincare commitment. Since I am going to get married soon, I better use this award winning whitening product to the max! (not a drop wasted). It's what all brides wish for right? "atas skin" on their wedding day. 

How To Use Cellumination Essence EX ?
Apply it twice a day, once in the day and once before you sleep after cleansing and miracle water (or toner). In about 4 weeks of religiously doing this, you'll see improvement on your skin texture. After 8 weeks, you'll be able to see improvement in your skin tone. 

What I like about Cellumination ESSENCE EX?
The light powdery scent of "astas skin" on my face. The product is packaged in a glass bottle with a dropper. Texture wise, I absolutely love how fast the product gets absorb into my skin with minimal effort! Two drops of white lotion, massage it onto your skin it turns into a translucent watery light texture that fades away quickly leaving no oily residue or stickiness behind. You have a barely there feeling using an essence!

What I don't like
That I have to buy the Whitening Spots Specialist to use together for a the full spot-free radiant effect on my wedding day. "Atas skin" is not cheap mind you. Since I have not used it for 4 weeks I can't comment what I don't like other than the price factor.
Availability & Pricing
SK-II’s No.1 whitening series of Cellumination Essence EX and Whitening Spots Specialist are available at all SK-II counters in all major department stores nationwide. 

SK-II Cellumination Essence EX RM499 (30ml); RM709 (50ml)
SK-II Whitening Spots Specialist RM419 (30ml); RM609 (50ml)

#SK-II’s whitening series is SK-II’s No.1 series with over 200 awards received from 2004 to 2012 
¹Please note that results may vary between individuals for claim.

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  1. Replies
    1. Hi Cik Ekin,

      Yeah luxury skincare would range around this price for SK-II. When they have the starter kit, you should try, it's like rm109? for the miracle water, one pc face mask and some travel size skincare.

  2. Actually I won't say that I've got "atas" skin but SK II really does work wonders for my skin! I've been using it for 10 years now and friends often comment that I don't look my age! *bangga*

    The "miracle water" is fantabulous! No words can describe, but if really need to, it helps my skin regenerate skin cells faster, therefore resulting in supple skin. It also helps prevent clogged pores. This is awesome especially when I get too busy to go for facial. Well, in fact I hardly go for facials coz got no time, so SK II is my saviour.

    I use my SK II range religiously - the cleanser, the clear lotion, the Cellumination range, the essence, the Stempower, the whitening range, the mask - and I must say it's money well spent! I love love love the Cellumination range! Makes my skin so luminescent. No make-up, no skin always has that glow, can save money on blusher coz of the naturally rosy cheeks!

    So happy you got yourself one of the best ranges from SK II - use it religiously, follow the suggested application method and feel the difference. I bought the Stempower one week ago, and I've been using it once a day (at night) and face shape is sharper wei!!

    Sorry my essay very long...excited mah! Let me know how your skin goes after 4 weeks!! Can't wait!

    1. Confirming u got "atas skin" don't deny it Kiersten, see you only use SK-II! Atas skin not only means use branded expensive / luxury skincare, it also uses high quality skincare that gives results.

      Thanks for giving your feedback as a customer, it's great to hear testimonials from readers who uses skincare brands that I brought up in topic. Would love to hear more feedbacks from everyone like you, I don't mind your story long comment hahaha! You actually made me "hunger" for SK-II and get beautiful skin like yours! no wonder you are fair & lovely hahahha!!!! That's going to be my bridal diary aim!

  3. Nuuuuu... My mom has been hinting me about SK-II. But it's pricey nia. T.T . Bawah skin cannot afford the money~ LOL

  4. I am wondering now whether SKII or Sulwhasoo is more expensive.... I know both also very expensive..

    Btw, when is your wedding day?

  5. I see Stempower Essence ... new product ? I should stop reading beauty blogs liao, because either my pocket flat or my room flooded with saliva. Both oso not good for me.

  6. Any complaints so far? I am thinking of becoming "atas face" too...

    1. hahha... join the atas face gang. So far I received compliments about my face being brighter and smoother so I pretty happy with the results of using Cellumination Essence. I am also currently using their stempower cream ^_^

  7. If i were to choose either these two, which one will u recomend me to buy? cellumination or the whitening spot? im 22 now n last 2 weeks i had a breakout after using bio oil. Now it left me with acne marks all over my cheeck. I used to have a flawless skin where people always ask me what product ive been using. But now im so ashamed to have these acne marks n no more confident to meet people without applying any foundation first. I start using fte n clear lotion.n now i want to try either the cellumination or whitening spot but its hard to choose either one. Please help me. I dont mind the price as long it will help me with these hideous marks


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  9. I'd used spot specialist but not suit me. Tumbuh jerawat. Anyone nak beli x? I sell for RM100. Just use a few drops of it.

  10. I see Stempower Essence ... new item ? I ought to quit perusing excellence online journals liao, in light of the fact that either my pocket level or my room overwhelmed with spit. Both oso not bravo.
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